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YXFlash player is out for iPhone and released in our repository. This marks the first actually usable xvid / divx player for the iPhone. Finally you can watch that collection of avi files you have laying around without having to convert them into Apple’s annoying format first. While the converted videos do play a bit smoother due to hardware acceleration, but xvid videos are watchable, at least the ones I tested.The player also plays flash content if you have downloaded flash flv videos to your device. (It is not a web based flash player).

In order to add the videos, just SCP them onto your device or use something like iPhone Browser. Yes, the app is free.

Edit: I guess I messed up the sync and it didnt go into Cydia. Adding it now. Also, yes it does have landscape mode. Just double tap the video. There are paid features but the xvid was totally free.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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76 Responses to “YXFlash Player”

  1. Enigma Says:

    Hi, i can’t seems to find this player in your source.
    maybe it isn’t upload yet to cydia?

  2. enohPi Says:

    i cant find this as well on cydia…

  3. Leandro Says:

    I would love to play my movies from the network. That would be great.

  4. ipodtouchpro Says:

    Where is the app?Please release it to the repo ASAP!!

  5. JLR Says:

    This doesnt work on 3.0. Beta 5.
    Any help to get to work.


  6. Robin Edwards Says:

    Well, its appears to be pretty unstable on 2.2.1 – I’ve had several crashes already. Its also mega fussy about the types of files it plays and I don’t think it is free! The website (http://www.mobilesoft.kr) is quoting £6.94 although its not clear what you get for this or what the restrictions are on the free/demo version?

  7. AK Says:

    To play movies from a pc network get an app for the iphone called liveOrb, using a program on the pc, the app can play most video/audio/pictures/docs straight off the network, I tested full length uncompressed videos from my pc and could watch them perfectly on the iphone.

  8. AK Says:

    Also for now, Mplayer can play many formats of video and audio on the iphone (not streamed from a network) but it is buggy and slow.

    I wish there was a native realplayer for the iphone already as I have so much rm files on my pc and travel alot.

  9. Kabal458 Says:

    Okay maybe I’m missing something obvious but I installed this and I can’t even see an icon for the player…whats going on?

  10. lisapower Says:

    Also CorePlayer will bring a version for iPhone in Future, but we will have to wait for it a long time, becose the announcement is a long time ago in their website.


  11. Awayze Says:

    It seems to be in the Modmyi repo.

  12. peeker Says:

    yes can find in modmyi repo but player have sound problems. no sound with fw 2.2.1

  13. Pap Says:

    It doesnt play videos
    Just crashes
    Mp3 is ok!!
    Stupid player

  14. James Says:

    If you have no icon on springboard, go reinstall to the package when in cydia again. If there is no sound switch off the mute switch

  15. din Says:

    Its ok but not as smooth as I expected,,maybe can be improved in the future.

  16. benji Says:

    Hello Its working perfect with mp3 and Xvid movies ;) nice work

  17. human Says:

    Only small buggfixes with the crashing, and more smooth with xvid and divx movies

  18. peeker Says:

    mute switch is off! no sound have you a sample for avifile with sound perhaps i have wrong avi version? on pc avi have sound
    avi format:
    xvid mpeg-4
    25 frames per second
    mpeg 1 audio,layer 3(mp3)
    134 kps

  19. Steven Says:

    “without having to convert them into Apple’s annoying format first.”

    Uhhh … the h.264 (mp4/m4v) format the iPhone plays isn’t Apple’s, it is the standard format for mpeg4 files. If we could just stop the scene from distributing crappy non-standard AVI files encoded with the non-standard divx codec, we wouldn’t need these alternate players.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I also have no sound :(

    damn it

  21. iamse7en Says:

    However – .h264, from what I’ve heard, doesn’t support 5.1 surround sound.

    I used to agree with you, but this little tidbit makes a big difference.

    Perhaps .mkv is the codec of the future though – but Apple doesn’t want to support xvid/mkv/etc – it will only support video files within iTunes. Trying to give people the incentive to stick to iTunes Movies.

    Getting scene releases, rather than buying official releases via iTunes Store, and having to convert them is the ‘price’ we pay for not buying them. There are always costs, and Apple would like to keep those costs as high as possible as a disincentive.

  22. quis5550 Says:

    it doesnt work please fix or better instructions .

  23. Rudolf Says:

    Hola quiero blueetod para mi iPhone 3g

  24. Mike Kirby Says:

    LIES. Another lying developer trying to con you into downloading a limited demo version by claiming the app is free without mentioning that the description given is for the paid version. The free version only plays MP3 and either DIVX or XVID (I can’t remember which because I deleted the apps.)

    Nice work, developer and BigBoss. Thanks for inconveniencing me. I certainly won’t even bother checking out any future apps from this dishonest developer.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    lying nob

  26. Peluson Says:


  27. Naim Says:

    Please i cant use flash player

  28. sunny Says:

    this does not work at all on os3…please please fix this

  29. Help Says:

    I can’t use flash player, becose I can’t register.

  30. llewyn Says:

    I always appreciate anyone developing a new app, but how do you figure it is free? It clearly displays a registration key you must buy. There is a limited time trial which I am getting ready to try.

  31. aman Says:

    it leaves an annoying watermark whilst in the trial version and has sound problems

  32. NDR Says:

    very bad app. To me, trial version is not “free” like they said in cydia.

  33. alucard Says:

    Well, this app’s pretty cool but i don’t know why version 2.0.0 cannot be used on os 3.0 though version 1.0.9 can be used on 3.0 9sr for my bad english)

  34. Raymondleeus Says:

    I tried yxflash and mplayer on 3G with 3.0 OS,
    yxflash does have the annoying watermark but play more smoother than mplayer. On the other hand, mplayer does not have watermark but with a little bit jerking on sound sometimes.

    While in the midst of playing kungfu panda from both, I could not pause it from either player. I pressed the pause button but no response. Had to press home button to come out. Could not find Bookmark button from either one.

  35. raymondleeus Says:

    mplayer plays 3gp but not older version of wmv

    yxflash plays older version of wmv but not 3gp
    IMO, US $20 for yxflash is a bit too high. $5 would be more reasonable.

    Neither one is perfect.

  36. Charm Says:

    Yeah lying that it’s free is false advertising and in the Uk that’s illegal. Sounds like a data miner, be careful peeps you don’t need some shmuck taking your numbers, pictures and calling and text info. I’m gonna wait til app store has one and guarantees my info is safe. This apps far too unstable to be someones released project it seems to be a slap dash attempt at hooking people in for their private info when they register. Don’t download!

  37. Maks Says:

    yxflash is slow while playing .wmvs streaming. An update would be great.

  38. -Mark Says:

    Ok i got it but all i can seem to see when playing a .flv and .avi format is a black screen with a “white-type equalizer” across my screen? any suggestions?

  39. hassan Says:

    i have very low sound playback volume……reply to fix i have register

  40. Cam Says:

    I found it

  41. Sparaxin Says:

    Works like a charm
    Wish could play network files aswell

  42. Ff Says:

    What’s the key by the way? It’s not free!

  43. Ferdouso Says:

    It doesn’t work. I bought it and I lost my money

  44. Anonymous Says:


  45. White Says:

    Hello, i have installed the app. It was not problem. Then i have copy an xvid file into this directory: var/root/media with the program iphone folder. After i have started this program and search the file i dont find it in this folder. I look in all folders but i dont find the xvid. I have the firmware 3.1.2. Can you help me where i must copy the mediafile on Iphone to play it, so that the partion of 32 GB is use??? Thank you very much for help.

  46. naecO Says:

    I am trying it with 3.1.2 firmware but the video is very lag (for a large file probably). A xvid video with size of a CD is not watchable.

  47. antt Says:

    The app works ok? but video quality is not very good: 7 out of 10. i removed it. I’ll rather convert to m4v and watch at best quality.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    What you Do have to do iPhone

  49. Anonymous Says:


  50. Mohammed Says:

    woow very good thanks

  51. Brian Says:

    Am I allowed to say orb.com?

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I have it lol

  53. Marcelo Says:

    Dosen’t work

  54. cng_au Says:

    I can’t get the wmv work correctly in yxplayer.
    Can you tell me what software you use to convert video to WMV also what kind of setting to use please? I have some very old WMV files work but just can’t make one.


  55. Anonymous Says:

    It’s there I’ve had it for months now

  56. Rohit Says:

    the software is great it does a bit hazy with large videos but still its great i love it cos conversion was a bit of a headache plus u have to keep the converted files on your laptop which was eating a lot of space

    only thing i want to lnow is its not playing .mkv files in those files only audio is there no video any solution?
    i have iphone 3g 32 gb ios 4.0.2

  57. Jandy Says:

    I am afraid to say that I have to agree with all the negatives…. It’s CLEARLY not FREE!!, video playback on even small files is jerky and frames are dropped like they’re going out of fashion plus you get that damn irritating watermark which you press accidentally at times due to it’s position when in landscape mode (stays fixed in portrait position-is this just my phone)

    I have a iPhone 3gs 16g os4.0

    – Jandy –

  58. emiliov1@hotmail.com Says:

    300 millones de hispanoparlantes y no ponéis la traducción?, es perder dinero, ya que no lo compro por no entenderlo.

  59. Johann Says:

    Beautiful app guys! Works perfect for me! It is the only app that actually plays xvid, avi’s and wmv’s without any hitches! Though the app is not free as mentioned above, I was able to get a keygen off the net and installed it through appcake(similar to installous) and voila! A registered copy that works perfectly!

  60. Roshan Says:

    I have prob with iPhone 2g
    streaming very slow yxflash player help me…?

  61. Jahmiel Says:

    Its not working!!!!! I downloaded and paid for it but then when I go to watch a vid it says that I need to download flash player! Can some one help? It was working yesterday too but not today

  62. Ajmal Says:

    Bought yxplayer for my iPad from appstore,the browser doesn’t steam flash videos… Help required

  63. radu Says:

    hi can tell me somebody,,wy doesn’t work,in my iphone 4 frash player,i dont no woat is mean,,
    abort()food.c:43,,,please hellp me in this proble
    and send me a msg,

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure whether I’m allowed to say this but there is a certain repo where you can get the demo and a keygen for the demo the full version. It is probably illegal but oh well. To even be jailbroken, many people think uv broken it all ready! LOL

  65. Anon Says:

    Not sure whether I’m allowed to say this but there is a certain repo where you can get the demo and a keygen for the demo the full version. It is probably illegal but oh well. To even be jailbroken, many people think uv broken it all ready! LOL It’s cydia.xsellize.com

  66. Mercubio Says:

    I can’t figure out how to enable the trial.

  67. Jason Says:

    I have downloaded a wmv video and the playback on yxplayer is extremely slow. Audio is laggy but not as laggy as the video which ends up minutes behind and in slow bursts. If you could update it would be greatly appreciated! :)

  68. Guimenez Says:

    Very laggy on 3GS, please update, i love this app

  69. Ender Says:

    So I actually paid for yxflash and guess what? I get a message saying I must upgrade, but now my serial number does not work any more and the developer won’t send a new one that does work.


  70. hmmm Says:

    You know i installed and it won’t even work???

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  72. Faisal Says:


  73. haituancz Says:


  74. haituancz Says:

    tat ca cac dinh dang

  75. akfishguy Says:

    I paid for the full version and the registration page doesn’t work, and no one will write me back to help register it!
    Have I been ripped off?
    how do I get my money back!

  76. Momen Badr Says:

    It’s wonderful with all that functions.

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