nibbleSMS – SMS from your iPod…wow!

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You love your iPod touch as much as we do? Wish you could send SMS messages from it? Now you can: nibbleSMS lets you send SMS messages directly from your iPod touch! Although you can only send SMS messages, not receive them, it’s still convenient and cheap.

Although the nibbleSMS application is free, to send SMS messages you’ll need to buy credits.

For details on our great rates, our world-wide coverage and of course to buy credits, go to

Note: nibbleSMS is for the iPod touch only, and biteSMS is for the iPhone only.

Screen Sample – Conversation List

Screen Sample - Conversation List

Screen Sample – Compose SMS

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5 Responses to “nibbleSMS – SMS from your iPod…wow!”

  1. samela Says:

    I dont get why people pay for this stuff, iphone or ipod touch. AIM lets you txt for free to any mobile phone no matter the carrier

  2. Zack Says:

    diddo =X

  3. Marty Says:

    Yes, but how about sending a quick text to let them know you are online to AIM….?

    Also, great for international texts…nice and cheap.

  4. MJ Says:

    Yeh, valid point for those in the US, but in Europe SMS rates are expensive, and this is great for my kids, no need to give them a phone, just an iPod touch (wireless is free and plentiful in Holland) so if they need me they can text me.

  5. Egon Says:

    WARNING: The big disadvantage of NibblesMs is that the credits are only limited to 12 months. After the period they steal it away from you with lame excuses about pricing of messages. I lost 24 euro with it. So don’t buy too many credits if you not want to be ripped off by nibblesMs.

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