TwitkaFly (Quick Reply for Twitter) for iOS7

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TwitkaFly /twit ka fly/ is now ready for iOS7, and has been redesigned from scratch by adapting iOS7 styles.


TwitkaFly – Quick Reply for Twitter or Tweetbot is a tweak available on Cydia that allows users to interact with Twitter or Tweetbot push notification mentions from anywhere on the device.


This tweak also has numerous functionalities for both hardcore or occasional twitter users. One feature is that TwitkaFly adds quick tweet compose buttons to notification center, control center and lockscreen which means you can tweet from anywhere on your device anytime. You can use Activator actions to quick compose tweet as well. You will also be able to tweet the song you’re listening right from lockscreen or anywhere.


In addition, TwitkaFly comes with 5 different themes which will make TwitkaFly look good on all devices no matter what the setup of your device is.


One of its main features is the ability to reply Twitter or Tweetbot push mentions from anywhere. It works from lockscreen, notification center and banners.



You can also have a look at Video Review by Jeff from idownloadblog.

TwitkaFly iOS7

TwitkaFly comes with 3 days trial. Take advantage of it now by downloading it on Cydia bigboss repo!!

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