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For those of you that are developers, I have posted an SBSettings toggles SDK here. This will teach you what is required to write your own SBSettings toggles. Have fun!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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96 Responses to “SBSettings Toggle SDK Posted”

  1. asd Says:

    killall task!!! : )

  2. abdull Says:

    thanks for the hard work

    could anyone please develop a toggle for the vibration alert when the phone in silent mode
    i wish i’m a developer to do it myself : (


  3. holger Says:

    Hello – first many thankx for your great Tool.

    I have one little Problem: ist there an flag to disable the activation of SBSettings with an “Swich in the Statusbar”? I only want it to activate with 2 Fingers because i get many unwanted activations when the iPhone is inside my Pocket.

    many greetings from Austria/Europe

  4. BigBoss Says:

    When you put the device in your pocket, tap power so you don’t have this problem and so that you aren’t draining your battery.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    a toggle for veency would be great.
    and of course for safari download plugin

  6. DT Says:

    Could anyone create a toggle that allows you to set airplane mode on a timer mode? That way if you’re sleeping the phone connectivity would shut off and turn back on when you wake up.

  7. BigBoss Says:

    This is not something a toggle could do. What you are describing involves a separate application that runs as a daemon in the background.

  8. holger Says:

    i know the power button, but i want to use an app which wants to run without the phone beeing locked (EasyWakeUp).

    so if there is an possibility to disable – please tell me.

    btw – thank you for the fast reply.

  9. z00gie Says:


    - Auto-lock toggle
    - VOICERECORDER (something quick like the Fastnotes, that would allow quick and easy voice recording without launching an app)


  10. z00gie Says:


  11. glassbase Says:

    How about a VPN toggle?
    This was one thing that was missing from BossPrefs as well.

  12. ??? Says:


  13. ??? Says:

    just use insomnia, it keeps wifi on and all procecess running after you lock.

  14. Chip Says:

    I second that!

  15. Pelaez Says:

    KillAll tasks would be a respring… right?

  16. Danny Says:

    Not at all. Respring restarts while a killall task would force quite the current application, most likely if frozen or unresponsive.

  17. Danny Says:

    Just use SafeMode if you are worrying about losing memory

  18. Danny Says:


  19. Blazer Says:

    I know this is a little off-topic but could you implement a numeric battery within SBSettings itself. Cause I still like the normal battery but every so often i wanna check my actual percent. Just a suggestion,

  20. Pelaez Says:

    Ah, sorry, misread “KillAll [Task Name]” as “Kill All Tasks”

  21. Anonymous Says:

    +1, would find this very useful

  22. Hasan Says:

    safari dl plugin! please! :D

  23. Firas Moosvi Says:

    Couldn’t really find where else to put this but is there any way you can make the “X” button to turn the HUD off BIGGER and get it away from so close to the edge of the touch screen.

    With a cover on it’s really difficult to hit the “X” button exactly and make it go away.

    Better yet can you make the HUD appear and disappear by the same action? For eg swipe the top to make it appear and swipe again to close.

    These interface tweaks will really make this as useful as quickgold (home button to show QG Panel and home button again to disappear.


  24. bao Says:

    I wonder if it is possible to have a slider, similar to the brightness one, which controls the iPod volume limit without having to go into settings. 99% of the time I want my volume majorly limited but now and then I need to raise it.

  25. Nohelp Says:

    Just tap the numeric battery to switch back and forth between the 2 views.

  26. BigBoss Says:

    This was already released.

  27. BigBoss Says:

    No, just use the home button instead of the X

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I appreciate all the new features, but when can we expect some bug fixes? Most notably any bug related to how easy it is to bring down the SBSettings menu. I thought it was supposed to only come down on a finger slide. But for the most part it’ll basically come down if you touch anywhere in the status bar. Double tap, single tap, slide down (not across). Really, its quite buggy in that regard (and very annoying).

  29. ChalleFo Says:

    I love that you can swipe your finger down from the bar, makes it feel like a curtain or something. Maybe a place in the settings menu where you could choose which motions activates would be better than removing some.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    My iphone would be complete with a vibration toggle!

  31. Kets Says:

    Could any one make a Toggle for the silent button slide ? cuz mine felt off.. And here in my country it isn’t such easy to get a replacement like in america..

  32. Blazer Says:

    Yeah, but it’s pretty inconvenient to re-spring every time.

  33. Blazer Says:

    In some applications it can get annoying, especially if your trying to play two player tap tap (local).

  34. zerocoolak Says:

    You do not need to respring. Just tap the actual battery icon to switch between the two. :)

  35. Bakbone Says:

    Can anybody create an autocorrect on/off toggle. I know there is one for Bossprefs but it would be nice to have one handy in SBsettings.

    I switch that on and off really often.

    Many thanks.

  36. Bakbone Says:

    iPodTouchMaster you can do it !!!
    You guys are just awesome. Appreciate your hard work.

    Have you got any job offers from Steve yet ??
    Just out of curiosity ;)

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, this is what I’m working on now.

  38. BigBoss Says:

    Veency cannot be toggled. I already discussed this idea with the developer.

  39. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry, this is not considered a bug and is not going to be fixed.

  40. Lestat Says:

    I would love to see a toggle for autolock!

  41. HandyRandy Says:

    +2 Auto-Lock Toggle is what I would really appreciate

  42. SoIACE Says:

    Hi there BigBoss and other widget Devs,

    Would anyone with the knowledge be so kind as to create a Push Email ON/OFF widget for SBSettings? That would be very very useful for a lot of us. TIA. ;)

  43. Bakbone Says:

    Good idea. I got an exchange and a Gmail account. I don’t want people to buzz me after work hours.

  44. SoIACE Says:

    A massive battery life saver – I too have exchange and gmail :)

  45. OmledA Says:

    Hi, is there an IDEA pool for other toggles? I was looking for a NetaTalk toggle? Is it out there already, any takers?


  46. Innovative1 Says:


  47. jakewalk Says:

    An idea pool would be great. Maybe a list with the opportunity to vote for a widget?

    I have some ideas for widgets, too:

    -A small calculator, nothing special just the basic operators. It would really be helpful to calculate small operations on top of the calendar or safari for example.

    -A small calendar overview (like that:
    No need to display the appointments, but I often need to know which weekday a special date is

    -Really cool would be a widget that allows adding an appointment to the calendar without opening the calendar app

  48. Momma Mia! Says:

    Autolock please!

  49. Andrew Says:

    Where do i report a bug?

    SBsettings – current version

    Use iPhone 3G in landscape mode with Safari, move finger across top of landscape mode and BossPrefs launches from side (as if it were in Portrait mode); however, Bossprefs will not close using X unless phone is rotated to portrait mode. Toggles work, but X to close does not.

  50. juice Says:

    Yeah that sounds cool and also a Lock toggle would be GREAT!

  51. Gabriel Says:

    An ipod equalizertoggle would be very nice!

  52. David Says:

    +3 Auto-lock

  53. David Says:

    I agree it’s not a bug but I think it could be refined. In my experience, the menu doesn’t activate with just single tap or double tap, but if there’s the *slightest* movement in any direction after touching near the menubar it does activate. For instance, with the Google app when I put the phone to my ear to do voice search my ear touching the screen around the menubar activates SBsettings. I don’t know how coding for motions works, but maybe you could put in a wider tolerance before activating – like sliding >5 mm instead of <1 mm.

  54. BigBoss Says:

    Just use home button to close in this case.

  55. BigBoss Says:

    Great idea, but unfortunately, there is no mixer on iPhone OS. This would be impossible without replacing the iPod app entirely with a new one.

  56. effi Says:

    Would like this too!

  57. notintheleastbit Says:

    Please, Please, Please add a Safari DL toggle. With the new dtunes update this would rock!

  58. BigKyle Says:

    Same thing happened to me, and work provided the phoen for me, so i would have to jump threw hoops to get a new one…

    something like a toggle sound on or off would be great, cause when im in meetings now, i have to put the phone in airplane mode now… its a pain

  59. almus Says:

    Please, a vibration toggle. That’s a greatly needed feature.

    Thanks Boss, you make a great job!

  60. effi Says:

    Hey Guys… wouldnd SBSettings the ideal Application to implement somekind of Copy and Paste funktion, may as a Widget… you already can write fast notes… so what about a widget, which minimizes SBSettings so you can Mark a Test to be Copyed… an this one would be stored in something like the fastnotes.. and when you are in any other application in a field where you can type something into, you can choose Paste an SBSettings, SBSettings minimizes again and you choose the text field…
    i dont know if something like this is possible for you to do, but SBSettings would be a ideal basis to realize a real Copy ‘n Paste on iPhone from Every Application you think of to another one, wouldn it?

  61. Anders Says:

    Could really use an toggle for turning “show caller id” on and off….anyone up for the task?

  62. Marc Says:

    I’d like a toggle to switch between the current screen brightness en de and the most dimmed status. The current toggle is hard to use because it needs a very (too) precise swipe. Furthermore I find myself using the the screen brightness ONLY to switch to the maximum dimmed status when I want to read in bed: otherwise the screen is way too bright. The next day I turn the brightness up to the amount I usually use: I NEVER use something in between…

  63. DvTonder Says:

    I second and third this. I regularly type in two languages and want the AC on for english but off for the other one.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    2nd that!

  65. sakbark Says:

    Autolock toggle is greatly needed – for example, I always need it when I use Maps directions and need the display to stay on.

  66. greencard Says:

    Is there any information about this subject in other languages?

  67. Patrick Says:


    Is it possible to have a sample source code of an toogle so that we can well understand the principles to develop ?
    Thank you very much for your work.

  68. Diego Says:

    AUTO-LOCK FTW! Please, on next update maybe?

  69. Alex Says:

    I’d really like a sample toggle to work off as well. Even if it was just a really empty template with a bunch of “//code here” lines that would be really helpful.

  70. BigBoss Says:

    Fair enough. Done. I added the location services toggle source code to the post.

  71. Jason Says:

    Is there a reason why I’m using the latest version from Cydia (as of Jan. 11 2009) but the volume toggle is not available on my 2G v2.2?

  72. Clive Says:

    I notice a toggle for yellowsn0w in Boss Prefs how about a toggle for SBSettings.

  73. rivalriver Says:

    I’ll 4th 5th and 6th the autolock

  74. jean-guilhem Says:

    I use my iPhone to call my patients (I’m a dentist), and I’d love a toggle in SBsettings to show/hide my number.
    It would be very usefull.
    Thanks a lot

  75. Seth Says:


  76. JMT Says:

    I just created a simple toggle to turn push on and off based on the sample code. I can tell it’s changing the setting but I can’t tell if it’s notifying the process in realtime. If BigBoss can take a look at it maybe he can help me package it.

  77. Gus Says:

    Is there any possibility of adding the date to SBSettings?

    there are too many instances where I just wanna know the date while in another app.

    Thanks :-)

  78. fat gorilla Says:

    Could someone please make a vibration ON/OFF toggle, it would be really nice to have it.. please…

  79. yob_ymmit Says:

    Volume control slider
    - My iPhone (not 3G) volume rocker up button is broken, and I need to turn up the ear piece talk volume. This is where I thought SBSettings Volume Slider Widget could help.
    - Volume slider widget happily controls iPod volume,
    - BUT does NOT increase Talk or Speaker volume while in a call. Is this intentional? It would be nice if the Volume Slider Widget behaved in the same manner as the volume rocker button (controls Ringer volume when Call & iPod off, iPod volume when iPod on, Call volume when in call.)

  80. nperanzi Says:

    I’m having the same issue with my volume up button being broken as yob_ymmit. Is there any way to fix this with a toggle/slider?

  81. sseres Says:

    I would PAY MONEY for this one!!! If only I knew how to program. This one would be really helpful.

  82. Random Somebody Says:


  83. conker Says:



    // Determines if the device is capable of running on this platform. If your toggle is device specific like only for
    // 3g you would check that here.
    BOOL isCapable()
    return YES;

    // This runs when iPhone springboard resets. This is on boot or respring.
    BOOL isEnabled()
    return !access(“/System/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/File\ Download\ Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist”, F_OK);

    // This function is optional and should only be used if it is likely for the toggle to become out of sync
    // with the state while the iPhone is running. It must be very fast or you will slow down the animated
    // showing of the sbsettings window. Imagine 12 slow toggles trying to refresh tate on show.
    BOOL getStateFast()
    return isEnabled();

    // Pass in state to set. YES for enable, NO to disable.
    void setState(BOOL Enable)
    if (Enable == YES)
    system (“chmod 644 /System/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/File\ Download\ Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist”);
    system (“/usr/bin/killall MobileSafari”);
    else if (Enable == NO)
    system (“chmod 000 /System/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/File\ Download\ Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist”);
    system (“/usr/bin/killall MobileSafari”);

    // Amount of time spinner should spin in seconds after the toggle is selected.
    float getDelayTime()
    return 0.6f;

    THAT supose to be an toggle to enable disable SafariDL plugin but it wont work dunno why. Idea is to chmod Info.plist wich file result in makein it unreadable for plugin. I modified owner of the file so it should work any idea??

  84. BigBoss Says:

    You cannnot use system() in a toggle without freezing the system when it is moderately low on RAM. You should instead use NSFileManager to fix your files and look at the springboard headers for how to kill safari (processes widget does it for example).

  85. conker Says:

    // Pass in state to set. YES for enable, NO to disable.
    void setState(BOOL Enable)
    NSString *source = @”/System/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/File\ Download\ Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist”;
    NSString *tildeFilename;
    tildeFilename = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%@~", source];
    NSFileManager *fileManager = [NSFileManager defaultManager];
    if (Enable == YES)
    [fileManager movePath: tildeFilename toPath: source handler: nil];
    else if (Enable == NO)
    [fileManager movePath: source toPath: tildeFilename handler: nil];

    How about this code, I have no idea why but it allways crashes MobileSubstrate…

  86. BigBoss Says:

    In C, you cant use the ‘\’ in a string like that. I believe it should be:

    NSString* source = @”/System/Library/Internet\\ Plug-Ins/File\\ Download\ Plugin.webplugin/Info.plist”;

    You should be running with syslog enabled then use tail -f /var/log/syslog.

    By the way, I am revamping some of the toggle materials on sbsettings for 3.0 which will allow for me to make an easy safari dl toggle because the root permissions will no longer be an issue.

  87. conker Says:

    Thu 05/21 11:07:06 (SpringBoard:205): *** -[NSFileManager movePath:toPath:handler:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0×405540
    Thu 05/21 11:07:06 (SpringBoard:205): *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[NSFileManager movePath:toPath:handler:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0×405540′
    Thu 05/21 11:07:06 (SpringBoard:205): Stack: (
    Thu 05/21 11:07:06 ( terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘NSException’

    here is part of syslog that shows an error… after correction you suggest.

    BTW i modified the owner of DLPlugin so that’s not the problem.

  88. conker Says:

    Well i managed to get it work. I changed movePath to moveItemAtPath and it worked ;). Well i don’t know how to end Saffari in nice way i know that header is

  89. nhuggets Says:

    is this OMLEDA GO???

  90. Anonymous Says:

    I second this request.

  91. DavidH Says:

    I second this request.

  92. GK Says:


  93. DarkDev Says:

    I developed sbsettings toggle but dont know how to show icon for the toggle in sbsettings app.
    Does any one know how to do that?

  94. Pixels 4 Charities Says:

    Hi BigBoss..first off THANKS for posting this help stuff. I am a dev and I have been searching for this for some time. Obviously my search terms weren’t correct.

    1. Can I set the LocationEnabled value and write the /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ file without calling “notify_post”? I just want to create an Ad Hoc app for myself, but I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone.

    2. Is there a nice reference to the available PLIST files that we can modify? Since my iPhone isn’t jailbroken, I cannot just search around in the Preferences folder.

    Your responses are kindly appreciated. Feel free to email me if that is easier.


  95. Pixels 4 Charities Says:

    So I played with this stuff alot more. I actually decided to jailbreak my old iPod Touch 1st gen. It is running iOS 3 but it is still something. I managed to mostly answer my second question. After playing around with my iPhone and the iPod, I couldn’t read the correct status of Bluetooth (“bluetooth-network”).

    Also, I cannot save/Write the plist file after modifying it. Is there any way to change the permissions on the fly so I do not have to jailbreak my iPhone?


  96. MachineGun~Panda Says:

    is it tru that installing sbs settings take up alotta ram and cause your device to run slow if you dont have alotta ram left to use?

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