yellowsn0w for 3.0 on the way!

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Update: The Dev-Team has just updated their blog in conjunction to MuscleNerd’s Ultrasn0w Demo (that’s what they are calling the 3.0 unlock)

* Only ultrasn0w is going to take til Friday to get pushed out. All of our other tools should be out pretty soon after the official Apple release.
* If you apply our jailbreak when it comes out, you can install ultrasn0w anytime after that. You obviously won’t have cell service in the meantime, though.
* This may in fact be directly applicable to the iPhone 3GS if it can be jailbroken, because it runs the same baseband version. Whether or not it can be jailbroken is a big question right now!

Watch MuscleNerd’s Ultrasn0w Demo


The Dev-Team Blog has just confirmed that they are in the finalizing stages of testing Pwnage Tool and Quickpwn that will work with iTunes 8.2.

In more anticipating news, they also announced that on Tuesday evening (just before 3.0 goes live), they will perform a live demo of the yellowsn0w carrier unlock working on official 3.0 firmware.

This is great news for all, as the image they provide shows the final 3.0 modem firmware (04.26.08) – basically sayings that all iPhone 3G’s are unlockable – even ones that have 5.9 Bootloader and 02.30.00+ modem firmware.

I would still recommend waiting on upgrading to 3.0 until the Dev-Team releases all information regarding the jailbreak and unlock.

Thank you Dev-Team!

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61 Responses to “yellowsn0w for 3.0 on the way!”

  1. Alon Says:

    I am currently using 2.2.1 with BL 5.09, locked. waiting for available downgrade of BB to 2.28.00. Is this an alternative? Would I be able to upgrade firmware to 3.0 with BL 5.09 and use the new Yellowsn0w?
    Thanks Alon :)

  2. Justin Says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the iPhone 3GS has shipped. I ordered one on June 9th and now have the tracking number.

  3. Cruisin Says:

    Hey,,, just wait and see… for the up coming 3g unlock from the DEV-TEAM… i’m pretty sure yellowsn0w will rock again in the iphone world..

  4. Johnny Appleseed Says:

    Yes, that is what they are implying. I don’t know what BL the phone has in the screenshot, but you can clearly see the BB of 4.26.08.

  5. lungulescul Says:

    How about iphone 2g? Will it be jailbreakable?

  6. tazzky Says:

    how about the mobileinstallation for 3.0?

  7. lungulescul Says:

    Dude, this is about how to free your iphone not about how you can steal apps. Wrong place for that.

  8. bam24nicx Says:

    wow… so happy for this thing… before i’m using my iphone 3g with rebel simcard,,, it works great though,, but after few months the rebel sim gone bad.. it doesnt work anymore because i always remove and insert simcard to change carrier.. my iphone is 2.2.1 and 2.30.03 firmware and 6.02 boot loader… i hope the 3.0 FW will be 100% unlockable :D tnx… more power dev!

  9. Tyski Says:

    Should i update the itunes to 8.2 ver. Or I must still wait for the official info?

    Ps. Good job dev team !

  10. alex Says:

    dont rush in to update anything, wait till its released and then update, it doesnt take that long anyway.

    Im in the same boat with my gevey 3g plus2, it works completely fine except that EDGE is always gone…

    Cant wait for this, thanx

  11. azhari youness Says:

    Je ne sais quoi dire depuis févrièr je n’arrête pas de galérer pour trouver un crack maintenant que les mecs de la DEV TEAM l’ont fait MERCI BEAUCOUP§§§§§§

  12. Bless Says:

    I agree my edge is on and off like crazy i cant wait till they come out with this new yellow snow. you think it will be able to work on the iphone 3g s as well?

  13. Tyski Says:

    It must :)

  14. Alex Says:

    Yea since yellowsnow was originally made for 3g

  15. bam24nicx Says:

    yeahhh…. cant wait till friday… :D

  16. serg Says:

    what will happen to the software on cydia? how will this all get affected when 3.0 is out?

    will all of it have to be re-written for 3.0 like they had to do when we went from 1.0->2.0 ???

  17. jjsan Says:

    Most applications are working on os 3.0 beta 5 so they should work on os 3.0. Most applications were updated last week or will be in few days

  18. Jhoseph Says:

    Hola buen día a todos, yo tengo una pregunta y es la siguiente yo tengo un iphone3g con bootloader 5.9 y baseband 2.30.3 ósea que no lo puedo liberar para usarlo con cualquier compañia quiero saber si hay alguna manera de poderlo liberar espetó que alguien me ayude por que ya me desespere no encuentro la manera de liberarlo

  19. Teddy F. Says:

    Apple has just released Firmware 3.0 for the iPhone at 1:20PM EST!!!!

  20. Erman Says:

    just got the 3.0 in the middle east ;)

  21. Tyski Says:

    can we update now? I don’t want to loose a chance to jailbreak?

  22. alex Says:

    how do you unlock it after updating; is there a quickpwn?

  23. Tyski Says:

    ok. If I update fw to 3.0 now will I be able to jailbreak in the future? Or I must still wait for dev team info?

  24. Alon Says:

    Hi BigBoss,
    question: I have purchsed the Gevey 3G and waiting for its arrival. I would like to know if you have any information regarding the functionality of the chip with the 3.0 operation system? My question is just to know since I hope the Ultra
    Snow will solve our all problems …



  25. alex Says:

    how do you unlock it

  26. james Says:

    hey will iphone 2g be supported as well?

  27. 8888 Says:


  28. 8888 Says:

    Thanks to the BigBoss

  29. Dev-Team Supporter Says:

    I think Apple should thanks officially to Dev-Team and people behind Jailbreak team … because of them, iPhone boost their sales on the market …

    No jailbreak! no unlock! I never think to have iPhone as my choice …

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Yo te lo puedo liberar. Envia email a.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    True mayn I love the jailbreak and unlock shit dats why I got like 5 iPhones 3g selling them just can’t wait till Friday

  32. khader Says:

    Did it’s work in 2g ?

  33. jayesh Says:

    Friday at what time new ultrasn0w will be released ? GMT ?

  34. Computerz®™ / iComputerz™ Division Says:


  35. Important news on the jailbreak Says:

    So can somebodytell me, is the jailbreak to be released on AMERICAS FRIDAY? Becuase i’m from AUS.
    Thanks to the person who answers.

  36. David Crowley Says:

    You guys helped out a lot had iPhone bricked for an hour and the dfu worked.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Awarda hasta el sabado

  38. TheJailBreaker Says:

    how much should clock it will be published

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Same here I m in UAE 2.2.1baseband2.30.03bootloader5.09 this ultrasn0w will work or have to upgrade to 3.0

  40. Dr.hmr Says:

    It’s almost midnight gmt and minutes and Saturday begins and still no release of ultra snow!!!

  41. lol Says:

    “Friday”… my ass

  42. jayesh Says:

    Almost saturday passed – No ultrasn0w released. Offcourse redsn0w released, but i afraid, i will loose network on my non official carrier ifvi upgrade to 3.0

  43. hiper Says:

    Devteam den informacion estamis desesperados y hay otra cosa para todos no todas las funciones del 3.0 funcionan con 3g (no hay Camara de video,ni compaz, tampoco voice)

  44. Anonymous Says:

    If I use RedSn0w now, will I still be able to use UltraSn0w later to unlock? Just wondering, cuz on the official site it said it would upgrade bandbase.

  45. Chaudry Says:

    Hi, When is ultrasn0w expected to come out and I heard that it will be available thru cydia and icy. Is this true? And do I need to add any source for it to show on cydia?
    I used RedSn0w now, will I be able to use UltraSn0w later to unlock? Plz assist

  46. Anonymous Says:


  47. Phil Says:

    I have an iPhone 3G 2.2 and its unlocked and jailbroken with yellowsnow. Where can I get a guide how to update to 3.0 without losing everything, still be unlocked and jailbroken.


  48. Hamed6600 Says:

    I just upgrated my iPhone 3g 2.2.1 to version 3.0. But now there is a problem with my google map. It does not show my exact location on the map. I mean GPS is not working properly and it showed somewhere else. Can you help me? Thank you

  49. Luis navarro Says:

    When is released the ultrasn0w for apple 3.0 update?

  50. Sharma Says:

    I am having a serious problem. My iPhone drops all incoming calls. I used the GVEY-3G Plus 2 Sim. The version is 2.2.1 and the Firmware is 2.03.03. I really need help as to what to do. Thank you.

  51. Stefan Says:

    So, I’m puzzled now …
    It’s august already and still no ultrasn0w????!!
    Cuz I sure can’t find it available anywhere in cydia…
    Am I missing something here?!

  52. Stefan Says:

    Good question
    too bad no genius answers

  53. prajact Says:

    Hi I would like to install 3.0 unlock or crack one can any one help me how to install old version 2.20 now new I need is 3.0

  54. edward syam Says:

    Wy my iphone cant use itunes.for what buy iPhone if only use call only

  55. Ramez reda Says:

    Can I upgrade for Ipod

  56. Anonymous Says:


  57. Hanna Says:

    Okay so I have a iPhone 3g 3.0 , I need to unlock it for tmobile will yellowsn0w do that for me ? I already down loaded ultra snow

  58. Akoch Says:

    It’s alrigh

  59. Fast & fear Says:

    When the unlock for 05.12.01 come out…. Some one help me pls….

  60. David hoover Says:

    I can’t load nething off cydia it just happened an hour ago.. What happened? When I go to my manage resources or packages there is nothing there why?

  61. Anonymous Says:

    What is yellowstone &i have no idea what any of this is!new to this technolgy .

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