Auto Answer now available for iPhone

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One of the features iPhone was missing compared to other phones is auto-answer on a specified interval , for specific numbers.

This app is now ready and its live.

AutoAnswer answers FaceTime and Phone calls of selected numbers automatically.

The FaceTime feature is really cool, since you can also use it as video surveillance of an area with audio feedback.
The call feature can be used e.g. when you are driving or wearing a bluetooth headset , to auto-answer specific numbers.

The application also offers a stealth mode, so you can call your phone without your phone showing that a call is active. This is useful for surveillance and monitoring your phone’s area without annoying people around (e.g. at home).

Other uses are baby-watching (FaceTime) , baby-monitoring (auto-call answer), intant reply on phone calls of your favorite persons, and so on.

Check it out now at BigBoss repo.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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33 Responses to “Auto Answer now available for iPhone”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    I need to make facetim in ipho 3gs

  2. Naveed Says:

    Hi. My mx rude not work

  3. preciousgrace Says:

    why can’t i open my Cydia anymore? pls help me

  4. Shervin Azizzadeh Says:

    In iFile I chench same thing and after I can’t see may free package and I can’t call or send SMS

  5. Forlsd Says:

    At first, the FaceTime works ok, but now i can only listen at face time calls, the video doesnt works. What can i do ?

  6. bhavesh Says:

    my3gs sho only appal

  7. afshin Says:

    Download face time

  8. jicoo Says:

    iphone 2G please me in a state of emergency call, thanks to version 3.1.3 update from my version 3.0

  9. Anjum Says:

    Can deliver/ play the recorder massage while auto pickup.

  10. Anjum Says:

    Can I have trail version ?

    Can use like answering machines as uses in homes and offices which plays the recorded massage on every call in absence ?

  11. Yirovy Says:

    I need fIx my iPod because I download the games and I can never find pleas help me

  12. Zabihullah Says:

    This program is not working in my iphone

  13. Anonymous Says:

    My tel

  14. Tre Says:

    I am able to connect to my iphone via AutoAnswer the 1st time with no problem. after I disconnect and try again, It becomes hit and miss until I reboot the device. I tried uninstall and still hit and miss after 1st call.

  15. saeed Says:

    Does anyone know how can I remove the cydia piracy warning message as it’s stuck at the lockscreen I can’t access my iphone at all with the message stuck.. can anyone please help me with it.. I had wrote the message below, would like to know if anyone encounter it before if so I would really need your help.. Thanks

    Piracy Warning: The features of Bigify+ have been disabled because you don’t have a valid licence to use this software, if you would like to use Bigify+ please purchase it in cydia store. If you did purchase Bigify+ and you still seeing this message, please email us through cydia.

  16. saeed Says:

    please help my phone is looked

  17. moe Says:

    it samething happend to me let me know if you have solution ok thank you

  18. Simes Says:

    download ifunbox (pc) or diskaid (mac), hook up your iphone and search in the said progs for anything related to bigify and delete it (dylibs, plists etc).

  19. Marcia Says:

    Is there anyway this can program be detected?

  20. Serg Says:

    I bought “Auto Answer” from Cydia, super program is very good and necessary.
    But this program has a bug, I would like you to have corrected.
    When enabled “Stealth Mode” and the phone is in the background, then on “Facetime” I can only listen to calls, video does not work.

  21. Serg Says:

    Please correct the problem.

  22. Marius Says:

    i bought also this app, it say its purchased but i cannot acces it. I installed it and i cannot see it in the app panel. Any advices??

  23. peter Says:

    any news on update for IOS 5 …for auto answer

  24. Alex Says:

    Have you heard any news for ios 5 support yet?

  25. Ed Says:

    Any update on for iOS 5 yet?

  26. John Says:

    Waiting for ios5 update

  27. Scottie Says:

    Why can’t someone make a simple app that just answers all incoming calls to a bluetooth headset without all of this extraneous drama? Where can I get a product that just does that without all this unwanted and unnecessary complexity?

  28. Tiny Says:

    Are you planning or working on an update for auto answer?? iOS 5 plus version ?
    Why cant I find FaceTime survaliance in cydia ???
    Please reply


  29. Tony Says:

    I is there going to be an update for the IOS 5.0.1

  30. win Says:

    iv installed it but it doesnt work. is the problem concerned about the IOS edition?

  31. paul Says:

    will you please please upgrade for ios 5.o1 thanks

  32. Patrik Says:

    If i contact me at my mail when this work for ios5 i’ll send u 15€ tru paypal.

    This offer will expire in 30days

    Stay in touch!

  33. Joe Says:

    Don’t bother leaving a message on this site. No one will look at or answer it!

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