biteSMS v3.2 with Quick Compose Out

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Changelog as of April 7, 2009

  • Added a backgrounder feature directly into biteSMS (optional via settings) – so that it’s much quicker!
  • Added Quick Compose feature (press volume-up) to allow you to compose an SMS from inside any application! (except YouTube).
  • In Quick Reply and Quick Compose, added a “Call” feature and an SMS counter.
  • General performance increases.
  • Fixed “Send via Carrier” so that it’s as quick as the Apple one!!
  • When using the Chinese keyboard the suggestions / auto-correct overlay are no longer obscured.
  • Made the [Done] buttons blue like Apples, e.g. when you press [Edit] in the conversation list.
  • After deleting a message bubble, biteSMS will no longer scroll to the end of the conversation.
  • Where buttons slide up from the bottom of the screen ([Clear] button and Right Swipe on bubble) they are now spaced and colored as per Apple UI standards.
  • Fixed the bug whereby if you locked your iPhone while in the landscape mode of biteSMS, upon unlock it mangled the screen.
  • Rotation logic now the same as Safari (so that when your phone is upside down, it does not register this as a change in orientation).
  • Improved the Messages Sent reset feature to be more informative and clearer to understand.
  • Fixed issue, whereby sqlite multi-threading bug caused “Checking License…” to be performed multiple times (should only be checked once per install).
  • Now supports texting to short codes without adding the country code prefix (Send via Carrier).
  • Added support for “swipe to left” gesture (as well as the exiting “swipe to right”) when in the conversation list to display the Delete button.
  • Settings icon now fades in / out as per the “compose new” pencil icon, for example when pressing [Edit].
  • Enhanced the biteSMS URL call to also allow data to be passed in, for example bitesms:+61418123456?body=Hi%20Mum

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


20 Responses to “biteSMS v3.2 with Quick Compose Out”

  1. Chris Says:

    Its not on cydia yet… nor icy.

  2. iamse7en Says:

    Always a step behind iRealSMS.

    This is just a buggier knock-off.

    BiteSMS is appropriately named: it bites.

  3. Chris Says:

    Well… I have both… and honestly… There is something about iReal that I do not like. I have just uninstalled it today and installed back BiteSMS. I mean, just navigating through the settings was a pain and every new update changed things back and forth. The BiteSMS app itself seems to work better and faster than ireal’s.

    Those quick replies and quickSMS’s introduce a level of enhancements that put the phone in slo-mode. I’ll see how this release of bitesms works out.

    This is my own pers opinion.

  4. v0yAgEr Says:

    It’s a great app! Worth every penny I paid for it!

  5. owen Says:

    not sure if i want to pay for it if all these features may show up in iphone 1.3.0

  6. Harry Says:

    I can’t get the quick compose to work no matter what. I’ve tried hitting, holding, double tapping the volume button but it won’t do it. It’s enabled in the menu though.

  7. BigBoss Says:

    It was on cydia at the time this was published. It was also in the right side bar, the list of apps that are currently hosted ———————>

  8. _t- Says:


    you have to respring.

  9. Jessev Says:

    ok, so i used biteSMS for my 20 day trial and didn’t have much to complain about except the speed. can somebody using it tell me how responsive it is? i mean launching the app from the quickreply box, most often. if it’s quick, and overall a better app than irealsms, i’ll be purchasing

  10. Jessev Says:

    what makes you say this?

  11. Isaac Says:

    The speed, stability, and features are much much improved. As for “one step behind” iReal … simply, no. Until 3.2 came out, I was on the fence. This has sealed it, in BiteSMS’s favor. It is more stable, it is more “Apple”-like UI wise and otherwise, and it has all the essential features I personally want in an SMS that the stock Apple doesn’t provide. To top it off, it does some things iRealSMS does NOT do: namely, it can send group sms’s from ABContact (i.e. send to one group, not manually add individuals to the “send” pane). This is priceless at times. This isn’t to say iReal is no good; respect is given. But BiteSMS is in its own league, especially with features and price.

    Great job, BiteSMS team.

  12. Jessev Says:

    nobody replied… so i went ahead and bought this app after trying iRealSMS for a few hours and not liking it.

    i let my gf do the same test, having never used either before. within an hour she was fed up with irealsms and wanted to uninstall it. she’s now using bitesms

  13. Andy Says:

    Really great app! Works perfect!
    I paid after freetrial was over – i love it!

  14. Cocoa Says:

    I have every sms program there is on my jailbroken iphone. I had irealsms with and without the quicksms. I’ve had big boss quicksms, which I value the timed text messaging but forced my phone to respring too much. I’ve had mysms which I just don’t like its buggy and choosing contacts is too slow. Also with irealsms you can set it to default to the original text icon, like you can with other programs. All in all I chose bitesms, its not buggy, its visually appealing and the new features make it even better. Now just make it faster with an option to send a text at a specific time and I’ll be elated. Thanks!

  15. turim Says:

    BiteSMS is really good. the background-feature and QuickCompose is excellent!
    and of course emoticons, landscape sms and so on and so forth…

    when the new iPhone arrive this summer, i hope it get´s jailbroken ral fast, so BiteMessage will stay on target :-)

  16. joey Says:

    whenever i use the quickreply it works but then the stock text app will alert then it freezes on me?

  17. Bcks Says:

    I love biteSMS – I didn’t even wait for the trial to be over before I purchased. Bought it about 2 hours after install. Seriously awesome; love that landscape mode is possible. Also love the quick reply of it.
    UI is easy to change through rethemeing as well, which is good.
    My only gripe is that if I get an SMS when I’m on a phone call, I have to get out of the SMS before I can hang up. It’s caught me a few times so there’s extra seconds wasted navigating out of the SMS then getting to end call. Would be good if something could be done for that.
    Otherwise, really love the app. It works really well, is one of the only apps on my iPhone that doesn’t run really slowly! (I think I’m killing my phone slowly…)
    Cheers BiteSMS team for a sleek app.

  18. Orly Says:

    Can any body tell me pleeeeeeease… to delete QuickSMS from my iPhone. I’m not interested on paying for it and now I cant get the volume up to work on my phone to a point that is all the way down and I cant even here it when it rings. PLEEEEEASE I NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!
    Thank u.

  19. Justin Says:

    quick compose doesn’t work, i resprung and toggled it on/off.

  20. Angry Says:

    I jailbroke my phone just for biteSMS. And Ive got the quick compose gesture to work just fine.

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