Cydia 1.1 out now; fast & friendly!

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Edit: You can now fix lost community sources by loading cydia, on home page tapping on “more package sources” and then at the top of the page, any lost community sources will be present. Tap on them to reinstall / fix them.

This morning marks an historic release of our beloved jailbreak package installer. Cydia 1.1 represents a huge amount of time and effort spent fine-tuning the user experience and lots and lots of speed added. Amongst the new features and functionality, the speed in performing most tasks has improved tremendously. A noticable and welcome change includes an improved Search routine and results list, as well as a perisistent-feel for using Cydia on iOS 4+ where multittasking is commonplace. The Cydia homepage and Store features have also received tons of improvements over the last few months, so be sure to check it out. Nearly all parts of Cydia on both the front- and back-end have been tenderly nourished, adding up to an entirely fresh and exciting user experience that should appeal to all. It’s a new day, it’s a new Cydia. Let everyone know, the best just got better. Note that this was a community effort. This is where open source can really shine. Rather than only Saurik doing all the work on this one, we also had significant help from chpwn, Dustin Howett, and Ryan Petrich as well as countless hours put in by Saurik, himself.

Note: community sources are no longer packages. If you delete one, you will have no way to re-add it. You will have to manually delete the file /var/lib/cydia/metadata.plist and restart cydia.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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110 Responses to “Cydia 1.1 out now; fast & friendly!”

  1. Cydia Says:


  2. Prdo Says:


  3. ruben Says:

    And bigboss repo is unreachable – hmmm

  4. Puyan Says:

    Does it update automatically or do we have to do it somehow manually? Awesome news!

  5. nmdelrio Says:

    Great! I upgraded to 1.1.

    But how does “Changes” work now? Previously, “Changes” highlights the updated apps that are installed on your iDevice. Now, it highlights all apps installed in the device. How do you track apps that has updates not installed on your device. This I still have yet to see when there are updates to my apps, that is, if I don’t miss them. :-(

  6. root Says:

    Upgraded to 1.1.0, and now Cydia crashes! Press on icon, says loading…. Then just goes black! Any ideas? Already tried deleting files from /var/lib/apt/lists/.

  7. Optimo Says:

    Changes has not been modified in this regard.
    If you have available updates, they appear at the top of the changes list under ‘Available Updates’

  8. Phoenix Says:

    New Cydia works great on my iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G.
    Thank you!

  9. Cluke Says:

    I’m a lil newer on jailbreak community. How do u update to 1.1???

  10. Phoenix Says:

    Start Cydia and tap “Upgrade Essential”… Now Cydia 1.1 is downloaded and installed.

  11. Tito Says:

    I can not find BigBoss source in Repositorise section in Cydia v1.1 so how can I add BigBoss source to Cydia ?

  12. Reviews Says:

    So still no app reviews… I really hope they release reviews for apps soon since that’s my biggest problem with cydia right now.

  13. Q Says:

    Bigboss repo source not working.
    I have a few update from bigboss but I cannot update now because I upgrade to Cydia 1.1

  14. Hasiphone Says:

    same Problem.

    no BigBos Source in Cydia 1.1.1

    how can i install it??

    i made it manually, but the Server not ready…


  15. X Says:

    When upgrading, Bigboss, Cydia Community, Dev-Team, ModMyi and ZotTTD’s sources are removed.
    Bigboss Icon Set, Cydia Translations and Debian Utilities are installed.
    Don’t know how to add BigBoss though../

  16. jo7n Says:

    lulwot.. i can’t send sms since updating Cydia.

  17. jo7n Says:

    nevermind.. respring and sms working again :\

  18. Davidb Says:

    I upgraded to 1.1 this morning and there are some things a little funky going on but nothing really major.

    However one thing is I have the same issue so far with Changes, as it is listed all my installed packages at the top dated today. Not a big problem either, just mentioning it. Also it has mostly all question mark thumb representing all my installed sources.
    Last thing is when I try to reboot, the springboard goes to safe mode but does all me to restart from there.

  19. Aldo Says:

    When I try to load up cydia it says
    UNABLE TO LOAD (The certificate for this server is invalid you might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “”)…. Any help or ideas I could do to fix this?

  20. jailBReaK Says:

    I rejailbroke because the dock multitask app mucked up my ipod but now i restored my ipod and used greenpoison again but when i click on cydia it just comes on as white screen with stripes for a split second and then it comes straight back off and the cydia icon is dim for a split second then goes back to normal. please help

  21. loren23 Says:

    iPhone 4, 4.1.1 Works perfect right out of the box. Thanks team Saurik. One thing I notice that backgrounder does not want to background Cydia as it did with past version. New version much faster.

  22. Pourya Says:

    Thanks guys. Search tab is really improved. Also I had a problem with Manage Sources. It’s solved by its self update. Awesome

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Saurik had already address this in a post previously (on another site). Basically, reviews are not worth the hassle. The downsides outweighs the benefits.

  24. hydrogen Says:

    anyone knows how to locally cached Cydia Repo icons? just like the bigboss. the new “bigboss icon set”

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Is this the jail break for 4.3?

  26. joe Says:

    It works. No problem encountered. Just plain upgrade.

  27. BigBoss Says:

    It comes preinstalled. It is never added.

  28. BigBoss Says:

    They are not removed. The old way of handling them is changed. That’s all.

  29. BigBoss Says:

    I agree. I used to have my own comments section. I had to remove it due to the poor comments and spam.

  30. Kaisa Says:

    It always says “done: release” and “posix…. Blah blah blah…” when I refresh the ‘changes’, any help?

  31. iHots Says:

    Mostly improved, but some Features apps like and Cydget still don’t work for me. Saurik has to fix at least his own Cydialer. Anybody has the same problem?

  32. Mohammed Says:

    Gooood I need download Cydia

  33. DimonX Says:

    Crash Cydia 1.1.1 on iOS 3.1.3 Respring … problem and install NoCyfresh

  34. Desachan Says:

    I have problem upgrading to Cydia 1.1 from current version 1.-3222-73. I have this error prompt “Bigboss’s source subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit clause 2″. How to solve this problem?

  35. Mandawebo Says:

    After installing Cydia 1.1 I got a Database screen with this message:

    Encountered a section with no Package Header you may want to run Apt-Get update to correct these problem.

    Same message after updated to 1.1.1

    Any suggestion how to fix this or how to run the Apt-Get?

  36. Optimo Says:

    Make sure that your device’s Dat and Time are set accurately. When a device battery dies, the clock is reset and this also invalidates the security certificates.

  37. error Says:

    apt.bigboss no worky. posix fail.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    How do I get thebigboss repo back? It’s gone

  39. Shelby Says:

    How do I get thebigboss repo back? It’s gone

  40. Shelby Says:

    How do I get the bigboss repo back? It’s gone

  41. yoq Says:

    i can’t upgrade becuse of bigboss……. it says something about conflicts.. any help?

  42. Reviews Says:

    Every major app store seems to be doing fine with it. Also, even online retailers are using reviews and it seems to be working great for them. If a app is truly garbage, it will most likely reflect in the reviews. If an app is great, regardless of the 1 stars from stupid people, the majority of people who love it will far outweigh the bad. Of course you’ll receive some poor comments but that’s like saying no one should drive because there are poor drivers on the road (don’t take that too literal). I believe it is more about the developers not wanting to deal any bad (but true) comments shown in reviws that would result in more work (but also better quality) application.

    Reviews are a proven method to keep quality up and also helps sales as well.

  43. Reviews Says:

    It would obviously have to be available only to people who purchased/downloaded the app which reduces poor comments as well as spam significantly. Or are you saying you already had this kind of system in place?

  44. Mark Says:

    Start Cydia and tap “Upgrade Essential”… Now Cydia 1.1 is downloaded and installed.
    Unfortunatley that option does not appear for me. How do I get the upgrade option manually?

  45. Davidb Says:

    Replying to my previous post about the “Changes” section being screwed up and not being able to reboot the phone, after a couple of reloads of Cydia just by opening the app itself, and letting it configure and process, everything on 1.1 seems great on my 3GS 4.2.1.

    Just updating my post for the developers so as to exclude one less issue. Thanks, and great work as always. David

  46. Justin Freid Says:

    Awesome. Thank you to saurik and others.

  47. Timmy Says:

    How do I jailbreak when my phone is already on iOS 4.3? Can’t do it through

  48. Bokobok Says:

    Cydia Home page -> More Sources,
    Below default, clickbon Bigboss!!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Bokobok, thanks! However, I still can’t install anything from any repo on 1.1. Maybe it’s because I’m running 4.3?

  50. QuarterSwede Says:

    Bokobok, thanks! However, I still can’t install anything from any repo on 1.1. Maybe it’s because I’m running 4.3?

  51. supagusti Says:

    Got “encountered a section with no package header” 3 times and Then “You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems”
    Can I find out which repos are causing this ??

  52. AlexB Says:

    The new Cydia 1.1.1 really works faster. But in manage>sources a lot of repos are without their repo icons but with point of question icons instead.
    Russian localization works, but… let’s correct grammar errors.

  53. sonia Says:


  54. Emperor886 Says:

    Thanks a lot! I never even noticed, but for some reason my phone thought it was 1970…

  55. Bixxman Says:

    I didn’t do the update now sources, package – all are empty and Cydia won’t refresh. Help, please!

  56. Halibel Says:

    Why is cydia.hackulos empty? Also I got the information that “not all the updates were installed so blah blah using old ones. Please help, I feel my cydia didn’t upgrade fully. Thanks 3GS 4.2.1

  57. AppleCore Says:

    Where are the app ratings??????????? Everyone has ratings except cydia! if apple can do it so can you saurik!

  58. Meddy Says:

    Yesterday I was upgrade cydia to 1.1.1
    But after upgrade cydia, my iphone battery drain very fast. The battery almost drain out after 4-5 hours, althought my iphone in standby condition.
    Help me please……

  59. Manuel Says:

    The same happens to me… I’m about to restore my phone in order to get back to the original Cydia… :(

  60. Eightdaze Says:

    Same issue here.

  61. HandyRandy Says:

    @ nmdelrio

    “How do you track apps that has updates not installed on your device.”

    At the top of every info page there is a “Change Package Settings” option. It even goes so far as to give an explanation of what it does; exactly what you are looking for.

  62. HandyRandy Says:

    P.S. This feature has been there for quite some time before 1.1.

  63. seannyyx Says:

    its not coming
    If you read sauriks info on the 1.1 update he says that it was added to a unreleased version as a trial but didnt really work.

  64. seannyyx Says:

    Cydia wasn’t supposed to be ‘backgroundable’ in the first place as it could mess up file system and kill your phone.

  65. seannyyx Says:

    Do you not read page titles?!

    it’s an update for cydia, long awaited, nothing more

  66. Nitin Says:

    Mine too. i have to downgrade the cydia to resolve the problem

  67. reno419rockstar Says:

    BATTERY DRAIN!!! how do i get old cydia?

    i’m the type that always monitor and write down what i install & monitor batter drain. for the last 2 months, i haven’t installed anything on my phone because i was content. all of a sudden i install the “cydia 1.1.1″ and now my battery drains are horrid.

  68. reno419rockstar Says:

    that’s how i got here. i googled “battery drain cydia 1.1.1″. glad i’m not the only one. i’m just pissed that i had my phone the way i wanted it for 2 months and now this. and my phone won’t back up to itunes anymore. so if i re-jailbreak, it won’t put “cydia 1.1.1″ back on my phone?

  69. reno419rockstar Says:

    my review” cydia 1.1.1 suck because of outrageous battery drain. now i have to re-jailbreak. lesson learned, thanks. i will make sure to pass this out on my twitter and tell them to RT.

  70. reno419rockstar Says:

    Since I have my phone like I want it & haven’t DL’d any tweaks in a while I didn’t want to restore my phone. Plus itunes wanted to update it. i did the “make my life easier” option w/ 1st jailbreak. I ran the jailbreak again and my phone came back just like it did before (with same cydia 1.1.1). So, I took a chance and just uninstalled Cydia 1.1.1 package. I can still access cydia store. so i figure if want to install something, i’ll just download cydia installer first. It’s been 30 minutes & still at 100%. BIG difference. It’s obvious the Cydia 1.1.1 that is the problem. Plus my iphone 4 is brand new. My older iphone 4 battery capacity is lower and was lasting longer than new iphone 4 w/ new cydia package.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Gave me cydia

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I have lost my Cydia in my phone . So how can I install back to my phone ?

  73. Lock Says:

    I have lost my Cydia in my phone . So how can I install back to my phone ?

  74. Meddy Says:

    battery drain caused by IKE WORM…..
    please remove ike worm and problem solved

  75. Alliance UK ACM Says:

    Can sum1 plz help my cydia keeps crashing i cant ssh i cant delete files from iFile and i cant re-jailbreak
    plz help

  76. Frank Says:

    Cydia says that the server is invalid every time I try to download something

  77. Hram101 Says:

    How do you remove duplicate sources list entries? I had to restore my iPhone 4, 4.1 and then ran AptBackup to restore apps. Now Cydia reports duplicate sources (BigBoss, Modmyi,Zodttd) Ran Cyfix and the dups returned.

  78. Jay Says:

    any can help me how 2 download the cydia from my iPhone 4 or from combuter plz

  79. John Says:

    Guys : Cydia OS 1.1.1 – battery drainage is really bad – 3GS 3.1.3 – phone literally does in 4 hours on edge network – forget what will happen on 3G n/w

    please advice how to fix :

    how to downgrade back to previous cydia os version – too much pain ?

    When is saurik fixing this ? Let’s make some noise here to get his attention.

  80. ComplexLifeForm Says:

    Well I installed Cydia 1.1.1 in an off-line mode on my iPod touch 2G on iOS 4.2.1 .The installation seems to be smooth. Then I went to package list and clicked on any random package to see the details it will always show the error “Unable to Load (the Internet connection seems to be off-line)”

    So it seems Cydia 1.1.1 requires always on Internet connection! If that is the case it is bad. My desktop computer is also too old and it does not have WiFi connection, basically it means I cannot get my iPod touch on wi-fi. I cannot even load the Manage tab properly. If I click on Packages, Sources or Storage section cydia still wants to go to internet, why??

    So guys please tell me what do I need to do get the new cydia working. With older cydia I can at least see the package details, see the storage information, see the sources list.

    All the guides, all the articles I have read assumes the user has an Internet connection at his/her disposal.


  81. David Says:

    I got same problem on my 3gs 4.0.1. My iphone 4 4.0.1 doesn’t have this problem.

    Does anyone have solution for this?

  82. David Says:

    Some people said replace bigboss.list under /etc/source could resolve this problem. But it didn’t work for me.

  83. Meddy Says:

    Your phone got IKE WORM.
    maybe you installed openssh and forgot to replace default password ‘alpine’
    please check with Sysinfoplus. (install from cydia)
    if you find file “poc-bbot,” running. This mean your iphone got IKE WORM.

    Please remove ike worm using mobileterminal install from cydia.

    rm /bin/poc-bbot
    rm /bin/sshpass
    rm /var/log/youcanbeclosertogod.jpg
    rm /var/mobile/LockBackground.jpg
    rm /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.ikey.bbot.plist
    rm /var/lock/bbot.lock

    And then replace SSH & Root password.
    and last action is re-install openSSH
    then reboot your iphone

    after removing IKE Worm the iphone does not battery drain again.

  84. andymaxi Says:

    cheers mate i replaced my battery and didnt sinc with itunes therefore couldnt use i can

  85. Jens Says:

    Cydia update fails, when it tries to remove Bigboss Source. Error message:

    “Bigboss’s source subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 2″

    I removed bigboss.list, replaced it – no change.

    Can anybody help please?

  86. Jens Says:

    forgot: running iphone 3G with 4.2.1

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Can I up grade to 4.2

  88. Anonymous Says:

    I juz update to 4.3.3. V happy, But now lost my so can help to install bk my cydia? Mr boss

  89. Rich... Says:

    ssh into /private/var/lib/dpkg/info and delete everything that says bigboss. then open cydia and update…

  90. Danielle Says:

    This is awesome because I had to delete my repos due to IPA errors. once I did and reinstalled Installous everything was fine. I have now installed bigBoss via the recommendd method and seems that all is still okay.

  91. haooppp Says:

    thank you sooo much

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Did u ever figure out what to do, I’m having the same problem

  93. Chantel Says:

    Im trying to install “youtube activator” but i cant find it. How do i install it?

  94. jcluccas Says:

    Thanks!! Perfect!!

  95. Missjay Says:


  96. Liz Relox Says:

    Please help ME i lost my iphone apps like the camera, mail etc after jb and launching cydia then cydia crashes after most of my apps are gone

  97. zhaoqingdong Says:


  98. zhaoqingdong Says:


  99. kokobe Says:


  100. kokobe Says:


  101. Q Says:


  102. Ashutosh Says:

    I want to use Cydia onnmy iPhone 2g

  103. Asaa85 Says:


  104. HAVING PROB Says:


  105. HAVING PROB Says:


    SOME INDEX ??????


  106. santi Says:

    here is the solution for the big boss problem

    source code __

    enjoy :)

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Cydia store: Priducts Manage

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Install confirm

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Go to
    the slide to jailbreak

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Can you help me jailbreak

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