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Pusher is RiPDev’s 2.2 version of a jailbreak. This should be avoided and not used. Instead use the dev team’s jailbreaks. RiPDev’s version will block access to / partition and make it impossible to install Cydia.  (They want you using Installer of course). It’s pretty much worthless since most the packages are in Cydia. The dev team’s jailbreak allows you to use both Cydia and Installer. There is no valid reason to use Pusher instead of one of the pwnages below.

Update: This point had to be made. Pusher tries to say it doesn’t void your warranty indicating that it is different than pwnage / quickpwn in this regard. It is not. This is a lie! Your warranty is “officially” voided, although a simple restore in iTunes undoes any jailbreak and you can always get warranty service. Using pusher or pwnage makes no difference in this regard.

Pusher is not better for newbies. The purpose of jailbreaking is to get as much non-appstore software onto your device as you can. Installer only offers abotu 8% of what is in Cydia. Certainly having 8% of the software packages is not good for newbies.

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34 Responses to “Avoid Pusher”

  1. iambored8907 Says:

    Well I believe the app does actually have a purpose for novice users. Also it doesnt void your warrentee like pwning does. I really dont think you should tell people to not use it just because it doesnt give your total control other the device. It’s like the firewalled version of jailbreaking

  2. Daniel Says:

    It voids your warranty as much as any other jailbreak

  3. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Who in their right mind would want a jailbreak on 2.X firmware that does not give you an option to install Cydia?

  4. minivinny95 Says:

    Stupid Russians…

  5. ron Says:

    Well that just about does it for me and ripdev. I never liked them anyway, after that scam crap that was kate. Now I’m just going to delete installer and never look back.

  6. 14 Says:

    A few things..
    -It sounded like ripdev claimed they owned snapture and qik, isnt snapture in ur repo bigboss?
    -i agree this voids your warranty just as much as pwning
    -it does kind of sound simpler, i think it gives u a better camera, video recording, semitheming and probally a few others
    -does this mean anything currently in installer would be installable, openssh is in installer, as well as mobileinstallation

  7. BigBoss Says:

    Snapture is in my Cydia repo. For video recording, Cycorder, only in Cydia, is better than anything else. Semitheming? Try full theming in Winterboard, only in Cydia. The list goes on. You can always install installer also using the dev team jailbreaks. There’s no need for this pusher.

  8. blackbox Says:

    Hey BigBoss, thanks for the warning, although I didn’t hear about Pusher before your post :)

    Being curious, I went ahead and downloaded it. I thought a few findings might be interesting:

    - Pusher itself seems to be a modified version of QuickPwn, it uses the same frameworks and the overall structure of the files is very similar.

    - FirmwareBundles directory contains much less files than QuickPwn, but those files that are present are identical to the dev team’s versions.

    - NOW THE MOST INTERESTING PART: Pusher executable contains strings indicating that it connects to https://thanatos.ripdev.com/auth/ and transmits WiFi MAC address, device serial number, IMEI and IMSI. You can only guess how this information is used.

    - Pusher also seems to connect to https://albert.apple.com/WebObjects/ALActivation.woa/wa/iPhoneRegistration and attempts to activate the iPhone. This is very interesting, because there’s no lockdownd patch in the bundle, could it be that RiPDev reversed the protocol and are able to generate an activation token on their server and than transmit it to Apple?

  9. falcon212 Says:

    pusher? ahaha they pushed too much, dont they? forget it

  10. 14 Says:

    Do all apps installed with installer go into the same location of the appstore apps. im not sure that works…

  11. scorpios33 Says:

    Thanx BigBoss. The Pusher (stupid russians) and Pwnage have the same author.
    Have a nice time……

  12. Jack Says:

    hmm, I have Cydia in my custom 2.2 FM only.

  13. angelwolf71885 Says:

    cyda is a country in russha..

    btw if you disable the developer sorces..
    guss what thay are equial..

    but installer is bedder bc it was first
    opensorce is a bigger securaty risqe then closed sorce

    bigger bugs are found in nix then in windows

    and bigger bugs are found in FF then IE..

  14. asmodeus Says:


    Sure, man, Installer rocks! Go ahead and use Pushr and Installer, forget about stupid insecure Cydia! Good luck!

  15. asmodeus Says:

    Hahaha, look who’s here! Scorpio! Long time no see, eh? How is it going, big guy? Still smearing shit all over your customers?

    Man, you can’t imagine how happy I am that your “company” (ripdev, yeah) is sinking. Pushr won’t help. Why don’t you jump on Android bandwagon and try selling some unstable, system-crippling software to G-1 users?

    Have a good one, buddy!

  16. asmodeus Says:

    Good thing that you posted this. People should know to stay away from ripdev “products”. They just trying to make up for the huge failure that Installer is, no matter what it takes. Fat chance!..

  17. asmodeus Says:

    ripdev, that’s who!

  18. minivinny95 Says:

    get a life and all you do is post stupid comments on this website.

    your probably a freaking russian hobo!

  19. asmodeus Says:

    lol dude, what are YOU then? I am russian, you’re right there :)

    I was here to get 2.2 update and I just couldn’t help myself when I saw scorpio’s comment here.

  20. aries_green_monkey Says:

    Yeah installer = fail.
    And all RipDEV products for that matter.

    Kate sent my phone into endless bootloop.

    I actual choose not to install installer.

    Also, at least here you can have BOTH, not only 1.
    RipDEV is trying to stop people from using Cydia.
    Quickpwn allows BOTH.

  21. Maneton Says:

    Ahhhh Installer. Reminescense !

  22. dev-team Says:

    1. pusher shouldnt block cydia as cydia has the most apps

    2. pusher is usefull for newbies who aint very good at jailbreaking

    3. i would like to know why ripdev think installer is better than cydia?

    4. i dont trust ripdev

    5. quickpawn is released by hackers who have had alot of experience and knowlage in hacking the iphone/ipodtouch

    you make your disissions but dont come crying to us when you cant install cydia (and miss all the good apps you had before)

  23. zerocoolak Says:

    Doesn’t blocking access to the system partition block access for all the apps that need that partition. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this render the most useful apps/programs unusable? Isn’t this the reason people jailbreak, to hack the system?? Sorry to say but I think this will make a whole lot of people very unhappy. This to me is a huge fault of the “Pusher” method. I think this will be the end of the RIPdev team. I haven’t put installer on my phone since the 2nd beta of V4. From what I’ve read, I am not missing anything. RIP ripdev! You had a good run.

    If it’s popularity you want, do something great.
    If you want to be remembered, be something greater!


  24. iphonehacker Says:

    I would have to agree. Installer is dead. Kate is a worthless b**ch. RIPdev has just shot themselves in the foot with there own smoking gun and will slowly bleed to death on the (iphone) scene. No one can save them now. They are coming off as some greedy MF’s. They are pushing so hard (no pun intended) to get back in the limelight that they are releasing crap just to keep up.


  25. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    I agree with you to the fullest. Thankfully we have people like BigBoss, the DevTeam, and Saurik. Without them the iPhone could never be where it is today.

  26. The_Keigmeister Says:

    Installer is a SCAM. How can they expect you to pay for something like Kate.

    I have no idea why they are still around.

    Its about time they realise that Cydia is the ultimate winner.

  27. The_Keigmeister Says:

    SCREW Installer.

    Cydia is the best in everyway.

  28. duluen Says:

    everything i have ever installed via installer on 2.x has bricked my phone. It is for that reason that when jailbreak my device, as well as those that belong to others I always remove it. Who has time to redo their phone every other day? pffft

  29. elliott Says:

    COME ON ripdev!!! stop being so jealous that the dev team is better than you. Sure, Installer was great on 1.1.x, but now Cydia has risen up and is FAR better than anything Installer 3 was. And quickpwn is super easy to begin with (and it has windoze versions), you plug in your iDevice, click the arrow a few times (make sure to uncheck installer), and youre done. Plus it wont delete anything already on it. Perfect for newbies. But Pusher? I dont even remotely care to try it. But if youre really ripping off quickpwn…. youre as scummy as IphoneUnlockUK (http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/40449333/stop-thief)! On ripdev.com it says they have “something new in the works…”, what crap can you release this time?!?!

  30. Alex Says:

    No way ripdev
    the dev team rules!

    You aren´t telling the truth, make sure about the warranty.

    And what about Cydia?
    We know it’s better than Installer.

    I didn’t understand the post written by scorpio33

    “scorpios33 Says:
    Thanx BigBoss. The Pusher (stupid russians) and Pwnage have the same author.
    Have a nice time……”

    Is it correct?
    So confuse :S

  31. 14 Says:

    the dev team, and rip dev are different right? idk if they share some developers though…and listen guys this is supposed to be a jailbreak for noobs..even though i couldnt even test it without getting an error..its just meant to enable you to get the apps that should be in the appstore…video recorder, snapture…not things like stacks and quickgold(as awesome as they are)

  32. BigBoss Says:

    No, that’s wrong. Re-read the article. It only gives you installer which does not contain most those apps.

  33. Scott Says:

    how do you uninstall ‘installer’

  34. Alex Says:

    Instead of RiPDev trying to screw people, how ’bout they start working “WITH” instead of “AGAINST”. Installer was before Cydia and people like it back then. Now its bullshit. So instead of making it worse, put what little brainpower and experience they have to good use by helping the Dev Team. It wouldn’t help much but a few extra IQ points to the entire Dev Team would be good.

    If your not contributing, your part of the problem RiPDev.

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