iMatte v5 HD – The apotheose

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iMatte v5 HD will certainly be a theme remembered for a long time. There is 5 months in the making (full-time work, I’m dedicated 100% to this, that is making the theme and supporting it).

How can I describe iMatte without having you read this for half an hour? Impossible, so I’ll do my best!

If you enjoy and use iMatte, you can offer me a little coffee in order to keep me motivated to pursue my work! (If you don’t live in Sherbrooke, QC area, a little donation will do the same ;))

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SBSettings 3.0.2

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Edit: v3.0.3 alert. It seems 1/2 the people loved my status bar sensitivity change and 1/2 the people hated it. I have made it an option in v3.0.3. It defaults to “off” which is like it is in 3.0.2. If you want to re-enable the sensitive swipe allowing for downward motion and all, hit the more app, extras, and the bottom option for “More Sensitive Swipe”. Set that to ON for the more sensitive version like 3.0.1 and older. This 3.0.3 release will be out tonight before I sign off.

Anyone having a hard time opening the window, it opens very easily if you use two fingers and tap one on the carrier logo and the other on the battery then let both go at same time.

SBSettings 3.0.2 comes with a very minor code change and a packaging fix.

The processes button “Free Memory” apparently has never done anything for anyone at all! I had one user report this and no one else. I found this today while installing SBSettings on a friend’s iPhone and noticing that there was no free memory after hitting the button. So none of you have ever seen how awesome this is! It is fixed now. Turns out I packaged the 3.0.1 toggle pack up poorly and the file was copied to the wrong folder.

v3.0.2 of the app changes the way the window opens slightly. It now requires at least 50 pixels of swiping before the window opens. This is to help prevent accidental opens. You can swipe left to right or right to left, it doesn’t matter. You cannot swipe down. (Let’s see if this one generates me any mail).

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SBSettings Toggle Update 3.0.1

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I have made some minor updates to SBSettings tonight, but the major feature is the new “Free Memory” button in the processes widget. With this you can free up system memory without killing tasks.

Here is an example (note the free mb number in the statusbar):

We start with 3 processes running and 24mb free.

After hitting the button, we are down to 40mb free. Open SBSettings and still 39mb free and the same 3 processes still running.

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Minor Updates

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I updated SBSettings, Categories, Docs, BossPrefs to fix a launch crash that a small percentage of users were experiencing. Please update if you experienced this issue with any of the above apps not caused by missing dirname as outlined in my previous post.

There was also a temporary bug in my pack of sbsettings toggle pack 2.99-3. It was only out for about 30 minutes but I managed to get about 100 emails on it :(

If you try to update and it won’t install due to error 2, refresh your sources and you should see 2.99-4 to install. The updated toggle pack enables bluetooth on iPod touch 2g on 3.0. If you don’t care about this feature, no rush to update.

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SBSettings 3.0 Soon part 2

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Edit: I packed this up and released it as v2.99. There are a couple more things I plan before 3.0 comes out, but this will get some good testing in. A couple notes, the install process should work, but if you have any weird problems, like respring just hangs with the respring screen up, reboot the iPhone and then send me email letting me know this happened. I am trying to avoid a reboot on install and want to make sure it’s working for the masses. Also, remember you must enable the status bar features in the more app!

Note: themes like leopard U/I that put javascript web content directly over the statusbar will prevent statusbar date and memory from showing up.

So I have still been working on SBSettings for 3.0 (and update for 2.x). In addition to the features listed in my previous post I have added:

  • You can now have more than 12 toggles. (On the 3.0 OS). When you have > 12 toggles it will let you scroll like categories app or such.
  • There is now an option to put the free memory in the statusbar. See:
  • You can now select from several options to customize the behaviors of SBSettings:
    • Enable or disable the U/I from lock screen
    • Enable or disable the U/I during calls (for those of you that kept having the U/I activate on your cheek).
    • Enable or disable the date in status bar.
    • Enable or disable the memory free in status bar.
    • Enable or disable numeric battery, wifi, or GSM (phone strength).
  • Revamped the U/I on the more – extras screen.
  • Internally, I have made the toggles SDK more extensible enabling direct access to system() calls within the toggles. I expect another small flood of new toggles like safari download, samba, or syslog toggles. These tasks were impossibly difficult on 1.x sbsettings and are now trivially simple.

Known Issues – Please READ THIS before you comment:

1) If your respring, SSH, or EDGE doesn’t work, you are one of the unlucky 3100 to get my bad pack. Reboot the iPhone and you should be ok.

2) If you hold wifi for more than 1 second to try to invoke the hold action, springboard will crash. I had debugging stuff in there that I forgot to remove. None of the toggles support invoke hold action yet anyway so there is no need to hold them.

3) If you saw fastnotes, location services, or processes uninstall on the update this is normal. They are now included in the core sbsettings.

4) I already know that there is some misaligned text on 2.0 mobile substrate screen. The font on 3.0 and 2.0 are sized differently by defaults. Will fix in next version.

5) If you are on 3.0 this will not work for you. Do not report that the more app crashes. It’s not a problem with sbsettings. It’s in your jailbreak. To properly make it work on 3.0 beta, you require a private, not yet released kernel patch and to fix your crashing on loading the more app, you need to install the package that includes dirname. (It will be installed on a real 3.0 release build). Look for one of the *-cmds packages like “adv-cmds”, “file-cmds”, “shell-cmds” or just install all 3.

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SBSettings 3.0 soon

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Apps

SBSettings 3.0 is working well. I plan to release it soon since most the new features are also working on 2.0. I am not yet done but here is the current changelog:


  • DYLIB: Modified for all the changes required to work on 3.0 (with proper patched jailbreak, not working with public jailbreak on 3.0).
  • DYLIB: Added status bar date. This will put the date in your statusbar right by your clock. This defaults off and you must enable it in the more app. See screenshot of statusbar with this enabled:
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked SSH and EDGE toggles. Solved the low memory freeze ups previously seen when hitting refresh or trying to toggle EDGE or SSH. This was a major issue on current versions of SBSettings. It seems totally solved.
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked WiFi toggle since it didn’t work on 3.0. It toggles very quickly now.
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked phone toggle (airplane) since it didnt work on 3.0. Phone toggle is also instant.
  • DYLIB: Added a single tap status bar to close the SBSettings window in 3.0 only. This is because home button brings up the search and there was some interference (enough that I felt annoyed). So you can swipe to open the window, tap to close.
  • Both: Added ability to move toggle order around.
  • More app: Added mobile substrate extensions manager. You can now troubleshoot a poorly performing device by disabling and enabling various installed mobile substrate extensions. (Requires respring after toggling).
  • More app: Added numeric wifi, numeric GMS (phone) to extras menu. (Note: the 3.0 version of numeric battery looks different. Remember this is just enabled by SBSettings. It’s a feature of springboard).
  • More app: Added statusbar date toggle button in extras menu to enable or disable statusbar date.
  • Revved version to 3.0 since this version works with iPhone OS 3.0. It should work with 2.0-3.0.
  • Reworked how root requiring toggles work. As such, we can now system out to processes as root. This enables Safari download and other toggles! (Expect them soon).
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SBSettings SDK update v1.1

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I have updated the SBSettings SDK guide to document the new invokeHoldAction function that allows toggles to trap a held action by the user for special menus. For example, one use would be in a wi-fi toggle to allow the user to select the APN.

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qTweeter v0.97 now coexists with SBSettings

Author: theafricannerd  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

qTweeter has been updated to version 0.97 to coexist with SBSettings. If you are running both qTweeter and SBSettings, to launch SBSettings, slide your finger horizontally across the status bar. To launch qTweeter, slide your finger vertically from the status bar. Please see this guide About qTweeter. qTweeter is the fastest and most efficient [...]

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SBSettings AutoLock Toggle

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Apps

Gaming Robot and I rewrote the SBSettings autolock toggle from scratch. It should now work. The toggle will also save your current autolock settings value from the settings app and restore it when you toggle it. When the toggle is on, autolock will occur. When the toggle is off, autolock will not occur. Thank you to Erica Sadun for help on getting SpringBoard settings to take effect immediately without a respring.

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SBSettings Updates

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Update: I have repacked the processes and iPod toggle removing the .DS_Store that was causing the problem on install. I have released a new version of SBSettings, the toggle pack, and a new iPod play / pause widget for you tonight. Here are the details: For starters, the iPod Widget: Background and Problem This provides [...]

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SBSettings Processes Widget

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Update v1.1b: Added app icons for apps that are running. See updated screenshots below. Today I released v1.0b of the Processes Widget for SBSettings. This is a task killer widget that displays tasks and lets you kill them (from within any app). To use, just bring up SBSettings, select “Processes”, then delete the task you [...]

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SBSettings v1.0.4 and New Toggle Widget

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Update v1.0.6 (Nov 30, 2008): Made a couple small changes to the “more” app to hopefully address those that find it crashing as soon as it loads. Please try it out and let us know. If it crashes once, run it again. It attempts to do something different if it detects that it crashed the [...]

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SBSettings v1.0.1 and Working Dock

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Ok after a bit of sleep and some extra time, I debugged and got v1.0.1 out with working dock. Enjoy. I also released all the themes that were submitted. If you sent a theme to me and it’s not in Cydia right now, I don’t have it. Update: v1.0.3 is out fixing some user-reported bugs: [...]

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SBSettings Theme Kit Released

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Are you an SBSettings themer? Then this news is for you! I have finished the SBSettings theme kit and posted it in the guides section here. The guide will explain what each element is that can be themed, where the theme folders are expected to go, and provides some screenshots. It also has a link [...]

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Tip: Missing or Hidden Icons

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I am still getting a lot of emails asking one or two of the same questions: “I hid my poof icon and now I cant unpoof it” (or same with bossprefs or such). or “I just restored my iPhone and all my icons are gone“. I have written two articles on this. There is the [...]

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