Update those non-retina icons with RetinaAppIcon!

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Introducing RetinaAppIcons:

Update those low resolution AppStore application icons to Retina ready versions with RetinaAppIcons.
No user interaction is required. Just install it and forget it.
It will update 99% of all AppStore app icons that require it, and will continue to do so when you install new apps.
Available via Cydia Store for $0.99
Compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G with retina display & iPad.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

15 Responses to “Update those non-retina icons with RetinaAppIcon!”

  1. The6uest Says:

    Is this compatible with themes that auto-skin AppStore icons? I tried it and it put my phone into Safe Mode.

  2. ane Says:


  3. Nattananmvn Says:


  4. iRealSMS dev Says:

    Yes it is compatible. I’m using it with EliteProHD right now. If your crashing I would be interested in your crash log.

  5. LoL Says:

    It’s hard

  6. Attackcenter Says:

    Hi IrealSMS,

    RetinaAppIcons has been crashing my 4.01 JB and you haven’t gotten back to me. I have over 160 apps on my phone. I noticed that RetinaAppIcons crashes when I go in to my game folder (can’t handle a lot of apps or large sized apps?). It works ok, but when I go in to my game folder it crashes everytime. So, I have to install it when I get new apps and then uninstall it. By the way I have Sbrotator for 4x, scrolling board, and an app that closes my folders automatically when I execute an app. I am suspicious about compatability with sbrotator 4x and scrolling board especially. Please check your mail.



  7. Freebo Says:

    Uninstall anything from @Limneos and you’ll be fine. Trust me

  8. The6uest Says:

    Who’s that?

  9. iAddict Says:

    I just bought and installed this on my iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1.

    I am sad to report that this app DOES NOT WORK! I tried reinstalling, respringing and rebooting.

    Reinstalling the “low res icon” apps doesn’t work also.


  10. The6uest Says:

    Try iRetiner, it worked for me.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    1 iPhone 4 os 4.1 doesn’t work … For what we have paid

  12. Balu Says:

    1 iPhone 4 os 4.1 doesn’t work … For what we have paid

  13. Balu Says:

    Thx for update. 90% non-retina icones have changed.

  14. Lee Says:

    We are looking for a new retina icon design and would like your help! buz me at: m(AT)facelette.co.uk

  15. Alan Says:

    This app has been crashing on me and i restored my phone twice and just downloaded this app to see if it was it and it was this app. im on 4.3.3 its weird cause its never done this and i bought it like when it first came out.

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