“Be My Eyes” New iPhone App, helps the blind see

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A brand new iPhone app has just hit the app store, and it’s called “Be My Eyes”. This is really unlike any other app, you don’t fling birds or check in on your friends. Be My Eyes is a unique and free app developed to help the blind. It takes a function of the iPhone we have taken for granted(the camera/live streaming) and provides a helpful tool to those in need.

Be My Eyes allows a blind person to request assistance for a daily task or challenge. The requester simply sends out a request via the app, then one of the thousands of volunteers and counting that have installed and singed up for the app help guide the person in need. It creates a live video stream with the blind person needing assistance so that you may help them with their task. This could be anything from helping them navigate a cross walk to helping someone find the AA batteries in electronics. The blind person hears the instructions via the iPhone feature Voiceover. Currently this is only an options for iPhones 4s or newer and only for iOS 7x or newer, currently not available for android.

To me this is an excellent way to not only do a good deed but help make someone else’s life a little easier. My request for those who do plan on using the service or volunteering is simple, please don’t let this turn into a chat roulette situation, this is a noble purpose and cause that can make a real positive difference for tens of thousands of people . With that said there have been systems put inplace to help limit misuse.

So if you are like me and want to help someone out even just a few times a month get the app by clicking her to go directly to the app store page.

Images from Be My Eyes app page.

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