SBSettings Toggles Explained A Bit

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I really get a lot of email on sbsettings toggles so I think I will try to clarify a few things:

1) SBSettings does not now nor has it ever had an airplane mode toggle. Instead, it has a phone toggle and a Wi-Fi toggle. To achieve something similar to airplane, simply turn off phone and turn off Wi-Fi. Whether or not you see the plane symbol in status bar is irrelevant. This was a side effect of how this worked in previous firmwares. In iOS4, you no longer see that symbol. Instead you see no service. What more would you expect when turning off phone? Other than the symbol not showing up, it’s the same as it was. The internal function call used is even the same. No, this should not cause additional battery drain.

2) Data toggles. There are 2 of them:

- EDGE toggle – this was the original version in 1.x (BossPrefs) and 2.x. As of 3.x, it worked for some people but not others.  This is now a separate installable package in Cydia for those that liked it for some reason. I removed it from the toggle pack because it was unreliable.

- Data toggle – in 3.x this killed data by setting the data IP to In 4.0, this uses the native iOS method to disable data. This is the preferred way to disable data.

3) 3G toggle. This is like the 3g button in settings app. It switches between 3g on and off. If this is ON, you have 3g, if this is OFF you have EDGE. In order for 3g to work, data toggle must be enabled. If you turn off data toggle, 3g will be on but you will still have no internet.  The devices are smart in that if they can connect via 3g, they will so there’s no need to force 3g over EDGE.

4) Processes – This widget has a free memory button that has generated a lot of confusion. This button has a threshold and only frees memory when you have low enough memory for it to need to do so.  The free memory algorithm is not something you really want to run frequently, which is why there is such a threshold in place.

5) SSH – This toggle only works if open ssh is installed (correctly). It also forces itself to be on for reboot of device so that if you get into trouble you have an opportunity to fix the problem using SSH without a restore.

There are many other 3rd party toggles, most of which I did not write. Even location toggle, which is included in the core toggle pack, was written by someone other than me. If you have problems with a specific toggle, make sure you contact the toggle’s author.

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  1. Scoop Says:

    I always wondered why SSH was on after reboot…any one know why my Iphone4 on 4.0.1 randomly reboots itself when not in use? Also lock sounds, default ringtone and numeric battery reverse their settings after reboot???

  2. ken Says:

    how do i force sbsettings to show the ipv4 ip instead of the ipv6 ip when connecting to a wifi router? there is no way to disable ipv6 on my router so sbsettings always shows the long ipv6 ip in the wifi address field.

  3. ken Says:

    everything you described is abnormal. something’s wrong with your iphone or you installed something besides sbsettings that is causing the problems.

  4. Chris Says:

    The free memory button doesn’t seem to do anything in ios 4. I’ve tried it at many different stages of memory usage since the iPhone 4 jailbreak came out and pressing it just removes it from the screen.

  5. Bobby Says:

    For me pressing the free memory button in ios 4 removes it from the screen only when there is no memory to free, for example when I press it a second time after it has freed some memory. Otherwise it ALWAYS frees something, even with many processes running

  6. Nooky Says:

    Is there any way to get an airplane toggle or is this simply impossible?

  7. German Peter Says:

    Big Thanks to Big Boss,

    I woulde like a weblink to a complete tutorial – please see:

    SBSettings is THAT multi-tool and a REFERENCE for you / Cydia !!

  8. George Says:

    I would like an airplane mode toggle too. You forgot that it switches off Bluetooth too, so it’s quicker to do that than have to switch off three toggles.
    BTW didn’t you say that the Edge toggle was faster than Data toggle for 2G phones?

  9. voron Says:

    Don’t know if it is a right place for a feature request.

    Is it possible to add Data Usage in future versions of SBSettings? Same data that is available in Settings > General > Usage > Cellular Network Data.
    Lots of ppl switched to limited data plan and having this info on SBSettings screen will be really helpful.

    In order to keep compatibility with existing themes may be it can be displayed instead of Storage line. Or what to display on that line could be user configurable.


  10. Jonesy44 Says:

    Definitely liking that idea! :)

  11. BigBoss Says:

    Have a valid IPv4 IP address.

  12. BigBoss Says:

    SBSettings would have a problem with an airplane toggle because it would go to ON and the 3 other toggles would have no idea and would also show ON and the state of things would be a mess. Due to this, there will be no airplane toggle in works. As I said, it’s never been done anyways. Nothing new here.

  13. George Says:

    Does that mean that toggles just ‘toggle’ and cannot know their previous state?
    Would it be possible to have a toggle that simply toggles the 3 radio toggles?

  14. The6uest Says:

    The only issue I’ve had with SBSettings since upgrading to iOS4 and the iPhone4 is the Brightness toggle.

    A lot of times when I adjust the brightness from SBSettings, it goes back to the previous brightness level after I lock then unlock the phone. Anyone else notice that?

  15. Scoop Says:

    Everything installed is from Cydia, any suggestions what could be causing this? Do I restore and see if the problem goes away while it’s not jailbroken?

  16. Doug Miller Says:

    > 1) SBSettings does not now nor has it ever had
    > an airplane mode toggle. Instead, it has a
    > phone toggle and a Wi-Fi toggle.

    This is something I eventually worked out for myself, but I was confused for a long time because the phone toggle icon is a picture of an airplane! You might get less e-mail if the icon was a picture of a phone.

  17. Doug Miller Says:

    I use SBSchedule for this. One of my profiles is “radio silence”, which just turns off all the toggles. SBSchedule is really a generalisation of Apple’s “Airplane Mode”, with the added advantage that you can name the profiles what you want. For example, I much prefer the name “radio silence” which describes what the profile does, compared to “Airplane Mode” which describes what Apple assumes you are going to use the profile for.

  18. ken Says:

    i do have a valid ipv4 ip address. it shows the ipv4 ip in the wifi network settings (, but sbsettings displays the long ipv6 address. please advise.

  19. Alain Says:

    Data toggle is working fine on iphone 2G 3.1.3 regarding the enabling/disabling of Edge (unlike the old Edge toggle which doesnt work sometimes).
    However, the new toggle scrambles the phone’s volume…
    when i enable the Data by turning On the Data toggle, all sounds loose 90% of their volume (clicks, keyboard typing, music…).
    if i reboot/respring, everything goes back to normal.
    do i have a problem with my iphone, or is the data toggle not compatible with iphone 2G?
    please someone answer me…

  20. Chimp Says:

    Cosmetically, I’d still prefer the airplane symbol to appear – would this be possible? It’s obvious that wifi or Bluetooth are still available in sbsettings anyway.

    Many thanks for the hard work!

  21. Brian Says:

    I am on SBSettings 3.1.0 and an 3GS on OS 3.1.3. The configuration page or “more” page crashes every time I try to access it. SBSettings works fine, it is just the “more” page. I tried re-installing SBSettings but still have the same issue. Is this a known problem or is there something else wrong?

  22. Icecubes Says:

    I just wanna say thanks for a great app. Always worked perfectly for me on my 3g and then 3gs and on all OSes (currently 4.01). Would be lost without it installed.

    I also like the idea above about showing data traffic.

  23. Jo7n Says:

    It takes less that five seconds to hit those three toggles …seriously how much quicker do you want it to be?

  24. Juice Says:

    I do! It’s annoying

  25. Ya kno Says:

    Love the app man it my most used app thanks big boss had it for a solid year an no problem that’s a feat

  26. BigBoss Says:

    This was covered in the post.

  27. Cas Says:

    In SBsettings what does the Storage on Var stand for basically on my iPhone 4 the storage is sometimes 200MB on 11000 or sometimes lower I know the 11000 is my overall memory but what is the 200MB referring to and what is using it. I know it’s not Ram as that’s below and is always fluctuating.

  28. Lutscha Says:

    Oar crasched on my 3GS ios 4.0.1
    :( pls fixe it

  29. Nosamwe Says:

    Same here, airport base station, iPhone 4 w/ 4.0.1.

  30. Anonymous Says:


  31. $0M3 DUD3 Says:

    My last toggle at the bottom in the mobile substrate addons section is NOT viewable. Thus not accessible. A fix to this would be cool.

  32. Rob Says:

    Maybe try a hard reboot by holding down the lock button and home button at the same time until the phone shuts down and restarts itself.

  33. @Deramyr Says:

    Have you tried scrolling to the right, $0M3 DUD3? That’s very likely – SBSettings only displays 3 rows (or 2, depending on your settings) of icons. Once you have gone past that number, you must scroll to the right.

    The more toggles you have on (I believe) the longer your phone will take to do things. I’ve got 8 toggles of which I use 6 regularly, one every so often (Processes) and the Syslog toggle (which I use to clear the log every once in a whole).

  34. $0M3 DUD3 Says:

    Actually. The toggles I’m speaking of, are in the Mobile Substrate Addons section. Where tweaks like; AttachmentSaver, Cyntact & Inspell dwell. My last toggle is zRingtonesHook. Which I believe is related to vWallpaper’s video ringtone feature. I hardly ever use vWallpaper, so this is something I would like to shut off, when not in use. Thanks for your input though. Much appreciated. I’ve notified BigBoss of the issue, but still no response.

  35. $0M3 DUD3 Says:

    Tried that already. Thanks though.

  36. Jay Says:

    ^^ Same issue here

  37. stormmiko Says:


  38. DaveNSueM Says:

    I have the same issue; iPhone4 4.01 – SBSettings had been working fine for a month or so and then just within the last day will crash after going to the “more” page; page will open but seems just when it wants to load the ads it crashes.

    Have uninstalled, reinstalled, etc to no avail.

    Had this happen about 2 months ago – restored phone and then reinstalled, work fine up to yesterday.



  39. Greg Says:

    Yes, Boss Paper works well on my iP4-4.0.1.

    There is a tutorial for various options on ModMyi.


  40. Kevin Says:

    Activation Methods does not work in current version

  41. ReVan Says:


    There are three toggle which DO NOT work on iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 – Data, Phone and Location Services.

    If they were developed by another developer then it doesn’t seem that he/she is available to fix it. It would be great if you could lend a hand in developing these Toggles and get them working.

    With gratitude.

  42. adolphone Says:

    Hi all, I ask for help in this matter:
    I have an Iphone 3G and recently I have selected the option “fix blanks” of SBSettings, when he was selected in the list of applications: “Settings.”
    Now the icon “Settings” has disappeared from my dock and not in that way restore it back into place. Can you help?
    Thank you very much

  43. adolphone Says:

    Hello again, I wanted to clarify that I referred to the “fix blanks” in “Dock Applications” accessed from “More.” Thanks in advance for your help

  44. thom Says:

    same problem with the volume here, also on iphone 2g. and since one of the last updates the phone sometimes gets a data connection despite the data toggle is off.

  45. iPhonerification Says:

    I know.. It’s because you copped a copy of the key worm during your jailbreak. Have you installed your Openssh and terminal? Did you change your root and mobile password?
    This is completely unrelated to SBSettings mate.

  46. Willam Says:

    Battery Percentage

  47. Solscud007 Says:

    I have two iphone 2G. My iphone has the swipeable drop down menu when i swipe the clock at the top of the phone. my other iphone 2G doesnt have this although they both have bossprefs. Is there an option that i am overlooking and that i need to activate to get the drop down menu to show up?

  48. Syam Says:


    First of all thanks for this article. I need to develop one app for jailbriken phone, in which I need to programmatically enable the cellular data if it is turned off. So can you please tell me how can I do that in my application. I am familiar with mobile substrate application. But when I looked at iPhone preferences, I am confused. So please help me if you can or just give a way to start the things..Looking forward..

    Syam S

  49. spam Says:

    Rather than suppressing ipv6 addresses, I’d personally like to see them displayed, along with the ipv4 addresses. My home network has both, and I don’t see a good way to display my iphone ipv6 address via the gui in iOS4.1.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    I have the same problem. Brightness is wonky, like when you sleep it remembers the previous setting but not the current one…

  51. jcyph3r Says:

    I’m having kind of the reverse problem on iOS 4.1. I have a working ipv6 wifi, and my iphone gets an ipv6 address, but even though I can connect to ipv6 websites with mobile safari, I cannot display the ipv6 address through the gui. SBsettings shows my ipv4 address on wifi, but sadly it seems to be showing the private NAT’d tethering address. :(

  52. jcyph3r Says:

    Apple’s idea of calling the phone radio on/off switch ‘airplane mode’ was a confusing idea. I for one am glad that SBsettings icons don’t perpetuate this confusion.

  53. CbIP Says:

    Whenever I activate data by pressing the SBSettings’ Toggle i get “No Service”, I have to reboot the iPhone to get signal again. Im at 4.1 with iPhone4 btw

    My carries takes a lot of money for EDGE traffic, so I have to disable-enable it manually, and rebooting device is fun, but very annoying… Anyone, plz help

  54. CbIP Says:

    I found the solution!!!

    Disable data toggle in SBSettings preferences, respring, remove all data toggles (Data toggle from SBSettings addons, EDGE Toggle) and REINSTALL (NOT remove) “sbsettingstoggles”, enable data toggle in SBSettings, respring. Everything should works fine now!

  55. DaveMad Says:

    Same problem in here… in my iPhone 4 with 4.1, when i click on “More” the app open and close… but only work if Banner appear…

  56. DaveMad Says:

    Problems openning the More page in the last 3.1.1 version… open for a 2 seconds and close…
    My iPhone is 4, at IOS 4.1

  57. DaveMad Says:

    The lastest SBSettings 3.1.1-1 FIX the more page crash!… now finally i can enter in More page without any problem!!!


  58. nick Says:

    thats the free space on the system partition. the iOS is stored on that partition and so are core files of some jailbreak apps/hacks

  59. Anderson Says:

    Still crashing when pressing the “more” button with 3.1.1-1. On an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1.

  60. Frankd Says:

    Same here, crashing in ‘more’ since update to 3.1.1-1 through cydia yesterday. Crash seems to be time-triggered. Any action after a certain amount of time (15secs) just makes Sbsettings vanish.

    Hope it gets fixed soon, cant do without sbsettings!

  61. ruben Says:

    crashes here when pressing hide icon – if I press the ms addon page first it wokrs with hide icon too

  62. gio reborn in iphone Says:

    I can’t enter to the more options in the button of more in sbsettings i put the activation method in the quick two press the clock on lockscreen but when i touch the more button this do nothing. sbsettings can put default options when i desintalled and reintall sbsettings??? How i do that??? Please

  63. hopis Says:

    Hi there,

    First of all thanks for this great app!!
    I have a problem on my iPhone 3G with FW 4.1.
    When I connect to the internet via Edge or 3G the iphone only makes one connection (i.e. downloads mails from one account or load only one internet page) and after that disconnects.
    When I reload the internetpage or mails I get a “no internet connection” error message.

    What can I do? I already removed and reinstalled the sbsettings, reinstalled the sbsettings toggles but still the same problem.
    With FW 3.1.3 it worked perfectly.

    This drives me crazyyyy!
    What can I do?

    Thanks for the help

  64. Frankd Says:

    I figured out what was causing my crashes of SBSettings through the use of syslog. Ive been using a edited hosts file to block some ads. SBSettings wants to load an ad throuh adMob in the more menu and since it didn’t have access to the websites it was crashing. After reinstating the original hosts file the crashes are gone and I get to see a lovely ad :)

    But I rather have an ad than no sbsettings!

  65. lala Says:

    same here :(

  66. Gustavo Says:

    I can’t get to my sbsettings , when I was changing how to access it , I put in something and I don’t remember what I put . Is there any help you can give me .?

  67. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    It seems like the brightness toggle will sometimes remember it’s current setting when called upon the 1st native way that you assigned for it with Activator…but I can’t say really say for sure though if it’s via preferences (settings) Activator settings or if it’s within the ‘more’ preferences of SBSettings window.
    For me it’s not only Brightness toggle…my Notes toggle will randomly erase small bits of text every time I close it. So when I open it again, I’m missing more and more text until it clears itself completely. It seems to only do it when any type of code is inserted, or weblinks, and even when I use emoji…..also with certain themes, it works perfectly fine. I’m thinking it has a lot to do with dynamic libraries that were either moved or mirrored by apple in the ios4 updates. Anybody else have issues with their Notes toggle?

  68. Oscar Says:

    Sbsettings help. . My statusbar date is reversed. Today is Nov 7th and my statusbar displays 7/11. I have removed SBsettings and rebooted my IPhone an added Sbsettings and date is still reversed. Can anyone help fix problem? Thanks in advance.

  69. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    RE: Oscar

    Try turning off date in statusbar…then go into “more” section of sbsettings and go to ‘system options’ and hit the button on top that says ‘Fix User Dir Permissions’. Then try re-enabling the ‘show date in statusbar’ option….and maybe try it with ‘use . instead of / for date’.
    If you still get that issue after that then it’s the theme your using….try switching themes….either one of the original bundled ones or good quality themes like ‘Apple Congruency’ and what not. Hopefully that helps.

  70. Oscar Says:

    Tried and did not work either. I will keep trying different things suggested. Apple congruency is a sweet theme for SBsettings. Thanks

  71. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    Sorry to hear that…I can’t get my fastnotes to stop deleting so ah well. You should also try Alit Sbsettings theme….that ones sweet as well.

  72. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    I just remembered that’s why I stopped using date in the status bar…lol. Mine does that as well. It’s very odd to have the date show up backwards so I just go to lock screen to see it. Plus the status bar is hard to read when it’s all cluttered up with icons and text.

  73. Gustavo Says:

    I can only access my sbsettings on my lockscreen for some reason . Can anyone help me.?

  74. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    Depending on what version of sbsettings your using the accessibility of the drop down window is configured with Activator. It comes defaulted as swiping left or right on status bar…but in iOS4 there are a lot of apps that won’t respond to statusbar swiping…for example: Memtool. Some people even claim to have no response to statusbar swipes even on Springboard. So you have to configure a different way to access sbsettings with activator. Mine is configured to holding down the volume button. If you configured double tap on lockscreen clock, then that’s the only way you can get to the drop down window. Go to your regular and go to the Activator section and reconfigure a new way from ‘Anywhere’ and not just from ‘within application’. If after all that you still aren’t able to access the drop down screen, then go into sbsettings ‘more’ settings, then access ‘SBSettings Options’ and fiddle around. There used to be an option to ‘allow launch during lock screen’. If it’s still there then try disabling that option. I no longer have that option for some reason it just can by default now. There is still the option to ‘enable launch during call’…try disabling that if isn’t already. That’s about all the options I can think of…but it really should just be the way you have you Activation Methods setup. You can also set Activation Methods from within ‘more’ settings of sbsettings…which is probably the better way to do it but I don’t know that for sure. I do know that if you have more than one or two ways to access the same thing using Activator then the toggles can get wacky and do wierd things…like Brightness not remembering it’s current setting when put to sleep. Hope this insight helps.

  75. Rhythmbox Says:

    Fast Notes don’t save :

    New iphone 4, FW 4.1, jailbroken with RedSn0w.
    Running sbsettings current version form Cydia (as of yesterday) BiteSMS, SwitcherPlus and Folder Enhancer.

    Issue is FAST NOTES in sbsettings always empty!
    Open fast notes, type something, close with red close button, open again, and… EMPTY :(

    Anyone else experienced this issue?
    Does Fast Notes store a file somewhere that I can check permissions etc.?

    Uninstalled and re-inbstalled, but still same problem. SbSettings was first mobile substrate addon I installed after the jailbreak. Shame as always found it really handy…

  76. Dustin Says:

    Yeah I’m having same problem fast nots won’t save. I use this more then anything.

  77. Rhythmbox Says:


    Today’s SBSettings update has fixed Fast Notes :)

    Thank you BB!

  78. K1n0b0 La0 Says:

    Thank you for the update BigBoss. I gotta say when you stay on top of updates. My fastnotes saves again but it still erases some JavaScript commands I liked to keep in there but I can live with that. The real important thing is I can put my current passwords in there again without having to go to iFile or Notes. So bravo

  79. drmc Says:

    Re backward dates: haha now you know how most of the world feels in having to deal with US date style! We constantly have to try to find the date options and ‘correct’ them to date/month rather than month/date. My point is, perhaps there is a basic date setting somewhere that you need to adjust and nothing to do with sbs.

  80. LooCooFoo Says:

    Running SBSettings 3.2.1 on iPhone 4, FW4.1 with Limera1n JB.

    Noticed that the “More” still crashes if its unable to load a bottom banner ad. If the adbanner loads, all’s well. But if the adbanner doesn’t load, the More page is sure to crash.

    No crashing problems if the phone is put into Airplane mode beforehand.

    And no, I don’t have any adblocking stuff installed in my iPhone.

    Is anyone facing the same issue here?

  81. Azman Says:

    Same thing with me man. Tried reinstalling everything. Even restore and jailbreak again. It still crashes when i click on more :(

  82. andy Says:

    I am having the same problem too. I just restore my phone and jailbreak 4.1 with greenpoison. I installed sbsettings straight after I installed cydia. I can’t get into the more page, it will auto close in like 2 sec. I tried the airplane mode as what LooCooFoo and I was able to get into the more page. But it will crash in normal mode.

  83. andy Says:

    Update: I managed to get it the more option crash solved by restoring it and then using redsn0w to jailbreak instead of using greenpois0n.

  84. Slick Says:

    How do I delete sbsettings from my iPhone?

  85. Josh Says:

    Yeh same problem

  86. Jimmy Says:

    I have a big problem. I install sbsettings from cydia. Everything went fine during the process but sbsettings is not working. IOS 4.0.1 iPhone 4. Plz do advise on how to lanuch the program. Appreciate…..

  87. sosdontdie Says:

    i turned the “phone” toggle to off, while jailbreaking to 4.2 .. now that i redownloaded sbsettings, the “phone” toggle doesnt not appear therefor doesnt allow me turn it back on!! i have no service and cant change it.. please help!

  88. georgeman Says:

    The “Data” toggle does not seem to function properly on 4.2.1. Up until 4.1 it was fine, it was disabling the OS option for Cellular Data. On 4.2.1, it seems it is doing the 3.x stuff, assigning a bogus IP address. Can this be updated? Thanks!

  89. sturmdog Says:

    Great app but 1 problem:
    Is there a way to enable multiple assignments to activator action?
    I’d like to Toggle Bluetooth and Dismiss Lock Screen when I connect iphone to car power source.
    Currently only a single function can be assigned to this action.
    Is there a way?

  90. Fatdawg Says:

    I want to get the SBsettings without the airplane mode toggle – I would to just be able to toggle the phone off while keeping wifi on. However, when I go to download the package, it includes the airplane toggle, and when I downloaded it that way the phone toggle is not an option. I’ve uninstalled SBSettings hoping to fix it by reinstalling, but the only option now is reinstalling with the airplane toggle. Note: the phone toggle appears as an option n the toggle settings, but when I pull up SBSettings the phone button does not appear – whether it’s enabled or not. Any ideas?? I’ve tried uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling. Absent a fix that you know of, my next try will be to restore the phone (iPhone 4 on 4.2.1), re-jailbreak it, and reinstall. But I’ll do that as a let resort. Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

  91. Jajaja123 Says:

    Same problem bro

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Open activator from settings

  93. pabilo50 Says:

    and in activator what should we do??

  94. frillicca Says:



    have you ever thought to develop a toggle to lock the network on 3G only?

    I suppose it needs to edit csidata at line: GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0×1
    with: 0×0(EDGE ONLY), 0×1(EDGE+3G), 0×2(3G ONLY)

    but I’m sure you know better than me how to…


  95. Joey Says:

    the “more” button on the lockscreen dropdown menu doesnt work. It doesnt crash, it just doesnt do anything. It works fine though in notification center and nc dropwindow. Any idea whats causing this?
    Thank you!

  96. Joey Says:

    I also tried adding apps in the “dock” menu. The apps added also won’t open in lockscreen but works just fine in NC.

  97. frillicca Says:

    nothing for me?

  98. Leonard Says:

    Respring and RemoveBG toggles crashes springboard.. Can you possibly check this one… Also, is there a way you can set pages for the toggles in notification center? For example, 5 toggles per page and have it centered. By the way, I’m using JB ipod touch 4th gen running ios 5.0.1

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