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Take full control of your SpringBoard! Two tweaks from chpwn, the recently released Infiniboard and Infinidock, allow you to scroll your home screen in ways not seen since firmware 1.x — or ever before. Both are available in the Cydia Store now!

Infiniboard lets you scroll each page on your home screen up and down, expanding the¬†possibilities of theming and icon sorting. Put all your games on a single page, or even all your apps: or spread out each type of app to a page of its own, and never worry about filling up the page. Infiniboard is also¬†customizable, you can set everything from the scroll bar color to where you when the lists bounce at the ends. Vertical scrolling has been missing on the iPhone since SummerBoard on firmware 1.x, finally, it has returned — and more awesome than ever. You can go grab Infiniboard in the Cydia Store for just $1.99.¬†Note: OverBoard and CategoriesSB currently have issues with Infiniboard, but both are in the process of being resolved.

Infinidock lets you scroll your dock side to side, as well as choosing just how many icons you want to see. If you have more than four apps that you use a lot, you will love Infinidock’s smooth scrolling to allow you to access all the apps you use most, not just the top four. In addition, many settings, such as paging (like on home screens) and “snap” (aligning your icons for visuals) allow you to setup your dock exactly as you like it. Infinidock is the ultimate dock customization tool, and is available in Cydia for just under a dollar, at $0.99.

Credit goes to mvit for the awesome icons and gfx!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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26 Responses to “Infiniboard and Infinidock”

  1. Bam Says:

    I love Infinidock! Amazing app for just $0,99. Works great! Can’t see any bugs.

  2. jason Says:

    yes…infinidock that’s great…..but about the infiniboard …..I don’t like this overlap with the dock icons….

  3. Charybdis Says:

    Slick work man! This is great. :)

  4. $0M3DUdE Says:

    I agree with the dock deal. Or even a “Start from bottom” setting.

  5. chpwn Says:

    Will be an option in 1.1.

  6. birdpuk Says:

    Any feedback on compatibility with 5 column & 5 row tweaks?

  7. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Great work man! Really slick app. Worth every penny. Unlike others i love the way you can see the apps underneath the dock as your scrolling. It gives it a really cool 3D like effect.

  8. mattyb123 Says:

    Does Infiniboard nopt work with free-form Iconoclasm layouts like my Diagonal one? I tried it earlier on and when I add a 6th icon it just puts in on a new page but not in a new spot, it just overlaps any icons already on the other page.

  9. chpwn Says:

    That is now a setting in 1.1

  10. Navec245 Says:

    How about compatibility with LockInfo? I hear on that board you can’t scroll LockInfo with Inninidock?

  11. Tron Says:

    Same thing happens to me.

  12. Dodoburd Says:

    What about iTunes? Will the app managment system in iTunes be okay with more than 4 apps in the dock and 16 apps on a page?

  13. Marcelo Fares Says:

    Hello everybody, I’m having problems with infinidock ipad to have acquired by cydia. I bought it and installed it normally, after changing some options within the infinidock, and restart the springboard, the ipad returned exit safe mode. I could only go so removed after the inifidock. I wonder, is there any solution to this problem. Enable an option that is not due, and now how do I get back to normal. I tried removing and reinstalling, but still entering the exit safe mode.
    Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this problem. And the worst part was that the program already bought and paid for.
    Excuse the writing, google translator.

  14. Paul Says:

    Any idea when Infiniboard will be compatible with ios4?

  15. Larry Says:

    Infiniboard will take a lot of work to win me over its really hard to move apps vertically.

  16. natalie Says:

    does infinidock work with 4.2.1?

  17. Saintel Says:

    No it does not work on 4.2.1

  18. Anonymous Says:

    if i oledi install infinidock and infiniboard. can i install scrolling board again? or i have to delete infinidock and infiniboard 1st?

  19. Davis Says:

    I have infInidock and infiniboard and I cant move apps to the dock or below others.Please help!!!

  20. PersonWhoNeedsHelp Says:

    Okay…. my very important apps like my ipod sumhow are stuck on the very bottom of my iphone 4 and whenever i use categories to bring them back to where all my other apps are they go back to the very bottom again. I have a theme where i can see them but only a little bit of it. and when i scroll down they stay that way. If i can’t find help, I got two words for infiniboard, FUCK YOU.

  21. Shehab Elkadi Says:

    I just love this tweak… it makes the folder addition more logical; at least for me.

    but since I updated to my 4.2.1 on my 3GS; entering the edit mode (to move icons) has been lagging and slow.

    with my so little experience, and some logic… I have found the folder (mobilesubstrate) under (/library); and found the file (iconsupport.plist); and added UIKit under bundles… and my springboard is now snappy and fast (entering folders and editing icons.

    I do not know exactly what this did; but logically I believe that it use the UIKit to handle iconsupport and infinifolders.

    I hope this helps someone;

    you heard the voice of Egypt

  22. Unkown Says:

    My infiniboard wont scroll allthe apps, it only does on help.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I know a way to get Infinidock infiniboard and info odometer all free and I did!

  24. lili Says:

    how come my iphone 4 4.2.1 version is already jailbreak but why install the infiniboard and infinidock need to purchase wan?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    my iphone 3gs after install infinboard and the dock and it becum veri slow. why is it so? i wan to move the icon or shift space oso slow? tell me why?

  26. azam Says:

    i already install to install infinidock but doesnt have,,can help me?

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