SBSettings v0.92 Out

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Update (10/29/2008): I updated the window to be able to be closed with the home button as well as the little X based off your feedback. This version is not yet released but this will be in the next update today or tomorrow.

Update (10/28/2008): I updated SBSettings Toggles again to v1.2.1 after working with a small group of folks that were having “enable SSH” issues.  So you guys should update this again if you are still having SSH issues.

Another SBSettings update. v0.92 fixes many bugs that you all have reported. Make sure you also accept the sbsettings toggles update, too or you won’t benefit from the new SSH toggle code!

Here is the changelog:

  • Disabled the app while in call. It was too easy to brush against your face and inadvertantly call up the GUI. Then again bump a toggle with your face such as EDGE or 3G and kill your call.
  • Fixed security hole by disabling SBSettings when device is locked with a passcode on the lockscreen. SBSettings will still load when on lock screen but no passcode is entered.
  • Added reboot / power to the power button by massive request. (I still see no use for reboot but you guys win).
  • Added “Lock” to the power menu! (OK this is exciting for me because I tried to do this in BossPrefs and never found a way).
  • Reworked SSH toggle. It’s an app so if another app is running it wouldn’t work but the toggle would turn colors. This has been modified to kill the top running app if it is running so it works now. You guys have no idea how problematic SSH toggle is in this. It requires root permissions but springboard runs as mobile.
  • The “more” button launches an app. If another app is running, this wouldnt be able to launch. Now if another app is running, it shows a red “no use” circle indicating that you cannot launch the more app.

In the near future I will look into:

1) VPN Toggle (although not sure how to test this since I have no VPN).
2) Plugin interface
3) Theme interface.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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229 Responses to “SBSettings v0.92 Out”

  1. johnny0 Says:

    How about Location Services? And a brightness slider?

    And how about letting us build a “combo platter”? I’d want to build one for power savings — a single button to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, LS, 3G, Auto-Brightness, and minimize brightness, all at once.

    And another for “in the car” and plugged into power — BT on, LS on, auto-brightness. (I always forget to turn LS off when I get out of the car…)

  2. saintJON Says:

    Just wondering if your going to update this so we can toggle Safari DL.. This would be great then i can get rid of bossprefs completely.

  3. Alistair Says:

    Add an option to enable/ disable Backgrounder and to be able to veiw what is running in the background. That would be cool. johnny0 has a good idea about the grouping.

  4. Ricardodude Says:

    Yeah, a brightness slider would be awesome.
    I constantly need to change the brightness, and going home, then settings, then brightness takes too long, and forces me to stop what I was doing…

  5. Nohelp Says:

    Hey BB, the SSH toggle doesn’t seem to work now with .92. BTW, I use reboot at least once a day because of memory leakage. A reboot brings things back to working like they should. It would be cool if you could build a RAM usage app.

  6. Nohelp Says:

    Never mind…. rebooted and now it works (another reason to have the reboot option :)

  7. NoMyNaMe Says:

    Big Boss, you rock!!

    Well done!! It works as you described.

    So the little wish list of toggles to build in the future are:
    - Location Service
    - Data Roaming
    - Auto-lock


  8. HandyRandy Says:

    Thanx again.

    I second the RAM usage in the info bar. That could be useful.

  9. Noobie Says:

    Big Boss–thank you for adding the reboot/power feature! And thank you for all of the other thoughtful improvements you’ve added to this very useful application.

  10. maz Says:

    Hi Big Boss!
    Another “bug”! This version does not work with IntelliScreen at the LockScreen. When swipe to open SBSettings at LockScreen when IS is enable all are well. BUT, when hit the “More” button SBSett. opens with IS Over SBSett. window and nothing works. For example if I wanna “View Toggles” no response. Have u heard anybody else have the same???

  11. chromeluv Says:

    Nicely done as always, everything works well here on the update..

  12. amf Says:

    A location toggle will be appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Peter Says:

    maz, that might be something to bring up with psuskeels over on the IntelliScreen Beta board…

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Intelliscreen is not even using mobile substrate. Instead, Skrew is hooking springboard on his own. Therefore not only can I not recommend it, I cannot guarantee that *anything* works with it from SBSettings to quickgold to winterboard. Best thing is for intelliscreen to use mobile substrate.

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, but I am guessing that respring would have solved both those issues rather than reboot. So far anyone that has requested a reboot feature has cited reasons that a simple, faster respring would solve. When apps are running and leaking memory, a respring kills all the apps and frees all the memory.

  16. maz Says:

    Hmmmm….u seems to be right. Now my phone reboot twice when try to start it up too. Takes about 2-3 minutes to start up :-(

  17. blochead21 Says:

    I installed the sbs settings and now every time i power on my phone it puts me into safe mode. And i’ve updated to the most recent package of it in cydia this morning.

    Any Ideas?

  18. Dimz Says:

    BB how about killing the app while the phone is ringing?

    this is what happens with me:

    my phone rings, it’s in my pocket, i put my hand in and 2 fingers always hit the top screen and so enabaling SBSettings :S

    …or at least an option that could do that??

    am i the only one that does that?!?!

  19. maz Says:

    Same here!

  20. Chase Says:

    great update!

    will we be able to add apps to it like we could in the dock on bossprefs? it was really handy to keep all of the system tools within the app.

  21. Bloodlust Says:

    Can anyone tell me if bossprefs must be uninstalled prior to installing sbsettings?

  22. bobbydigital Says:

    is there a way to go back to the power botton just being power, i kind of like it better like that then how it is now

  23. bobbydigital Says:

    thats what i would love to see

  24. BigBoss Says:

    Makes no difference. They are totally separate apps. If BossPrefs conflicted with it, I would just make Cydia handle it automatically for you.

  25. BigBoss Says:

    I suggest installing Categories and making a “settings” folder. Put your settings apps all in that.

  26. dougp Says:

    I know I asked in the other thread – but are we going to be able to create skins/icons for SBSettings?

    Other than that, awesome app – would be nice to have the VPN and Location Services toggle!

  27. bobbydigital Says:

    BigBoss is it possible that i can make the power botton just power like it was at first, i liked it better like that. Also i like the circle over the more button. Location service would be nice( hint hint)

    this is truly one of my favorite apps, thanks for everything.

  28. bobbydigital Says:

    safari dl toggle, would love to see that also

  29. frenchi Says:

    Hi Bigboss

    Great app ! but would be better if we could have a localization/GPS switch !
    Always frustrating to be obliged to leave an app to activate the GPS !

    Also it might be useful to close the window automatically after few seconds with no action ….

    Also some conflicts with Intelliscreen !
    DEACTIVATE the option that is supposed to boost app launch performances in Intelliscreen setup !

  30. Xandu Says:

    I think you just added the security hole…
    I can now enter my iPod without a passcode using the following method:

    -Slide my finger on SBSettings
    -Tap more
    -Tap home

    Voila! you just passed the passcode…

  31. BigBoss Says:

    The latest SBSettings version 0.92 should not show up when you slide your finger on the lock screen *if* you have a passcode set.

  32. shunsky Says:

    I agree. I’d like to have 2 more toggles on SBSettings.

    - Location Services toggle
    - Auto Lock

    If these can be added, SBSettings will be the killer app on iPhone for me!!

    Well, overall, SBSettings v0.91 working very well both on my iPhone 3G and iPod touch 1st Gen 16GB. I will update SBS to v0.92 on my iPod touch from now…

    Great work & Thank you BigBoss!!

  33. Rick Says:

    really don´t know why ssh toggle still don´t working for me, tried reboot, disabling some apps but still

  34. maz Says:

    What´s happen if I delete Springboard.plist to try have my “double startup reboot” issue go away?? Is that a good idea or do u have any other clue???

  35. Pelaez Says:


    BigBoss is working on adding theming to the app, right now you have to do it manually by replacing the images on “/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/”, and when you update, they go back to stock, so you have to replace the images again.

    Not too good if an app is Beta, because it means constant updates…

  36. Innovative1 Says:

    Thanks for looking into VPN BB!! I would be happy to beta test it for you.

  37. kickerman65 Says:

    Hey Big Boss all i can say is Great Job!! SBSettings is fantasic! I absolutely love it! It makes things so much easier. I think that this app alone belongs on your list of reasons to jailbreak an iphone.

  38. pl_svn Says:

    great new app, BigBoss :-)

    my only wish is… let me give you some bucks and take all the ads away, please! ;-)

  39. maz Says:

    What´s happen if I delete Springboard.plist to try have my “double startup reboot” issue go away?? Is that a good idea or do u have any other clue???

  40. epqr Says:

    The close button should be located at the bottom of the screen, would make it alot easier to close

    Anyways i love this app, much faster way than bossprefs :)

  41. Innovative1 Says:

    I think that he already recommended not using Intelliscreen. So uninstall it.

  42. Nill Says:

    I second epqr’s statement. The current location of the close button is just a little too awkward (if you’re not careful you might trigger the first toggle instead).

    Doing away with the button and simply having a tap inside the info-box close the window would be a more elegant solution.

  43. maz Says:

    It´s already disabled and the double reboot issue still there u see!?

  44. macbook Says:

    Always been a fan of BIgBoss. Great new app !

    I would like to say I am one step away from uninstalling BossPrefs. I have a toggle called “Auto Correct” for keyboard. Hope you can add this. Thanks.

  45. Surreal Says:

    I’m very impressed with this, but until I can write my own switches which allow for deactivation of mobile substrate dynamic libraries (such as Veency, Backgrounder, Status Notifier, etc) I am gonna continue to use BossPrefs also. I have a bunch of switches which allow me switch those on and off.

    Also, I’m not sure we need a Location Services switch – my understanding is that under 2.1 this is loaded as an “On Demand” service using launchd and so when it’s not requested by an application it shuts down – I remember reading that this had been testing by recording battery use time with the switch in Preferences both on and off with no difference. I leave it on permanently in my iPhone with no noticeable shortening of usage time unless I am also running an application which makes use of the GPS.

    Pity the SSH switch has to be run as an application – the whole beauty of this in my eyes is the ability to turn services on and off without exiting the currently used application.

  46. DG Says:

    Nice update.

    However, would love to see Auto-Lock as a toggle, esp when dealing with SSH.

    Thanks BB!

  47. yek401 Says:

    First off, this is one of the most impressive apps for the iPhone thus far.

    Second, am I the only one who would like a Push toggle? Do you guys use the phone as an alarm? Doesn’t it bug you to no end when the phone is vibrating from new emails as you’re trying to fall asleep?

  48. Duluen Says:

    its called a silent swith =)

  49. Eugene Gordin Says:

    Thank you for this great app BigBoss!

    I have created a theme for SBSettings for Louie Mantia’s Agua theme.

    You can see a screenshot here:

    And the files are here:

    Can’t wait for WinterBoard compatibility!

  50. myownregister Says:

    you have again outdone yourself bigboss! your other apps are the best & most useful apps out there but you & Ipodtouchmaster’s SBsettings just made the #1 on my list! :)

    like some people mentioned here, i find a disable autolock toggle most useful. we hope you could incorporate it in your next SBsettings releases. thank you for releasing the best iphone apps.

  51. essarem Says:

    OK, bit of confusion on my part. )BTW, I LOVE this app!!! Waiting for some more toggles and customizable toggles)

    Now, the confusion. Other than security reasons, is there any other reason to toggle SSH off? It’s not a daemon that runs in the background (as far as I know), and therefore doesn’t use battery. I never toggle SSH, and don’t seem to have a battery problem.

    If this is so, is there a way (not using BossPrefs) to ensure that SSH is always ON?

    Thanks guys.

  52. jdh Says:

    I love the app BB!!

    Does anyone know why my airplane toggle doesn’t show up on it tho?

  53. madmax Says:

    thanks for this update
    but SSH button still doesn’t work for me
    what do you mean with “Make sure you also accept the sbsettings toggles update”
    I didn’t find this upadate …

  54. Ad1tya Says:

    Hey Bigboss!

    Is it possible for you to make a toggle for Enabling Vibration (while ringing) and disabling it.

    Its very annoying to have to go all the way in for Enabling and Disabling Vibration.
    (I need my phone on silent+vibrate at work, but only Silent @ college!)


  55. Xandu Says:

    Well it does here, any fix??

  56. Xandu Says:

    Yeah and I have intelliscreen.

  57. Skol Says:

    the SSH toggle is still not working for me

  58. Jessev Says:

    i’m trying to update for the 3rd time now. it keep showing up in “changes”, but after upgrading and even rebooting, SBSettings shows V0.91

  59. chromeluv Says:

    Keeping SSH on does drain battery…while I do not know the specific software proccesses behind SSH, this was always put out when downloading SSH

  60. Jessev Says:

    and of course, because i posted, it works now.
    if anyone else has the same problem, do the updates separately. it worked for me

  61. Pelaez Says:

    The airplane toggle was replaced by the Phone toggle, which turns off phone, but not WiFi.

    If you feel like that is not really an airplane toggle, just turn off Phone and WiFi, it has the same effect.

  62. essarem Says:

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

  63. HandyRandy Says:

    Well bossprefs had a mail toggle for each individual account. That was nice.

    I really wish apple would’ve put a bigger battery in. Then maybe we could just leave everything on and make it though the day!

  64. HandyRandy Says:

    Exactly. Airplane=Phone(3G+EDGE) + WiFi

    New (brilliant) Phone Toggle=Phone(3G+EDGE) leaving WiFi untouched

    I still am unsure what use the EDGE Toggle has in this scenario because 3G is not left on when you toggle EDGE off. If anyone knows, please lay it out.

    Thanx 4 update BB

  65. Apollo316 Says:

    I think a brightness bar somewhere in the drop down bar would be a great addition! I can’t believe no one has implimented this sooner as it seems like it would be a simple yet very convenient addition! It seems to be such a hasle to go to the setting app and then brightness before being able to change it! Do you think this might be something that could be added?

    On another note I’m very impressed with this app and very much look forward to where it will go!! Thank you very much for all your hard work and making our iPhones so much more useful and convenient!!!


  66. Abhi Says:

    Dummy Question.

    Iphone 3G running 2.1 firmware.
    I installed SBSettings from Cydia, but not seeing any SBSettings icon on springboard.

    Please help what am I missing.

  67. Abhi Says:

    Figured out by reading the old release info !!

    Thanks Great app :)

  68. asmodeus Says:

    1) Brightness slider and autolock time
    2) Display Wi-Fi network name
    3) Better close button (have to aim more to right lower corner right now)
    4) Design. I guess it’s not the biggest concern but it could be more iPhone-like, part of default theme. I especially hate gradient in the lower box.

    So, there. This app rocks!

  69. raj Says:

    thnks for this. and thanks for the reboot option. a few things tho’
    1) it “forgets” the toggles with each update. in my case i have phone, wifi n bluetooth. after each update i have to reenable phone.
    2) the close button. u cud use the home button or some other gesture to close it!
    3) really waitin for vpn toggle.
    4) can u disable this on the lock screen?

    anyways, thanks for one awesome app.

  70. Howard Says:

    One thing I hope you add in is the ability to easily enable/disable email accounts.. thats the sole reason I use BossPrefs!
    (It would be even nicer if you could add certain email accounts to a group and do them all at once!) I have 3 email accounts I only view during the day, so each morning I go into BossPrefs and toggle them on, then at the end of the day I turn each off.. It would be sweet if I could do them all at once (not that 3 swipes is time consuming!) It would be even better if I they could be on a timer so at 8AM they turn on and 4PM they are off, but that might be asking a little too much! :)

  71. mindblowerz Says:

    totally agree with the “x” button .. needs to be relocated …

    Also, there has been a couple of times that my phone rebooted after clicking onto “refresh”. Once in Google Maps, the other I can’t remember…

    After clicking on to Refresh, the refresh button lights up.. and hangs… after a couple of mins or so.. the phone reboots automatically.

    All in all, still an awesome app! Cheers!

  72. Zequi Says:

    I’m working on this one

  73. Zequi Says:

    I think there’s no need of a close button at all. must be closed with the same gesture.

  74. Danny Says:

    You said you removed SBSetting from the lock screen so people can’t get around someone’s passcode by restarting the springboard. But can you still leave the options to do everything but restart springboard, because they don’t go around the passcode. Or, can you make it so SBSetting resprings to the lock sceen when activated on the lock screen. I find SBSetting really useful on the lock screen (Don’t have to unlock, and go into setting for airplane mode, don’t have to unlock to respring, and don’t have to unlock to reboot).

  75. Danny Says:

    Can you also make a toggle for Airplane mode (Wifi, Edge, 3G, and Phone in one)? Thanks

  76. Rick Says:

    just to say it happened to me too, maybe a bug with refresh button

  77. Pyroponce Says:

    Thank you on the VPN toggle! It would be supersweet!

    And I don’t know if it would be feasible, but a brightness slider would be swell.

  78. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry, I cant fix what I cant reproduce. Maybe it’s just an iPod touch thing or maybe its partly due to intelliscreen.

  79. BigBoss Says:

    How do those toggles work in BossPrefs? Don’t they require a respring each time?

  80. BigBoss Says:

    It doesn’t really drain much battery if any since the process just goes idle without connections.

  81. BigBoss Says:

    EDGE toggle is for those guys that have metered data but want to receive phone calls. They turn off EDGE to make sure they don’t accrue data charges by the iPhone checking email, weather, and whatever else.

  82. alpineflip Says:

    Anyone know how to keep SSH off on reboot? BossPrefs had that option originally (SSH on reboot always w/ on/off) but everytime I reboot the phone SSH is back on and I looked around and found a ‘Toggle SSH?’ but that was in Hide Icons. Maybe I missed it :)

  83. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry, no. It’s not that hard to hit phone then wifi its very fast. Airplane toggle is problematic because it would require wifi to know to refresh itself and it wont. Therefore, this will not be added.

  84. BigBoss Says:

    Don’t think that option worked in BossPrefs since 2.0

  85. alpineflip Says:

    I am currently on FW 2.1 and it worked from BossPrefs. I currently have it set to off (in the config section) and SSH will not turn on after a reboot unless I set it to on. I thought that was a good feature but maybe its just being picky I guess!

  86. HandyRandy Says:

    No icon. Slide top status bar (even when in other apps) or tap bar with two fingers.

    Refresh if u believe the toggles are out of sync.

    Settings are in “more” (which will only work in home screen).

    SSH unlike the other toggles will kill app and launch the SSH toggle app.

    Phone Toggle = Phone(3G+EDGE) leaves WiFi untouched.

    Phone Toggle(3G+EDGE) + WiFi = Airplane Toggle

    EDGE toggle is for those guys that have metered data but want to receive phone calls. They turn off EDGE to make sure they don’t accrue data charges by the iPhone checking email, weather, and whatever else. Meaning, chances are you wont need it. So you should hide it.

    Reboot and lock are hidden inside menu when u hit power.

  87. HandyRandy Says:

    Email timer? HA, I think u are becoming spoiled now!

  88. HandyRandy Says:

    BB, where is changelog for toggles1.21?

  89. johnny0 Says:

    Why not just slide left to close? (I’ve accidentally tried that about half a dozen times already…)

  90. madmax Says:

    I updated SBSettings Toggles with v1.2.1, now SSH is working very well.

  91. Kavian Says:

    can u please enable the respeing on the lock screen with the passcode on cuz I really like that please

  92. HandyRandy Says:

    why would u need respring on lock?

  93. MWNN Says:

    Hi !

    First : great app ! Great new improvements

    Second : suggestions,
    * GPS toggle
    * real Airplane Mode
    * easier access for the Close Button (why not reverse slide on the info bar ?)

    Thanks again


  94. cadguy Says:

    i need a liitle help!

    i installed using cydia and everything was working fine. THen i tried the update for the toggles and got the following error message:
    trying to overwrite application/ which is also in package com.liv2.togglessh. i click ok and it doesn’t let me overwrite, just a resping

    I’ve tried to remove and reinstall the toggles and the sbsettings app but get the same error messages?

  95. Pablo Says:

    Hi there:

    I just installed SBSettings 0.92 on my 1st generation iPhone. I would like to know if its possible to add:

    - e-mail toggle
    - airplane toggle

    Thanks in advance

  96. HandyRandy Says:

    The poof app has crashed on me quite a few times. Not every time, but quite a few. The ads might be screwing with it. I can tell for sure that the ads slow down the loading of the “more” app.

  97. Surreal Says:

    Yes – I use a script which I copied from another blog which essentially renames the respective .dylib to .dylib.bak and then resprings. To activate, I rename the .dylib.bak back to .dylib and respring again.

    I got the basic script from the site below and then changed the “killall springboard” to refer to your respring command inside I have modified this for use with a number of the other .dylibs loaded by mobile substrate.

    (I hope including links is OK)

  98. HandyRandy Says:

    And yes I have probably have like 200 apps. Im sure that doesnt help. But a problem no less if it crashes before I can use it.

  99. kelvin Says:

    have a problem with the program, when using mail it makes the text size really tiny, or more like it tries to display the email in a whole line instead of changing the line width to fit the screen, thus making the text really tiny.

    uninstalling the program makes the problem go away, so i think its something to do with the this program.

    if you want more help please contact me

  100. Jonny D Says:


    BigBoss has already stated he will NOT be implementing this. But of course, no one seems to want to read any of the previous comments. If you are too lazy to simply touch “Phone” then “WiFi” to get the same result as Airplane mode, then there is no hope for you and you should stick to using BossPrefs instead.

    Now what we could use is a few more toggles, perhaps one for Location Services, VPN, Safari DL, VNC, Auto-Correct and Auto-Lock, etc…keep up the great work BigBoss, your efforts are much appreciated. =P

  101. Howard Says:

    I only asked cause I know you guys could do it. :) I’m not expecting it as a feature – I can’t see too many people needing it.

  102. Alex Says:

    I have the same problem as 2 other people. When ever i turn back on my iphone it puts me into safe mode. I uninstalled sbsettings and it doesnt put me into safe mode when turning on my phone. So it has to be with this program how can i fix it. Cause i really like this BB?

  103. Innovative1 Says:

    I think a double-tap inside the info box would also be a good way to close it.

  104. Innovative1 Says:

    What about the switch on the side of the phone?

  105. Innovative1 Says:

    I agree, why? I like that he has disabled the app on the lock screen when a pass is set. Thanks BB!

  106. Innovative1 Says:

    WTF is ‘safe mode’?

  107. L10nH34Rt Says:

    I have a strange issue. Ever since I installed SBSettings WiFi does not turn on off on standby (kinda like resulting in great power consumption (50% in 5h with little to no use)…
    Problem is not resolved even if I uninstall SBSettings. So now I have to turn WiFi off manually (till I restore I suppose…).

  108. L10nH34Rt Says:

    Also SSH not working at all!

  109. L10nH34Rt Says:

    Scrath that previous comment :p

  110. bobbydigital Says:

    BIGBOSS is it possilbe that you could try to make sbs work in landscape mode. I mean it works but I’m talking about have it come down as if it was in landscape rather then as if you were still holding it upright. Just a little something I was thinking bout to improve the app, which is great already but I think this will just make it super awsome

  111. bobbydigital Says:

    after playin a little more with it I think landscape won’t be needed it’s great as is. But safari and location toggles would take it over the top

  112. MIKEL Says:

    Would it be possible a TOGGLE for POCKETTOUCH application? it´s quite anoying this not executing when opening th eipod. A Toggle should fix this little problem. thanks in advance

  113. Alex Says:

    Its when you turn on the iPhone and is says something about substrate blah blah blah and then the background is all grayed out and then at the top of your phone it says safe mode.

  114. HandyRandy Says:

    lol, very technical

  115. mindblowerz Says:

    worked for me as well in 2.1 and 1.1.4

  116. Terry Says:


    When trying to install the SBS Toggles I get the following error:

    Source Error
    Trying to overwrite/Applications/ which is also in package com.liv2.togglessh

    After I tap okay and re-start spring board and check Cydia the package was not install. I’ve tried this several time and still can not get it to install… Is there a work around?

  117. jb Says:

    Excellent app, easily one of the most useful, allowing such fast access to wifi. Would also love to see the location services listed!!

  118. Innovative1 Says:

    Try to uninstall both packages and then re-install instead of installing over the old one.

  119. cadguy Says:

    this is exactly the same problem I have. (posted above). I’ve tried we uninstalling both and reinstalling and get the same errors. I really like the idea and would love to get it going again. Thanks

  120. Chris Says:

    Same as above. Uninstall/Re-install only made it worse, losing all toggles.

  121. Evan Says:

    Great app, would like to see a few additions:

    1) User defined to disable SBSettings on lock screen – I’ve had 3 times now where the phone was in my pocket and the home button got pressed to wake up the screen and the movement of my leg and the materials of my pants against the phone caused SBSettings to come up. This can lead to inadvertantly turning setting son/off

    2) Timeout for SBSettings inactivity – If SBSettings launches, after a timeout period of no buttons being pressed (say 10 seconds), it should go away

  122. Shekkie Says:

    Same problem as above. No problem installing the application but unable to get any toggles to appear. Have tried the uninstall/install pprocess several times. Any ideas?

  123. Chris Says:

    Uninstalling SBsettings and Toggle SSH then only reinstalling SBsettings worked for me

  124. mario Says:

    When I install this app, will it elliminate the previous Boss Prefs v2.15b, or do I have to un install it before?

  125. Shekkie Says:

    Thanks…..there was a “lingering” ToggleSSH file that wasn’t deleted when I deleted the actual application. After a little searching I found it and once it was deleted the SBSettings application works great. The 3G toggle is especially handy!

  126. HandyRandy Says:

    keep it if u like. they do not conflict. Uninstall before or after. I suppose you may have to refresh sbsettings if you use bosspref to toggle something, but can’t say from experience cuz i just uninstalled after i put in sbsettings. It is meant to replace bosspref, but we have to wait a short while while the plugins are released.

  127. Awayze Says:

    That side switch sucks, it sometimes goes off silence in my pocket and the switch is pretty hard to move aswell!

  128. BigBoss Says:

    I have made my packages now replace and conflict the old togglessh.

  129. admiral Says:

    I uninstalled SBSettings (cannot find a solutions for the SSH toggle) AND something happens into the edge config. because it takes now about 20 turn it ON/OFF.
    Any ideas ?

  130. admiral Says:

    …sorry forgot to say I reinstalled BossPrefs !

  131. admiral Says:

    found the problem MUST BE activated on 2G Iphone 3G and NEW EDGE toggles in order to run edge ON/OFF quickly !

  132. admiral Says:

    now cannot turn edge off although it is showing off the IP address still showing and edge working. Please need some help.

  133. admiral Says:

    Ok, after install, desinstall and install agaain BossPrefs I found out that SBSettings (install/desinstall) did something to toggle configs on edge. The only way to turn edge OFF is to deactivated NEW EDGE TOGGLE but it takes 20 seconds, before I installed SBSetiings for the 1st time everything works well, with NEW EDGE TOGGLE “ON” let me turn ON / OFF edge quickly.
    Any ideas of what can I do in order to solve the problem ? THANKS

  134. Noobie Says:

    I look forward to the home button close feature. Thanks for adding this! I’m all thumbs, and it frequently takes me several attempts to close the app as I often miss the small red “x” in the upper left corner with my fat fingers.

  135. marciton Says:

    yes this 2 settings will be really useful :
    - Location Service
    - Data Roaming

  136. Innovative1 Says:

    So it is hard to move yet you move it in your pocket? I have never had that switch move by accident…

  137. cadguy Says:

    me too, thanks!

  138. IMIX Says:

    I know why you disabled SBSettings during a call, but now I can’t get to my bluetooth toggle during a call.
    Sometimes i need to answer the phone to catch the call and don’t have time to enable bluetooth before answering. I then turn bluetooth on for longer calls, while talking.

    Could you make it so only the two-finger-tap will open it during a call?
    that may fix the original problem while still making it available for a bluetooth toggle during a call.

  139. pl_svn Says:

    BigBoss: I had to uninstall SBSettings ’cause of a *serious* issue:

    Battery charge indicator never went down, in 2 days, from 100% :-/

    Uninstalled SBSettings, restarted my Phone and… Battery is at 50% as it should

    also: after a “PowerOff” from SBSettings… I had *serious* troubles bringing it back to life! ==:-/

  140. Mike Says:

    know what would be nice. swiping to the left, the sbsetting would drop down, swiping to the right a menu of your fav apps would drop down, leaving the home screen empty at users choice to show wallpapers of whatever. unless theres something like that out there, pls let me know. thanks


  141. maz Says:

    also: after a “PowerOff” from SBSettings… I had *serious* troubles bringing it back to life! ==:-/

    I had this problem too from time to time after installing SBSettings BB!? Some clue abt it now then?

  142. Kalabaza Says:

    The X button is to little and I have difficulties to close the application or my hands are too big.

    With the new feature to close the application with the home button I think that this issue will be solved.

  143. olivier Says:

    works great for me with Intelliscreen! both are useful, so I’m glad they seem to be compatible!


  144. hamsup1o Says:

    Very useful tool! Thanks!

    Not sure if it’s just my phone but does anyone noticed faster than normal battery drain after installing this app/utility? I haven’t had it on my iphone for too long as I installed it last night but my battery level is lower than normal today and my usage is about the same as any other day.

  145. JD Says:

    Yes, BigBoss can you please personally address battery life with SBSettings and whether or not faster battery draining with SBSettings installed is actually an issue? I know it’s MobileSubstrate based and personally i haven’t noticed any difference in battery life, but a lot of other people across many forums are saying they have noticed a bit of a battery drain. It could definitely be psychosomatic, so your input on this matter would be much appreciated by the community…keep up the good work!

  146. johnny0 Says:

    Jumping right to the inbox of different mail accounts would be nice too… Hopping out of the inbox, out of the account, into another account, into that inbox — ugh.

  147. mindblowerz Says:

    sad to say I feel like uninstalling sbsettings due to the following reasons:

    1. I’d occasionally swipe the top during the locked screen, accidentally activating sbsettings. Then I’d have to always click “x” to close it when I need to unlock the phone.
    2. The “X” button really needs to be relocated or change it to tap on the info bar to close. It is simply too difficult to aim my finger exactly on the “X” to close it as I may touch the 3G toggle.
    3. The “X” button is also pretty insensitive… It always takes a few touches to get it to close.
    4. “Refresh” button sometimes hangs the phone. I don’t use it anymore unless absolutely necessary.
    5. Booting up takes substantially longer… not sure why…
    6. I’ve to always disable SSH whenever I reboot as it starts automatically everytime. Boot up slowness could be due to SSH starting up
    7. Colors for the toggles need to be changed to something more drastic other than Green and Red. Green and Blue would be good. Sometimes in bright lit areas, it gets a little hard to distingush between green and red.

  148. BigBoss Says:

    In v0.93 you will be able to also use Home button to dismiss the app window. This should solve #1-3. I will also look at making an option to prevent it from working on the lock screen in the future but its not the top priority at the moment. As for #5, it shouldn’t be so important even if it is true because most users do not reboot the device all the time. SSH starting on reboot is a safety precaution. If your device won’t boot for some reason and you don’t have it, you’re screwed. #7 will be addressed in the next version as we have theme support. If you don’t like the colors you can either install or make your own theme.

  149. BigBoss Says:

    The app does not drain the battery as long as you don’t have the window open. When the window is not opened, nothing is even running. It does not install a daemon or any extra processes. Instead, it just extends springboard by adding some new functions to call when you swipe the taskbar where before those functions did not exist. Now, if you have your window stuck open in your pocket or something then it could drain your battery. This is not an expected use-case, however. I may attempt to add a timer where if the window is not touched after N seconds it closes itself. However, this will be a complicated addition. When the window is closed, the disk space timer is killed and nothing is running *at all*.

  150. BigBoss Says:

    I’ll take a look at this. It probably kernel panicked on shutdown and never really shut off. You could just hold power and home to boot it up.

  151. BigBoss Says:

    The battery issue is not related to SBSettings. This occurs because sometimes springboard loses touch with the battery status. This happens also to my wife’s phone since 1.1.1 up to current FW and she does not have SBSettings installed. Usually a respring or reboot solves it.

    The numeric battery option is not SBSettings doing something either. It just adds a key to springboard’s plist. It’s a feature of the springboard that just needs to be enabled.

  152. BigBoss Says:

    Disabling EDGE will not necessarily mean that you do not have an IP address or an E. The only test is by trying to actually *use* safari with wifi shut off.

  153. BigBoss Says:

    I agree with these and plan to add them both at some point.

  154. BigBoss Says:

    Im sorry, but I can confidently say that there is no way that this app causes the font on your email to change.

    That has to do with the way some emails are sent and is unrelated.

  155. BigBoss Says:

    I can take a look at the crashing. I don’t believe that the ads slow down the loading of the “more” app. They load in their own thread and do not impact the app. What makes you jump to this conclusion?

  156. BigBoss Says:

    I made the toggle pack conflict / replace the ToggleSSH app that everyone said caused install problems. This will make Cydia auto uninstall that other package when you install SBSettings.

  157. BigBoss Says:

    Ok, I’ll look into this for the future. Although, for the record, I believe it is very dangerous to have this off on reboot. If it’s off, something goes wrong and your device won’t boot, yer screwed.

  158. BigBoss Says:

    I like the idea of a brightness slider.

  159. pl_svn Says:

    I think that’s what happened indeed: on that PowerOff the display just turned suddendly black without the usual “spinning wheel”.

  160. johnny0 Says:

    The problem with leaving Location Services being on is not so much potential battery drain but all the location-aware apps asking each time the run if they can use my location.

    The camera is the worst. Every. Photo. I. Take.

    By the time I wait for and then hit the button, the moment has passed.

  161. pl_svn Says:

    I trust you, BigBoss, but… please, consider my point: I never-ever had the battery indicator issue, first time it happened was upon installing SBS and it was solved by uninstalling it.

    couldn’t be something, in the installation phase maybe, that *triggers* it? I mean… SBS has something to do with “status-bar”, the very place where battery indicator resides!

    no: I don’t have any other app/extension, that modifies something in the status-bar, installed

  162. maz Says:

    Yes! But this have been a serious problem for me as well to many times now. I mean think about when woke up after a nights sleep and switch your phone on just to find it´s TOTALLY EMPTY of power. Especially when I have be out on business trips and am in the hurry not to able charge it before go.

  163. Ali Majidi Says:

    nice ap and big work
    i wana add my favo app toggles to dock but you write coming soon
    how mutch time i must waitinh dear ?
    bosspref had it
    can you say time ?

  164. BigBoss Says:

    If you dont trust it then use the normal power off method for now. No one took that away from you.

  165. BigBoss Says:

    It wasn’t solved by uninstalling it. It was solved by the respring that occurs in Cydia when you unintalled it. As I indicated above, a reboot or respring fixes it. Because the app depends on mobile substrate, when you uninstall it, Cydia gives you that “restart springboard” button. So that respring is what fixed the problem for you.

    We don’t need to explore if you have any other apps installed or not. This is an issue with built in springboard not with installed apps. You do not need anything installed or even to be jailbroken to see it. It also can occur without numeric battery with just the built-in lock screen battery. It’s not a new problem. It’s been around since forever.

  166. Brad Says:

    SBSettings is great, however I miss having the ability to activate my blue-tooth while on a call. Since I never had a problem “Cheeking” the SBSettings while on a call, would it be very difficult to create an option or a toggle to reactivate the In-call functionality for those who loved that ability?

  167. bobbydigital Says:

    i was wondering would pressing the home buttpn bring up quick gold or are you working that out.

  168. The_Ben Says:

    Great Update!
    a few things I’d like to see:
    - A toggle for Auto-Lock
    - A toggle for Airplane Mode
    - An Option to re-order the toggles.

  169. Pzizz Says:

    Great app idea, but…

    I’m facing a lot of issues
    -During install of the App get the message “Trying to overwrite application/ which is also in package com.liv2.togglessh.” said ok and the app have been installed. Respring and it works but there’s no toggle in it.
    -Tried to install toggles, but get the same message.
    -Tried to uninstall App but get the same message.
    Reboot changes nothing to the problem. I’m stuck with this App installed with no toggles in it…

  170. Pzizz Says:

    Hum, after verifying I found having two ToggleSSh apps in /Applications :
    and one,

    Looking into the plist inside seems t say this one is your toggle.

    Perhaps this helps finding a solution…

  171. maz Says:

    Yes thank u BB! But I was talking about “boot it down”. Not as u maybe thought about “boot it up”!? Am I right or wrong? Sorry if I bother u! I am full of trust. For sure! ;-)

  172. pers Says:

    BB I love your program and can’t wait till it goes a bit further. I just want to reemphasize a couple popular ideas being thrown around in these comments that I agree with.

    1) brightness slider

    2) add reverse-swipe closure/click on info area closure

    3) ADD a way to get back from MORE to the app! (i don’t like to have to close it/reopen it when I’m tinkering with it, even though this isn’t a huge deal)

    4) keep up the great work :)

    One other thing that would be nice for CATEGORIES is to have an option to auto-load certain folders on respring. I am a med student and I have several folders (like organizational & med tools) that I want to open instantaneously. Using BGrounder was a great addition to speed things up, but its cumbersome to open all 5 folders that I want to be available every time I respring. I’m aware that this means it would probably drain my battery more quickly and take longer to respring, but its worth it for me (and probably for others).

    Thanks again for all your work!

  173. David Says:

    Can you make it so when you open the sbSettings it disables the stuff in the background. especially when i try to press the X to close it i accidentally press the program i have open in the background.

  174. Innovative1 Says:

    I have not noticed any difference.

  175. Innovative1 Says:

    Yeah, the only issue with using the home button is if you are in a program…Cydia for example. Then you swipe to enable WiFi so your apps will download faster. Then you press home and it exits Cydia and returns to the home screen. Unless you are going to somehow make it not exit apps until it is pressed the second time.

  176. Pzizz Says:

    Follow up,

    So I was stuck with sbsettingstoogles in the Cydia Install queue. Impossible to install or unistall anything, the same error coming out each time because Cydia was trying to install sbsettingstoogles before doing anything else.
    I thought (not both are there) was the problem so I renamed it
    Impossible to uninstall Toggle SSH with Cydia so I did it (or thought I did it) using dpkg
    #dpkg -r com.liv2.togglessh
    Removed succesfully, but that was not ToggleSSH (I don’t know what I uninstalled..).
    Result is sbsettingstoggles get installed with no error message.
    Seeing that was still there I tried to rename back to its original name but my iPhone refused to do so cause the name was already used. refresh the /Applications content list and now it true, I have three apps and

    Wich one is what ? I don’t know, seems to me one is from BossPrefs, one from SBSettings and the last one from an app calle Toggle SSH (I don’t remember wher I get this).

    Conclusion, SBSettings and sbsettingds toggle seems to get in conflict with an other app for SSH toggling.

    Ho, a suggestion, in More (in SBSettings), rename View Toggles by Show Toggles, when I saw View Toggles I thought it was to view more toggles and not to toggle toggles in SBSettings.

    Hope this helps and you’ll find a solution for this TogglesSSH story.


  177. David Says:

    Hey Big Boss,

    The change you are making for the home button to close sbSettings is great.

    I was wounder if you are going to add a toggle for Freepops ,that way i can get rid of boss prefs on my phone.

    Also when is the next update coming to cydia.

    Keep up the great work!

  178. BigBoss Says:

    This is worth a response :)

    1) Brightness Slider is done and already working in my “unreleased version”.

    2) Reverse swipe won’t be necessary. I have added “home button” to close the app in my “unreleased version”.

    3) The “More app” is purposely an external app to avoid adding more memory usage to springboard. It’s easy to get to sbsettings from more app. Just swipe statusbar!

    4) Thanks :)

    5) Categories, sometime soon, will be moving into springboard in a similar manner to SBSettings. It’s a ways off still, but it will happen.

  179. BigBoss Says:

    This is not how it will work. When you are in Cydia, swipe to pull up SBSettings, then hit home, it will close the sbsettings window only. It would require a second press of home to close out Cydia.

    Pressing home button with SBSetting open will not bring up quickgold as I “eat” the home press if the SBSettings window is open.

  180. bobbydigital Says:

    thanks for the response about the home button, this is going to be a great addition. cant wait for update, still really would love safari dl toggle, i wouldve like to see that more light lightness slider,but thats just me, keep doing what u are doing. you are a great asset to the jailbreak community!!! Thanks for everythig

  181. bobbydigital Says:

    ****wouldve like to see this before the brightness slider***

  182. bobbydigital Says:

    location toggle, I’m still hoping for that as well

  183. Innovative1 Says:


  184. Innovative1 Says:

    I do not understand why this is necessary. I have location enabled all of the time and yet you still have to give each app permission once and location is off unless an app is using it.

  185. Danny Says:

    You should make it where everything around the drop down window dims when activated, like when the slide to power off slider pops down. Also, it should be here when you can tap anywhere outside of the window to deactivate it.

  186. bobbydigital Says:

    it’s not a huge must have just would like it but safari dl is a must have. But just to say why I would like it is I have several apps no matter how many times u grant permission it pops up everytime so a quick toggle would avoid that in apps that really don’t need location but then give me a quick way to turn it back on for something like maps

  187. Xandu Says:


    Please -if you can- implement the HomeButton shortcut feature in the window. It would be extremely useful for me!

    Thank you,

  188. pers Says:

    wow-now i’m really excited. that sounds great!!

    PS: Thanks for the #3 tip on reswiping (I feel dumb).

  189. pers Says:

    speaking of this, is there any way to just allow all programs to access your current location? I hate how that pops up all the time..

  190. Thargalt Says:

    Hello, could you add languages to this very good app ?

  191. gollyzila Says:

    When will this “unreleased” version be released?

  192. marciton Says:

    hello BB,
    I travel a lot and the “data roaming” switch is really deep in the menu!
    if we can have it in this wonderful application it’ll be so good!

    thanks for your job

  193. mike Says:

    isnt this a few days delayed from whats stated in the post? when can we expect this? no rush though.

  194. riLak Says:

    Great app BB!

    I’m just seeming to have one problem with it so far;

    I can’t seem to run it in conjunction with quick gold; everytime I install quickgold through cydia I get springboard crashing to safe mode every time until I remove quickgold

  195. exit Says:

    umm can you fix this please… it is interfefring with the auto lock… i dont know why but i realy dont like that.. please fix. thank you!

  196. Abel Says:

    How about a switch that can configure your sound? like a one touch silent/semi silent mode?

    I know there is the silent switch at the side but it’ll be alot more convenient if it can be done via touchscreen. Also for people whose buttons have spoiled

    Thanks for the great app!

  197. iphonemxrider Says:


  198. Weazil Says:

    Looks like a bug to me but unsure, in .92 when you set an alarm and it goes off sbsettings is slid out, also from time to time when the phone is locked and i receive a phone call it is also slid out and i have to close it just to answer the phone or snooze / turn off the alarm.

    other than that awesome little addon

  199. chaz26 Says:

    hi BB

    when will this next version be available?????????

  200. Goatse Says:

    I think SBSettings is screwing up my 3G internet conenction. I’ve fixed it a few times and when I use SBSettings again it screws it up all over again. The 3G Icon in the top vanishes, and I can’t get internet conenction

  201. thargalt Says:

    could you add the “SSH always on reboot” please ?

  202. zosky Says:

    one of my top 3 reason ipod is JB’ed! thanks you for the great improvements and bug fixes & ideas

    cant wait for the new version w/ [home] to close, the X is touph to mash.

    plugin are comming soon, huray. i hope next please. w/ plugins we can sort allot of things out ourselves :)

    fireFly rocks, (so do all the other Reqs). can it be similar to add toggle in BossPref, with a 2nd reffrence for 2pngs. on/off

    power & system toggles should not be accessible when locked, code or no code, plz. you can not unlock ipod if SBsettings pops out. maybe a toggle “access from lock-screen” (IF code is off)?

    Thanks again for all you’re doing here and for the community !!! respect !!!

  203. colmiak Says:

    someone has already mentioned this, but in favor of showing more support for this…

    you turned of the in-call sbsettings for good reason, but maybe if you could enable it just for bluetooth? or maybe in the “more” options have a an option for which toggles to view during a phone call? or like someone else said make a it multi-gesture touch that brings up sbsettings instead of just the slide? idk just throwing some ideas out, great work man, whatever you decide to implement, you’re still the bigbossss :)

  204. lino Says:

    Hi guys. when I turn off ssh it works ok. but when i reboot the device, ssh service turn on automatically. I’m sorry but it’s my opinion that the service after rebooting stays turn off.

  205. Victor Says:

    Hi there!

    Grat app BigBoss! Thanks man!

    Well i’ve a little problem, i’ve the passlock code activated, and the app doesn’t shows up on the lock screen

    I’ve read at the change log that you’ve modified something regarding to that and that it works with the passlock activated, but i’ve tried several times and nothing

    And now some suggestions :p

    - modify the respring command to enable the cache reset! That way it’ll also sustitute the!

    - It’ll also be nice an erase button, like the function introduced by apple that when you enter the passcode 10 times wrong it deletes all the data! That way we could use it in case of emergency. I know it’s kind of risky, so you can set it by default in “off”, and when turned on an alert can be displayed alerting the user about the risks!

    Well that’s it, thanks for all the grat works and continue like thak!


  206. Innovative1 Says:

    He intentionally made it not work on the lockscreen with a passcode activated. It was a security hole that allowed people to bypass the lock screen. I am glad it no longer works this way.

  207. Tom Says:

    Please block the program while in lock position. I drives me crazy when it turns on while in my pocket.

  208. j0r3x Says:


    i notcied that the file structure of the SBSettings and BossPrefs are more likely the same.. i know that adding custom toggle is one of your to do list, but is there are a way now to add custom toggles through SSH? like in bossPrefs, when u download ‘auto correct’ toggle from cydia, it’ll be inside the folder ‘services’ and a file for ‘auto correct’ folder will be placed in there.. ;) it’l be awesome if there’s a way for manual mod.. :)

  209. Francesco Says:

    Hi, I have the same problem…
    How can we do?

    Thanks so mach for your developing!!!

  210. Francesco Says:

    Same issues… :..(

  211. bebop Says:

    thanks for this great app bigboss! please add toggle for (afp) netatalk that is all =)

  212. Crater1 Says:

    Just installed SBSettings .92. Everything works perfectly except the Phone application won’t work. The green phone icon launches the phone app but it only stays on the screen for a few seconds before reverting back to the springboard. None of the buttons work during the few seconds the phone app is on screen. I have reset, re-booted, connected to iTunes… nothing.

  213. Oferlaor Says:

    Great app, few remarks:
    1. It activates even when the screen is locked (but active), that should be avoided.

    2. Many if the icons are red or green without regards to the real state of the service (e.g., wifi or 3G or SSH). That means I have to toggle stuff twice sometimes to get it to really activate.

    3. I’m missing two great things I had in BossPrefs – the ability to decide the state of SSH when the phone starts and being able to toggle autoCorrect (this is an add on, but a great one at that).

    4. A brightness slider would be fantastic

    5. It would be ideal if we could see what processes are active and be able to switch between them and close them. e.g., safari running in the background. A task switcher + process state (same info as “top”) would be really great as we could determine which process is causing all my apps to crash because it has too much memory allocated…

    6. It seems to be ideal to be able to integrate the app with backgrounder. This type of symbiosis would be no less than groundbreaking.

    Thanks for a great app!!!

  214. Rober Says:

    First of all, thanks for the program. I’ve come to love it.

    If there was a way to make buttons that batch changes to springboard and/or SBSettings, this would be a huge help. The appeal of this program is it’s quick convenience in changing settings. I think anything you can do to enhance this is a good idea.

    If I could write my own plug-in for SBSettings to turn auto-lock off, set brightness to .01, and turn ssh on, it would be a major convenience and it would replace the now unreliable insomniac.

    There could be one button for complete airplane mode and you wouldn’t get any more comments about it.

    etc etc. Infinite uses.

    This sounds like a major pain to implement so thanks for any consideration you give it.

  215. Chanimal Says:

    BB, thanks for all the toggles and SBS! They are very useful and I swear by them. I do, however, have been experiencing some issues with SBS, particularly with SSH. Everytime I reboot, SSH is automatically turned on. And if I go to SBS and manually turn it off, 2/3 times it crashes the phone. I will be left with a screen showing the SBS with the Springboard hidden in the background and it will be stuck. I would have to use the home key and power key combination to reset the phone. Sometimes, when I try to turn one toggle on/off after another, it crashes on me as well. Any suggestions?

    Also, will you be making all the toggles in BossPref available in SBS? Thanks again!

  216. Francesco Says:

    keep in mind that for 2 people come here for problems, other 100 doesn’t come ’cause they have not problem and they enjoy your app!!!!

    Keep work. You are really the best!!
    sincerely. Francesco.

  217. jzl Says:

    Count one for the “Auto Lock” Toggle. That would be killer for the veency users.

  218. Anthony Says:

    Is there any way to have the dock apps show the notifier bubbles? I would love to have insomnia in that list and it to show me if it was on or off.. or even a toggle for it.

  219. dieburnbot Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that occasionally when hitting the respring button the phone goes into safe mode? It only happens maybe 2 out of 5 resprings.

    Also after you completely reboot the phone the SSH toogle automatically gets set to ON. I wish it would remember what it was set at like BossPrefs used to.

  220. Jordan Says:

    I would love if there was an autolock toggle. This is one that I commonly shut on and off. Whenever I have it plugged in, usually the autolock is off. Anytime I take it on the go it goes on. Having this so accessable would be a dream. The settings app never loads immediatly. I love the speed of SBSettings! It’s amazing fast.

  221. Tony Says:

    Yes, please add netatalk – I added on to BossSettings but would really like one on SBS

  222. AW Says:

    @ BigBoss

    you wrote you don’t have VPN to test…

    You can use this:

    Thanks alot for your apps! They are great!!

  223. Keeter Says:

    I cannot get the sbs menu to come down when on my lock screen. I have the latest version and I do not have a passcode setup. Is this still a known issue? Another person I know has the same problem.

  224. mark Says:

    great app, i was on it from the beginning… is it possible to make a new toggle wich launches your stock camera-app. so that you quickly can shoot a pic from your lockscreen ??? Nothing more only to activate ur camera for a quickshot. it takes so long to unlock ur iphone and shoor a pic, in this way its much quicker.

  225. Anonymous Says:


  226. chris Says:

    Dumb guy clarity question – I want to be able to use the phone, and wifi, but not pay for per use data charge. Do I need to toggle off Edge and 3g AND turn on a Fake APN. First generation phone, Software V3.0. Battery life seems to suck with FakeAPN, but started getting data charges for the first time after upgrading to 3.0.


  227. roee Says:

    hi, i could disable the auto-start of the ssh on startup from the bosspref but i didn’t see that in the sbsettings.
    i missed something? if not, could you please add this option to sbs too ?


  228. Sean Curley Says:

    Hi. Today there were three or four updates in Cydia, Activator, Circuitous, SBSettings, and one other thing, I think. Did the install, and got this message on SBSettings: “/var/cache/. . . trying to overwrite /var/mobile/. . ./off.png” Tried to uninstall both SBSettings and SBSettingsToggles, rebooted, and tried to install SBSettings again, only to get same message. Even tried deleting the off.png file, but same thing.

    Any ideas what’s causing this, but more importanly how to fix so I can reinstall SBSettings without having to restore?


  229. NsT Says:

    Hey guys,
    today I updated sbsettings and after that I am not able to enter the “more” app on my iPad 3.2.
    It crashes all the time. Plz fix it


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