T-Zones Changes IPs. New Hack

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T-Mobile changed their T-Zones IP address causing everyone’s T-Zones to stop working. Thanks to help from DR03, I have fixed this and posted a new T-Zones hack for iPhone OS 2.0. All you T-Mobile users still on 1.1.x, It’s time to upgrade. I don’t plan to release a fix for iPhone 1.1.x at this time. You can update easily following one of our many guides.

For 1.1.x users that really don’t want to upgrade, you can fix proxy.pac yourself but editing the file /var/preferences/proxy.pac and changing “″ to “″. (The 2.0 version is a bit more flexible allowing addresses from both 10.* and 25.* to both be covered.

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127 Responses to “T-Zones Changes IPs. New Hack”

  1. M. Rosario Says:

    I have version 2.1 unlocked using pwnge and I go to EDGE settings in settings, general, network, EDGE to be APN: wap.voicestream.com and user/password are blank. their is no setting like that that in settings I have a 2g iphone I have only vpn listed on my phone please help

  2. Dmitry Says:

    I have 3G 2.2 version
    it seems not to be working.

    Any suggestions?

  3. justin Says:

    This download has vanished from Cydia (as well as from the repository section of this website); anyone know what happened?

  4. jemail Says:

    hey i just updated my firmware from 1.1.4(unlocked) to 2.2.1(unlocked)and it works perfectly. Now before i updated i also had the “tzones hack” for 1.1.4 firmware and before i updated my internet started working agian just fine. now since i updated to 2.2.1 i cant find the tzones hack anymore, i have both Cydia and installer and i cant find it in either just need some help with that please

  5. mike Says:


  6. me Says:

    wtf!!!! wheres the tzones hack????
    I dont want to upgrade to the 24.99$ data plan

  7. Matt Says:

    I have a 3g also just upgraded to 2.2.1 and tzones hack is missing from cydia??!! man i miss it! any help??

  8. Charms Says:

    Guys, the hack is gone. I looked EVERYWHERE for it. BUT, i did get my tmobile t-zones to work!! It’s working on everything, including maps/youtube. here’s how i did it::

    I have an unlocked, jailbroken (firmware: 2.1) iphone 3g.

    1.) call up tmobile and add Web To Go. That’s what their calling TZones now, apparently. Also, price increased to $9.99. If you combine the unlimited texting (usually $14.99) and Web to Go, it’ll be $19.99, saving you 5 bucks.

    2.) Wait for the stuff to get activated on your account. honestly, call tmobile before you go to bed. by the time you wake up the next morning, it’ll be added to your account for sure.

    3.) On your phone, go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network. For the APN, put it wap.voicestream.com and leave the username/password blank.

    4.) go back one level to the Network screen. Toggle ON your Data Roaming.

    At this point, you should see the little ‘E’ next to ‘T-Mobile’ on the top left of your screen.

    5.) Make sure your Wifi is toggled OFF so that you can actually test out the Edge stuff.

    6.) go to Safari and check out any site. If it doesn’t load up, then I have no clue man. I’m just telling you what I did to make it work.

    Also, the maps does work, but it’s not as precise as it is on wifi. for example, when i try it at home, it puts a circle around my street and a couple streets around me. well…it’s better than nothing, right? it gets the general area of where i am.

    I hope this helps!!

  9. Jim Says:

    I’m very upset with big boss. Why is it gone? Someone has to have it on another repository!

  10. Daren Says:

    I just upgraded my 3g iphone to 2.2.1 and tzones hack is also missing from cydia.Someone please help! is there a way to manually get tzones data?

  11. Daren Says:

    I do have the Tzone plan for $5.99/month but still I can’t get online .Any ideas?

  12. DJ Versus Says:

    Hey guys found the fix. T-Mobile has changed their internet packages again. T-Zones is now Web On The Go, and is priced at $9.99, but you don’t have to call T-Mobile. All you have to do is use the new APN;


    You can leave the username and password blank or input guest, doesn’t matter. Your T-Zones package priced at $5.99 will still work on your iPhone firmware 2.2.1

  13. ALex Says:

    YAY thanks man it did work!! i was kinda freaking out. Thanks for letting the work out

  14. KP Says:

    I just upgraded to 2.2 and there is no t-zones hack in Cydia. Where do I input the epc.tmobile.com for it to work? I don’t really want to pay more for the web-to-go.

  15. young Says:

    To change APN,

    Go to Setting > General > Network > Cellular Data Network >

    I’m on 2.2.1 2g

  16. paul c. Says:

    I have a tmobile contract and pre paid service and with both the tzone hack still works for me on 2.2.1 2g iphone all i did was change the proxy.pac″ to “ Also with the pre paid tzones is in included feature so it basically makes it free i.e. i only use the pre paid sim for a secondary line and on put $10 every 3 months to keep it active and i use the tzone for free and u can merge and all ur sim cards with one. An Ultra 5 in 1 sim card and have basically free t zone access. $3 a month and the 30 minutes u get coupled with the tzones is a far better deal than any other internet service for the iphone so far.

  17. Shoot2kill Says:

    If you have still have the tmobile tzone plan!!Everyone do this!! Shit it just worked for me!!

    Im on the east coast New Jersey!

  18. 3GUpgrade Says:

    I just sold my 2G and bot a 3G. Just making changes to APN did not enable data transfer. I am assuming, I also need to update the preference file with proxy information. Can anyone please confirm this?

  19. paul c. Says:

    u do not need to update preference file just proxy.pac

  20. GLO Says:

    Hi all, If I call Tmobile and add the WebToGo for $9.99, and change APN to wap.voicestream.com, will that still give me unlimited or limit it to 100mb or something?


  21. Anonymous Says:

    is it unlimited still?

  22. Shawn Says:

    What happened to this hack? It’s still needed for T-Mobile ToGo Prepaid! I edited my proxy.pac manually, but it’s so much easier just to use Cydia. Please bring it back!

  23. Len Says:

    I’m also looking for the tzones hack in cydia

    today i was having problems with the hack so i uninstalled it thinking i could reinstall and its not there.

    i have been reading that you dont need tzones hack and all i have to do is put the epc. in the APN
    but when i do, it says no celluar data..pls help!

  24. Len Says:

    nevermind..now its working…hopefully i wont run into anymore problems!

  25. Len Says:

    ok..shit not working again,, HELP!

  26. beltran0007 Says:

    I have the some problem yesterday was working fine and now it not some help me did you had it working len

  27. CJHACK Says:

    IF you change the APN, Right after you need to reboot your device for it to work.

  28. CJHACK Says:

    There is no need for the Tzones Hack anymore the APN acts as the Hack

  29. iCreative Says:

    Worked great.

    go to – settings-network-cellular data network-change APN to epc.tmobile.com

    remember to turn data roaming on.

    thanks DJ versus!

  30. Len Says:

    thanks guys! its working now. i actually talked to tmobile customer service last night via chat and i made sure my 5.99 plan was still there and they checked on it and fixed it.

  31. sunny501 Says:

    mine is not working can you tell me what did you do, Ihave a 3G with 2.2..I used yellowSnow…and my tzone is not working..also can someone plz tell me how can I upgrade and unlock my 3G with 2.2.1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. sunny501 Says:

    please someone,,,anyone…help me with two things…
    I am on 3G version 2.2..
    1) can I upgrage to 2.2.1, if yes how do I do that pleasea.

    2) how can I make my Tzone work…It was working fine on my 2G and now I got a 3G and its not working ..even with epc.tmobile.com

    please help

  33. sunny501 Says:

    and by the way …I unlocked my phone using yellowsnow and someone told me not to upgrade..plz help i m going nuts

  34. Tony Toronto Says:

    Re: There is no need for the Tzones Hack anymore the APN acts as the Hack


    Why? For us ROGERS PAYGO users, this hack does wonders!!! Please do not remove it from the Repo!


  35. Randy12 Says:

    I followed this to the T and sure enough the E showed up just as it said, it seems to be running very slow, also I didnt call T-mobile to upgrade I’m running the weather up date so far nothing, but it is a step in the right direction.

  36. Randy12 Says:

    I switched the APN to epc.tmobile.com rebooted and it works perfect, I only have the 5.95 tzones plan, remember to reboot as soon as you put this in your APN. just in case this doesnt work for you can try wap.voicestream.com and see if that works, it worked on a few things for me but no all. Hope this helps

  37. anieto Says:

    is this needed with the unlimited internet plan on t-mobile? do i just leave the apn empty or do i still need to input something there?

  38. Cydia ROCKS Says:

    **Must Read***

    I have an unlocked Iphone using $5.99 tzones to get unlimited internet on the edge network. I bought my wife an Iphone and unlocked/jailbroke it about a month ago. I was saddened that I could not add $5.99 feature to get unlimited internet. After reading some forums, I decided to place my wife’s sim card into my old Razer (had the IMEI # just incase they asked) and asked for Tzones $5.99. Spent about 15 minutes trying to convince the cs rep that I did not need the $9.99 plan, it’s useless on my old Razer (you will only be limited to 100MB before TMobile charges you $0.20 additional MB if you add this feature).

    Sure enough, they put Tzone on my wife’s phone, within minutes, my internet was up and running w/o the TZone hack. All you need is the EPC.TMOBILE.COM in the APN.

  39. Tony Says:

    Hi there you don’t need to installed in anything at all. All you need is to go to setting, general, and there you should see APN! Tab on it and it will go to the next screen, There you you type wap.voicestream.com and reboot it. it should work for you. Cuss I’ve upgraded to a 2.2.1 also and thats what I have to do.

  40. Tony Says:

    You don’t need to installed tzones hack anymore with the new version 2.2.1. go to setting, general. There you should see APN. Tab on it and there you type in wap.voicestream.com and reboot it. it should works better than the older version. Mine works perfectly now.

  41. Tyler Says:

    Hey I have a 2g iphone unlocked with the newest firmware but when i go to settings -> general -> network -> but all there is is data roaming, vpn and wi-fi. there is no APN like all you guys have been talking about so what do i do?

  42. anthony Says:

    after getting the plan and putting in the apn, is it unlimited?
    cause t-mobile is sayingthat it is limited access.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    epc.tmobile.com thanks so much!! I spent hours figuring out why wap.voicestream.com was not working anymore

  44. Jay Says:

    I have this same problem.. did anyone figure this out?

  45. Casey Says:

    epc.tmobile.com works awesome with my 5.99 plan.

    Shoot, it’s even fast enough to power my mxtube.

  46. Unnluky Says:

    I was having the same problem. Have you tried turning off your phone then turning it back on. After I did that the APN setting poped up. Everthing is working now. Good luck.

  47. TiaH Says:

    I just had to tell you that you guys are the awesomest!!!!!!

    the ‘epc.tmobile.com’ is all I needed to do and instant results. Thanks so much!! I got scared with all those guides and commands other forums were suggesting we try!!! Whew…….


  48. Phuoc Says:


    I have an 3g Iphone on 2.2.1. Currently on T-mobile. My specific SIM card do not have data plan. I have put my co-work SIM in which have the data plan. I put in the epc.tmobile.com turn on ROAM reset the phone. But still can not get online period. I do not think the E shown up as an indication that you have data though. It’s telling you that Edge technology is available. Anyhow, Need help what other setting that I might have missed.

    Thanks a bunch.

  49. Chris Says:


    I have a 3G iphone on 2.2.1. Currently on prepaid Tmobile.
    I have researched…
    I have added the settings-network-cellular data network-change APN to epc.tmobile.com

    When I go to safari all I get is the tzone page, can’t google or surf the www.
    I also have the app Mewseek Pro, when I try using it on the EDGE it comes up with the tzone page nothing else.
    When I use cydia I first get the tzone page. Then I click on search and I can search apps and download them I can manage and everything in Cydia.

    Please help
    To setup to surf the web, get weather updates, Use mewseek pro ect. on the EDGE network…

    Sorry for the noob’s

  50. Joeboy Says:

    First of all I wanna thank everyone for these awesome tips. Great work guys!! In my case, I included the $9.99/month T-Mobile web2go + 200 txt messages to my plan. But the catch is I am only given 50MB of data. That’s insane! Does anyone know whether or not I might be charged for additional bits, in other words, will I be paying more when going over 50MB?

  51. Chris Says:


    I have a 3G iphone on 2.2.1. Currently on prepaid Tmobile.
    I have researched…
    I have added the settings-network-cellular data network-change APN to epc.tmobile.com
    The iphone shows the E (for the EDGE) at the top of my screen replacing my wifi symbol when I am away from home.

    When I go to safari all I get is the tzone page, can’t google or surf the http://www.
    I also have the app Mewseek Pro, when I try using it on the EDGE it comes up with the tzone page nothing else.
    When I use cydia I first get the tzone page. Then I click on search and I can search apps and download them I can manage and everything in Cydia.

    Please help
    To setup to surf the web, get weather updates, Use mewseek pro ect. on the EDGE network…

    Thank you in advance.

  52. Kevin Says:

    I have same problem! On 2g it just has vpn. I put in epc.tmobile.com. It ultimately says no network connection. What so I need to do????

  53. Travis Says:

    Hey I have a 2g iphone unlocked with the newest firmware but when i go to settings -> general -> network -> there is only data roaming, vpn and wi-fi. there is no APN like all you guys have been talking about so what do i do?

  54. RG Says:

    I have a 16GB 2g iPhone on TMobile – jailbroken and unlocked to 2.2.1 yesterday. I am facing the same issues as everyone else seems to be – no TZones hack is available in Cydia anymore. My iPhone does not show APN option anymore, only VPN.

    I found this website-

    where there is a possible entry that can be used. Can anyone tell me if they know if this will work, and if so what to input in the various slots on the VPN form of the phone – also, is it L2TP or PPTP or IPSec

  55. Ferdy Says:

    I have the same problem as Travis. No APN only VPN.

  56. Kallen Says:

    I have the same problem! When I go under Settings-General- there is no APN…only a VPN!!

    How can I get the APN to show up?

  57. EK Says:

    For everyone that is missing the Cellular Data Network option or the APN option. Remove the Tmobile Carrier Utility from Cydia if you installed it. It came back for me once I removed that. Good luck.

  58. apj Says:

    I have the 2g 8GB iphone and enter epc.tmobile.com as the APN but it doesn’t work.
    I do get an internet connection using wap.voicestream.com, however I do not get the E appear only a circle (°).
    Can someone tell me what the ° symbol means?

  59. bibibala Says:

    i have the 3G with 2.2 i dont see the “cellular data network”" in setting >gen > network pls help

  60. GOD Says:

    @ apj

    I found this on another site. “The blue square with the dot is GPRS which is the very least internet you can get. You are guarenteed to have *at least* this type of the Internet, if not faster if you are in EDGE vacinity…which I’m not so i’m constantly seeing the blue square with white dot Unless I’m at home then its wi fi all the way ”



    I have seen this as well and was curious. As for the issues with unlimited data, I have some answers, and a few questions. For the data plan to work, you have to sign up for something with tmobile. The cheapest plan that they “officially” offer, would be the 9.99 web2go for either 50mb+200 sms per month, or 100mb per month. My question: is this unlimited if you use either the epc.tmobile.com or the wap.voicestream.com?

    Those of you who aren’t really reading any posts, YOU DON’T NEED THE CYDIA HACK (except for that Rogers guy).

    Looks like EK solved the missing APN option.

    I have spent quite some time researching all of this, and have found several people who have been able to coax tmobile reps into giving them tzones for the previous rate of 5.99, even though it’s not supposed to exist. Some tactics were threatening to switch to another provider, and some were just given it because the tmobile guy “liked the way [the caller] rolled”. I haven’t really tried this yet, but if I am successful, I will post. If you try this, please post too!!!

  61. GOD Says:

    Looks like I found the sad answer to my own question: when tmobile says you have a limit, you do.


    Here is a nice little chart that fububoi83 has:

    T-Mobile Edge Plans
    1. 50MB Web+200 Msgs $9.99 ($0.20 per add’tl MB)=APN: epc.tmobile.com
    2. 100MB Web+Unlimited Msgs $19.95 ($0.20 per add’tl MB) =APN: epc.tmobile.com
    3. TMB Smartphone Unlimited Web+400 Msgs $24.99 =APN: internet2.voicestream.com
    4. TMB Smartphone Unlimited Web+Unlimited Msgs $34.99 =APN: internet2.voicestream.com

  62. Lyle Says:

    The 5.99 plan works, i just changed it to epc.tmobile.com and its back to normal

    Just as fast plus unlimited MB
    U have to call in and request it, There are guides online that will help as well, please note they DO STILL OFFER the 5.99 plan, they will just convince you not to

  63. aldeezy Says:

    after my 2 iphones both having the 9.99 plan working for many months. They both coincidentally started receiving the SUBSCRIPTION UPGRADE REQIURED yesterday, the 9th of april 2009. any suggestions?

  64. KeVo Says:

    for those who are missing APN:

    Uninstall “T-Mobile US Carrier” from Cydia
    and reboot the iphone.

  65. trang Says:

    I have 2.2.1 iphone signed up for 24.99 internet for google phone.. on my settings I’ve been changing epc.tmobile.com/ wap.voicestream.com and still does not work? Do I turn on my data roaming? enable 3g? wat about my vpn? what about that? so confused… Can someone email me at azngurltrang@aol.com THanks….. frm texas… its a unlocked phone with the sim booster…

  66. peymannaz Says:

    i have been having the same problem regarding the APN working. I have an Iphone 3g with firmware 2.2.1, using REBEL SIM to unlock. and just subscribed to the tzones for 5.99. But when i put the apn.tmobile.com in the network settings it doesn’t do anything. wont work, it says “Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet” i have rebooted and changed all sorts of settings but with no luck. i dont even have an EDGE nor a GPRS signal on the top lefthand corner. PLEASE HELP IF POSSIBLE.

  67. romo89 Says:

    I have the same problem I have the Iphone 2g firmware 2.2.1 and my i phone is unlocked i have used the APNS and I have t zones but when I go to safari it tells me that I dont have a web 2 go program Ive tried all the APNS rebooted my phone and nothing. Cydia does not have the hack either. Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks~

  68. Nikki Says:

    OMG!!!!! EK, you are the F*KIN[!] best. I had been looking on and off for about 2 days straight, until i came to this site.

    I was having the problem of the actual APN area no even showing up in my network section. like everything else, I tried it and BAM! There was the ‘Cellular Data’ option.

    If you’re having the problem of your APN not showing up, please follow EK’s advice; it worked for me, hopefully it wil work for you.

    Again, thank you EK!!

  69. mike Says:

    my t zone stop working 2 days ago i have 2g iphone fw 2.1 i can see my data ip address but whenever i go to safari it asks for upgrade can someone help plz…thanks

  70. Tony Says:

    I don’t think it really matters now, Cuss Tmobile just block all of the Tzone hack where it doesn’t works anymore. Now they saying that we need to buy the $24.99 with 400 text or 34.99 with unlimited everything. They just block it this wednesday or thursday.

  71. Tony Says:

    Yes, they will charge if you get over it!!!

  72. Tony Says:

    tzone have been stop working!!! Helpppppppp

  73. Alex Says:

    Im going to call tmobile to add the Tzone. But I guess my question is, does it still work???

  74. Tony Says:

    It works, But its not like before $9.99 a month now they asking for $24.99 with 400 text or $34.99 with unlimited text… That is scandulous how they change everything on tzone and now we have to put almost $20 bucks more just to have internet on our iphone.

  75. Tony Says:

    For all tzone user for 9.99 a month. go to apn instead of wap.voicestream.com, put internet2.voicestream.com and reboot it. it should work!!!! tmobile just change there ip address because they want us to cost more money for the internet!

  76. Tony Says:

    go to apn and change it to internet2.voicestream.com and reboot it. it will work.

  77. mike Says:

    thanks Tony it worked

  78. Tony Says:

    no problem…

  79. Alex Says:

    Thanks Tony.

    Your right. T-Zone is now 9.99 BUT you get 200 text messages with that. Which isnt too bad.

    I have a question though. Does anyone get a weird text message every time they check their voicemail? I have a 2g Iphone

  80. Kara Says:

    Hi guys…This is for anybody using APN epc.tmobile.com but it’s stopped working.I have 3g iphone using turbo sim and have 5.99 tzone…I put the APN epc.tmobile.com..it worked for a week and then it stopped working..i tried everything but it didnt work…I finally took the sim card tray out and then put it back…reboot the phone…and now I can use the internet now.

  81. Mounis Malik Says:

    I have iphone 3g version 2.2 firmware 02.28.00. I recently added tzone to my service. Can someone please tell me how can i make this work with my iphone.
    I can’t find the tzone hacks on cidiya n e more, so any help will be great. Please let me know if it is possible or do i need a different plan?

  82. Anonymous Says:

    Hey EK, thxs for ur methods i tryed it but i check on cydia and i dont have it installed, but better i found on cydia > sections > Tweaks > APN Editing. To enable APN Settings back on >settings>general>network. And BINGO its back on,

  83. Skip Says:

    Hey, I have a 2g iPhone with T-Mobile. I have the data plan on my phone and it was working for about a week. Then all of a sudden my network dissapeared! If I go into settings> general> network> it only has “data roaming” “VPN” and “Wi-Fi” what happened?!?! please help…

  84. Tony Says:

    Go to cydia, tweak and installed inn apn editing… And you should see it in setting again.

  85. Tony Says:

    No not at all. Becareful maybe someone is tabbing your cell phone.

  86. d1s_0n3_guy Says:

    any updated on this? I have the 3g iphone with 2.2.1 … 2.30.03 baseband … with rebel simcard for unlock… and jailbroken… i can’t connect to my data network (edge, or 3g)… using epc.tombile.com… i have the unlimited t zone 5.99 package.. any help would be much appreciated

  87. d1s_0n3_guy Says:

    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    APN: internet2.voicestream.com

    none have seem to work for .. i reboot my iphone everytime i enter the new apn … still no good :(

  88. Tony Says:

    internet2.voicestream.com should works for you d1.

  89. d1s_0n3_guy Says:

    thanks for replying Tony,

    but still no connected…

    i have data roaming turn on

    i rebooted after inputting internet2.voicestream.com

    into the APN… i even have my 3g turn off….

    I don’t have a clue as of right now….. i think just call t mobile see and say that i’m using some other phone maybe a krazar and get that 5.99 and turn it into a web something… thats what i heard from other forums.

    again this is a 2.2.1 with 2.30.03 jailbroken with rebel sim card.

    everything else work beside this issue.

  90. d1s_0n3_guy Says:

    Hello all,

    I finally got it to work!

    3g iphone 16gb 2.2.1. firmware 2.30.03 with 5.99 t zone.. with rebel sim card … use epc.tmobile.com for this no matter what… just have to tweak settings … data roaming turn on.. make sure you get that little E next to tmobile search bar…
    i had to reinsert my sim card a couple of times .. turn on airplan mode and than back off and than reboot …but it works now! i’m a happy camper.

  91. d1s_0n3_guy Says:


    i still have problems with it..

    sometimes it goes on and off .. the Little E on top …that display for edge…

    usually when i go inside a building and lose signal…

  92. John Says:

    Finally it works again.
    3G iphone 2.2.1
    Uninstalled the T-Mobile hack in Cydia. Rebooted.
    Apn appeared again.
    Entered the same old….wap.voicestream.com and Safari, email etc all work.
    Using the 5.99 T-Zone plan.
    No additional charges.
    Works good like it did before I upgraded to 2.2.1 .

  93. alex Says:


    you have to reset network settings in
    Settings=>General=>Reset=>Reset Network Settings

    it’ll reboot and turn on airplane mode right away.

    and then I set the APN to “epc.tmobile.com”
    then turn airplane mode off and BADA – BOOM!

  94. Anonymous Says:

    some one help. I don’t see “E” symbol, what should I do now. I have iphone 3g, jailbreak and unlocked with rebel simcard

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Works great on my iPhone, but why is this hack iPhone specific? Can’t this be done on ANY phone?

  96. mike Says:

    i have iphone 3g 2.2.1 jailbroken using new gevey sim my tzone not working tried all wap.voice….epc.tmo…internet2.voice no luck can some one help plz

  97. mike Says:

    fixed mine found dis on other site…
    1) Take the T-Mobile SIM and put it in to the “other/regular” phone.
    2) Turn it ON, and access Tzones/Internet.
    3) Browse around for a while.
    4) Remove SIM from “other” phone.
    5) Put T-Mobile SIM + Turbo SIM into IPhone (don’t forget to turn off 3G).

    for APN put “internet2.voicestream.com”

  98. Tony Says:

    Anybody have the problem with the tzone internet today? or is it just me. Because internet2.voicestream.com use to work great but now it saying you need to call t mobile for further information….

  99. Tony Says:

    Tzone stop working!!!

  100. Billy Says:

    These instructions work !!! just got my up again!! thanks mike!!!

  101. Ed Says:

    I have an iPhone 2G with 3.0 firmware and I got the new tmobile web to go plan for 9.99 and I tried to the epc.tmobile.com but It did not work does anyone know a way to make it work please let me know thanks guys

  102. H$ Says:

    I have an iPhone (16Gig 3GS firmware 3.0). I got the web plan for 9.99, I tried epc.tmobile.com and internet2.voicestream.com and both does not work. iPhone is jailbreak and does not have turbosim. I’ve rebooted after making the APN chages, please help?

  103. Tony Says:

    I think the Tzone is down for now, or maybe they planning to change the APN again.. Jesus Christ if they want us to pay 24.99 a month for it. If we can used it 3G like those G1 or Samsung memoirrr than yeah it worth it like AT&T. Other than that I think its stupid to paid that prize for a basic internet on iphone…

  104. megatyme Says:

    I am experiencing the same thing as H$ as well. I have the same exact 3Gs 16GB iPhone and also using $9.99 T-Zone plan, which doesn’t work. Called up T-Mobile and asked them WTF? And the reply I got from the T-Mobile rep is, all data and smart phone have to switch to the $24.99 unlimited web plan which I think it’s bulshit!! Even my Nokia E71 phone T-Zone doesn’t work as well.

  105. Tony Says:

    I guest the only way now is too wait for th new apn.

  106. jeff Says:

    there might be a new APN idn but i called tmobile and they said that we have 2 pay 24.99 for internet and other stuff because resently they clened out they system and blocked out all accounts that show up on there system as non-tmobile. all im sayign is we iphone users r F**KED and tmobile doesnt give a S**H. and they will lose all business and loss in money tmobile will flip out and what not but 4 no i just canceled my web2go and im just waiting for some 1 to come out with a new APN if not ohhh well and there is no damn way im going 2 pay 25 just for internet i rather join AT&T and get better internet speed then using edge from tmobile.

  107. megatyme Says:

    Hi All,

    My T-Zone is back and running this morning. The past couple days, one of their server crashed. Try using one of the APN ID’s: internet2.voicestream.com or epc.tmobile.com or wap.voicestream.com

    I am currently paying the $10/month unlimited web T-Zone on my 3Gs 16GB and using the first APN ID, and it works.

    Hope it will help and good luck!! =)

  108. viethoc Says:

    I uninstalled the tzones hack from my iphone 2G 2.0 OS because my web access is no longer working. How did you reactivate your tzones hack. Thank you.

  109. viethoc Says:

    alex: thank you.
    background: my 2g iphone with os 2.0 didn’t work starting on oct 1st, 2009. i called tmobile rep and he told me i can’t use the t-zones $5.99 which i have had since aug 2008.

    i used your reset method and my iphone rebooted. i then enter epc.tmobile.com for the APN. now i can see the blue square EDGE and it works for now.

  110. Dr. Solution Says:

    1:48pm 10/2009. I got the T-zone hack to work. Just type in “elicebm1.voicestream.com” for the APN setting. For user name put in “TMOguest”. For the password put “01001010110101″. This should work for every iphone. Let me know how it turns out or if you cant get it to work.

  111. iLykgrlzwholykgrlz Says:

    DUDE YOU ROCK!!!! I was jus gonna go without internet on my iphone. For realz dude you are the greatest!

  112. eyeFhone69 Says:

    Yay! I got it to work. Thanks Dr. Solution!

  113. FredderF Says:

    Works great. Thks.

  114. R0ck!R0ck! Says:

    It didnt at first but after I reset the phone it works perfectlty. You are the man Dr. Solution. Do u know how to give a girl an orgasm? lol I bet you do. Again thanks.

  115. Helen110% Says:

    I love u Dr. Solution! My internet and all my other apps works great. You are a life saver.

  116. qwerty Says:

    Thanks alot dude.

  117. 503pdx Says:

    This doesnt work you fuck’n dummy!!! I entered it exaclty how you said to!

  118. 503pdx Says:

    Oh shit dude my bad I entered the wrong password. So sorry dude. Thanks for the help.

  119. pick-a-chew Says:

    IT WORKS! IT WORKS! you rock Dr. solution!

  120. VallejoNerd Says:

    You are the best Cuddy.

  121. Two2 Says:

    Yay for the Doc.

  122. CaliKellie Says:

    :) Kudos to the Dr.

  123. nima Says:

    Works great. Thks.

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Go to Curia tweaks and install apn then you’ll have the apn setting..!¡¡¥•£€

  125. al Says:

    wired thing happening. I have 2g(FM 3.1.2) and works great with epc.tmobile.com. Now I bought 3gs for my wife and tzone not working. Actually its working but its diverting url to web2go site where I can browes my account and few predifined site by tmobile(same way as in razor).

    Any idea whats the problem. we are on same family plan.

  126. The One Says:

    Get Web To Go, And On The APN Settings use This Internet2.voicestream.com you will get the EDGE next to the tmobile icon and you dont need to turn the roaming on.

  127. Milo Says:

    I’m currently paying $9.99 a month unlimited web. Now I got an iphone 3g, but I can not get acsees to the internet. Try many things.
    Please help

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