Ultrasn0w Battery Drain Temp Solution

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Update: SBingner has a fix in testing for this problem. See his page here.

If you are experiencing battery drain after installing ultrasn0w on baseband 6.15, here is a note from sherif hashim on the issue:

On a very important side note, before anyone starts to complain about battery drainage issues after installing the new ultrasn0w on the 6.15.00 updated BB, the culprit here is not ultrasn0w, it’s the hacktivation process (activating the phone by pwnage tool or redsn0w rather than using an official carrier sim to do so) that u mostly did while jailbreaking.

The 4.1 and 4.2.1 ipsws unlike their old ancestors, seem to keep looking for valid push certificates all the time, either thru your wifi, or thru your cellular data network (which u only have after installing ultrasn0w and hence u accuse it) , this can be seen clearly if u have a cellular working data plan for 3g or edge and u watched the settings > general > usage > cellular network data (sent & received are continuously increasing even without using any internet traffics on the phone) , this will also render the phone going hot even in stand by mode and also very rapid battery drainage occurs plus consuming ur data if you were not on an unlimited plan.

So to resolve this, u either:

A) try to activate the phone using the official sim if u have it (even if the sim itself is old and not working) , or borrow it from a friend if it’s possible, by any means, try to have an access to one and use it

B) if A is not feasible, u can install SBsettings from featured cydia packages and turn wifi and data off when u r not using it (shuts down both 3g and edge) , till C is done

C) there is a very nice module being worked on by a trusted jailbreak app dev, namely @sbingner, which will resolve that issue for those having it, the details of which shouldn’t be disclosed until he finishes his awesome work, till then, either use A or B to resolve the issue if it exists for you

sorry for the long post and thanks for your attention

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45 Responses to “Ultrasn0w Battery Drain Temp Solution”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wouldn’t pushfix resolve this too?

  2. hellodrsoul Says:

    For me, there is no such problem. But another one, my phone shuts off at 30% battery after flashing my 3GS os 4.1 baseband with redsn0w.

  3. Randal L. Schwartz Says:

    Did you send this entire blog post through SMS? If not, why the use of “u” instead of “you”? Are you paying by the character for blogging now?

  4. Pyrofallout Says:

    Why do you need to bust his balls? He’s posting this information to help others! Get over it if he doesn’t meet your grammatical expectations.

  5. Me Says:

    When I was sleeping tonight at 11:00 PM my iPhone had b charge at morning (7:00 AM) my iPhone (3GS bb 6.15 ISO 4.1) was off

  6. Rad Says:

    Just wondering if I know the original carrier but can only get a new sim from the said carrier not the original.
    Will activating with this new sim from original carrier work?
    Is there a way I can do this if I know the carrier but without that carrier sim at all?
    Thanks in advance, respect your work.

  7. Lushbudget Says:

    I had the drain/data usage issue when I went to 4.1 with pwnage tool custom ipsw. My solution – and so far no issues – was the following. I noticed that the drain only began after I first launched gamecenter. Until I launched gamecenter I had no leaks. So I restored with custom ispw, hacktivated, installed ultrasnow over wi fi, then sbsettings. Then I used sbsettings to hide the gamecenter icon, and disabled multiplayer games in settings. Since then my battery is normal and data usage is as expected. Is there any chance that this Is the same stuff now? I’m afraid to launch a game that supports gamecenter for fear it will launch it even tho I’ve disabled it.

  8. Poseidon79 Says:

    You’re a douche! You should be banned from using anything BB has ever coded. While you’re at it why don’t you uninstall his repo from your phone. F’ing moron.

  9. Jo7n Says:

    To be fair posting “u” instead of “you” is a bit dumb, especially when the rest of the post looks grammatically correct.

    Just saying.

  10. peterpan2323 Says:

    so i just have to activate my iphone after reinstalling the firmware normally via itunes and a t-mobile sim and afterwards jailbreak it via redsn0w?
    so redsn0w won’t hacktivate my iphone if it is still activated in a right way?

  11. Mureed Bizenjo Says:

    disable push notifications and things will be fine

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wow….does this really matter to any of U…you…yew….eau….yoo…!!(that oughta give y’all a friggin’ anurism). Stop wasting space with pointless, off topic gripes. And stop making me waste my time pointing out your foolishness. If u r abl 2 ndrstnd the post thn thatz awl that mat herz, rt??

  13. Hip922 Says:

    WOW!?!? Does any if this really matter to any of U, you, yew, yoo, eau, yue? Az long az ya cn ndrstnd da post thn thatz awl that mat herz, rt? Stop wasting space and time with pointless, off topic gripes!! Tell us about ur friggin’ iPhone why don’t U!!! Thx…all of YOU!

  14. Ed Says:

    I turnned off all Push Notifications on my iphone 3G – 6.15 and the drainage issue was solved.

  15. BigBoss Says:

    As I said “note from sherif hashim on the issue”, it was pasted exactly as he said it, not edited.

  16. pantix Says:

    disabling push notifications didn’t work for me, but by switching off location services i manage to fix the problem entirely.

  17. Dean Says:

    Mine had the same problem and also unable to save my shsh on cydia. Msg says this device has a TSS request pending on top instead of shsh:4.1. Anyway hope e module’ll be completed soon. Great job guys.

  18. charlatan Says:

    on my 3g i disable push notifications restart the phone and fix the problem.

  19. cheme75 Says:

    3gs jb on 4.1 was slick, unlock to 06.15 went fine – got orig att sim but it is not active. so, all seems fine, but I don’t have a new sim to try yet. meanwhile, even with 3g and data off, i found push settings were sucking up the battery – switched to fetch and all seems fine now. but I now see that internet tethering option shows a constantly rotating icon like it is is searching and sbs toggle will not turn it off – any suggestions? is it maybe due to not having an active sim with 3g service?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    LOL… Nice!

  21. Natalie Says:

    I’ve been having the same issue with battery drainage.

    I installed the SBSettings via Cydia and after I rebooted, it went right back to the Red “Low Battery” Screen (even though it has been plugged into my computer for the past couple hours).

    The Red “Low Battery” Screen isn’t showing any progression on charging either…

    Any suggestions?


  22. Natalie Says:

    Ok, so my iPhone 3g eventually charged enough until it turned back on.

    I’m going to uninstall SBSettings and disable the Push Notifications until further notice and hope it helps.

    I’m usually connected to a wireless network whenever possible, so hopefully that’ll help since I’m only on a 500mb plan.

    Any idea when the release of the app will be?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It’s aneurysm or aneurism lol

  24. Rk Says:

    Taking out the “findmobile” / mobile tracking option also enriches your battery life… try out it worked out for me…

  25. forvici Says:

    What about GPS problem?

  26. will Says:

    Hi. iPhone 3gs/4.1/5.14.02 – using ultrasn0w – i’m seeing the xfer data you note. so, when you say use option ‘a’ to resolve this matter, do you mean do a restore and deselect “hacktivate” and then attempt to legit activate the phone with at&t sim via itunes, then install ultrasn0w and use my non-at&t sim?

  27. will Says:

    btw, i’ve already disabled ’3G’ and ‘push notifications’ and i’m still seeing on-going in/out xfer data on my usage.

  28. Iceman Says:

    What will switching off ssh from sb settings do? They say it can save some battery life? How true?

  29. will Says:

    ‘SSH’ is just an application that allows you to ‘telnet’ to the phone itself. disabling it might save you a small amount of battery life, but, not really that significant.

  30. will Says:

    i restored my 3gs with ireb, then restored a custom firmware of 4.1 (burned with sno0wbreeze) WITHOUT hacktivation. When the phone came up, i stuck an at&t sim in and waited for activation, it activated, i implemented ultrasn0w and inserted my non-at&t sim. connected to gsm network fine. however, i’m still seeing in/out data on my cell data network. i’m still restoring all apps and stuff, but, i’ll report back if i see battery issues after this recommended fix.

  31. will Says:

    btw, i did have to upgrade, using redsn0w, my BB to 6.15.00

  32. will Says:

    so, i tried recommended solution ‘a’ and i still see rapid battery depletion and constant inbound/outbound cell data usage. i seem to be able to circumvent it by shutting off my data app tho.

  33. Skuttnab Says:

    Well, now is out SAM, Suscriber Artificial Module.

  34. Rad Says:

    Thankyou to Sherif Hashim and SBingner and all associated with the dev team and geohot you are all truly gifted.

    Artificial Subscriber Module (SAM) developed by @sbingner, http://bit.ly/e8jS0U , awesome work thanks Sherif.

  35. Patrick Says:

    Nice post, thanx for the info. I’ve been having the same battery issues for the past 2 days since I got my 3g after jb with snow and bb at 6.15. What finally worked for me after trying option A, was to turn off my cellular data. I still have wifi on and noticed no incoming or outgoing data traffic so I think it’s an easy temporary fix for me. I can always turn the data back on if I need it. Hopefully the permanent fix comes soon

  36. GoPadge Says:

    Thanks! I gave my wife my old 3GS and she’s been having to charge two or three times a day since I upgraded to 4.2.1. I’ve already changed her apps to fetch and since we’re on T-Mobile, 3G is already off. I turned off her Edge as well yesterday, but she still have WiFi turned on. I do have our old AT&T sims, so I’ll try that next.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I too have battery drain only after launching gamecenter. The only way to stop it is to do a restore.

  38. petermat Says:

    Has anyone addressed this issue with you as I have the same condition and think that there could be a connection with the “no gps” may be this is interfering with the tx/rx of the GPS circuitry??? I spotted your post a couple of days ago and have been watching for a reply to it. the SAM fix works so long as your have “3G” and “mobile data” off but the spiral wheel of “internet tethering” only seems to stop when these 2 are on. This doesn’t seem right to me.

  39. sutekh Says:

    So, after creating a custom ipsw with no hacktivation, activating the phone with the original SIM, unlocking, whenever I connect to iTunes without the original SIM in, i cannot sync with it. It just says “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.”. Pushfix used to fix this issue for me but I’m running 4.1 and it won’t work… Any ideas? It is a little tedious to swap SIM cards whenever syncing.
    Would SAM fix this problem?

  40. bornkiller212 Says:

    I have updated my 3G to 4.2.1 and now I can’t receive picture messages.I have tried all the same setup from previous but nothing happens. Can someone please give me the right network data info for t-mobile

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Hola mami

  42. L-Johnny Says:

    Well, at first disabling the data network, 3g, wireless, of course que phone will save some battery, but for now what i did is just turn off the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS and it works for me! datanetwork is acting normal, no drained battery, even with the wireless on, hope this can help!

  43. zOdeac Says:

    If you used the jailbreak to move you up to 6.15 then doing the restore back to 4.1 you will have a big battery drain. To fix this on two of my phones i added this repo,

    1.Add http://repo.bingner.com as a repo in Cydia
    2.Install “SAM” and “SAMPrefs”

    Installed both of this from that repo and then under settings/sam you click the De-Activate iPhone it will turn off that darned hacktivate

  44. Sia Says:

    For pic messages use lei mobile mms fix

  45. Headache Says:

    Because it only takes a few extra seconds to type a ‘you’ instead of a ‘u’. It’s worth the time, and keeps you from sounding retarded. :/

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