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So I was catching up on the recent events of the morning and came across Zibri’s latest post. Hoping it would provide me some entertainment, I read it. I noticed something in his post that I believe is untrue and nothing anyone has to worry about so I decided to post it here and explain:

Zibri states in his latest status update:

About the ’soon to be released’ hacks,
think about the playstation or online games;
you can crack them, but you won’t be able
to play online with legit buyers.

Now think: what is an offline iPhone?
A paperweight.
That’s what you’re gonna have
if (WHEN) apple decides to push a button.
And this time they will.

To this, I want to speak. There is no way Apple can “push one button” and turn your phone into a brick. They cannot kick you offline either.  Shame on Zibri for trying to generate some panic amongst those that are not so technically inclined. This data is false please disregard it. It is impossible for Apple to kick you offline for any reason. They do not control the networks! So, please no one worry about this shinanigens.

The worst thing Apple can do is kick you off Appstore. And, to this, I say it is ridiculous. Apple is making a a fortune off you from Appstore and would never do something like this. Estimates say 30% of folks jailbreak their phone. They would never turn off 30% of potential sales. They haven’t kicked anyone off iTunes store for jailbreaking.

Anyways, I will be looking forward to the upcoming 2.0 jailbreak. You should be too.

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  1. mallen Says:

    On this downgrade issue. I have a 3gs that is just over 90 days old. I made the mistake and did the upgrade to 4.02. This is an FYI. I have spent 3 long weeks trying to downgrade this Iphone. I have modified the Host file in Windows. I have made the SHSH file with Tiny Umbrella program. I have modified both buildman*.* and restore*.* files in the 4.01 upgrade files. I have held my breath, you name it. Oh yea, I had my Iphone in the upgrade mode? During all the trials and all I got was a 3194 error in every attempt. The error occurs when ITunes attempt to verify back to Apple. It is my opinion that Apple has locked out the ability to downgrade your Iphones. So until someone builds a Jailbreak for 4.02, I think we are stuck.

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