SpringSorter – Sorts SpringBoard icon by usage

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SpringSorter monitors how much you run the different applications installed on SpringBoard and allows you to reorganize the icon layout, making the things you use the most on top. This package was designed with many usage scenarios in mind and thus has lots of configuration options:

  • Rearrange your SpringBoard icons according to how much you use them.
  • Allows you to sort icons per page, or globally across all pages.
  • Protect pages you don’t want to auto rearrange.
  • Set a minimum amount of application usage before starting to move it.
  • Create a backup of your SpringBoard icon layout and restore it.
  • Manual or on-the-fly operating modes.

After installing SpringSorter it will automatically start to monitor your application usage behind the scenes. You can then start sorting and configurating the program via the settings program on your device.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

13 Responses to “SpringSorter – Sorts SpringBoard icon by usage”

  1. mh Says:

    Where is this in the repo? Can’t seem to find it!

  2. Ed Says:

    Me neither…any clues?

  3. Darren Says:

    Restore function not working :(

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s up today, couldn’t get it to work though

  5. Anonymous Says:

    it says 403 Forbidden fer me … happens a lot of times.. can any 1 help plzzz ! i ve tried to fix it in various ways with no luck :(

  6. Anonymous Says:

    you bought it via cydia store ? if so use the contact button in cydia in the depiction.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    known issue with FCSB 0.59 and above, will be fixed.

  8. iPhonePwn Says:

    Follow me @iPhonePwn for Daily News

  9. JC Says:

    It is found in the Cydia Store… It costs 1.99. I bought and installed but it is not that friendly. First off, there needs to be a clear-cut set of directions on how to operate it and an icon for it on the springboard… It is not convenient to access it through the OEM “settings” control of the iPhone or Ipod touch… Author, please update soon with both directions on how to move things globally without dragging things across all the pages like you have to do by iphone design, and please put in an ICON!

    Kind regards,

  10. Me Says:

    Any good news about support for five column springboard?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    There is no known issues with FCSB.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Most people thinking having an Icon on the SpringBoard is a waste of space and is annoying (if the program can do without it).

  13. Moosmi Says:

    When is the ios 5 support going to come?

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