PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7 upgrade – password protection and more for iOS Photos app

Author: iRealSMS dev  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

We just released the iOS 7 version of PhotoAlbums+ which enhances the stock Photos app on iPhones/iPod Touchs and iPads. First it allows you to actually move photos between albums instead of just creating copies. Then it adds much needed privacy. With PhotoAlbums+ a private albums tab is added to the Photos app which keeps [...]

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iOS 6: AdBlocker, Firewall iP and ScreenDimmer are ready

Author: Yllier  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak, News

. . AdBlocker, Firewall iP and ScreenDimmer have been updated to support iOS 6. They also include  minor fixes and new features. Yllier’s other paid tweaks (FullScreen for Safari/iPad, RingerX VIP) will be updated for iOS 6 soon. If you don’t already know about these apps: AdBlocker AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful [...]

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Reveal – No more shortened notifications!

Author: Joshua Tucker  //  Category: News

Reveal allows you to view more content in notifications. Scroll horizontally on banners to see more of the message. On the lock screen, scroll vertically on notification bubbles and tap table cells to expand them.

Here’s the recap:

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iMatte v5 HD – The apotheose

Author: myiCommunity  //  Category: News

iMatte v5 HD will certainly be a theme remembered for a long time. There is 5 months in the making (full-time work, I’m dedicated 100% to this, that is making the theme and supporting it).

How can I describe iMatte without having you read this for half an hour? Impossible, so I’ll do my best!

If you enjoy and use iMatte, you can offer me a little coffee in order to keep me motivated to pursue my work! (If you don’t live in Sherbrooke, QC area, a little donation will do the same ;))

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AdBlocker 1.20 – now even better

Author: Yllier  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak, News

Surf faster + Use less data. AdBlocker has been updated to 1.20!
AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks image based ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebViews).

AdBlocker is available in the CydiaStore for just $ 2.19

What’s new:

The blocking engine is now faster and keeps your browser view responsive.

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ScreenDimmer 1.60: Proximity Sensor!

Author: Yllier  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

ScreenDimmer has been updated with support for the proximity sensor. If your device has a proximity sensor you can use it to turn the display off/on. This feature will for example turn the display off if  you put the device in your pocket or place it on your desk with the display facing down.

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Auto Answer now available for iPhone

Author: limneos  //  Category: News

One of the features iPhone was missing compared to other phones is auto-answer on a specified interval , for specific numbers. This app is now ready and its live. AutoAnswer answers FaceTime and Phone calls of selected numbers automatically. The FaceTime feature is really cool, since you can also use it as video surveillance of [...]

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Cydia 1.1 out now; fast & friendly!

Author: Optimo  //  Category: Jailbreak, News
Edit: You can now fix lost community sources by loading cydia, on home page tapping on “more package sources” and then at the top of the page, any lost community sources will be present. Tap on them to reinstall / fix them.

This morning marks an historic release of our beloved jailbreak package installer. Cydia 1.1 represents a huge amount of time and effort spent fine-tuning the user experience and lots and lots of speed added. Amongst the new features and functionality, the speed in performing most tasks has improved tremendously. A noticable and welcome change includes an improved Search routine and results list, as well as a perisistent-feel for using Cydia on iOS 4+ where multittasking is commonplace. The Cydia homepage and Store features have also received tons of improvements over the last few months, so be sure to check it out. Nearly all parts of Cydia on both the front- and back-end have been tenderly nourished, adding up to an entirely fresh and exciting user experience that should appeal to all. It’s a new day, it’s a new Cydia. Let everyone know, the best just got better. Note that this was a community effort. This is where open source can really shine. Rather than only Saurik doing all the work on this one, we also had significant help from chpwn, Dustin Howett, and Ryan Petrich as well as countless hours put in by Saurik, himself.

Note: community sources are no longer packages. If you delete one, you will have no way to re-add it. You will have to manually delete the file /var/lib/cydia/metadata.plist and restart cydia.

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YoutubeToMp3 2.1

Author: Albert Schulz  //  Category: Apps

YoutubeToMp3 Version 2.0 is officially released now. With YoutubeToMp3 2.0 you can search and download your favorite youtube music videos and convert them right on the iPod/iPhone to a high quality MP3 file in just a few seconds!

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Masks for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Author: limneos  //  Category: News

New application for theming icons via masking. This tweak allows the user to choose an overlay icon , any icon, either pre-supplied or custom, and this is applied as a mask to all the SpringBoard icons and , optionally, the wallpaper. Choose from over 40 pre-made masks to match your preference! A new , revolutionary [...]

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