SBSettings v1.0.1 and Working Dock

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Apps, Development

Ok after a bit of sleep and some extra time, I debugged and got v1.0.1 out with working dock. Enjoy. I also released all the themes that were submitted. If you sent a theme to me and it’s not in Cydia right now, I don’t have it. Update: v1.0.3 is out fixing some user-reported bugs: [...]

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iPhone Developers Cookbook

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Development

Developers: Now that Apple lifted the NDA to the SDK, there is a decent iPhone programmers book available. I have read the book and can tell you that it’s very useful. If you are new, it starts you from the beginning in making a hello word project. But even if you are an experienced developer, [...]

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