Infiniboard and Infinidock

Author: chpwn  //  Category: Apps

Take full control of your SpringBoard! Two tweaks from chpwn, the recently released Infiniboard and Infinidock, allow you to scroll your home screen in ways not seen since firmware 1.x — or ever before. Both are available in the Cydia Store now! Infiniboard lets you scroll each page on your home screen up and down, [...]

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@rpetrich Releases: OverBoard, HapticPro, ProSwitcher, libactivator and Exchange Camera Enabler

Author: rpetrich  //  Category: Apps, Development, Repository

— — OverBoard, my SpringBoard expose extension got a major update. New for version 1.1.4 is page reordering, badge support, many new activation methods via libactivator, the ability to become home screen, a numbered theme, sounds courtesy of WiFone, and speed enhancements/memory-use reductions! Available on the Cydia Store for $1.99 ProSwitcher is a task switcher [...]

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