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With spring here and summer around the corner this is the time to get outdoors, go hiking or off road. That is where Gaia GPS app for your iOS device or iPhone can really help out, it is loaded with an extensive amount of topo and hiking maps for wherever you are going. One of the major downfalls to many Topo map apps is you must be in network but with Gaia you can download all maps for offline use.

Some key features are:

• Download worldwide topo, road, and aerial maps
• Use Gaia’s unique, streaming, vector, worldwide topo map
• The best government topo maps for the US and Canada (USGS, USFS, NRCan)
• Unlimited downloads for offline use
• Sync your tracks, photos, maps, and waypoints to all of your devices
• Share links to tracks and photos, via email, Facebook, Twitter and more
• Keep your data backed up
• Record tracks, waypoints, and take geo-tagged photos
• Customize all aspects, including units, coordinates types, color and sound, and more

I have been using Gaia for a couple years now and it has served me very well, for not only outdoor and off road activities but for traveling to new cities as well. The best feature is the simple ability to drag and perfectly select the topo maps you need and customize it for your needs. This paired with constantly updating maps has ensured I had the most up to date information available.

Now it will set you back $19.99 through the App store, but if you buy just one paper set of topo maps it is at least that and it doesn’t update itself like the App will. So for any traveler in the US or anywhere in the world this a good app for the toolbox. Even if you are not the outdoor type, simply having an extensive map of the city you are in can help out, especially if traveling abroad.

To view the app in the app store click here.

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