Review of BioBoot App|Tweak for iPhone

Author: KvX  //  Category: Apps, News, iPhone

Annoyed by having to put your passcode in when you restart your iPhone? Wish the Bio lock was enough? Then you are not alone. Personally its just a minor annoyance for me and one of those things I would rather not have to do as I prefer speed and efficiency. So with this minor annoyance [...]

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iPhone, iOS product or App? Get a Review

Author: KvX  //  Category: Apps, News, iPhone

Do you have an iPhone, iPad or iOS product or app you would like to have reviewed? Then visit our Request for review page here and submit your product or app. If accepted I will provide a full review of your product or app on TheBigBoss. I will review both Jailbroken and Standard Apps or [...]

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Apple increases App size limit

Author: KvX  //  Category: Apps, Development, News

If you have not heard already, apple has updated the maximum size that apps/Binaries can be on the app store from 2gb to 4gb as of Feb 12th. The 2gb limit has been in place since the beginning so this marks the first ever increase for the App Store. With each new model of iPhone [...]

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Save battery life in iOS 8 without an app!

Author: KvX  //  Category: News, iPhone

I am sure most everyone has had issues with battery life at some point on their iPhone or iPad. Most of the time this results in downloading a new app that claims to help save power, while some do indeed help most of the time you end up about where you started. Here is the [...]

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Reveal – No more shortened notifications!

Author: Joshua Tucker  //  Category: News

Reveal allows you to view more content in notifications. Scroll horizontally on banners to see more of the message. On the lock screen, scroll vertically on notification bubbles and tap table cells to expand them.

Here’s the recap:

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Masks for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Author: limneos  //  Category: News

New application for theming icons via masking. This tweak allows the user to choose an overlay icon , any icon, either pre-supplied or custom, and this is applied as a mask to all the SpringBoard icons and , optionally, the wallpaper in Choose from over 40 pre-made masks to match your preference! A new [...]

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SwirlySMS free is now available in Cydia

Author: SwirlyMats  //  Category: Apps, News

SwirlySMS free for iPad 3G is now available in Cydia. It is a free app without restrictions that gives you the possibility to send and receive native SMSes on your iPad 3G like you would do on any cell phone. See below for a few screen shots.

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PwnTunes – Sync Music Without iTunes

Author: iRealSMS dev  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak, News

from the makers of iRealSMS PwnTunes – iPhone Drag&Drop Music Import without iTunes – Home It’s a new way to sync your Music & More without the use of iTunes! As we all know there are many many different MP3 players out there but the Apple iPod Touch & iPhone have dominated the market as [...]

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Firewall iP 1.42 – full iPad support

Author: Yllier  //  Category: Apps

Firewall iP, the first and only Firewall for the iPhone, has been updated to 1.42 and now supports the iPad. Changelog 1.42: – full iPad support: all known issues with the iPad have been fixed. – bugfixes Firewall iP is the only security app of it’s kind and offers many advance features like getting WhoIs-informations [...]

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