Apple increases App size limit

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If you have not heard already, apple has updated the maximum size that apps/Binaries can be on the app store from 2gb to 4gb as of Feb 12th. The 2gb limit has been in place since the beginning so this marks the first ever increase for the App Store. With each new model of iPhone and iPad improving its graphic and processing power the new increase opens the door for bigger and better gaming on iOS.

I expect iOS developers to take advantage of this new increase, and with such it makes a 16gb iPhone soon to be just about worthless. So as you ponder and prepare for your next purchase of an iPhone 6s or 7 if you have not done so already its time to go for the 32gb version or higher. If you don’t you might only get to have a couple apps, photos and songs before running out of space.

Here is apples official announcement

“The size limit of an app package submitted through iTunes Connect has increased from 2 GB to 4 GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation. Please keep in mind that this change does not affect the cellular network delivery size limit of 100 MB.”

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