Masks for iPhone / iPod / iPad

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New application for theming icons via masking.

This tweak allows the user to choose an overlay icon , any icon, either pre-supplied or custom, and this is applied as a mask to all the SpringBoard icons and , optionally, the wallpaper.

Choose from over 40 pre-made masks to match your preference!

A new , revolutionary way of theming your icons.


Live on Cydia Store !

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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37 Responses to “Masks for iPhone / iPod / iPad”

  1. Danii Says:

    availabe ?

  2. Diego Says:

    How I can download?

  3. eyePH0NE Says:

    You guys never read anythingup to the end, don’t you?

  4. Peter Says:

    coming soon! :)

  5. iphoneleaks Says:

    hi. i am facing problems for downloading this. please favour me.

  6. The6uest Says:

    Coming soon!

  7. limneos Says:

    For those with download issues, Cydia and some repos are experiencing some traffic issues at the moment, try again in a while.

  8. elvisfan Says:

    Hey ,

    I would love to buy it, but the purchase button under cydia does not work. I have afresh JB IPad with Greenpois0n RC5. If you click the other purchase button your screen turns black. Please let me know if I am alone ;) with thisi issue, once again, Regards, Elvisfan aka Peter

  9. limneos Says:

    I haven’t received any similar report from anyone else so far. Try a reboot, or even jailbreak again. Try other apps from Cydia to see if you can press their “purchase” button too. It sounds like a broken jailbreak / broken Cydia on your device, I’d retry the restore / jailbreak.

  10. bigorangekitty Says:

    If I SSH into my device, where can I put my custom masks? what location?

  11. loren23 Says:


  12. Sebastian Says:

    Heyy pelase i need favor points for imobsters 1.74 anyone now how to do that please help me thank you. Is for the new versión of imobsters 1.74

  13. SachimoSupaflyy Says:

    I keep getting a pop up saying “you need to connect to the Internet to activate masks” but I’m already connected to the Internet?!

  14. elvisfan Says:

    Everything works now fine in regards of buying in the cydia shop. I.reinstalledin in cydia all programs and sources. That solved thei ssue.regqrds, elvisfan

  15. Peter Says:

    Great app, great new version which is now perfect running.
    Best regards, Peter

  16. Brad Says:

    Great app, and well worth the $1.99 But if I may, I’d like to request two features.
    One is, when you’re adjusting the color sliders, some way to preview the color beforehand would be great.
    Two is, when setting the wallmask. I think it would be great if somehow we could preview that as well, and pinch and zoom to get the exact part of the picture in the mask. And also be able to pick a wallpaper from inside the app.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Same problem :( 

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve installed this program but for some reason when I apply a mask to my phone all my icons go blank.. Does anyone know y

  19. Joe Says:

    I’ve installed this program but for some reason when I apply a mask to my phone all my icons go blank.. Does anyone know y

  20. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a good app, but one flaw (to me, at least) is that it doesn’t mask Folder Icons. I know you can’t really mask them, but the option to have a matching folder icon for the preset masks would be nice.

  21. justin Says:

    does this work with shrink?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    How do I download I file

  23. Toni Says:

    I really want to download backgrounds but I do not know how to

  24. Gigie ilagan Says:

    Instoll cydia on my phone 3GS

  25. Mauricio Says:

    Nesecito programas pa aplicaciones no entiendo mucho ingles sorry

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Activation problem .. Doesnt work

  27. Regor Says:

    Just paid for this but getting an activation error?? Saying that I need to connect to the Internet to activate however I’m obviously online… Is this just temporary??

  28. Jonas Says:

    I need to connect to the internet to activate it, what, can you help me

  29. kate Says:

    Same problem, need activation via internet.
    anyone can help?

  30. Anderson Lopes Says:

    Please, does anyone already got answer bout this message that need activation via internet???? Please, someone could help us…

  31. David Says:

    Same problem with activation, wish CYdia had refunds. iPhone 4 4.3.3

  32. David Says:

    Sent message to dev on twitter still no response

  33. dimitris Says:

    still activation problem. ip4 4.3.3.. any updates in the future?

  34. ماسك Says:


  35. Henrique Says:


  36. Henrique Says:


  37. Joey Torrance Says:

    do you need photoshop to create custom icon masks?

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