Thunderst0rm is fake – avoid

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Thunderst0rm is “supposed” to be an untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3. It was released today and is available for download. Thunderst0rm is fake. Do not download or run it. We aren’t sure what all it does, but it does not jailbreak your device. Furthermore, it may install some spyware or something. It should be avoided. Rumors say it deletes several files from iTunes meaning you would possibly have to reinstall iTunes after running it.

Another one called TurboSn0w2 is also fake.

There are currently 2 known working exploits on 3.1.3/3.2 (ipad). One will be released from Comex called “Spirit” and the other by Geohot which will probably be one of his “Ra1n” apps. The two folks above are working together and will make sure that both are not released for the same device firmware. That means the next two major apple releases should be able to be jailbroken without looking for additional exploits.

If you don’t see news about it here, at the iphone-dev team blog, or at Geohot’s “on the iphone” blog, assume that it is not real and do not run it until you see confirmation at one of the above sites.

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15 Responses to “Thunderst0rm is fake – avoid”

  1. Broke Says:

    Thanks I didn’t even try it those two fake thnigs cos I know they re fake..i mean I don’t need that, the thing I need is only to unlock my iPhone winch I accidently upgraded to latests fw/bb. And all I want to know where is gonna be….?

  2. Nima Says:

    Hey BigBoss, any chance the Guides section could be updated? The links are outdated now…and its gotten confusing lately with which iphones are compatible with which FWs and programs…

    Or maybe just a link out from your website to the dev team, redsn0w and other legit home pages? maybe i’m just too paranoid, but with all the scam sites out there I don’t wanna mess things up!


  3. Pico Vanbeveren Says:

    Thanks for informing us.

  4. Saspjr Says:

    Thanks Bigbosd for the update I did not aware of those fake jailbreaker wanna be

  5. The6uest Says:

    Does anyone know if Redsn0w works on an iPhone 3G (NOT 3GS) with OS 3.1.3? I’m trying to help a friend jailbreak his phone, but I haven’t heard if Redsn0w will work for him with that phone/OS.

    Also, any idea when a jailbreak for iPhone 3GS and OS 3.1.3 will be out? I know Geohot has a working jailbreak but was waiting on the next iPhone OS to release it.. yet it appears we might not see that until June/July when the next iPhone is out.

  6. Jamal Says:

    Is thunderst0rm the “browser” based jailbreak. (The one you can do right from your iPod? Like

  7. BigBoss Says:

    For a 3g (not 3gs) on 3.1.3 use redsn0w v0.9.4 and when it asks, use firmware 3.1.2.

  8. DavidH Says:

    I trust they will NOT release a jb for 3.1.3, which would basically be wasted. I can sympathize with your dilemma, but these exploits are too precious to waste except on major updates, particularly when we are only a couple (or 3) months away from OS4, which will probably be followed with a 4.1 fairly quickly with bug fixes (and closing the door on that next exploit that is used). If I had just bought a 3Gs with 3.1.3, I would be bummed, but would certainly understand “the greater good!”

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It Works ! I’ve Done it !

  10. lamehacker Says:

    i tried it for 3gs with 3.1.3 and the latest baseband and didn’t work at all. So as pointed out by the dev team, its a fake

  11. rd8719 Says:

    I think that’s spirit jailbreak by comex but it hasn’t been released. Sounds like it’s coming soon according to Twitter.

  12. bampi Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I tried thunderst0rm, not sure if it really does something, not even detecting the phone. No need to reinstall iTunes. Anyway, avoid it, it is completely fake!

  13. bampi Says:

    Btw, don’t try these websites or anything related to them., they will sell you a zip or rar file with blackrain, redsnow and all others

  14. Y2kvitual Says:

    Well I am new to the Iphone system, was A Black Berry Storm fella until I place a 3g in my hands to exsperience it for myself. But now I am at the end of the wire becuase the 3g I have is locked to boot loader 6.0.2 and i don’t see anything reference to helping me. I jailed breaked but now just stuck from releasing the AT&T lock. Is there any help on the way, because not only me but after reading up for 4 days now and counting it sames as if the world is on hold. Help Please i just want to exsperiene the entire package myself.

  15. bampi Says:

    same situation here. I have 6.04 bootloader, baseband 05.12.01, model MC134RO or something. Jailbreaked (I restored from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2) but no network signal. It seems that some crashes exists but they won’t be made public until the end of June or so… So we just have to wait. It can’t be made software, only hardware but I don’t recommend you to do this

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