WeBe++ 1.1 Update: PS3 Buttons & Cursors

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The first version of WeBe++ lacked one important feature: Cursor support – a severe problem for AppleTV 2G users. And for the large number of PS3 users, operating their device without these geometric symbol buttons (triangle, square, cross, and circle) wasn’t fun either. The new update solves both by a special PS3 widget. Give it a try!

WeBe++ with new PS3 widget

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

13 Responses to “WeBe++ 1.1 Update: PS3 Buttons & Cursors”

  1. @Paradox_v1 Says:

    So what iPhone iOS is this compatible with?

  2. mringwal Says:

    iOS >= 3.0

  3. JabbaWockeeXx Says:

    Will you be making a iPad version? (iPad keyboard)

  4. Max Says:

    What does this app do? First I’m hearing of it.

  5. Wheelie Stunt Says:

    I bought webe++ for my iPhone which, as I understand it, makes it work as a HID BT Keyboard. It works with my PC but my iPad just won’t “see” the iphone as a bluetooth keyboard. Why is this happening if the iPad (4.2.1) can actually connect to any BT keyboard I’ve thrown to it? …I just bought this app to get this functionality as I want to use my iPhone as a BT keyboard for my iPad but it seems that the only way to accomplish this is buying “BTStack keyboard” for the iPad….why? Will Webe++ ever connect to the iPad out of the box?

  6. JabbaWockeeXx Says:

    To answer my own question above, I just bought it for the iPad and I use it as a keyboard for my ps3 while playing DC Universe Online, I love this app saved me $60 from buying a Bluetooth keyboard :D

  7. Zackk Says:

    How do you do the iPad to iPhone vice versatile with the webe++

  8. Zackk Says:

    Vice versa**

  9. Dave Says:

    My ps3 keeps having an error occur during pairing. I’ve tried an tried but still webe does not work with my ps3, Im sure others have had little to no problem doing this tho.

  10. Scammed Says:

    I tried this with the cracked version on my 3gs, didn’t work and then actually bought this for the 4 and it fails to work with the ps3 both ways. I think maybe the ps3 implemented some type of new security with the v3.72 update and there might have been some vulnerability associated with 3rd party bluetooth devices or they were trying to sift out any non-Sony products to generate more profit because we all know they’re a poor company and they’re almost bankrupt.
    At least it can control my laptop when connected to the tv.

  11. Scammed Says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t work. What fw version (system software) was your ps3 running when you tried?

  12. Ernie Says:

    I tried this on a Iphone 3G running IOS 4.1 with my PS3 custom FW 3.55 with spoofer 3.72. The devices pair and connect but does not work. Would like to find a way to get a refund through cydia or find a way to get it to work. Using BTstack as required.


  13. Easye22 Says:

    This shit don’t work I got a ipad2 and a ps3 I turned on both my Bluetooth on. It’s appears that I can pick it up off my ps3 . My ipad2 does the same but when I go on the app it won’t show play station what do I do

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