EnhancedTabs – makes Safari’s tabs much better – free

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The developer of Firewall iP and ScreenDimmer brings you EnhancedTabs, which adds improved functionality to Safari’s tab handling. And the best: it is free!

Change the “Open in New Page”-behavior to

  • normal (nothing to explain here ;))
  • stop at tab overview: Safari won’t go directly to the new page but instead stop at the tab overview. So with one touch you are back at the original page and with one swipe you are at the new page.
  • stay at original page: the new page is being loaded in the background.

A new button on the tab overview lets you close all tabs except the selected one.

If Safari has preloaded pages, you can make it open in the tab overview (disabled by default).

With this tweak, Safari becomes much more usable and enjoyable! Changes can be made in the Preferences.app.

If you like EnhancedTabs, please consider supporting the dev by buying one of his awesome apps:

  • Firewall iP
    Firewall iP is the only security tool of its kind for iPhone and iPod touch.

    • Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively
    • port specific blocking
    • Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information
    • Can block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network (save data!)
    • Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t
    • Block unneeded content (ads ;)
    • Easy to use interface & control app
    • and many more…. FiP is very powerful

ScreenDimmer allows you to save battery life by automatically dimming your device’s screen after a pre-defined time; or if you wish by turning the backlight off.

  • Longer battery life
  • Can turn the display’s backlight off
  • Dims the screen after a user defined time
  • Doesn’t dim the screen if the battery is being charged
  • Doesn’t dim if an app needs the screen (navigagtion software, video players, …)
  • Ability to exclude apps from dimming
  • Option to disalbe LockScreen right after respring/reboot
  • Option to disable locking while device is charging/docked
  • Configuration interface in the Settings app

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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13 Responses to “EnhancedTabs – makes Safari’s tabs much better – free”

  1. Nago Says:

    Sounds great!

    But no link for EnhancedTabs and I can’t find it on Cydia!

  2. Abe3r1Kanobee Says:

    It would be nice to give a “heads up” for release date or repo to add, as this is not available yet?!?!

  3. Yllier Says:

    It should be available within 12 hours

  4. The6uest Says:

    Sounds good! This is one reason I usually use another browser. If you could just find a way to make a ‘Fullscreen’ feature for Safari, I’d be really happy!

    I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t ever add features to it or their Maps app..

  5. Yllier Says:

    It’s available in Cydia!

  6. The6uest Says:

    It sure is, thanks! It’s working good too!

  7. German Peter Says:

    Again an Cydia-App makes us: ohhhhhh-ahhhhhh !

    But this damned BB-Website – I DON’T SEE any order, no systematically list.

    Dear BB: Many thanks for Cydia – but I could flagellate you for CHAOTIC website !


  8. robert Says:

    EnhancedTab seems to conflict with Covert – you can only install one or the other.
    You can’t have Private Browsing as well as extended Tab functionality.


  9. Yllier Says:

    it conflicts because chpwn used a dirty method to show Covert’s button.

  10. Z Says:

    Is there going to be anything similar to covert? I could care less about privacy, not like my wife doesn’t know I like porn lol, but I liked the feature since it stopped another type of info being stored on a device I can lose at any point.

  11. W Says:

    This sucks!

  12. jj Says:

    looks nice to me, when you have so many tabs that are open, you can clear all at the same time except the tab where you at instead of deleting one by one. saves time besides from free.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Why does installous 3 not work on my iPod ? It’s 4.0.2 is that why? Email me rusty_kita@yahoo.ca thanks and I love cydia!

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