REMINDER iOS 8.1.2 no longer being signed

Author: KvX  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

This is a reminder that as of February 10th apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1.2. Previous to the 10th if you needed to restore your iPhone or iPad you could could so and still jailbreak your device through downgrading to iOS 8.1.2. With apple no longer signing 8.1.2 however if you have upgraded your device [...]

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HideMe8 App for iPhone, iOS 8 a useful tool

Author: KvX  //  Category: Apps, News, iPhone

Tired of seeing apps that have been installed you will never use? or perhaps the carrier logo? or maybe you just want to have the date in the status bar? No matter the layout tweak you want HideMe8 is sure to deliver it to you. To start with it has an app hide function that [...]

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Save battery life in iOS 8 without an app!

Author: KvX  //  Category: News, iPhone

I am sure most everyone has had issues with battery life at some point on their iPhone or iPad. Most of the time this results in downloading a new app that claims to help save power, while some do indeed help most of the time you end up about where you started. Here is the [...]

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Why you shouldn’t update to iOS 8.1.3

Author: KvX  //  Category: Jailbreak, News, iPhone

iOS 8.1.3 has just been released by apple but if you are jailbroken DO NOT UPDATE for it will remove your jailbreak. While this update fixes a few glitches from 8.1.2 its major selling point to most is the reduced available storage needed for updates. If you are simply thinking about updating for storage reasons [...]

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iOS 8.1.1 / 8.1.2 Jailbroken

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

Sorry for the late post. But just to confirm, both these firmwares have been jailbroken. Taig has taken care of the latest firmware.

As of right now, all iOS8 firmwares are jailbroken. Please make sure you don’t update beyond 8.1.2 in the near future if you want to keep your jailbreak until you hear otherwise.

Finally, if you’re still on iOS7, now is the time to get to iOS8 while the signing window for firmware is still open by apple – before they release an update and close you out.

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