3G Baseband Downgrade GUI

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Hey Guys, here is pH. During this days, me (pH), EvilPenguin and BigBoss created a tool called 3G Baseband Downgrade. This tool will help you to downgrade your iPhone 3G Baseband, from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 (then, the Yellowsn0w is suported).

The 3G Baseband Downgrade is so simple to be used because there’s a GUI! BigBoss helped us with the GUI and bugfixing the downgrade script, doing a fantastic work, thanks! EvilPenguin done the .sh scripts for the Downgrade and I (pH) merged everything!

The 3G Baseband Downgrade just works on iPhones 3G with Bootloader 5.8, that can be detected using minicom. If you don’t know how to use minicom, there’s a “simple” way to know if you are 5.8 or 5.9 (but this is not 100% sure). If your iPhone was manufactured before September (2008), you are 5.8. Otherwise, you are 5.9 (that can’t be downgraded).

The tool (3G Baseband Downgrade) is now on TheBigBoss repo. Just download it from Cydia, open the app and click Go. Wait a moment and you’ll see if your iPhone was sucefully downgraded or not. Working great, you must try it, :P .


If you are having some problem using the 3G Baseband Downgrade, e-mail me or post a comment here that I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.


WARNING: This tool is NOT a toy. Just use it if you can’t use Yellowsn0w on your 2.2.1 iPhone 3G. Otherwise, DO NOT INSTALL IT JUST TO TEST! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Edit: if you have bootloader 5.9, this should not cause any harm. It should simply fail. You will then have to reboot your iPhone and should be back up to where you were before running the tool.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


178 Responses to “3G Baseband Downgrade GUI”

  1. PARHAT Says:

    I’ve just downloaded it and used it.
    It rocks.
    Now i’ve an fully working iphone 3g.
    Thank you bigbossteam and devteam.

  2. Mohammed Siddique Says:

    My both the phone is 5.09
    What happes if I try it, Will it work

  3. Roy Says:

    Please find something for 5.9!!!

  4. Bryan Says:

    This is soo sick cant wait till you guys get it for 5.9 :) keep up the good work!

  5. zomoo Says:

    how I can know my BL bu using minicom?

  6. Alex Says:

    I know for sure that you can and will do something about 5.09! Millions of people are waiting for you! Unlock & be famous ;)

  7. cruisin Says:

    Is there any windows version of This 3g baseband downgrade? coz there are times that cydia don’t load properly….

  8. Jajin Says:

    that’s terrible.My bootloader is 5.09. Waiting for Bigboss team. Cheer!

  9. Bonnie Says:

    I’m dying to see something news for 5.9 bootloader. I bought a turbo sim which is said to be comparable to 2.2.1 firmware, 2.30 BB. It didnt turn out that well also….Now I have no phone to use..:( suck!!!Please work on bootloader 5.9 as soon as possible. Thanks alot.

  10. ronal429 Says:

    where can i found this minicom soft or whatever it`s to find out is my 3g is 5.9, i think its but i wanted to be 100% sure, because i got 2.2.1 fw and i have downloaded 3GBBD app and it gave me a error msg. so bigboos team, keep doing ur hard job and gave us a hand once again

  11. Supri Says:

    I didn’t get this in my cydia … What is the repo plss

  12. pissed off Says:

    Mobile Theater is a total joke rite??!! It has to be… It’s buggy, It crashes every time I go to open it. What a joke!! To: the developer of that app you suck!! I can’t believe you’re allowed to post one package on Cydia if you don’t even know how to make it work properly… Matt Donnelly two thumbs down on your so called development!! uWatch App FTW!!!

  13. pissed off Says:

    ummm “Big Boss” is the repo.. dugh its already in cydia as a main source Dumb Ass!!!

  14. pissed off Says:

    oh and by the way encase you’re wondering yes I do have “iMobile cinema” & “safari download plugin” installed… Which I don’t see why you need safari download plugin installed too unless your going to download the movie…rite?? because iMobile cinema is to stream the movies and unless your doing both its kind of pointless ……like i said before, joke of a developer!

  15. idan Says:

    i couldnt find it…
    pls help

  16. jamalmustafa Says:

    hello sir i have problem i cant check boot ver can any one post hear check to eazy dear
    when i run this application aftet 2 mint say bootloader not sucess downgread plz post reply

  17. jamalmustafa Says:

    dear its free or need to pay for this dear i m tring and tryin g but still same dear

  18. supri Says:

    I know … but I didn’t find it , there is one but from iclarified repo … dumb ass

  19. Dom Says:

    Actually, my iPhone was purchased mid August 2008 and it has 5.09 as the baseband, so I think very few 3G’s will have 5.08 as the baseband. Maybe those made in the first couple of weeks only, so this has very limited application. Support for 5.09 would be much more usable in the community.

  20. Akil Says:

    I NEED HELP UNLOCKING 2.30.3… when will you publish unlock for 2.30.3

  21. Dette Says:

    Didn’t you read it? It will downgrade 2.30 to 2.28 so that you can unlock which means you don’t need an unlock for 2.30. Just check to see if your bootloader is 5.8 (you can downgrade to 2.28) or 5.9(you cannot downgrade)

  22. AK Says:

    all about help with 5.9 please any indication of when this will be released? or any plans on releasing?

  23. be_rice Says:

    trying it right now….phone just turned off…it just told me that i fail…no fun. mine was manufactured in August. FUCK!

  24. be_rice Says:

    anyway to downgrade the bootloader to 5.8?

  25. mark Says:

    Dates are useless when trying to determine what bootloader you are on. I have phones purchased in August that are 5.09, and since there is no DEFINITIVE way to determine EXACT date of manufacture you must always run minicom or bbupdater extreme to actually determine the bootloader version.

    5.08 NOT 5.8
    5.09 NOT 5.9
    6.02 NOT 6.2

    I don’t know why you all insist on dropping that zero from the version number.

  26. Ady Says:

    Hello. I have made the update to 2.2.1 and 02.30.03 modem firmware. Now, I cannot enter anymore to iphone (with no sim card). How can I still see what bootloader I have?

  27. Ady Says:

    I tried 3 operators from here, and does not work. i can see only the emergency call. what should i do?

  28. Ady Says:

    solved. i needed quickpwn 2.5 b.

  29. Consufed sciphone Says:

    Really is a shit….bootloader 5.09

  30. Marlon Says:

    Gracias , me fue de mucha ayuda

  31. pissed off Says:

    Im not dumb and its not my fault your border line retarded the iclarified one is not something someone like you could even be able to use because your so dumb …. do you even know what a terminal is?? lol I would stick to the GUI version retard boy..

  32. pissed off Says:

    if it says unsuccessful then that’s all you need to know because it means you don’t have the 5.08 bootloader PERIOD..so for now until they update the GUI for the 5.09 or the 6.02 boot loader your out of luck and as the app says “YOU FAIL!” smart guy..LOL

  33. pissed off Says:


  34. Yen Says:

    I have a handful of iphones on hand and I’ve been able to use 3GBBD to successfully downgrade TWO (2) phones back to 2.28.00. All of the others, I “FAILED”. Both phones that were successfully downgraded were purchased on 7/11/08 (i.e. launch date). Every other phone purchased from August 08 and later, all “FAILED”. Hope that helps some of you; it DOES work – but for a very limited # of phones.

  35. kid2mtk Says:

    Plissess make 3g downgrade for the 5.0.9

  36. pianisimo Says:

    I just created this aka just to tell how great r u guys, plz keep it up and find something for bootloader 5.09 u guys rock

  37. Archelium Says:

    pH, I appreciate the work you’ve done so far. But can we get 5.09 working please? I think most of us are using that bootloader. I’m willing to bet there would be plenty of people willing to donate if this works out. I know I will.

  38. Shane Says:

    I’ve jailbroken 3 iphone done all the cydia updates and 3GBBD is nowhere in cydia, did it get removed????

  39. MuscleNerd Says:

    Guys, there will be nothing for bootloader 5.9. There are literally about 4 or 5 bytes of difference between 5.8 and 5.9 — and those are specifically to close this hole. There’s nothing new in 5.9 other than closing this hole.

    There are other places for potential exploits (bootrom, baseband). But not in bootloader 5.9.

  40. MuscleNerd Says:

    By the way, so far it’s looking like week 28 of 2008 is the turning point. If the third and fourth digits of your serial number (Settings->General->About) are 28 or lower, then you very likely have 5.8. If it’s 29 or higher, you probably don’t. If your second character of serial number is “K”, then it’s a toin coss.

  41. robbiesz Says:

    the 3rd and 4th on mine is 83. It’s obviously greater than 28 but was my phone manufactured on the 83rd week of 2008? :-)

  42. MuscleNerd Says:

    It’s 1 digit of year and 2 digits of week, so shift yours right one more place and you’ll end up with week thirty something of 2008. (I think it’s actually more reliable to count from the end…so, the 2-digit week should be followed by 6 more characters.

  43. Annie Says:

    I’m in trouble.

    I just used this tool and right now my firmware become 04.05.04_G :( This number don’t look right to me and yellowsnow is not working on it. What can I do?

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I got my iPhone 3G July 11th, and it is on 5.9. So could you please update your post? You are giving people false hope :(

  45. Annie Says:

    BTW, I do have succesfully run the application, it’s just the baseband. It says I’m on 04.05.04_G instead of 2.28 or 2.30. What is that number??

  46. Annie Says:

    I am using 3G, not 2G……before I use this ,my firmware shows 2.30, i don’t know why it changes to 04.05.04 right now..

  47. Anonymous Says:

    bought mine in jan 08 and couldnt downgrade…. so its got nothing to do with the month

  48. FLA Says:

    IMPORTANT NOTE:`If youre Iphone was manufactured before september(2008) then you have bootloader 5.8 ` THIS IS FALSE!!
    Have a number of friends with iphones including me,puschasing date is august 10 2008 and we are 5.9….so dont know what iphones have 5.8,so that statement with before septmber isn`t right

  49. Anonymous Says:

    The Dev who found this exploit posted this on his site…. so 5.9 could be soon.

    “5.8 Exploit
    I’ve been off the iPhone scene for a while. A couple days ago, I got an e-mail from Chronic asking for help with the new asr. I helped out with genpass, and started reading through theiphonewiki again. Thanks so much for all the information contributed so far; it prompted me to find this.

    In bootloader 5.8 on the 3G, the loader signature validator is broken. Someone botched an if statement checking the location and length of the loader in the cert. Because of this, you can pass the run cert for the firmware you currently have on the phone instead of the loader cert, and send whatever you want as a loader.

    Here is a bspatch file [Link deleted] to be applied to ICE2_02.28.00.fls allowing downgrades from 2.30.03 using BBUpdaterExtreme. By replacing the patched cert with your current run cert, you can downgrade from any other version.

    Unfortunately, most 3G’s out there are bootloader 5.9 I was hoping, since RSA was added to the bootrom, that it would run the vulnerable ramstrapper, but I had no luck, although I didn’t try that hard. I see no reason why it shouldn’t work theoretically; the bootrom RSA is complicated, maybe when I finish EDA…”

  50. mysterio Says:

    MuscleNerd’s post seems to indicate that units manufactured up to Week 28 are on BL 5.8. Week 28 would be around 2nd week of July. So at least that assumption still holds. I know someone who has a Week 31 unit, and it’s on BL 5.9.

  51. mysterio Says:

    If you bought yours in Jan. 08 then you don’t have an iphone 3G unit. The iphone 3G was released on July 08.

  52. Archelium Says:

    Yeah this is off of GeoHotz blog…but he’s not working a workaround for 5.09. He’s busy with his other projects…

  53. test Says:


  54. Stefan Says:

    I just wanted to inform you that I purchased my iPhone 3G on August 25th and it came with the 5.09 Bootloader, so the before September = 5.8 thing isn’t very accurate, but it’s a guess anyways.

    I don’t have to worry about this because I preserved my baseband at 02.28.00 when updating to 2.2.1.


  55. kline1 Says:

    damn 6.02 here……..oh well

  56. dan Says:

    :(really need the update for 5.9 bootloader. I’m just watching at the iphone. Nice piece of furniture.

  57. Windss Says:

    Nice work, it works!! Thanks

  58. TYSON Says:

    Hey all,
    this didnt work for me eiter…But for those of you who are locked out, just get a rebel sim card, I’ve been using it for 3 months with no problem. Not affilated with them at all, just that it works until the dev team comes out with a soft unlock for these basebands and bootloaders. everything works with sim. i.e. edge, itunes, vm and calls. Just thought I’d let you know incase your phone is just sitting there looking pretty:)

  59. Jan Says:

    Is it possible to downgrade bootloader?

  60. kline1 Says:


  61. Annie Says:

    Could anyone help me with this?not the 5.9thing. I’ve used the app successfully, but my 3g turns into firmware 04.05.04_g instead of the 2.30 or 2.28 baseband. What can I do? Please help me!

  62. bkkboy Says:

    Do I have to downgrade the firmware from 2.2.1 to 2.2 before downgrading the BaseBand?

  63. yil Says:

    I think that reinstalling all 2.2.1 Firmware again in DFU mode will reset everything and put you back to 02.30 , but will eraze all that you have, so make a backup before.

  64. Hasgassa Says:

    nop, just install the AppL (3GBBD) with Cydia and click on GO. But as said before, you must have Bootloader v. 5.8.

  65. bianca Says:

    heelp please!

    i already downloaded 3gdbb and when i run the prog it fails. i dont know what bootloader i have, could you please tell me how i can find it?
    probably that’s the problem.

  66. Waqas Shahzad Says:

    Great work…. Waiting for 5.09 solution .. God bless you guys

  67. Waqas Shahzad Says:

    You should check ur bb first then try this software it works , many ppl tested it …and follow the proper instructions , wish u good luck

  68. Dustin Howett Says:

    … What the hell?
    Jesus christ, people. Does it make you feel good to insult people on the internet?

  69. K2K4 Says:

    You guuys it wooorks =)


    i was using TurboSIM (but there was no 3G for some reason) but now i got it!!!!

    thank you pH and BigBoss and EvilPenguin you guys ROCK!!!!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Were you using TurboSIM on iPhone 3G FW 2.2.1, Baseband 2.30.03 (BL 5.09) ? I’m planning to buy one since it’s so painful to see my iPhone sitting idle. Any particular indications from your side on to purchase TurboSIM card ?

  71. Dan Says:

    Just tried it but got a message saying it failed. I guess I dont have the correct boot loader. Dammit! I was hoping I’d get my iphone unlocked again!! PH please help us with 5.09.

  72. Ali Says:

    its obvious that ur Bl must be 5.9 if it shows failed…

  73. Santiago37 Says:

    Men i keep getting an error: Your Baseband was not sucefully downgraded. You fail!

    Why this now? what am i doing wrong?

    i used to have 2.2 by mistaked upgraded to 2.2.1 should i downgrad the software version too?

  74. K2K4 Says:

    Look out that you buy the original thing

    cause i got a dupli one i didn’t have internet on my phone which was painfull..=(

    but now it works =)

  75. Umar Says:

    I don’t think there would be anything coming out for 5.09 . The next unlock would be released for 3.0 firmware

  76. Carl Smith Says:

    Just did it on my Iphone 3G but I got a message saying it failed…… I probably have baseband 5.9…..
    Waiting for you guys……… Harry up…..

  77. Sassine Says:


    I have an Iphone 3G 2.2.1 bb 5.8 and I have instaled 3GBBD but they told me you fail ! :S
    why ?
    thanks for replying

  78. pissed off Says:

    yeah that’s what is means smart guy maybe if you knew how to use the BBUpdaterExtreme file with WinSCP Terminal and Mobile Terminal you wouldn’t have wasted your time typing your stupid common sense comment… so if i where you I would CALM DOWN BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES A DUMB ASS OR SOMEONE WHO PUSHES PEOPLE BY TRYING TO RUSH THEM.. HENCE:


  79. pissed off Says:


  80. TYSON Says:

    wow! Is this guy serious? One drink away from taking out an entire city!

  81. Dood Says:

    Yes he’s fucking serious. That’s what’s wrong with America. People refuse to take personal responsibility for anything – especially their own fuckups.

    • BAD wife and mother blames the GOOD husband and father and now she will screw him in divorce court and use her own children as leverage.
    • Dumb bitch burns her tongue on hot coffee from Starbucks, and SUES.
    • Asshole bricks his iPhone after being WARNED and dumbass still wants help.

    …. what’s even WORSE is when a person with standards says “SMARTEN UP YOU FUKKIN IDIOTS!!!!”, some moron will still come in here and ask: “Wow!! Is this guy serious???” and pretend like HE his the one with the problem.

    Fuck people are stupid.

  82. TYSON Says:

    Douche! This is a place to help people, yes I understand that people SHOULD read the posts before posting…as we all know people dont! Comments like yours and ‘pissed off’ are low rent. Have some class, and if some ‘retard’ posts a question thats been answered 10 times before, so what…DON’T RESPOND TO IT! The problem with america is hot headed people like you snapping to judgement and having ZERO tolerance. White T buddy! WHITE T! I’m not blaming anyone for anything, when I see a classless post like the one above it just strikes me as uneducated. ‘Pissed off’ was probably the guy who peaked in high school and made fun of less fortunate to make himself feel better. Lastly, there was an update at the top of post saying “Edit: if you have bootloader 5.9, this should not cause any harm. It should simply fail. You will then have to reboot your iPhone and should be back up to where you were before running the tool.” So I would assume people that dont know how to use minicom are just trying this to see if it will work for them. Get over yourselves!

  83. Etain Says:

    Thanks guy firstly. could you show me how to test my phone which verson it is? and most of friends have the 5.09…

  84. Dan Says:

    I guess you forgot to read this part,

    “Edit: if you have bootloader 5.9, this should not cause any harm. It should simply fail. You will then have to reboot your iPhone and should be back up to where you were before running the tool.”

    Now… away with you peasant, the men are talking.

  85. VIOREL Says:

    my phone: 3g fw2.2.1 bb20.30.03 bl5.9

    1) from baseband 2.30.01, upgrade to firmware 2.2.1
    2) upgrade to firmware 3.0beta and the baseband will be at 4.22.01
    3) use quickpwn 3.02 and jailbreak and activate options
    4) at completion of quickpwn 3.02, force downgrade to firmware 2.2 thru itune restore
    5) error code 1013
    6) phone restarted
    7) use a no pin lock sim and connect to itune again
    8) let itune sync and work on
    9) phone unlock success
    10) telco signal detected with baseband 4.22.01
    The steps could miss out one or another but fundamentally it require upgrade to higher baseband then downgrade via firmware 2.2.1. Forget the error code 1013 and activate the phone and hopefully even at baseband 4.22.01, the phone had been unlocked just like the phone shown to me. I will post a photo with baseband and the telco signal soon.

  86. Jan Says:

    does this work anyone?

  87. Mahmood sh Says:

    My ihpone firmware is 3 beta 2 with baseband 5.09
    but no service !??
    please help me …..

  88. salita Says:

    does this really work ??

  89. salita Says:

    please, i need to unlock my my phone: 3g fw2.2.1 bb20.30.03 bl5.9 !!! please help me

  90. mihonik Says:

    Hi, I have bootloader version 6.02, can I downgrade my baseband

  91. pissed off Says:

    peasant?? lmao you have no idea who you are TALKING TO DO YOU?? hahahahaha your funny and i don’t care who the fuck “edit shit” the fact of the matter is that stupid people still press the fucking button when warned not to you must be one of those idiots no son find out who you are talking to before you run your mouth .

  92. pissed off Says:

    this place is the place to help people with REAL PROBLEMS!!! not to help retards that where warned not to do something… and I’m sure your one of those retards that do stupid shit hugh? lol your a joke haha this isnt just about the boot loader version this is about you fucking retards updating in the first place when warned not to or even better the idiots that updated to 3.0 when warned not to and where did they all come..?? rite back to the people who told them not to… and what your going to call us pricks for speaking the truth well guess what ass hole i guess that makes me a prick lol because i stick to what i feel and i HATE RETARDS!!!

  93. Anonymous Says:

    I do not understand what are you doing reading this post, if you are so smart you should not waste your time with retards…… Even thought I have my doubts that you can even read since you are calling me dumb ass for using the basebanddowngrade on 5.9 bootloader and the site clearly says:“Edit: if you have bootloader 5.9, this should not cause any harm. It should simply fail. You will then have to reboot your iPhone and should be back up to where you were before running the tool.”
    Who is the retard here???

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Your name says it all…Pissed off, what adult would pick such a classless screen name? If this thread makes you ‘pissed off’ then you got some real issues dude. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, really a thread about boot loaders gets you this worked up? I feel sorry for you, family, friends. Yeah people do stupid things, I suppose you the ALMIGHTY, have never made a mistake? I suppose you just know everything about all things, one of those guys huh?

  95. Anonymous Says:

    you also have a very tiny vocabulary, RETARDS and FUCKING, you the man! BTW, I didnt “fuck” up my “retarded” “multi-hundred dollar phone”, just looking out for the guy that upgraded to 2.2.1 without knowing any better and is trying to find a solution!

  96. altan Says:

    no man u cant downgrade it yet!! .just wait lil bit more

  97. MARCUS Says:

    Do i need to used wifi connection or use my edge using the turbosim unlocked when I do the downgrade

  98. Dan Says:

    who exactly am I talking to besides some annoying asshat?

    Based on your poor grammar and poor execution of a simple sentence, I suspect I’m responding to some 12 year old virgin, so I digress.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone heard from 12YO never been laid, think he goes by the handle “pissed off?” Have a question, if I may ask it? Oh and it’s not even about being a RETARDED FUCK, simply about downgrading my baseband.

  100. ATTNCK Says:

    Alright everyone it works like this…
    If you’re iPhones Serial Number starts with “5K”
    then you should have 5.08.

    If the 4th & 5th digit of your serial number is 28 or less you should have 5.08.

    If the 4th & 5th digit of your serial number is 29 or you might have 5.08.

    If the 4th & 5th digit of your serial number is 30 or greater you likely DO NOT have 5.08.

    Now, I know I said I would release my downgrader 2 weeks ago but I didn’t want to release it until I felt it was ready for public use. What can I say, I’m picky and a perfectionist. I haven’t had any free time to work on it, and there are things I had planed on implementing but they’ll have to come in a possible future update. Anyways BigBoss will be adding it to his repo soon, so keep your eyes out for “3G Downgrader Pro” by ATTNCK


  101. vince Says:

    will yours downgrade 02.30.3 and be able to run on 5.09

  102. micky oz Says:

    it really scares me that there are people in here that are using these tools but don’t have enough smarts to work out what the posts even mean. Anyway im half happy. Funny though I bought my iphone and my partners iphone on the same day at the same shop.Hers says 28 in the serial and mine says week 29. I have managed to DG hers but not mine. If the numbers really mean the week then this might give you guys an idea of how small a number of phones will respond to 3gbbd. But great work anyway!

  103. salita Says:

    does the manipulation of VIOREL work ???? I want to know if i can upgrade 2.2.1 to 3.0 beta or not ?????

    Please VIOREL help me !!!

  104. pissed off Says:

    “Anonymous” lol so classy….. about as classy as a retard! hahahaha and why take everything to heart ohh i know because you are a retard….lol

  105. Annie Says:

    Oooops!!!!! SOS!!Help!!

    I used this downgrader on my “iphone 3G” where I have firmeware 2.2.1, baseband 2.30 with bootloader 5.8. The baseband has been changed to 04.05.04_G. I use itune to restore the iphone to 2.2.1 but the baseband has no change!! It’s still 04.04.04_G!!!!

    After restore, I use pwn to jailbreak and since I want to have a try, i select the unlock function on the pwn (which should only work for 2G!) and select the 3.9,4.x bootloader as it asks me to do so!!

    Now, my iphone is UNKNOCKED!!

    BUT, it becomes 2G!!

    What can I do???????????????//

    Please help!!!!!!

  106. Annie Says:

    I mean UNLOCKED…

    I can’t find the 3G on/off option in the setting anymore:(

  107. Anonymous Says:

    I’m wondering how firmware update works. When we do upgrade from 2.2 to 2.2.1 they can change modem firmware from 02.28.00 to 02.30.03 … when you restore back to 2.2 it will come with (error 1013)… because the downgrade baseband… how actually the firmware update check the baseband … is it only checking the number whether it is older or not? If yes, is it possible to modify the baseband from firmware 2.2 (for example, it is 02.30.09 or whatever) since the itunes can only do the upgrade process. Like what they do on PwnAge tool… modify the firmware….then just ask yell0wsnow to modify baseband to 02.30.09 for example…

    I don’t really understand about programming…but maybe it can give some idea…

  108. Dan Says:

    If you’re going to reply to people, can you at least make an attempt to formulate a proper sentence? As feeble as that may be.

  109. Dan Says:

    Will keep an eye out. Thanks!

  110. Toby Says:

    Have just unlocked my phone again with your help. Thank you very much to people like you which are working hard to make others life easier. Keep on with the good work.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Shut the fuck up!!!!

  112. Annon Says:

    Hi, I’m new to iphone, and just bought an iphone. Would appreciate if somebody can direct me to the right forum, because I’m getting confused by reading all this. My iphone version is:


  113. Anonymous Says:

    Just jail break your phone with winpwn if you got windows or pwnage tool if you got mac. Google it and follow the instructions. If you really got the 02.28.0 then your phone is eligible for yellowsn0w unlock. After your’ve jail broken you iPhone with those programs you should have (if done correctly) a program called cydia with it’s help and the guide on devteams blog you should be able to unlock. Goodluck

  114. thanks Says:

    the only thing that worked for me,great work !!!

  115. Erez Says:

    I have 2.2.1 and baseband of 4.2
    what can i do please?

  116. Annom Says:

    Hi, I’m new to iphone and Would appreciate if somebody can direct me to the right forum, because I’m getting confused by reading all this. I just found out that My iphone version is:


  117. ali Says:

    hello can you give a date .thanks ATTNCK

  118. Iphone_user Says:

    Hi guys . If you upgraded your iphone 3g to 2.2.1 , and got the new baseband , with BL 6.02 (like me), there is only one solution … for now (and i think for at least 6 months!) , and that is the rebel sim card . I just got one from the web , and it works perfect. (www_unlockediphone_info) . I got it by mail in one week from the order .

  119. abbas Says:

    LoL dont lissen to him, rebelsim is crap.

  120. Senthik Says:

    Hi Abbas,

    You are absolutely right, i tried but it is getting disconnected whenever the signal (tower)changes, its a crap !!

  121. ali Says:

    so when will this “3G Downgrader Pro” by ATTNCK be available i hope soon.thanks

  122. Daxo Says:

    Thx for your apps ATTNCK !
    I hope you could one day adapt it to the 5.9 bootloader ! :)

    There is so many people stucked with a locked iphone :/ , especially in my country (france.. !)
    Thanks again and hope to see a new version soon !

  123. ali Says:

    i agree thank you very much for your help and effort their is still good people out their.

  124. dritan Says:

    Hej help me to downgrade my iphon 3G 8G
    My bootloader is 6.02

  125. ugly Says:

    my 3G bootloader 5.8 i try to downgrade but alway get erro fails :-(

  126. ugly Says:

    you guys no what wrong whith that please help

  127. rob Says:

    please come up with a cure for bootloader 5.9.i bought a iphone for my son and he is so dissapointed it dont work.

  128. ali Says:

    hello ATTNCK any word when will this downgrader pro will be happening.thanks

  129. Anonymous Says:

    Hey all, just did the water damage trade in at apple for 200.00 and the new phone has bootloader 5.08!!! Just lucky, did the downgrader and unlocked with yellowsnow. Thanks for all your help

  130. Anonymous Says:

    also, they dont extend your contract and they dont verify that you are on AT&T, just 200.00. Got the phone free, so wasnt that big of a deal to fork out the money.

  131. Jeff Says:

    hey.. how to know whether your modem firmware is 5.8 or 5.9, i dont know how to use the minicom, but i have downloaded it in the cydia

  132. Miasma Says:

    Viorel’s method didn’t work for me, I’m on 2.2.1 firmware and 04.22.01 modem firmware but no network with any sim 8-(

    Any ideas?

  133. maNdraKe Says:

    ||Any questions email: ex74z@yahoo.com
    ||Best way to downgrade and see if you can.
    ||1. Go Cydia
    ||2. Search for 3G Fuzzyband Downgrade
    ||3. Go on the main screen and open the app
    ||4. See if you can downgrade
    ||5. Enjoy your good old iPhone.

  134. Tim Patrzalek Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m from Germany.
    I have the white iPhone 3G.
    It was Baseband 6.02 OOT.

    I am waiting for the downgrade or unlock for 6.02.

    You hackers said, you won’t get an unlock for 5.09, but there is the new, 6.02.

    Please get some downgrade ore unlock.

    Thanks from Germany,


  135. HYPE78 Says:

    So this seems to be a method for unlocking phones with bootloader 5.09… It worked with TELCO, would it work with other carriers? Who has tryed this?

  136. FReNChY Says:

    Hey pissed off,
    U’re right! Totally! In fact it’s clearly write… I, I’m french (yes) and I don’t speak english very well but I have ” mon téléphone haute technologie” and I don’t want to fuck out it.

    So it’s a 2.9 BL I think and I didn’t understand everything but i read this page totally and i understood that i musn’t do anything. It’s clear, Thanks Broth’

    Waiting for software for 2.9 PLZ

    God bless the Jailbreak……and Jay-Z

    Gilles a cool FrenchBoy

  137. gmu Says:


  138. jor Says:

    I DID IT my site is 2.2.1jbad.com/on the site is the link

  139. jorge Kuttler Says:


  140. Anonymous Says:

    I just buy REBEL SIM CARD… I used it for 4 days, it works perfectly so far… my baseband 2.30.03 bootloader 5.09 … I think it is the cheapest solution so far while we waiting for baseband downgrader or yellowsnow to crack it…

  141. Senthik Says:


    I too have the REbel sim, but it is not working at all, it works for one day and whenever the signal/ tower is changing then am loosing the signal “No Service”.

    i tried all the opions ,:(

  142. AK Says:

    Is there a way to add the installer without running the restore?

  143. gino Says:

    just launch cydia and install 3g fuzzyband downgrader it does everthing for you its in the big boss repository

  144. gino Says:

    thats because you probably have 5.09 bootloader which cannot be downgraded at this time but i,m sure someone will find a fix soon,thanks dev team and company for the hard work , keep up the good work, cheeers

  145. caramassa Says:

    I’m stuck like everybody here.
    My iphone 3g fw2.2 bb20.30.03 bl6.2
    pleaaaase find a way to unlock it!!!

  146. Cecil Daniel Says:

    waiting for a solution for 6.02…..please come out with this soon someone…..a lot of iphone 3g are now running on this ver

  147. romeomustdie22 Says:

    bigboss pls try to creat a downbb for 5.09 version.. thanz and more power on ur team!!!

  148. ggm Says:

    Please create a downgrader for 5.09, please please!
    we really appreciate what you guys are doing!

  149. frozen Says:

    Don`t waste your breath. Nobody`s going to release any unlock solution until OS 3 comes out.

  150. 2saint Says:

    Hi guys,

    I am stucked and just expecting a solution for BL 5.9


  151. longFace Says:

    Frozen! how can you be sure of that??? And when OS 3 come out? Waiting waiting waiting….

  152. andy Says:

    please release for downgrade a BL 6.2 to BL 5.8

  153. Anonymous Says:

    help me, i have a 5.9 bl and 2.2.1 fw…

  154. G Says:

    where can i download 3gbbd its no longer on cydia and i would like that program . i do not want to use fuzzy, can someone send me that file so i can ssh it on my phone email me at poeticsoul10@yahoo.com

  155. Geo Says:

    hey do you still have the file on your phone and if so can you ssh into your phone and send me that file because i can not download the file off of cydia. i tired using the fuzzy downgrader but it keeps crashing. please let me know asap.

  156. Anonymous Says:

    fuck u

  157. HYPE78 Says:

    Bootloader 5.9 here too. Please help us!

  158. Anonymous Says:

    thank you

  159. uep Says:

    Globe Philippines Release iphone (july 2008) but with BL 5.09

    pls help….

  160. Chris Says:

    Yes, July 11th release Canadian phone with 5.9 here.

    Oh man…I really need a 5.9 solution.

    Thanks to all the devs for their work.

  161. Brian Says:

    Well I’m sure at this point with 3.0 coming out on the 17th, and the new iphone 3gs coming out on the 19th, there will not be an unlock for baseband 5.9. They will release an unlock for the new 3.0 firmware. Also my phone was purchased on August 7th, It’s a week 29 phone and it 5.9 :( Oh well, selling this one on ebay and buying the new 3gs on Friday.

  162. mupha Says:

    bigboss millions of people will appreciate if you will find a 6.2 to 5.8 bootloader downgrade

  163. harley Says:


    stupid phone…

  164. harley Says:

    guys those of you whoz waiting, i have heard
    JAYMINHO was able to downgrade his 5.9 BL
    using a software he accidentaly found,, he used itunes as well to do the trick.. it was successful im just waiting for his post on the instructions on how to do it! actually there is already an instruction but, im just waiting for the grphical inst.

    goodluck to everyone!
    ps. jayminho is not in this BLOGSITE..

  165. Peter Phang Says:

    where can i download 3gbbd its no longer on cydia and i would like that program . Can someone send me that file so i can ssh it on my phone email me at peterphang101@yahoo.com

  166. AKAY Says:

    i have an iphone 3g 16g white back version 3.1 (7A400) modem firmware 05.11.07

    i updated like an idiot before reading anything,
    it was JB before and unlocked, now i cant do any of it too many things go wrong to write about.
    i just wanna know what i can do the old way of JBing no longer works can anyone help??????

  167. Calvin Says:

    Hi , I was wondering has there been a way to downgrade 5.09 or anything yet ?

  168. sherebie Says:

    I guess no news for 5.09 downgrade…if you have the new pls let me know.

  169. Anonymous Says:

    6.02 pleaseeeeeeee

  170. zykoon Says:

    any news for how to downgrade bootloader 5.9 to 5.8?
    please any one out there?

  171. AYo Says:

    I got same problem no service u got it 2 work yet Fanks

  172. MUSAB Says:

    there is any solution to downgrade 5.9 bootloader plz help me if there is any way……

  173. MUSAB Says:

    i hope i will use my iphone soon tht was before…. any news for 5.9 downgrader….

  174. MUSAB Says:

    plz help us…… make the downgrader i cnt wait…

  175. Resh Says:

    How to find the baseband and firmware on my screwed up iphone ( its unlocked & Jailbreaked iphone 3G and got screwed up while updating through itunes 9 6 months before)?

  176. T-Mens Says:

    Still waiting for the chronic Dev Team,Geo Hotz, Comex or somebody to come out with the solution to downgrading or unlocking
    BL 5.09 baseband 5.14.02 on iphone 3G (8GB)

    MB model.

    somebody help!!!Has anyone tried greenpois0n to solve this issue?

  177. Melodicarvi Says:

    Still on waiting mode for accidentally updated BL 5.09 BB 5.14.02 iPhone 3G. please release DG for us stuck on our ne iTouch. :(

  178. sakin Says:

    I think they are forgetting the 9.5 bootloader problem
    really a shame a lot of people waiting for your help: (

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