SBSettings Theme Kit Released

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Are you an SBSettings themer? Then this news is for you!

I have finished the SBSettings theme kit and posted it in the guides section here. The guide will explain what each element is that can be themed, where the theme folders are expected to go, and provides some screenshots. It also has a link to the default theme with all the files expected in their proper locations so that you can make your theme mimick this layout.

If you have any questions or have a theme completed with the new elements and wish for it to be hosted whe the next SBSettings version is released, please contact me.

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5 Responses to “SBSettings Theme Kit Released”

  1. Roy Chang Says:

    there an error in your Under Brightness folder, both icons are green

  2. BigBoss Says:

    That is not an error. The brightness icons arent meant to be toggled. They call up a brigntness window. Checkout the screenshots.

  3. minivinny95 Says:


    when is the release XD

    and will there be themes to be available for download in Cydia?

    This looks great!
    and in the pics and the download you can see some new features like brightness and “Dock”

  4. chronzz Says:

    hi BB
    i just send you a theme i made hope you like it

  5. grabejud Says:

    sent you a theme for this..
    basically from badge black ui derived

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