Reveal – No more shortened notifications!

Author: Joshua Tucker  //  Category: News

Reveal allows you to view more content in notifications. Scroll horizontally on banners to see more of the message. On the lock screen, scroll vertically on notification bubbles and tap table cells to expand them.

Here’s the recap:

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SwirlyScreen 2.0 is now available with a load of new features

Author: SwirlyMats  //  Category: Apps

SwirlySpace is very pleased to announce SwirlyScreen 2.0. SwirlyScreen 2.0 is a multi-feature lock-screen Cydget for your iPhone giving you a load of features such as: collects and shows all alert messages, such as missed calls, SMS, MMS, calendar events, Facebook messages etc. current weather and forecast analogue clock including a stop-watch random camera roll [...]

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