Windows Users avoid iTunes 9.1

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It appears that Apple has released iTunes 9.1. If you are on windows, I would avoid using this. It seems to have problems with blackra1n because blackra1n uses a specific DLL that has changed.  In general, I recommend never updating iTunes. I have v8.0 still and am quite happy not having to update that horrible piece of software.

Anyways, here is a quick summary:

1) Itunes 9.1 is out
2) The new dll will mess up blackra1n running in windows. If you have a tethered jailbreak, you would be unable to rejailbreak after rebooting the iphone with blackra1n. I believe you can use redsn0w but there may be some issues with using redsn0w on an already-blackra1ned device.
3) There may be sync problems with it until you reboot.
4) Redsn0w seems OK with iTunes 9.1. So if you’re using that you should be OK.
5) OSX iTunes seems ok. Problem is blackra1n + windows only.

The old saying applies. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.  If you have already updated itunes, you can get an old version here. Your steps to install an old version are a bit tedius:

1) Uninstall the current itunes
2) reboot
3) Install new itunes

Note: it is probably also possible to locate the old itunes dll files and put them in the blackra1n folder and blackra1n would probably work again.

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17 Responses to “Windows Users avoid iTunes 9.1”

  1. muffinmuncher Says:

    what about redsn0w?
    as i have rejailbreak with redsn0w, when i reboot my iphone 3gs. or shouldnt i be using that???

  2. Grapp1002 Says:

    You know what assuming does. You only mention Windows. What about the MAC OS? Has that not been looked at yet, or is it totally fine to update iTunes on the MAC?

  3. BigBoss Says:

    Updated the post to answer both questions.

  4. Wes Says:

    ih8snow has released “BlackBreeze”. If it’s any good, I don’t know, but it’s worth mentioning.

  5. Pero Says:

    fix for blackra1n and Itunes 9.1 :

  6. ruben Says:

    Musclenerd says:
    iTunes 9.1 safe for overall jailbreak, unlock, PwnageTool, redsn0w mac+pc, DFU mode, saurik’s server. (blackra1n broken, not Apple’s fault)

  7. masotori Says:

    You have Itunes 8 ? and your Iphone is on 1.1.4 ?

    No comment

  8. Jerzy Says:

    Not upgrade Itunes? I would live with it with my jailbroken iphone, but I will get my ipad delivered on Saturday and I believe I’m not going to be able to sync it without ugrading to itunes 9.1?

  9. sami Says:

    i didnt upgrade itunes but i installed the iphone configuration tool from the apple and now i have the problem with blackra1n. regarding uninstalling itunes and reinstalling again… what is the impact of that on my data in itunes?

  10. Cola Keld Says:

    Problem solution:
    For Windows XP users, put Blackra1n.exe in this folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support

    And run Blackra1n again…Works for me.
    The ASL.dll is located in that folder on my WinXp.
    Alternately for other OS, do a search for ASL.dll and put Blackra1n in that folder and run.

    I had a similar problem some weeks ago, with the QTCF.dll issue. I just copied my blackra1n.exe into C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem and ran blackra1n from there…Problem solved..

  11. MMash Says:

    Blackra1n not working after 9.1 iTunes update : my solution

    1) find your Apple Application Support :

    for example : C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Apple\Apple Application Support (french system)
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support (english system)

    2) copy to your blackra1n directory :


    3) THAT’S ALL !! run blacra1n and enjoy your jailbroken iPhone again ;) :)

    Hope this helps :D

    PS : no need to downgrade iTunes any more …

  12. ce Says:

    Would original iTunes 9.1 be OK for perfect blackra1n jailbreak?

  13. MMash Says:

    with my method, no problem : ENJOY ;) :)

  14. 3GSboot Says:

    i have a new 3gs iphone with the firmware 3.1.3
    i tried to install the cydia by using one of the following but it doesnt work:
    - blackra1n
    - redsn0w
    - sn0wbreeze

    any idea how can i install cydia ?

  15. Betabyteiphone Says:

    Go to and go to fix blackra1n for itunes 9.1 and it will solve all of your itunes 9.1 problems so go ahead and install 9.1

  16. James Says:

    Okay im a tad bit confused is this only if your jailbreaking your ipod with blackra1n dont update itunes or is it that if u are jailbroken with blackra1n dont have the update cuz i do hav the update and i used blackra1n to jailbreak my ipod touch like maybe a half a year ago so am i screwed and i dont know it? cuz i havent noticed any problems with my ipod touch since i updated itunes and im also currently running ver 3.1.2 on my ipod

  17. ronaldotorres Says:

    i did that and it didnt work blackra1n take like 30 mins and nothing happend, just wait wait wait wait, and nothing

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