yellowsn0w for 3.0 on the way!

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Update: The Dev-Team has just updated their blog in conjunction to MuscleNerd’s Ultrasn0w Demo (that’s what they are calling the 3.0 unlock)

* Only ultrasn0w is going to take til Friday to get pushed out. All of our other tools should be out pretty soon after the official Apple release.
* If you apply our jailbreak when it comes out, you can install ultrasn0w anytime after that. You obviously won’t have cell service in the meantime, though.
* This may in fact be directly applicable to the iPhone 3GS if it can be jailbroken, because it runs the same baseband version. Whether or not it can be jailbroken is a big question right now!

Watch MuscleNerd’s Ultrasn0w Demo


The Dev-Team Blog has just confirmed that they are in the finalizing stages of testing Pwnage Tool and Quickpwn that will work with iTunes 8.2.

In more anticipating news, they also announced that on Tuesday evening (just before 3.0 goes live), they will perform a live demo of the yellowsn0w carrier unlock working on official 3.0 firmware.

This is great news for all, as the image they provide shows the final 3.0 modem firmware (04.26.08) – basically sayings that all iPhone 3G’s are unlockable – even ones that have 5.9 Bootloader and 02.30.00+ modem firmware.

I would still recommend waiting on upgrading to 3.0 until the Dev-Team releases all information regarding the jailbreak and unlock.

Thank you Dev-Team!

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SBSettings 3.0 Soon part 2

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Edit: I packed this up and released it as v2.99. There are a couple more things I plan before 3.0 comes out, but this will get some good testing in. A couple notes, the install process should work, but if you have any weird problems, like respring just hangs with the respring screen up, reboot the iPhone and then send me email letting me know this happened. I am trying to avoid a reboot on install and want to make sure it’s working for the masses. Also, remember you must enable the status bar features in the more app!

Note: themes like leopard U/I that put javascript web content directly over the statusbar will prevent statusbar date and memory from showing up.

So I have still been working on SBSettings for 3.0 (and update for 2.x). In addition to the features listed in my previous post I have added:

  • You can now have more than 12 toggles. (On the 3.0 OS). When you have > 12 toggles it will let you scroll like categories app or such.
  • There is now an option to put the free memory in the statusbar. See:
  • You can now select from several options to customize the behaviors of SBSettings:
    • Enable or disable the U/I from lock screen
    • Enable or disable the U/I during calls (for those of you that kept having the U/I activate on your cheek).
    • Enable or disable the date in status bar.
    • Enable or disable the memory free in status bar.
    • Enable or disable numeric battery, wifi, or GSM (phone strength).
  • Revamped the U/I on the more – extras screen.
  • Internally, I have made the toggles SDK more extensible enabling direct access to system() calls within the toggles. I expect another small flood of new toggles like safari download, samba, or syslog toggles. These tasks were impossibly difficult on 1.x sbsettings and are now trivially simple.

Known Issues – Please READ THIS before you comment:

1) If your respring, SSH, or EDGE doesn’t work, you are one of the unlucky 3100 to get my bad pack. Reboot the iPhone and you should be ok.

2) If you hold wifi for more than 1 second to try to invoke the hold action, springboard will crash. I had debugging stuff in there that I forgot to remove. None of the toggles support invoke hold action yet anyway so there is no need to hold them.

3) If you saw fastnotes, location services, or processes uninstall on the update this is normal. They are now included in the core sbsettings.

4) I already know that there is some misaligned text on 2.0 mobile substrate screen. The font on 3.0 and 2.0 are sized differently by defaults. Will fix in next version.

5) If you are on 3.0 this will not work for you. Do not report that the more app crashes. It’s not a problem with sbsettings. It’s in your jailbreak. To properly make it work on 3.0 beta, you require a private, not yet released kernel patch and to fix your crashing on loading the more app, you need to install the package that includes dirname. (It will be installed on a real 3.0 release build). Look for one of the *-cmds packages like “adv-cmds”, “file-cmds”, “shell-cmds” or just install all 3.

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Calling out for tester: Samba for the iPhone

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UPDATE: The Final version has been released, just search for “Samba” on Cydia, or check out this blog post: This is a beta for the most technical users. If you cannot follow the instructions below without help, you should not be attempting the process. About Samba for iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to see your [...]

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BigBoss Prep for 3.0

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I have been working hard on iPhone 3.0 OS testing all my apps. At this point, most stuff is working although SBSettings has a couple small quirks. I plan to have everything ready and released before 3.0 is actually out. Apps tested are:

1) SBSettings - In addition to patching current kernel in current jailbreak to get this to work (sorry, I will not be able to give this patch out, wait for 3.0 to be released), I have fixed many of the changed hooks in Springboard 3 and installed an entirely new toggle mechanism. The old toggles mostly stopped working and had to be rewritten. This will also provide a more stable SSH toggle and EDGE toggle. It also will open the door for toggles like safari download and syslog which were previously not possible. Safari download toggle will become a trivial task and I plan to have a toggle whipped up for this new SBSettings.

2) BossPrefs - I planned on killing this app, but it seems to be used quite a lot in spite of SBSettings being out and better. The original BossPrefs was built for 1.1.x and built with the compatibility SDK. This is no longer possible to use on 3.0. I had to rewrite it from scratch. In doing so, I have it actually using the SBSettings toggles pack. (Yes, even brightness, fastnotes and the likes work, LOL).

3) Categories - Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed, which is no longer default install in Cydia.

4) Poof - Tested and working. Currently requires core-utils to be installed.

5) Flashlight - Tested, worked with no modification.

6) Docs - Tested, worked with no modification.

I have other apps, but they just do standard things and I believe they will all work without modification.

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123Spoof MLM with Version 2.1

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Long time no speak everyone. We have made alot of updates and wanted to inform everyone of just a few. Firstly, our main feature Spoofing is still free so long as the calls are kept under 2 minutes. You still have to listen to a short 10 second ad before your call is placed but [...]

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BigBoss Repo now has Comments

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I have added a comments section to my pages in Cydia. It’s on the new styled depiction pages. You can view the comments in most recent to oldest order and add your own. I have infrastructure to add ratings as well but left it out for now as Saurik says he’s adding this himself. See screenshots of Cydia:

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SBSettings SDK update v1.1

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I have updated the SBSettings SDK guide to document the new invokeHoldAction function that allows toggles to trap a held action by the user for special menus. For example, one use would be in a wi-fi toggle to allow the user to select the APN.

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New Skype app having problems on Jailbroken phones?

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Update (April 2, 2009 by BigBoss) I just pushed an update to Crash-X’s VoIPover3G v1.0.2 that will enable skype in the plist for you. No need for editing plist files just update the VoIPover3G app.

Update (April 1, 2009 by BigBoss and ranova): Saurik just released mobilesubstrate 0.9.2805-1. This version fixes the problem entirely allowing for mobilesubstrate addons to work with Skype app. You can now use Skype app with VoIPover3G! -
Quick Tip: The voipover3g string for Skype is: -All lowercase. You must add it in the VoIPover3G.plist located in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/
Full Guide to add Skype to voipover3g

Latest clippy and keyboard custom sounds now also seem to work with Skype using the latest Mobile Substrate update. If you are still experiencing crashes when you open up the keyboard, disable these two components.

If you are still experiencing crashes with the new Mobile Substrate and have disabled clippy and\or custom keyboard sounds, make sure to check other mobile substrate extensions or apps that run in the background and disable them. They may be still conflicting with how Skype runs. This is not a Mobile Substrate problem, but a problem with the extension or app itself and the author of it will have to update it. I had no problems using Clippy, Cydelete, Cyntact, Five Icon Dock, QuickGold, SBSettings, VoIPover3G, and Winterboard as mobile substrate extensions.

Known extensions or apps that cause skype to crash: mcoolphone, mobilelog, AdvLock, Hood, and Intelliscreen (it may work if you mess around with the performance settings in Intelliscreen).
You can check what mobileSubstrates extensions you have running and installed by looking in the folder:

If you use Intelliscreen, From User Daron:

Eventually, I discovered that Skype would launch if I *disabled* IntelliScreen. I then tried to disable some of the IntelliScreen Performance extensions (Backgrounder, FileSchemaMobileSafari, MailToAttachmentMessageUI, PrefHooker-iKeyEx, SBHooker-iKeyEx, SBSettings, Veency, VoIPover3G, WinterBoard) and discovered that the culprit was Veency.

Thank you Saurik and everyone else that posted comments that helped us figure out the underlying problems.

Update (March 31st, 2009): Saurik has released a new mobile substrate and the issue is fixed. No need for intelliscreen or any other hacks. Just update mobile substrate from cydia. Update to v0.9.2803-1 (or newer) of mobile substrate.

To fix the Skype crash, all mobilesubstrate based hacks are disabled on the Skype app. This means you cannot use voipover3g or backgrounder with Skype app. Do not ask how to do it or point out that it doesnt work. The developer of mobile substrate has already stated that it will not work.


The highly anticipated app for the iPhone has just been released in the US:
Skype in the AppStore.

Now the bad news. It seems that all jailbroken phones do not play well with the Skype app. I had problems getting it to work at all, the app would crash when you try to use the keyboard to login to the app. I later found out, through trial and error, the culprit for keyboard crashing is Custom Winterboard Keyboard Click Sounds and Clippy. Getting rid of the keyboard custom clicks (tock.aiff) seems to work with regular themes. Using SBSettings Clippy toggle to switch it off seemed to do the trick also.

That problem, while small and fixable, is not the biggest problem. Skype seems to freeze within 30-50 seconds while in the app – no matter what you do (calling, idling, chatting, etc). I went into safe mode using SBSettings and tried out Skype – to my surprise, everything worked perfectly – I used it to talk to my friend for about 20-30 minutes. I decided to do a little bit more troubleshooting – deleting mobile substrates one by one to see if it helped or not, and then deleting them all. Nothing seemed to work, the app would still crash within one minute.

I decided to run SysInfoPro and compare running processes (non-mobile substrate) between safe mode and regular mode. They both had the exact processes running at the same time.

Although I didn’t delve much deeper into the problem (could have tried using Top and system logs), I have come to a conclusion that Skype crashes ONLY on jailbroken iPhones. I had a couple friends try it on their newly restored iPhones, and they worked flawlessly. Other people from multiple forums have also said it crashes non-stop for them (their iPhones also jailbroken):

“I managed to download skype and tested myself. It is buggy and all the symptoms the same as described by ranova. I have tried it on a 1G phone newly updated to 2.2.1 jailbroken. The only apps I have installed is sbsettings, ierase, nimbuzz, and skype. It still crashes after 30sec or so. It has got to be the phone that is jailbroken. I have nothing on my phone other than what you get after you jailbreak.” – duceduc

“2.2.1 jailbroken 3g here. It crashes after 30 – 60 seconds.” – jgsx

“Confirmed – Crashes like every minute.” – Zazox

Let’s hope this isn’t an attempt from Apple or Skype to cause apps to crash only on jailbroken phones (to deter the use of voipover3g). [end conspiracy theories]
Update: Saurik has just updated regarding reasons behind the crashes:

“Skype seems to be using some kind of /awesome/ DRM that involves them having an entire replacement binary somehow inside of it: the one on disk doesn’t link against /anything/ ;P. Whatever its doing, though, involves stressing dyld in some weird way.

Interestingly enough, its not anything MobileSubstrate does to the code: its just it existing in the process before it loads its replacement. (Which is extra weird, as the new MobileSubstrate links against almost nothing: just CoreFoundation.)”

So what we know so far:

  • If Skype crashes when trying to input text: Disable both clippy (Use SBSettings toggle) and any custom Winterboard sounds relating to the keyboard tick (tock.aiff).
  • If Skype crashes within 1 minute of having the app open: Update your Mobile substrate via Cydia. The latest version (April 1st, 2009) allows mobile substrate to play nicely with Skype. Thanks Saurik!

Temporary fix that allows mobile substrates extensions (voipover3g, backgrounder, winterboard) to run, from Autotrade at Engadget:

“For people having crashes (especially the 1 minute thing) use this FIX: I had to enable in Intelliscreen, Performance, App Boost ON and select the apps below (in my case I set Backgrounder and VoipOver3G both to ON). That fixed it, no more crashes at all, tested this on 2 iPhones.”

Well there you have it, Skype on the iPhone is amazing – sound quality sounds better than regular cell calls. I briefly tested it on T-mobile’s EDGE network (using voipover3g) and for the 30 seconds that it lasted, there was no noticable lag and quality was great! I look forward in using Skype as a regular VoIP app. Thanks for all the comments and thank you saurik for looking into this.

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iPhone OS C/C++ Compiler

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Hey guys! Here is pH. I’m new here and I’ll post all my tools here. BigBoss is hosting everything on the repo (thanks, :) ) and, if you want, click here to visit my english blog (ipHrojects) or click here to visit my brazillian blog (iBlogeek). My first public tool is called iPhone OS C/C++ [...]

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iPhone Jailbreaking, EFF, and DMCA

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As you read this, keep in mind that I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

There has been a lot of news surrounding the legality of iPhone jailbreaking. It started when the EFF announced that it plans to add iPhone jailbreaking as a DMCA exception. ( After this, Apple made an announcement that they consider jailbreaking to be a copyright infringement ( So what’s really going on?

The DMCA has a set of exemptions that are reviewed every three years. This year is the year where these exemptions are reviewed and also when new exemptions are added. The EFF is pushing to have jailbreaking added to the exemption list. By adding this, it basically says “jailbreaking your iPhone is legal”. Remember, not having it in there does not say that jailbreaking is illegal. It simply doesn’t say. For example, there is no US Law that says “clothes shopping is legal”. But there is no reason to think it is not legal either. The EFF is pushing to add an exemption so that jailbreaking is actually called out as legal.

The original exemption requests can be found here:

A month after the exemption requests were made, the responses were due. These can be found here:

There are responses from a number of people for 5A from a number of end users and small businesses the obvious players: EFF and Apple. A few people who are definitely interested in this problem for other reasons (VOIP): Virgin Mobile and Skype. Mozilla also chimed in with a rather short document.

Skylar wrote an interesting article on this here:

And the NYTimes has an interesting article on it here:…our-iphone/?em

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Operation JB iPod: redsn0w

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iPod Touch2G Jailbreak coming!

They have kept it quiet long enough. The iphone-dev team have some great news posted on their blog relating to what redsn0w actually is. Previous speculation was the ultimate iPhone 3G unlock (bootloader exploit). Others thought it was a prank, but we confirmed that in fact, belonged to the fabulous devs.

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Jailbird – Winpwn Replacement

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Jailbird is a new application that will allow Windows users to jailbreak & unlock their iDevices!

Jailbird is meant to be a replacement for WinPwn, this means unlike Quickpwn, you will be able to generate a Custom IPSW and change your partition size!

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nibbleSMS – SMS from your iPod…wow!

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You love your iPod touch as much as we do? Wish you could send SMS messages from it? Now you can: nibbleSMS lets you send SMS messages directly from your iPod touch! Although you can only send SMS messages, not receive them, it’s still convenient and cheap. Although the nibbleSMS application is free, to send [...]

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New Application: Cracked Screen

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Hey, I’m Steaps and I’m a beginner developer from Canada. I’m 16 years old, and began developing on my late ’08 MacBook the day after they were released. This application was made as a port from and iPod touch Fans Jiggy application back on the 1.1.x days, felt like porting it to stop people from [...]

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SBSettings Toggle SDK Posted

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For those of you that are developers, I have posted an SBSettings toggles SDK here. This will teach you what is required to write your own SBSettings toggles. Have fun!  !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:'https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+’://’;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, ‘script’, ‘twitter-wjs’);lang: en_US

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