SwirlySMS free is now available in Cydia

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SwirlySMS free for iPad 3G is now available in Cydia. It is a free app without restrictions that gives you the possibility to send and receive native SMSes on your iPad 3G like you would do on any cell phone. See below for a few screen shots.

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30 Responses to “SwirlySMS free is now available in Cydia”

  1. hussain Says:

    Not disqualified me

  2. aldioli Says:

    thenk you bigboss

  3. rajo Says:

    i want the cydia

  4. rajo Says:

    vndfhb vbujn

  5. Лёха Says:

    Ну вообще-то она платная, и стоит 12 баксов!!!

  6. cfullet Says:

    Hi all.
    just bought an iPad 3G today and I would love to jailbreak it but have no clue what to use. Can someone help me please? thanks in advance.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yes use greenpois0n I done my iPad works perfect

  8. reshabh Says:

    Will this work in India.
    If yes then which service provider

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Leave a Reply

  10. Anonymous Says:

    dont see why not

  11. Aaron Says:

    Is there any ways to actually have a conversation mode on this just like the iphone?

  12. robertalmario Says:

    Why it takes time to activate?

  13. Cha7rouri Says:


    I donload Swirlysms from Cyda to ma iPad 2, but after that i cant start my ipad 2!?

    Can u help me plzzzz!

  14. Free softwares download Says:

    How can I download SwirlySMS free

  15. sk4t3b0y Says:

    did anyone try swirlySMS for iPad2 3G on IOS5 yet does it work? i need to install the native SMS application on my iPad2 3G since my sim stuck inside the ipad. I Installed SwirlySMS free for ipad3g and it seems that it is not working on iPad2 IOS 5.0.1. did anyone know how to make it work??


  16. name Says:

    you can make swirlySMS work on iPad2 3G with ios 5.0.1. As a matter of fact I do.
    It is strange, but I had SwirlySMS re-appear on my ipad after a jailbreak and restore. In other words I didn’t re-download it from Cydia.
    So basically, what I am saying is that you need to install SwirlySMS on your iPad ios 4.3, then backup, jailbreak and restore. In that exact order.

  17. name Says:

    P.S.: The last sentence “backup, jailbreak and restore”, meant as in restore from backup NOT a full store, that would of course have erased your jailbreak again.

  18. Snksnk Says:

    Please make an official upgrade for ios 5.0.1

  19. Gandulo Says:

    +1 to upadte this amazing app to support iOs5.01

  20. adrian Says:

    It seems not to work with movistar-argentina. Or I am missing something. (ipad2 3g ios 4.3)

  21. adrian Says:

    My fault. It works.

  22. maiquel Says:

    Adrian soy de argentina, como hiciste para que ande. no me activa el el nro? me podras ayudar???

  23. tan min Says:

    It is a free app

  24. iosick Says:

    does it mean if now i have 5.0.1 ipad 2 3g i need to downgrade it first then restore back to 5.0.1?

  25. IlTavolio Says:

    When Will be a 5.0.1 update…. We Will leve to have it, The phoneit iPad is not an option, the guys from iphoneislam are not updating it for ipad2… So we are lost

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Please upgrade it to ios 5… I really need this app!!!

  27. Vladimir Says:

    Да она платная и походу русские засиляют этот сайт!!!!!

  28. veri Says:

    why i can not send message but ok with receive message. whereas in previously in not any trouble. sned ok, receive ok

  29. Riky Says:

    I wonder if the swirly sms will work on my jailbroken ipad 2 iOs 5.0.1?

  30. Robs Says:

    HI. Swirly SMS is a great app even if 5.01 version is not free.The only question I havce if there is any possibility to resize fonts/for a better write&read. I mean the display of this app is incredibly small mostly when not taken advantage of such a large screen as ipad has, but also for low vision people … that is really a big minus for this app …

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