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One of my friends and favorite developers, Lance Fetters (ashikase) has created a mobile substrate plug-in that enables TVOut on any app. You can enable it with the TVOut cable and this app. It’s still a work in progress so compatibility may not be 100% yet, but this is definitely a reason to jailbreak (post updated today) your device. You won’t be seeing this sort of thing in Appstore.

EDIT: Note the TV out may be a little buggy but don’t forget to add it to your watchlist in Cydia so you can see when updates come out. In Cydia, select the package, then change package settings, and enable “Show All Changes” for this package.

I released a toggle pack update today for SBSettings. This toggle pack should fix some issues with SSH toggle. It now can run while another app is running, hopefully without freezing up the iPhone. Thank you to developer Joel Nordell who helped me with the vfork / exec routines. On the same note, Joel released a Scrobble toggle for SBSettings today to enable / disable Scrobble app.

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  1. Pelaez Says:

    No TVOut toggle for SBSettings? :P

  2. Mes Says:

    Great idea, looking forward to something like this. But I couldn’t make it work. And after uninstalling, now I frequently get the message ‘Device Not Compatible, Turn on Airplane Mode?’ when plugging in my AV cables. Rebooting seems to help, but the problem will return after starting/stopping or changingg movies. Hope I don’t need to restore my phone to get back to normal. :)

  3. Danny Says:

    Can we see a video?

  4. HandyRandy Says:

    Itried TVOut. It’s currently VERY buggy. I recommend waiting for a few updates. My biggest gripe is obviously that the iPhone does not simultaneously display while displaying on the TV. So it’s a tedious proccess and sometimes just a shot in the dark to press what you want to press or to navigate the app or phone.

  5. someone Says:

    anybody knows how to make a homemade cable?
    is it possible?

    thanks for the new SSH B.B. is goddamn fast!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Possible to add a yellowsn0w toggle to sbsetting (like the one for bossprefs)? Prefer not having both installed, thanks

  7. Filo01 Says:

    i would love an troggle for backgrounder, The amount of times i forgot to turn it off is amazing!!

  8. Tester Says:


    i tried tv out, but in my case it wont work at all. and yes i have the original TV-out cable from apple. the orginal App like video, music & picture works with the cable, like apple promitted.

    i’dont know. maybe i did anything wrong. i active some app in the tv out, then close tv out and open up the app but nothing happens or shows up on tv. any solutions? and yeah in now it is still the 1st release of tv out…


  9. seann Says:

    give it a chance the Tvout things only just come out

  10. Tester Says:

    all right now, i got it. now it works.

    but i must say in my case and on my tv the picture of the app is set too much to the upper left corner. that means some parts are cutted off.

    and i only getted to work not like described, i first must lunch the activated app and then plug the appel tv-out cable to my iphone/itouch.

    but who cares. it is a marvellous peace of work an i’m looking forward to an update.

    THANKS for this mr. developer


  11. Tester Says:

    and ah yeah i forgott: as “HandyRandy” Says up on top here i had the same experiences with it…

  12. HandyRandy Says:

    Try processes widget for SBSettings. It will show what’s still running.

  13. salim Says:

    Unbelievable….. i’ve been waiting a long time for this. true its still buggy but what a step. Excellent work and waiting anxiously for the updates!

  14. Zack Says:

    I LOVE the new SSH toggle =] Just as an FYI though, I had to reënable some toggles once I resprung after the update (the phone and Edge toggle to be exact).

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, due to the way I enable / disable toggles, all this will always be back to defaults after you install updates. In a way this is good cause you have to respring to get the updates to load anyway.

  16. Christian Says:


    I really love SBSettings, and the way you can enable/disable ssh.

    I’m desperatly trying to disable openssh automatic startup, so I will be the only one whi can start it using the SSH SBSettings toggle. Does anyone know how to do it ?

    I also be very happy to see a toggle for vnc as well, and how to disable it to autostart also.


  17. studangerous Says:

    Similar to Chris I would like the default of SSH to be off each time I respring. It defaults to on and I have to constantly turn it off. Is there a simple way to do this?

    Thanks for a great app. BigBoss FTW!


  18. studangerous Says:

    edit – looks as though the update has fixed this and SSH default is now OFF :) thanks BigBoss

  19. iBlackdude Says:

    Please BigBoss, we are still waiting for an iPhone optimized bigboss.org.

  20. kaufman1984 Says:

    i would be so happy,if u could put into SBSettings the vibration toggle

    btw great work guyz

  21. Royorbs Says:

    Def, a toggle for vnc would b cool. I’m tryin out tvout now…

  22. billchase2 Says:

    This app is awesome! It works perfectly until I run into the 3rd party cable issue I’ve always had. As soon as I get the warning “This accessory is not…”, it stops outputting video.

    Any advice?

  23. billchase2 Says:

    after playing around with it a bit, here’s some conclusions with this beta:

    • i cannot get it to work with the camera app
    • it drains the battery incredibly quick
    • it only shows apps on your springboard. in other words, if you are using categories, it will NOT show apps within categories
    • it’s still very buggy (as expected in an early beta)
    • if an app is landscape, it appears sideways on the TV

  24. test Says:

    hey guys,

    newly in cydia, try the SplitScreen app! it works at the moment much better then TVout. you even can see the springboard and much more. go check it out …

  25. test Says:

    here my feedback on the cutted of screen with the SplitScreen app:

    like i thought before, the cutted of lower part on the tv screen depends on the NTSC & (the ipod settings). if you change it here to NTSC, then there is nothing anymore cutted off on the TV screen. everything appears as it should!!!

    but maybe you can fix this anyhow also for the PAL settings. because here in europe PAL is standard, and if i watch a movie over my iphone on tv in NTSC the picture and quality is ugly.

    thanks again.


  26. Danny Says:

    Make a toggle that does what Insomnia does.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Does turning off SSH free up any appreciable amount of memory?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    …also a netatalk toggle (w/ auto-off) would be fantastic as well.

  29. Henry Says:

    I really like SBSettings, I use it alot!, like alot!. I like to toggle off my 3G when not using the Phone or the internet to save battery life. I also like to toggle my Autolock on and off alot aswell.
    The problem is that there is no Autolock toggle for SBSettings only BossPrefs, which I also have.
    But I cant use BossPrefs without leaving the current app, or backgrounding it. I hope eventually there is an Autolock toggle for SBSettings, that would be awsome!

  30. Da Morte y Mr Frog Says:

    Could you do an insomnia toggle for sbsettings? It would be awesome!

  31. Steve Says:

    Can’t toggle SSH on or off… neither with SBSettings or BigBoss Prefs.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Steve

  32. Steve Says:

    Another little thing… Toggling EDGE also disables ANY communication using GPRS. I couldn’t connect to the web anymore using GPRS after installing SBSetings until I checked to see what the EDGE toggle was doing and it was red. I turned it on to green and voila, was able to connect again. (Please note that plenty of Jailbroken iPhones can’t connect to EDGE because their service provider doesn’t support it, the iPhone then switsches to GPRS mode, which is indicated by a small circle instead of the boxed capital “E” icon.)

    SUGGESTION: Maybe call the switch not “EDGE” toggle but rather “2G”, as that would include EDGE as well as GPRS.

    Otherwise: Thanks for your work on this useful App!

  33. studangerous Says:

    Actually, let me correct my comment…I’m still getting the SSH restarting itself each time I restart my device, which is annoying…

  34. studangerous Says:

    ahh ingnore me… just sawe this.. http://thebigboss.org/2008/11/30/why-ssh-on-restart-is-required/

  35. BigBoss Says:

    It’s actually a full DATA toggle. I could rename it Data, but then people would be emailing me asking “where is the EDGE toggle” (I got massive emails asking where is airplane when I renamed it to phone).

  36. Justin Says:

    Will there ever be a sound toggle for the iPod touch’s speaker? Its takes to long to go into settings/general/sounds to change it from “Both” to “Headphones” so that my sound for new email doesn’t go off while I’m in class. And is there a reason why I can’t put “Photos” in the SBSetting’s “Dock” ??? The only other thing that is needed is a “Fetch New Data” toggle. Other than that, SBSettings rules! Thanks for all the hard work.

  37. Maynemer Says:

    Please make a Safari Download Plugin Toggle!!!!

    Another thing your the bigboss repo didn’t work the whole day!!!! 02/05/0.

  38. Leandro Magro de Souza Says:

    This app just works with the Apple Component AV Cable? Or Composite AV cable is compatible too?

  39. Jan deL Says:

    I have a need for toggling/turning my home button to end a call. It could be an extra toggle switch in SBSettings.
    I also found more people having a need for this even though they understand it kills the multitask option while calling.
    Then you would also do a great favour to my sister. She is mentally handicapped (Mongoloid) and using iPhone. She seems to work with it quite well, it’s only that she doesn’t understand how to end calls. Means she calls and makes huge bills, because she intuitively presses the home button while the call is not ended. I now had to take her phone away, and am trying to solve this problem for her.

    Could you maybe take care of this feature/toggle switch to make live easier for those preferring to end calls with the HB and not in need of the multitask option?

  40. Eximius Says:

    It would be awesome if SBSetting will support rotation. (I mean situation, when you have your iPhone in horizontal position, you swipe status bar and…)
    Just two example situations:
    - you are watching a video and want to adjust the brightness – you have to rotate your phone to the vertical position in order to do that.
    another – even more important example:
    - you are reading a pdf document in horizontal position and want to take a note using Fast Notes (great app!). In order to do that, you have to rotate your phone to the vertical position, take a note, and then again rotate it to horizontal position and look for the place in the document, when you finished reading (very frustrating!).

    I hope you will consider this in the next release :)

  41. Eximius Says:

    Ah! one more thing – why one cannot change the default alphabetical order of showing switches?

  42. ChalleFo Says:

    I think the swiping for activating sbsettings should be customizable. I really liked the feel of dragging down a “curtain” instead of swiping horizontal on the statusbar.

  43. GetAFreeIphone Says:

    Thanks for this

  44. Rickd Says:

    Once the landscape mode is added this would make a great app to couple with the new Slingbox app. It would the ability to watch you home TV and DVR on the room TV’s when traveling.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Get a new, good cord. Not that cheap shit.

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