AdBlocker 1.20 – now even better

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Surf faster + Use less data. AdBlocker has been updated to 1.20!

AdBlocker is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks image based ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebViews).

AdBlocker is available in the CydiaStore for just $ 2.19

What’s new:

The blocking engine is now faster and keeps your browser view responsive.

If you’re using Safari: Tap & hold an image. A popup will appear where you can create a blocking rule from the image’s url.

other improvements:

- fix for iCabMobile

- minor improvements & bugfixes

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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18 Responses to “AdBlocker 1.20 – now even better”

  1. bubba Says:

    Why not give users the option to block iAd and Cydia ads? You may say that “these ads support the developers that have given you the apps”, etc, etc, but web ads support folks too. Picking and choosing where you block ads for an app that costs money seems short-sighted.

  2. Yllier Says:

    it is NOT possible to block Ads in Cydia because Cydia runs as root and Saurik would have to “invite” AdBlocker. But he doesn’t do that.

    And iAds are a different thing… they have nothing to do with BrowserAds

    I developed an AdBlocker for Browsers (like AdBlock for Firefox). That’s it. If you want a blocker for iAds then try to convince a dev to do it.

  3. Yllier Says:

    btw. if you want to have extensions active in Cydia: Get the source code (it’s open source), dlopen the dylibs you want and compile it.

  4. Jo7n Says:

    I remember an add blocker for Cydia once..

  5. ? Says:

    To remove iAds manually use ifile or your software of choice and enter root/applications and create a new folder. From the applications folders find and move it into your new folder. (Dont rename it will make your apps sluggish)

    If you use firewall ip then the 1st time pops up hit deny all connections.

  6. Kid Says:

    What is that battery icon next to your charging battery icon? What’s the name of that addon?

  7. Juan Daniel Says:


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  9. Merv Says:

    Is there an app that creates contact groups on ip4

  10. flamehacker Says:


  11. Juan Says:

    Renaming does not slow device down.

  12. Zid Says:


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  14. Anonymous Says:

    iam very saad

  15. Carmen Says:


  16. Mook Says:

    Just purchased AdBlocker from Yllier. Now I just happened to notice that I am censored from using the google search term “disable ads” or “remove ads” when AdBlocker is enabled. The browser is forwarded to “blocked:blank”. I have to disable AdBlocker before I can search these terms. And actually it’s not only limited to google but any websites search box.

    Why is it you feel the need to censor our search terms?

  17. Mook Says:

    Is this behavior intentional?

    Just try it for yourself, post the term “disable ads” in any web form box and you immediately get forwarded to “blocked:blank”

  18. Tamer Says:


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