Save battery life in iOS 8 without an app!

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I am sure most everyone has had issues with battery life at some point on their iPhone or iPad. Most of the time this results in downloading a new app that claims to help save power, while some do indeed help most of the time you end up about where you started. Here is the thing though, you don’t need a fancy app to save battery life. iOS 8 already has two built in features to take on battery suck if you just use them.

The first thing to do is find out what apps are using the most power, most of the time its a new game you downloaded or an app running in the background you had no idea about.

To find out it’s simple, just go to Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage> and behold a breakdown of battery usage by app over the last 24 hours and 7 days. You also have the ability to adjust the brightness settings to help save some more power. Now take this data and pair it with the next step.

With this information you can decide what apps if any you want to either delete or insure you kill immediately after using. If you don’t know how to kill an app in iOS 8 its simple just double tap the home button, your apps running will appear and you just swipe them up to kill. If you are so inclined you can kill up to three apps at once by placing a finger on all three and swiping up.

Now this is not a ultimate or in depth endeavor into saving battery life, but I have found that the above steps fix the meat of the issues and allow you to go on your way without wasting to much time trying to squeeze another 10 min out of your battery.

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