Jailbird – Winpwn Replacement

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Jailbird is a new application that will allow Windows users to jailbreak & unlock their iDevices!

Jailbird is meant to be a replacement for WinPwn, this means unlike Quickpwn, you will be able to generate a Custom IPSW and change your partition size! Jailbird will support all 2.0 firmwares from 2.0 – 2.2 and will be the first GUI based pwnage tool for Windows that supports FW 2.2.

You can see the first publicly released screenshot of Jailbird below.


The Dev-Team (iGods)
difrnt (Programmer for Jailbird)
Doc (Graphics Artist for Jailbird) 

Please point all questions to: difrnt@difrnt.com or leave comments / feedback! Please join us in #jailbird of irc.osx86.hu for live chat (if you use the link, please set a nickname).

Check back for more news, updates www.indianfinasteride.com, and a guide on its release!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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38 Responses to “Jailbird – Winpwn Replacement”

  1. Pelaez Says:

    That’s nice! Can we use custom boot logos too?

  2. difrnt Says:

    Yes, custom boot and recovery logos will be supported!

  3. NESticle Says:

    Winpwn dropped the ball. Thanks for picking it up. I’ll let other people test this and hope that all (if any) of the bugs are worked out before 2.3

  4. esmandau Says:

    estimated date or month of release?

  5. Q Says:

    Will this work for the 2nd ten iPod Touch? I not, is it being worked on?

  6. Louie Says:

    Will this work for Ipod Touch 2nd GEn ?

  7. Hamed Says:

    iTouch 2G… From the shots its clear that it does not.

    Why do I have the feeling that this is based on the devteam work?

  8. Jason Says:

    Quick question. Why do we need to change the partition size? When I used WinPwn I did change it accordingly. But when I use QuickPwn there is no need. Why is that?

  9. brandycmc Says:

    Many thanks guys. It’s been a real pain without an up to date Windows IPSW tool.

    I’m really glad that the WinPwn guys were originally able to provide their tool. But since they’ve not had the time to update it, am so pleased somebody else has volunteered to invest their own time in this.

    Looking forward to Jailbird!

  10. IphoneDUDE Says:


    I had a question about the programs ” generate a Custom IPSW ” feature.

    One of the biggest beefs I have had with the Iphone ever since I have owned it from firmware version 1.12 up to 2.2 now, is the lack of a simple backup and restore program.

    Having to use appbackup, aptbackup, and itunes to re-install all my Apple/Cydia apps has always been a pain in the butt, and time consuming process.

    I was wondering if this “ipsw” program feature will let us select ” all ” our jailbroken and apple appstore apps. Allowing us to be able to do a single easy restore via a custom ipsw. Or will this be a limited custom ispw, only allowing a pre-selected few applications,, allready preprogramed into this pwnage program.

    Please clarify this for me.


  11. BigBoss Says:

    Of course it is. No one is trying to hide that. This is a front-end / GUI to xpwn – since xpwn is a bit difficult for average users.

  12. BigBoss Says:

    You do not need to. This allows you to do so if you choose to. I recommend you do not.

  13. Jason Says:

    Thanks BigBoss. I never understood why the guides for WinPwn said to change the partition sizes, but the guides for QuickPwn never mentioned it.

  14. difrnt Says:

    We are hoping for some time in February, but no promises are being kept. :)

  15. difrnt Says:

    With any luck, Jailbird will essentially support what ever the Dev-Team supports.

  16. difrnt Says:

    Nope, not hiding it at all, and why reinvent the wheel when the wheel already made works just fine?

  17. difrnt Says:

    Eventually the goal is to allow you to connect to a Cydia repository and download applications that you would like to include in the customized IPSW, the first version of Jailbird I can say will most likely not contain this feature, but rest assured in the future you will find it. :D

  18. Ultimate Says:

    Great, this is an excellent news for all windows users, thanks for make it happens guys ;-).

    Let us known if you need any support for testing.

    FIP team

  19. reDevil Says:

    GREAT !!!!

    But add default setting for dummies like me so we don’t make mistakes *_* , or make normal & advance modes wich I think it’s better ^_^


  20. Hamed Says:

    Sorry if I sounded harsh, wasn’t my intention just an observation.

    Many thanks for continuing from where WinPwn left off, I just deleted it from my bookmarks a couple of days ago :)

  21. Hamed Says:

    OK after reading the original post again I think the “kudos” section should mention the DevTeam…

  22. Taj Says:

    Thanks a lot for your great job BOSS.
    The Pwnage with MAC could wipe all the contents.
    Hope the new one for Windows will do the same.

  23. iPlay Says:

    Is it possible to activate the iPhone 3G with jailbird? (I’m not talking about unlocking it, I’m talking about ACTIVATING it just like iTunes used to do “I can’t activate my iPhone in my country as it does not have a valid sim card for it”)

  24. Krishh Says:

    One suggestion:

    As cydia will be preinstalled (I hope) during the jailbreak, could there be an option to select some of the “Featured” or “Most popular” application from cydia at the time of jailbreaking.
    If there could sbe a list of some apps and a checkbox in front of each, so that user could select and install whatever apps needed.

  25. Chris Says:

    I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for porting over the Pwnage Tool to Windows. I was upset that the other gut dropped the ball like he did leaving windows users no alternative. I know you guys do this because you want to and not because you have to. If I knew code well enough I would try. So when your ready and you need testers I would like to help.

    Thanks Again
    Good Work !!

  26. ennoid417 Says:

    Thanks thanks, and thank you.

  27. iBlackdude Says:

    Please can we have an iPhone optimized website ????

  28. HandyRandy Says:

    Well I unlocked my iPhone 2G with QuickPwn. Beforehand it was unactivated and afterwards it was activated. All without iTunes activation. I didn’t even put a SIM card in it until AFTER I finished it all.

  29. RoboHamburger Says:

    Please can this program be used with Windows Vista to unlock my iphone for international use? I have a Vodafone sim in the Czech Republic and the original iPhone from USA with updated firmware 2.2 installed?Will it work?

  30. Michael Says:

    will cydia and installer work and how much will texting be?

  31. AK Says:

    Hi Guys

    When is jailbird actualy going to be released and will it support 2.2.1 firmware like pawnage does now. I dnt want to have to buy a mac just to unlock my 2G to the atest firmware.

    The old winpwn was great but only supports 2.0.x firmwares


  32. James Says:

    AK: you can upgrade your phone using quickpwn for windows. This will allow you to update the firmware to the latest version.

  33. pkboy1 Says:

    do u guy when when can we can get jailbird? i realy need to custum my iphone but keep check all the time still don’t kbnow where to get

  34. AK Says:

    quickpwn wasent working no…..my m8 had an macbook so i used pawnage on the mac and that fixed everything i am now using my 2G on firmware 2.2.1 unlocked and jailbroken :-)

    Jailbird needs to hurry up

  35. Poseidon Says:

    Has this project been abandoned? What happened to beta testers… GRRR?!

  36. Jayman Says:

    Hi guys, any word on when jailbird will be coming out? I am really hoping to get my iphone 3g fw 2.2(5g77) bb 2.28 up and running cydia. Only looking for jailbreak now but would like to keep 2.28 bb so i can decide if i want to unlock it later. That’s why I am waiting for jailbird. I dont want to use quickpwn. So any ideas when?

  37. DynamiX Says:

    Download WINPWN here : http://rapidshare.com/files/250292189/winpwn_2.0.0.4_Setup.zip

  38. Agatha Says:

    Tukscq YMMD with that anwser! TX

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