Dev Team Member Speaks On Pwnage

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Pumpkin from the iPhone Dev Team posted his thoughts. I found it interesting and posted it here for you all to read. It does a nice job explaining the situation with Zibri as well as how pwnage and iPhone 2.0 hacks work. Enjoy. The following opinions are mine, and not those of the DevTeam as [...]

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Zibri’s rang OMG whats next

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So I was catching up on the recent events of the morning and came across Zibri’s latest post. Hoping it would provide me some entertainment, I read it. I noticed something in his post that I believe is untrue and nothing anyone has to worry about so I decided to post it here and explain: [...]

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Why Avoid Ziphone?

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Ziphone Warning “But Ziphone works fine for me? Why should I avoid it?” I hear this all the time. It’s simple. Ziphone does permanent changes to your phone. Zibri is a terrible coder that stole most the exploits for ZiPhone and did not create them. Zibri admits that he cannot code. Ziphone does work most [...]

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Ziphone Warning

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Big warning to any ZiPhone users. Zibri’s WiFi fix is extremely dangerous. It hard codes your WiFi adapter’s MAC address to “00:5a:49:42:52:49″.  This is ASCII for “Zibri”. This will cause major networking issues. All network cards sold are guaranteed to have a unique MAC address. It’s the lowest layer of how packets are routed. Now [...]

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