SBSettings 3.0.2

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Edit: v3.0.3 alert. It seems 1/2 the people loved my status bar sensitivity change and 1/2 the people hated it. I have made it an option in v3.0.3. It defaults to “off” which is like it is in 3.0.2. If you want to re-enable the sensitive swipe allowing for downward motion and all, hit the more app, extras, and the bottom option for “More Sensitive Swipe”. Set that to ON for the more sensitive version like 3.0.1 and older. This 3.0.3 release will be out tonight before I sign off.

Anyone having a hard time opening the window, it opens very easily if you use two fingers and tap one on the carrier logo and the other on the battery then let both go at same time.

SBSettings 3.0.2 comes with a very minor code change and a packaging fix.

The processes button “Free Memory” apparently has never done anything for anyone at all! I had one user report this and no one else. I found this today while installing SBSettings on a friend’s iPhone and noticing that there was no free memory after hitting the button. So none of you have ever seen how awesome this is! It is fixed now. Turns out I packaged the 3.0.1 toggle pack up poorly and the file was copied to the wrong folder.

v3.0.2 of the app changes the way the window opens slightly. It now requires at least 50 pixels of swiping before the window opens. This is to help prevent accidental opens. You can swipe left to right or right to left, it doesn’t matter. You cannot swipe down. (Let’s see if this one generates me any mail).

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271 Responses to “SBSettings 3.0.2”

  1. Roberto Says:

    was i the only reporter ? i think i forgot to report it here, and only mentioned it on a spanish blog, where no one answered :P

  2. iFart Says:

    hahah.. 1 person reported it… ya i was definitely wondering why it wasnt working… BIG thanks bigboss! this is probably the MOST useful tool on cydia for the average users!

  3. Gruntparty Says:

    I thought this would only do 1-2 mb but wow, at least 10 mb with the real version. I see how this deletes safari’s cache files to free up memory cause I know safari uses alot of memory especially with alot of tabs open. Nice update, nice to see it’s working now . Good job BigBoss! Btw looking forward to BossPaper

  4. posra Says:

    holy cow (and Wholly chao) I thought the freem memory was supposed to be a placebo at first but this is awesome :) great work here!

    Please consider adding indicators to let the user know if there are more pages of toggles. And a horizontal SBSettings so I can rest in peace…

  5. posra Says:

    I prefer swiping down, please bring that back! I use SBSettings often in Mobile Safari and swiping to the left or right takes me to the top of the page. I’ve mastered the art of swiping down so that doesn’t happen :/

  6. Matt Says:

    I agree, miss the downward swipe.

    Perhaps make it a toggle-abl option?

  7. eyephone Says:

    anyone elses cydia just keep crashing. it was working fine this morning but now at 10 when i tried it again, it just keeps crashing after around 10 seconds of being open.

  8. ranova Says:

    Bigboss, leave swipe down disabled because mQuickDo uses swipe down from the taskbar to bring up the processes.

    mQuickDo is a great, quick task manager – amazing with backgrounder

  9. U-FLO Says:

    After I’ve installed SBSettings 3.02 … the sbsettings toogle is not working ….. i tried to reinstall several times… no succeed

  10. litUp Says:

    Cydia won’t launch for me either. I applied the updates and now I can’t get into Cydia. Please help.

  11. bob Says:

    Please let us swipe down swiping left and right is a royal pain :(, but thanks so much for working hard and developing great apps :)

  12. Smash Says:

    Cydia is crashing now!

  13. Pir8 Says:

    Does this version fix the Edge toggle setting ? Does it finally stops edge data from being transmitted using push ? Some how when push is enabled some applications were able to enable edge data transfer even if it was disabled in SBSettings

  14. iFart Says:

    Cydia is working fine for me after updating to SBSettings 3.0.2 on my 3GS

  15. markii Says:

    i’m giving it a try. hope cydia still works…respringing not working. it’s now blinking on and off. going to restart iphone. argh i hope it doesn’t brick!

  16. poison Says:

    Thanks BigBoss!! This hella made my day. I wondered why it wasn’t doing anything beforehand lol

    Thanks again!!!

  17. markii Says:

    phew- all’s well! wow it works great, too!

  18. iFart Says:

    im using purplera1n btw… i switched from redsn0w to purplera1n because my Infiniti G37 wasnt recognizing my iphone when using redsn0w. *shrugZ*

  19. Bogus Says:

    Yeah mine is doing that too…lol

  20. David B Says:

    But I looove swiping down! For now I’m going to keep the version I have; I’d rather swipe down than free up memory!

  21. Sreekanth Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    Thanks for this great app. Please reenable the downward swipe as swiping right and left is very cumbersome as I have to be very precise while doing that.

    I noticed that free memory didn’t do anything but didn’t both much as I use memtool do any of the memory management.

    Also, SSH toggle never seems to show up in the SB Settings though I set the toogle to on. Please fix this as well.

    Again, thanks for the great work. This app rocks.

  22. stanley Says:

    thanks, another awesome tool from the boss.

  23. Silvio Says:

    Please bring back Swipe Down!!!!

    I find it very difficult to open SBSettings now without flipping my springboard page to Spotlight or just flipping pages, especially after swiping down for so many months using this awesome app :(

    Please!!! :)

  24. DarkPaus Says:

    Hey BigBoss please enable the swipe-down option again please!!!!!
    And thanks for all your hard work!!!

  25. Sreekanth Says:

    Cydia is working fine even after updating to SBSettings 3.0.2.

  26. Hy Says:

    So ashamed I didn’t report it, but with this update my free memory finally sees a change! from 20MB free to 41MB! Thanks!

  27. J.B. Says:

    I don’t need swipe down. Messes with qTweeter.

  28. ben Says:

    after the update cydia crashes at start up!

  29. ben Says:

    i was using purplera1n

  30. T.Ogura Says:

    It was from 3.0.2 to 3.0.1 I upgraded to Safe Mode.
    If one wants to 3.0.1.

  31. bbqsgt Says:

    I don’t use mQuickDo or qTweeter. Therefore, please re-enable downward swiping

    In all seriousness, downward swiping is so much more intuitive than side-swiping. Maybe it’s a purely psychological thing that I’ve gotten used to after using SBsettings for so long, but from a UI/UX standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to swipe sideways, only to have the panel scroll out downwards.

    If you are intent on not bringing down-swiping back (or at least making it an option), may I suggest making the SBSettings panel slide out from the side(s) of the screen instead?

  32. Aftab Says:

    can anyone help me? mu sbsetting show low memory and do not change in status bar…. it does not refresh it… when i open something then it changed the memory plz help

  33. matsubione Says:

    its difficult to operate Mquickdo after upgrading sbsetting.
    everytime i use gesture function on the top of te bar, sbsetting will appear at same time mquickdo wor.

    make me crazy, should i remove mquickdo or sbsetting

  34. Steven Says:

    Would it be possible to have a toggle to switch on/of for Notifications.

    Because they surely are a battery killer so i don’t want them all the time, and i don’t think i am the only one !

    Thanks anyways for all the work !!

  35. Ziim Says:

    Swiping down would always screw up searching in video. Im glad its gone, if it comes back I hope there is an option to disable it.

  36. cyph Says:

    please make down swipe an option (toggle) because i can’t stand how it opens the 3.0 search feature

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Your ssh problem is probably that you dont have open ssh installed.

  38. cyph Says:

    Here’s my run down and everyone should do this when ‘installing / testing” or unfortunately “installing and then crashing”…

    List info including: iPhone model, OS installed, and jailbreak used, this way the developers can help you out =)

    For me I am using an iPhone 2G, 3.0 OS, freshly jailbroken today with redsn0w 0.8

    Right after unlocking/jailbreaking and updating cydia the very first app I installed was sbsettings 3.0.1. I have since then installed several free apps from the app store, qik (cydia), and most recently I just updated sbsettings to 3.0.2!

    After I i upgraded sbsettings I gave it a test run and successfully used the FREE MEMORY button for the very first time =D ,When the app first launched I noticed that the EDGE toggle was not on the main screen so I toggled it on and resprung– then it appeared. Next I tested all of the functions under the POWER button and they all successfully worked. The only thing that I have noticed is that when I “resprung” on versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 the sbsettings interface disappears, the rainbow circle appears and “spins”, then the bottom of the interface where the available memory is shown slightly reappears and THEN it fully resprings. I don’t really have any gripes though because the respring feature is MUCH faster! No complaints here BOSS! You have a tester right here any day of the week ;)


    *I’ll be back after further sbsettings 3.0.2 testing

  39. cyph Says:

    please make down swipe an option (toggle) because i can’t stand how it opens the 3.0 search feature

  40. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    I noticed that it didnt work but was wondering what the hell does this button actually did? lol

  41. Gruntparty Says:

    Does anybodys device crash when they shake it ???? Like mobilesubstrate crashing

  42. azharnasir Says:

    Read this link:

  43. Miguel Says:

    The memory button still does nothing for me. Thanks for fixing the swipe, i was constantly activating it when surfing.

  44. BigBoss Says:

    Please reproduce this with logmailer installed and send me your syslog. I would like to see what is causing the crash.

  45. BigBoss Says:

    It will do nothing if you have >= 50mb of memory free already (2g or 3g) or >= 150mb free (3gs). In this case, it will not turn white for 5 seconds, it will just close. If yours turns white for 5 seconds, you need to make sure you have the sbsettings toggle pack 3.0.2 installed.

  46. Miguel Says:

    I screwd up and did not have the toggle pack installed. My fault. Many thanks for this program. It it one of the primary reasons to jailbreak.

  47. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    just tried updating mobile substrate and sbsettings all together in cydia and phone is in constant installtion mode for almost 30 mins now, i have got a copy of the report listed below, sorry bigboss couldnt find email for you so i posted it here, can you please help?????

    Selecting previously deselected package sqlite3.
    (Reading database … 2249 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking sqlite3 (from …/sqlite3_3.5.9-11_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up sqlite3 (3.5.9-11) …
    Selecting previously deselected package berkeleydb.
    (Reading database … 2256 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking berkeleydb (from …/berkeleydb_4.6.21-4_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up berkeleydb (4.6.21-4) …
    Selecting previously deselected package apt.
    (Reading database … 2274 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking apt (from …/apt_0.6.46.4-0.1-14_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Replaced by files in installed package apt7-key …
    Replaced by files in installed package apt7-lib …
    Setting up apt ( …
    Selecting previously deselected package coreutils.
    (Reading database … 2343 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking coreutils (from …/coreutils_6.9-5_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Replaced by files in installed package coreutils-bin …
    Setting up coreutils (6.9-5) …
    Selecting previously deselected package libutil.
    (Reading database … 2412 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libutil (from …/libutil_11-2_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up libutil (11-2) …
    Selecting previously deselected package diskdev-cmds.
    (Reading database … 2420 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking diskdev-cmds (from …/diskdev-cmds_419-2_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up diskdev-cmds (419-2) …
    Selecting previously deselected package libgcc.
    (Reading database … 2445 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libgcc (from …/libgcc_4.2-20080410-1-6_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up libgcc (4.2-20080410-1-6) …
    Selecting previously deselected package libxml2.
    (Reading database … 2448 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libxml2 (from …/libxml2_2.6.32-5_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up libxml2 (2.6.32-5) …
    Selecting previously deselected package openssl.
    (Reading database … 2508 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking openssl (from …/openssl_0.9.8k-7_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up openssl (0.9.8k-7) …
    Selecting previously deselected package libgpg-error.
    (Reading database … 2615 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libgpg-error (from …/libgpg-error_1.6-2_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up libgpg-error (1.6-2) …
    Selecting previously deselected package gcrypt.
    (Reading database … 2630 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking gcrypt (from …/gcrypt_1.4.0-2_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up gcrypt (1.4.0-2) …
    Selecting previously deselected package libxslt.
    (Reading database … 2639 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking libxslt (from …/libxslt_1.1.24-1_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Setting up libxslt (1.1.24-1) …
    (Reading database … 2679 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace mobilesubstrate 0.9.2805-1 (using
    …/mobilesubstrate_0.9.2977-1_iphoneos-arm.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement mobilesubstrate …
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libxml2.2.dylib
    Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Foundation
    Reason: Incompatible library version: Foundation requires version
    10.0.0 or later, but libxml2.2.dylib provides version 9.0.0

  48. Oren Says:

    Can’t seem to find the More sensitive swipe toggle, in extras…

  49. Zimmy Says:

    Love SBSettings! and I like the new, less sensitive swipe.

    Maybe you or someone could create a utility to disable Apples’ right-scroll onto Search (and the button press), that is easily the worst thing about 3.0, drives me crazy!

    I have never run out of memory so I don’t really see the point of the Free Memory button?

    BTW SafariDL toggle does not show up in my SBSettings but does show in Bossprefs (I have installed the toggle).

    Also, why does SSH always show up as on after I power off and on again? I get fed up always having to turn it off again.


  50. testman57 Says:


    I did not test 3.02/3 yet, but since 3.0 I believe that the memory display in status bar is quite delayed (like if it refreshes only when something else changes in the status bar, for example when the time goes up one minute it seems to refresh the value). Is it something wanted or a possible bug ?

    Thanks in advance,


  51. silversurferblackspidey Says:


  52. Confucious Says:

    I seem to not be getting updates from BB source.
    Cydia was installed with RedSn0w and I still see SBS 3.01 – any ideas why?

  53. BigBoss Says:

    You are installing a heck of a lot more than mobile substrate and sbsettings. Just take a look at that list! You have iphone gcc, gcrypt, apt7 and it goes on and on. The issue definitely is not related to mobile substrate or sbsettings. What all did you choose to install anyway?

  54. Vlad Says:

    Sbsettings keeps crashing on my 3g os 2.2.1 after update to 3.0.3. The menu works but after i press de “more” buton is opens up the rest of the options and it immediatly crashes.

  55. smackiesfunkies Says:

    WOW! free memory ftw!!!! now that it works it’s amazing! running up to 55mb now
    thanks boss!! :D

  56. Confucious Says:

    Scratch that – I just had to refresh and there it was.
    Sure I never used to have to refresh to see new packages though….

  57. Sing... Says:

    Now evething works propertly, nice job !!!
    Free memory working too now.


  58. chow Says:

    Thank you bigboss….you rock….
    after updating at first cydia started crashing but after restarting the phone its working perfect……very nice….

  59. Vojislav Vlasic Says:

    Sbsettings keeps crashing on my ipod touch first generation os 2.2.1 after update to 3.0.3. Everything works fine until I press more button, it opens up the rest of the options and it crashes after 2 seconds.

  60. A6un Says:

    BigBoss, When you say something is working(Free memory) we blindly believe you that it should work. I always wondered whether it is actually done any good by freeing any memory. And again I convinced myself saying ‘BigBoss is always right!’

    P.S. Thx for fixing it.

  61. loren23 Says:

    exactly the same problem as comment 42 “Sbsettings keeps crashing on my 3g os 2.2.1 after update to 3.0.3. The menu works but after i press de “more” buton is opens up the rest of the options and it immediatly crashes.” It worked perfect before on 0.2 Can any one help.. can not add my toggles as the Set Toggles causes immediate crash.

  62. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    i just did an update through cydia and it downloaded all of it anyway just did a restore, thanks

  63. rock Says:

    Today I installed SBsettings and it has frozen when it is trying to respring… ended up restoring.. does any one is having same problem?? Can I give a try one more time? pls advice

  64. rock Says:

    Seems like “silversurferblackspidey” is also faced same issue…

  65. Chris Says:

    I did report it!

  66. blatz Says:

    great, BigBoss, all things working like charm.

    Free Memory does his job ;-)

  67. blatz Says:

    btw. Appstores are offline at the moment ;-)

  68. Nedam Nedanko Says:

    Yap, got the same problem with 3.0.3 crashing when trying to access “more” menu under OS2.2.

  69. mmick Says:

    THEBIGBOSS: Thanks!!!!! NOW 3.0.3 *is* working perfectly!!!! Now I can free up to 54Mb of RAM! And everything else working well too! Excelent work!

  70. pnford Says:

    i think i was the only reporter as i emailed big boss the day it came out & never was working…we thought it was just something with my phone

  71. nooficial Says:


    Sbsettings keeps crashing on my iphone de first generation os 2.2 after update to 3.0.3. Everything works fine until I press more button, it opens up the rest of the options and it crashes after 2 seconds. the help crashes

  72. Matt Says:

    3.0.3 works like a charm (3GS @ 3.0).

    Swipe down is toggleable option & free memory seems to be working.

    All is good in my iPhone world.

    You’re apps rock and you rock!

  73. pnford Says:


  74. Coldorak Says:

    I often have this problem too.
    This time, when I hit “upgrade all” button in Cydia I had less applications, but my iPhone is crashed now, it doesn’t leave the apple boot logo, I can’t reach the springboard even after a “20+ minutes” boot

  75. Sing... Says:

    I only found a bug.

    When I touch “power” and after “power off” the iphone reboot.

    In my case this “bug” remain, it was in SBS 3.0 as well.

    All other stuff is working great.

    But I repeat, thank you very much for your work !!!

  76. drank Says:

    Installed 3.0.3 on my 2.2.1 iPhone and when hitting the More button it crashes after 2 seconds. More people are reporting this problem with 2.2.1 FW and 3.0.2 version of SBS (see below).

  77. loren23 Says:

    help….same issue as 57…..”Sbsettings keeps crashing on my iphone de first generation os 2.2 after update to 3.0.3. Everything works fine until I press more button, it opens up the rest of the options and it crashes after 2 seconds. the help crashes
    also.” I have factory unlocked 3g 2.2.1 was working perfect before upgrade to sbsettings 3.0.3

  78. drank Says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong Reply button. Here’s the problem again:

    Installed 3.0.3 on my 2.2.1 iPhone and when hitting the More button it crashes after 2 seconds. More people are reporting this problem with 2.2.1 FW and 3.0.2 version of SBS (see below).

  79. Vlad Says:

    Everyone who was having problems with SBsettings 3.0.3 on OS2.2.1 check Cydia…..Sbset 3.0.4 is now available for download and is solved my crashing problem. Thank you BigBoss

  80. loren23 Says:

    thanks for 3.0.4 fixed crashing problem that was fast fix big thanks

  81. b409328 Says:

    would be nice to have working edge toggle and also a data traffic counter on the first screen (together with ip addresses and free mem)…

  82. Awayze Says:

    I’m using an iPhone 3GS bur can not see the free memory button after the update. Did BigBoss take it out as it never did anything? :-S

  83. Awayze Says:

    Doesn’t matter, I forgot where the button was located, thanks it actually works now, freed over 20MB. :-)

  84. Gruntparty Says:

    I sent you an email just now. Note the date and time

  85. Anonymous Says:

    downward swipe ftw, toggle would be very handy

  86. billchase2 Says:

    I love the sensitivity change. Works much better with qTweeter now.

    Also, I’d been wondering about the “Free Memory” button. I have tried it a few times but never really noticed a difference. Now I know why… haha

  87. ML Says:

    It’s been a while since I used SBSettings. Has anyone tested how much CPU/Memory (and hence battery) this add-on drains? Say, what is the increase in Springboard memory usage after Winterboard + SBSettings are installed?

  88. Randy Says:

    After updating to the newest SBSettings, the free memory button just closes SBSettings

  89. Randy Says:

    Nevermind…it randomly started working again

  90. Mitch Says:

    I upgraded to 3.04 am on 3gs.
    No longer see the free memory button? Dos one have to enable it? where is it?

  91. Confucious Says:

    So, what’s new on 3.04?

  92. Mitch Says:

    nevermind forgot to look under processes d’oh!

  93. bangbang Says:

    Hey big boss,

    can you also add VPN on/off in the setting toggle section? I think it’s useful for ppl like me who needs to use vpn quite often.

  94. PsyChoses Says:

    Well I have to say that this is amazing … Now it worx … But 1 thing, here in my 2G iPhone it shows v3.04, is that right ?

  95. rbiro Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know the proper place to request additional sbsettings toggles…

    1) Turn off Javascript for Safari. I don’t need it for most blogs and it just causes Safari to come to a dead stop at 90% loading for up to a minute. (I guess you could disable Add-Ons at the same time, but I don’t have any)
    2) Clear Browser Cache/History. Perhaps at the same time it could kill all of the open browser tabs except the 1st or current active. People love to pick up my iPhone and play with it. I don’t want to share everything I do with them though.

  96. Peter Armenti Says:

    HELP!! The earlier version worked fine, but when I upgraded its crashing my springboard/winterboard and sending me into safe mode. When I uninstall/remove sbsettings everything goes back to normal. Is anyone else experiencing this? Please let me know.

  97. Peter Armenti Says:

    oh yeah, 3.0 3Gs – and yes, I’m downloading the most recent version of SBSettings 3.0.4

  98. Plotkin35 Says:

    I’m on 3Gs and my previous version was working fine. Updated and now Cydia crashes. I get NEtwork Error, or when I click on changes, I see the update, but if I click on it, it goes back to springboard. But when I swipe, I have the button for more sensetive button.

    But Cydia still crashes and I’m on OS 3.0. Was fine prior to update.

    Thanks for any help.

  99. Haze Says:

    The free up memory button works awesome Bigboss. I was sitting at 95mb on my 3gs and hit it, and jumped back up to 150mb. This is like a respring without the springboard reset?

    You are the man btw dude, Thanks for all these great apps you provide!

  100. Plotkin35 Says:

    Never mind, fixed itself. After a few resets.

  101. Firunwulf Says:

    Realy usefull app. But I found a small error. When I activate 24 hour format the battery numbers disappear even if they are still active. Would be nice if this could be fixed.
    Kindly Firunwulf

  102. birdpuk Says:

    BB, A suggestion for your next version…… when you have a sub window or hold window open it is hard to close them using the little x in the right hand corner…. (some of us have large fingers) when you hit the home button or the status swipe it closes both the main and sub windows to only have them both open again the next time you activate sbsettings… Do you think you could stack the close command?? example: if you have processes open and you hit the home button or status swipe close just the processes window and require a second touch or swipe to close the main window… Just a thought…

  103. Eric Says:

    For those with Cydia crashing after the update (not just this one. Seems like it can happen when other software updates.)

    Check this site out:

    It worked for me. Had to delete both folders – mentioned in the article. Hope this helps someone out.

  104. Max Says:

    Please let us swipe down to open SBSettings. It’s much simpler to swipe down than across the whole screen.

  105. Max Says:

    Sorry just saw the update in the post. Thanks for putting it back.

  106. BigBoss Says:

    If you want help you need to install logmailer, reproduce the issue, and send me your syslog.

  107. BigBoss Says:

    the update cannot affect Cydia. Try getting help from Saurik to solve Cydia issues.

  108. BigBoss Says:

    Springboard handles this automatically because you have too much stuff in your status bar.

  109. BigBoss Says:

    Those extra windows are not as hard to close as you may think. There is a huge hidden button behind the X on those windows so the button is actually a normal sized button. I think you just expect it to be hard to close cause the button looks small. (The actual SBSettings window does not have the huge hidden X which is why I added home to close and tap status bar to close).

  110. Duluen Says:

    white 32gb 3gs running 3.0 using redsnow jb.

    Was working fine, till the update today. For some reason whenever I install a new sbsettings it deactivates my “phone” toggle. So when I go to put it back, swipe->more->toggles->phone toggle “on-> close app and respring… the screen stays black for about a min, then pops up in safemode.
    I thought it might be the toggle, so I tried turning on another instead, same thing.
    Problem is rectified(meaning i can get out of safemode loop) by simply reinstalling update, just as long as I dont try to turn on any toggles.
    Everything else works fine. Free up memory is SWEET! Thanks for fixing it, and the slide issue.

  111. Hy Says:

    I’ve been wondering, is there a way to have it so when after one Restarts SpringBoard, that the usage data in Settings –> General –> Usage “Usage” and “Standby” do not get blanked out? I find myself still seeing how much usage I get on each charge…

    Thanks for the update!

  112. birdpuk Says:

    Got it…. I can see that now… the “little x” is so close to the edge of the box that unless you touch bottom left of it is hard to get it to work… Thanks for the tip.. and my issue is resolved….

  113. cisco Says:

    Always the same bug :

    When I touch “power” and after “power off” the iphone reboot !!!!!!!!

    Why ???!!!!

  114. U-FLO Says:

    Anyone knows how to change fake carrier ID to original settings?

  115. Peter Armenti Says:

    I experienced the same problem with Cydia since the update as well. I’ve now lost Cydia entirely and am looking for a solution to re-install. I’ll work on getting the log file for you also, but as of right now I can’t get it from cydia :)

  116. aryahave Says:

    Cydia keeps quitting after update but everything else are fine. Should I re-jailbreak? Using 3.0 and redsn0w.

  117. Anonymous Says:

    I reported it via e-mail with no response received…

  118. PsyChoses Says:

    Weird things are happening to some users, but as far as I can see on my 2G iPhone everything is working 1000% with no issues whatsoever …

    Amazing work as always BigBoss !

    Keep it Up !!!

  119. sykh06 Says:

    thanks for the great work bigboss though you have really screwed the autolock feature, if you turn it on, your iPhone will switch off never to switch on again, it’ll set autolock to 0 seconds so please fix this soon because autolock is something I really use.

  120. sykh06 Says:

    try autolock and we will see that 100% come down to 2% !

  121. sykh06 Says:

    they might have fixed this problem but they screwed the autolock big time, it sets autolock to 0 seconds now, used to be 60 on 3.0.1

  122. sykh06 Says:

    and you know what, I’m wondering why autolock isn’t working!

  123. dlawence Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    a big thank you for the new low sensitivity setting. My only beef with SBSettings had been that I was always accidentally opening it. With this new fix, problem solved. Excellent! THANK YOU!!!

  124. Xxzone Says:

    Lol I thought it just didn’t work very well. Now it is seriously bad ass! Thanks a ton! I have more free mem than ever!

  125. DarkPaus Says:

    Download makeitmine and it will tell u how to do it

  126. PsyChoses Says:

    Just tried that, and stays @ 100% functionality. I really don’t get it, as my 2G in general is working with no issues whatsoever not even getting the Cydia crashes that everyone is fussing about :S

  127. Richard Says:

    Thanks BB for the great app.

    I am running on 3G 3.0 and no issues todate. Works great at freeing up memory as well as other functionality!

  128. Baraka Says:

    hi all with the newest version i have a problem of sensitivity to have mquickdo

    please solve this problem

  129. Monkey Says:

    Thanks BigBoss! It’s awesome!

    One request : is it possible for you to offer a Tethering Toogle for SBSettings ????


  130. Sreekanth Says:

    Wow. you are awesome bigboss. I thought I had SSH installed as part of DTUNES but I was wrong. Thanks for the resolution and enabling downward swipe again.

  131. MJohnson2 Says:

    I’ve been a long time user of SBSettings. The new 3.0.2 upgrade is the best out of all recent upgrades. I love the working “Free Memory” as I now have 44 MB free on my 3G. Awesome!!!

  132. rock Says:

    Today after restore I again tried to install sbsettings again it freeze… So again I have given a try, but this time setting iphone as new one (thinking that my old back up data might be causing issue) but it didn’t worked. Following are steps I have followed.

    1. I restored the firmware by using restore buttom in iTunes.
    2. Then Jail broke by using redsnow.
    3. Setup phone as new one.
    4. Opened Cydia. Got some message saying to upgared essential/complete upgarde. Selected complete upgrade. Completed successfully
    5. Open cydia again and searched for sbsettings and installed it. After installing asked for respring. when I pressed restart it freezes…

    Now I am clue less. Please help in installing SBsettings.

    Thanks in advance.

  133. PrisonBreak-7- Says:

    Problem with mQuickDo when upgrade to SB Settings…. Not close apps and find the screen the SB Settings… Its not good….

  134. EKB Says:

    So umm… SBSettings has set my autolock to 0 seconds… how am I meant to fix that since as soon as I unlock my phone, it relocks :)

  135. EKB Says:

    If someone else accidentally uses the SBSettings autolock and it sets their autolock delay to 0 seconds,

    SSH into your phone, download /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/

    Edit the autolock delay (ie set it to 60) and upload back to original location.

    Reset your phone and your away :)

  136. mcmaklin Says:

    Please help me. What can it be – Iphone 3.0 3G. Cannot open BossPrefs because it is quitting. When opening SBSTools and clickin More it qquits after initializing.
    Maybe you can tell me how can I manually unistall and install it again. What can it be, it happened to one of my iphones. I just want to be able to hide icons. You are my last hope

  137. PrisonBreak-7- Says:

    Please fixed the problems. Better 3.0.1 version

  138. Anonymous Says:

    You could add a option to show DD/MM instead of just MM/DD (On the status bar).

  139. dimitri Says:

    Hello there, thanks for the work!
    SBSettings should be part of the original system, you made it and it’s great from day one.

    I am wondering (maybe it’s just me), I seem to have trouble toggling bluetooth now. This didn’t happen on my phone last week, I upgraded to 3.0 in the meantime, SBS 3.04, JB with Pwnage tool. All software up to date according to Cydia.

    The Bluetooth toggle works intermittently, I can’t figure out a pattern out of the bug.

    Cheers from Switzerland!

  140. Snedecor Says:

    Is there a special repository for the updates? I have 3.0.1, and when I load Cydia, there is not upgrade available for SBSettings? I reloaded several times, and rebooted, but no change.

  141. RAY Says:

    BigBoss, was wondering if there was anywhere to get a .deb file of this update. Lost internet and won’t get it for a few months where I am. Thanks.

  142. BrAtKo Says:

    It would be great also if it would be possible to add as addons the thing that is on Nokias known as profiles – you would click on an icon and you would put the phone on mute or on only vibrator. Maybe only one toggle for disabling any alerts (mute) would be great. Do you think it would be possible to do this thing? Thanks

  143. BrAtKo Says:

    Hello mine Cydia found the update successfuly.

  144. BrAtKo Says:

    APN TOGGLE – this feature would be great one, I need to swap between two different APNs for data.

  145. Chris Says:

    i was using 3.0.2 of SBSettings and the Free Memory trick does its work. But then now I upgraded to 3.0.4, after I click Free Memory it just slide away and nothing change. No memory is free-ed.

    Hope to get this msg to BigBoss and get it fixed in the next release

  146. Innovative1 Says:

    He has stated repeatedly that he has no interest in this and will not be working on it. We will need to find another dev to do it for us now that he has released his toggle source/dev kit.

  147. dude Says:

    BigBoss, could you please add a “full processes list” option which would show all processes and their size?

  148. robbiesz Says:

    Sometimes when I want to close SBS and tap on the X the glowing for the button comes up in the middle on the top of the screen instead of around the button.. Anyone else experiencing this? any fix.. it used to work in 2.99.x

  149. steve Says:

    Hi big boss, great work on this, works a dream for me frees up memory for me,keep the good work up,im a follower from the uk and your info and work you do for us all is the dogs bollocks.(that means great in uk for some who dont know what dogs bollocks mean lol)

  150. Keegan Says:

    Hey BigBoss, I’m wondering if you could add a way to change how many pixels you have to slide to open it, like have a slider in the options on how much you need to slide.

    Or could you put in a option to hold down the status bar for about 2-3 seconds, because I don’t open it that much, and I find it gets in the way sometime.

    Could you also add an option to swap around date and time on the status bar, I’d like time to be first.

    Thanks for the app man.

  151. Big Bill Says:

    Is it possible to add an SBSetting that enables you to select outgoing mail servers (SMTP) for mail accounts? Yahoo doesn’t allow you to turn theirs off (and Gmail’s on) (Settings, Mail, Yahoo, SMPT/Outgoing Mail Server, Primary Server, On/Off). It always stays on if the Yahoo account is active, even if you select Off. I’m looking for a workaround to overcome this little problem, as Yahoo seems determined to make me use them for all my outgoing emails.

  152. NSCXP2005 Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    I would like to request a feature for the next update of SBSettings.

    Would it be possible to add a search function into the hide icons section of the plugin as if somebody has loads of apps, like I do, its very time consuming to go through the entire list trying to find it to hide it.

    Please can you let me know what you think of my request.

    Thank you for your time

    All the best


  153. JJK Says:

    Sbsettings keeps crashing on my iphone after update to 3.0.4. Everything works fine until I press more button, it opens up the rest of the options and it crashes after 2 seconds. the help crashes also.” I have 3g 3.0. I have also tried to restore to factory settings then jailbreak then installed sbsetings as first application. I then reset the iphone. Still no luck. I have used sbsettings before the pgrades with no problem on the same upgraded version of iphone 3.0

    Please help.

  154. dacs83 Says:

    I had SBSettings working fine until I upgrade to 3.0.4. Now the program doesn’t start. The thing is that I had EDGE and SSH turned off before the upgrade and now EDGE does not work. I don’t know how to turn EDGE back on but it is very important to me since y use it to work.
    I try reinstalling SBSettings and SBSettingstoggles several times and nothing. I also did a restore from itunes to an a “before the upgrade” time with no luck.
    Any ideas?

  155. Jackal Says:

    I think have found a bug:
    Enable “Allow Launch Locked”
    activate SBSettings in lockedscreen
    Press Power
    SBSettings window closed (no power dialog)
    unlock iphone
    messed up Power dialog appears

  156. Di Says:


    I just installed SBSettings, tried it out, and then uninstalled it. Install and uninstall were both via Cydia, phone has been rebooted several times since.

    I noticed that a process named Sbsettings is still running on the phone even after it has been uninstalled and I can confirm that sliding on the top of the screen doesn’t bring up Sbsettings. Cydia confirms that the application isn’t there.

    So, what is going on? How do I remove the Sbsettings process permanently?

    Is this a bug in the uninstall process?

  157. spoonface Says:

    SBSettings is an awesome app, and I have a minor suggestion. I use the “Passcode Lock” feature (under Settings->General on the 3G), so that when the phone locks, I have to enter a 4-digit pin before I can get to the springboard. I have noticed that I can NOT access SBSettings from the lock screen or the “Enter Passcode” screen, which I believe is the correct behavior. But if I press the “Emergency Call” button from the “Enter Passcode” screen, I CAN access SBSettings from the Emergency Call screen. I believe that this is NOT the correct behavior, since this allows me to do things like kill processes and change settings while the phone is technically locked. This also allows someone to tell that my phone is jailbroken while the phone is locked… not a great feature.

    Anyway, as I mentioned SBSettings is a great app and this is a minor issue.

  158. Phloo Says:

    Hello !

    First of all, thank you for this amazing app !!

    Id like to make a little request :D

    It would be awesome if we could hide the informations in the SBS panel (Wi-Fi IP Adress, Data IP Adress, etc)…

    And the downward touch activation, as proposed before, would be perfect too :)

    Thank you !

    (sorry for my english..)

  159. ZAL Says:

    I installed SBSettigs from Cydia and during installation, it keeps on “Reloading Data” for like an hour now!

    Iphone 3g
    Version 3.0

    P.s: What I noticed is that it says Complete at the top but wldnt stop “reloading data” even when i press the home key, or tried switching it off.
    And it says
    Unpacking sbsettingstoggles (from …/sbsettingstoggles_3.0.2_iphoneos-arm.deb) … launchctl: Couldn’t stat (“/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bigboss.sbsettingssd.plist”): No such file or directory

    What should i do??
    my email address

  160. Marcus Says:

    Hi, this is really a great app, I am using it constantly.
    At moment I only miss a toggle for en/disabling the internet tethering function. Could you please add this in the next realase?

  161. Kristofer Says:

    I have same probs.
    But I´m runnig 3.0.1 and did not have any probs with 3.0.

  162. Anonymous Says:

    After upgrade have only half of toogles and cant find the Rest in cydia to install them !!!!!!!!

  163. EdG Says:

    Please fix the sort order for comments here, so that most recent comments are at the top – please!

    Scrolling down on these devices is a pain in my arse.

    Also, can I get a definitive yes or no as to how well sbsettings now works on firmware 2.2.1?

  164. Raza Says:

    I have a suggestion.

    Can someone create a toggle to switch to full privacy and normal settings for bitesms .. for example if toggle is on thn there is no notification of sms and if toggle is off then those privace settings apply which the user has selected.


  165. Fl0914 Says:

    Hi Bigboss,

    Could you add an option to show/hide informations panel (wifi ip adress, free mem etc.) ?
    Thank you :D

  166. myst Says:

    Great app!

    When going from one timezone to another, the iPhone clock will automatically change, but the time in the status bar will still show the time for the original timezone.

  167. vito05 Says:

    Hi.After uprade to 3.0.4 version I dont have toglles like processes,location and almost half availlable toogles.And I just dont have them i Cydia to install.Not mention I dont have Free Memory button too.Any idea BBoss ?
    I did reinstall SBsetting and Mobile Substrane several times…no effects at all
    IP 3g v3.0

  168. jam Says:

    sbsettings used to work perfectly with older version. Restored my phone with fresh “new” install, haven’t restored anything yet, first app to install is sbsettings and it is crashing back to springboard each time I click on “more.”

  169. jam Says:

    I think I just fixed the crashing problem. I uninstalled it, then installed bossprefs, adjusted a few toggles, then reinstalled sbsettings. Now sbsettings works fine!

  170. buschlauf Says:

    How to get usage information, usually obtained from Settings>General>Usage>Cellular Network Data etc. ?
    Supreme Preferences disappeared. Any other idea?

  171. Vasek Says:

    Power Off option still does not switch off the phone. Is there a fix ?

  172. daynie Says:

    I install SbSettings 3.0.4 and SBS Toogle , but after installation finished, it wont appear .. did I miss some tools?

  173. brock Says:

    has respring changed? in this version whenever I resrping, it does not bypass the lockscreen, whereas in previous versions I wouldn’t need to “slide to unlock”. I’ve tried re-installing, and installing the respring app, but to no avail.

  174. g119129be Says:

    hi, on 3.0.4 with os 3.0 on iphone v1 I do not manage to show the SSH icon even after activating it in the option/toggles

  175. K.Rock Says:

    +1 VPN Toggle!!!

  176. John Says:

    Great app thanks. As others have reported, Power off causes reboot. Is it possible to fix bug? Thanks

  177. stewartad1 Says:

    In BossPrefs, I believe there was a toggle to help clear the email contact cache. Is there something like this for SBSettings? Or another way to clear the cache? I sent an email to an invalid email address and now it still pops up when I go to send an email to that contact.

  178. Mike Says:

    Is it possible to change the 24h-format to XX:XX instead of X:XX in the statusbar?
    03:00 instead of 3:00

  179. mmaata Says:


  180. Phloo Says:

    Please make a toggle to hide / show informations at the bottom of SBS (wifi ip adress, data ip adress, etc)

    please please please please !

    Thank you :D

  181. Anonymous Says:

    I find when you move between time zones, the status bar does not auto update like the lock screen does

  182. Brian Says:

    Great app. I’m running 3.0.4 with toggles 3.0.2 on a 3gs. I’d love to know if it’s possible to enter the toggle screen during a call. I’ve tried swiping and nothing happens This would be a great way to turn the bluetooth on while on the phone.


  183. Marcel Says:

    Loved SBS on my 2G running OS 2.2.1 Thank you.

    Just upgraded to 3.0.1, installed SBS 3.0.4 but can’t seem to invoke it… swiping like mad, in all directions, two-finger tapping like a nutter… nothing happens.

    Sorry if I’m being dumb – can somebody advise?

  184. Marcel Says:

    SCRATCH THAT LAST POST… I rebooted and everything came up alive – even settings from before my OS upgrade. Brill.
    Thanks again for a great utility.

  185. David Says:

    Ok maybe I’m just stupid, lol. What does the dock icon do in sbsettings? When I tap it a black bar just comes across and covers buttons up. Is that it what’s it do?

  186. Igal Says:

    Weird, my iPhone keeps freezing up after the install is complete and I click on respring…it just hangs. Tried it 4 times already and the same thing happens every single time, keep having to restore in order to exist Cydia.

  187. rocketcuse Says:

    SBSetting 3.04 Since the upgrade, my phone, Safari, Mail and Ipod icons has, not sure how what to call it, an additional icon attached tp them after using. It look s like a progress status circle, like the one attached to the more icon inside of SBSettings. If I uninstall SBsettings it goes away. Didn’t hapen until I received the update last night.

  188. The ELF Says:

    Not sure where to ask or if this is even possible. Is there a way to add a toggle/icon for caller id into SBSettings? Verse going thru apple’s menu to turn it on and off.

    Thanks for the great app.

  189. hobbes Says:

    Hi BigBoss!
    Thanx for your efforts and all the cool apps!

    I have a request for SBSettings:
    it would be cool to have an automatic reboot feature (i.e. daily reboot at 4am)
    is it possible to add this option soon?

  190. stewartad1 Says:

    I think those circles are showing you what is currently running (sort of like looking at “Processes”, without looking at Processes).

  191. stewartad1 Says:

    Open SBSettings, then click on “More”, then click on the “Dock Applications”. The Dock is a way for you to put certain items that you wish to take off of your screen, but not actually hide (as in hiding the icons and only seeing the icons when you unhide them).

  192. stewartad1 Says:

    It may be a silly question, but I still have no answers. ANybody know how to clear the email contact cache?

  193. Ben Says:

    So I have a problem too… When I install 3.0.4 (on my 3G 3.0.1), once the install is complete via Cydia, when I hit ‘Respring’ it just goes into a reboot loop.
    I’ve tried several times to install now and everytime I have to do a restore…

  194. sunny Says:

    this is not directly related to the post but i can’t find an answer anywhere.
    1) I have SBSettings installed and placed both Settings and Cydia on the dock.
    2) I installed Stacks which is now crashing my springboard and forcing me to boot in safe mode.
    3) I cannot invoke SBSettings by tapping on the status bar because it just brings up the Exit Safe Mode popup.

    I am running 3.0.1 on a 3G iphone jailbroken using redsn0w. any ideas other than reformat and rejailbreak?

  195. Tom Says:

    Minor problem in 3.0.4 (I couldn’t find the page for that, sorry): numeric battery display conflicts with the Apple Bluetooth Headset. The battery number comes out as “870″ (right now, anyway — my headset’s battery is probably 1/4 full) instead of saying “100%”. Note that there is a special interaction with the iPhone and the ABH — the iPhone displays the headset’s battery status via an icon right where the numeric battery number would be (i.e., to the left of the iPhone battery itself). This icon looks like a pot pipe (it’s a side view of the headset), with its own green battery bar on it. Numeric battery mode puts the “870″ where that icon would be.

  196. watbu61 Says:

    I have a problem with my iphone-jailbroke with redsnow on 3.0 installed cydia,icy,sbs settings,bossprefs,mxtube,winterboard,and dtunes I also installed 3 apps from the app store problem is after exiting apps i loose my carrier and status bar and the only way to get it back is to sleep then unlock my phone. Am I missing any settings or doing something wrong?

  197. Anonymous Says:

    Ropa marca gaap

  198. jhay Says:

    pls add “seconds” on time format.. plss… :)

  199. Anonymous Says:

    I second that it should be a toggle. For anyone using qtweeter the swipe down brings up the tweet imput window.

  200. Xiaogwu Says:

    I just did some traveling and notices the time shown in the taskbar was not changing as I changed between time zones unless I respring sbsettings. Anyway for it to update automatically?

  201. xiaogwu Says:

    Just had the same issue during my recent business travel. The lockscreen’s time is correct with time zone changes, just the time in the status bar needs to be “respringed” to force an update.

  202. Korte Says:

    May i suggest a function to you? It would be nice if i can password-protect the “Dock”. Thank you

  203. Clean Says:


    I had 2G with SBSettings using Numeric Wifi. Now I have the official 3GS for which I did backup of my 2G and restored that backup to 3GS. Everything went fine but now my 3GS has numeric wifi… How can I get rid of it now? I do not wish to jailbreak but to keep my 3GS pure and official. I don’t have the 2G anymore.

    I suppose SBSettings does something that is transferred with backups so it should be possible to “undo” that info in the backups, right? I want to keep my SMS etc, so restore+sync would not be my first choice although it would bring me back the original wifi symbol.

    Pls help!

  204. Rocketcuse Says:

    Any way to get rid of them? I tried resetting, uninstalling, etc…I got annoyed seeing them so I just removed SBSettings.

  205. Anonymous Says:

    its a feature of backgrounder. turn off the “badge” option in the general settings of backgrounder and the additional symbols disappear.

  206. hadinhphu Says:

    i don’t know how to install sbsettings offline using deb file. could anyone help me with this ?

  207. Pedro M Espinosa Says:

    I also have this problem and it reflects badly on my mobile bill!
    Can it be Solved?

  208. Pedro M Espinosa Says:

    Sorry for my previous post (I thought it was placed just after the post I clicked ‘Reply’)
    What I want to know is if the Edge toggle now stops edge data from being transmitted using push ? Some how when push is enabled the Mail app is able to enable edge data transfer even if it was disabled in SBSettings.

  209. ApFinder Says:


    I really like SBSettings, and loves all is features, but…

    I found a small problem with SBSettings and GPS fix. When SB is installed normally I don’t have a GPS fix and after uninstall it GPS fix is almost instantaneous.

    Another issue is with EDGE toggle, when I press EDGE button to disable it, it seems off but if I press refresh button EDGE it becomes on again.


  210. dms_dc Says:

    Ditto for me. Minor issue but I ended up turning off the numeric battery that I otherwise love because I never know how much life my headset has left.

    But this is an awesome utility, thanks!

  211. Flip Says:


    I got a litte problem. I’ve just installed SBSettings (by using Cydia), but now there is no icon at my Spring Board.

    Does someone know how to open SBSettings?


  212. Iphonelover Says:

    Please read the review completely. You have an answer :)

    all the best !!


  213. Iphonelover Says:


    Try to read the review … you will find out yourself :)

    All the best !!

  214. Dcon Says:

    Just installed this and I am having an issue where the carrier, wifi strength, time and battery icon bar goes away when the home button is pushed with some programs (Cydia, Mail, Phone and iPod so far) and don’t come back until I do a power cycle. What is causing this and is it the same issue as post 171, If it is I have read all the posts here and didn’t see am answer to my problem. How do I fix it?

    iPhone 3g 8gb 3.0.1


  215. Dcon Says:

    Something else that happened was the battery symbol went to red really quick and when I plugged in the usb charger to the phone it said 94% and it is now staying at 94%.

    Just found that when I open AppBox Pro and then close it the icons return. and AppBox Pro says 100% battery and the icon in the top right says full. The top icon bar still disappear when the other programs are opened then closed.

  216. Casey Says:

    I have ipodtouch 2g 3.1.2 and I downloaded the newest version of snsettings and itwont work whatever I do

  217. Steve Says:

    Please help me; I have a 3gs version 3.1.2 jailbroke with blackra1n I downloaded Sbsettings and have tried to open with swipe and with two fingers on the carrier and battery. Nothing is working. I loved this app on my old i phone but cant get it to work at all. Am i doing something wrong?

  218. Jainesh Says:

    Hello I am also having the same problem as described in posts 174 and 175.

    I have removed/reinstalled 3 times now, still no go.

    Any ideas what to do next?

  219. Steve Says:

    I fixed my problems by retoring my iphone jailbraking again with blackra1n and only installin Cydia. Def do not install ICY as it causes sbsettins to not work.

  220. bpsturbo Says:

    Thanks for the app. much appreciated. 1 q: Is there an add-on or a setting making it MORE complicated to open this app? I would prefer something very deliberate so as not to open it by mistake. Please, tell me where & how much to donate.

  221. RUHavingFun Says:

    This is the best app for the iPhone! Whole reason to JB.

    I am not sure of how to submit an official request so I will do it here:

    Since SBSettings is always running, and can toggle the AutoLock feature, I would like a setting to have it toggle that feature based on a battery polling. If it is plugged in turn AutoLock Off. If not leave it On. Here is a link to more details that could help:

    The reason is that I like to leave it on while at my desk or in the car. I just like to be able to look over and see it without having to interact with it. Being able to switch via SBSettings has been helpful, however, this would be an awesome solution.

    Have Fun!


  222. MtnDew Says:

    Great app!

    Feature Request: Would it be possible to make it so that when you tap and hold the bluetooth toggle a list of linked devices comes up enabling you to connect/disconnect to individual devices?

  223. racer-x Says:

    I have a 3GS and just upgrade to 3.1.2, jailbroke and ran the aptbackup to restore my jb apps/settings.

    Now my hide icon feature in sbsettings does not work. Of note, many of the apps also appear in that list twice. Ive tried switching the first appearance, second appearance, both appearances.

    Can anyone who has experienced this, recommend a course of action? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times both in rock and cydia. I know the next logical step is to nuke the phone and start over. Trying to avoid that as I think the restore process somewhere is what created those dual listings…

  224. Damien Says:

    SBSettings doesnt work on the 3.1.2 firmware :(

  225. xzer Says:

    I lost the battery number, it can be shown at the lock screen, after I unlock the screen, it disapeared.

    Iphone is on 3.1.2.

  226. xzer Says:

    More information about the battery number disappearer.

    It seems that there are too many contents be shown at the status bar, I turn the date,time,memory and battery number on,then things become strange, the battery number sometimes shown, sometimes gone. But if I turn any of them off, everything is OK.

    I guess that perhaps my carrier’s name is too long, then I use “makeitmine” to change the shown carrier name, when set it to “abc”, still NG, but when I set it to “ab”, everything become fine.

    I don’t know if there is a way to avoid this problem, but it is actually a problem to many people.

  227. alainchich Says:

    Is SBSettings working on an 3.1.2 jb iPhone, or do we need to walt an upgrade?
    Thanks again for thé Dev.

  228. ajg23 Says:

    SBSettings works on my 3.1.2 iPhone jailbroken with blackra1n. It’s fantastic but I have recommendations…do the authors read here or is there a better place to request changes? I would also like to donate/pay for sbsettings if they will accept it!

  229. Tom Says:

    SBsettings not working on my 3.1.2 iPhone jailbroken with blackra1n. Put it in recovery mode on re-boot after install.

  230. Tom Says:

    Forget that. All good here. Not sure what happened the first time.

  231. Faslane Says:

    I’m running 3.1.2 JB.

    I install SBSsettings and my screen hangs alot.I have to toggle it off with the power button and then I can get in, sometimes the touchscreen won’t work at all unless I give it a harder swipe. SO< I uninstalled SBS and it works and has been working for days perfectly. I installed SBS again and voila, same thing, screen “sticking” any ideas anyone?


  232. Kabayongtao Says:

    For those whom are having problems with their sbsettings not popping up when tapped both signal provider and battery indicator after installation, restarting the phone worked for me.

  233. Jagdip Says:

    i can’t open sbsettings. why not? the swipe doesn’t work.

  234. yoyooyo Says:

    SBSettings eats up all of my memory and disables wifi on my itouch 2g with 3.0 OS

  235. silverfox Says:

    After I’ve installed SBSettings 3.02 … the sbsettings toogle is not working ….. i tried to reinstall several times… no succeed

  236. Tom Says:

    Completely disabled my wifi, only way to recover was a full phone restore. Goodbye sbsettings.

  237. Sam Says:

    Hi big as I leave this comment to ask you: please put musicbars in sbsettings tnks

  238. Anonymous Says:

    Anybody explain me what is the main purpose of sbsettings. I just installed it.

  239. saintzzz Says:

    hi big boss, im wondering how to set only TIME on my status bar, whenever i tried to turn off the date, time will dissappear too.

    please help thanks,.

  240. tony Says:

    v3.0.5 is not shutting off Push until a Respring. Just noticed this so I don’t know if it’s been like this since my upgrade to 3.0.5. I’m runnin 3.1.2 off blackra1n.

    Love love love this app, thank you!!

  241. Steve Says:

    Is there any way to get to the sbsettings menu without the statusbar? My home button is broken and if I’m using a total fullscreen app, I have to sleep it, wake, close the program, sleep and re-wake to exit if there isn’t a statusbar displayed. Please add an option!

  242. Sneakypete Says:

    Bug report:
    Brightness control not persistent after device is locked.

    iPod Touch 2G, iOS4
    SBSettings v3.0.13

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) In iPod settings, set brightness to maximum, Auto Brightness disabled
    2) Go back to Springboard
    3) Open SBSettings
    4) Turn the brightness to minimum. This works correctly.
    5) Lock the device.
    6) Unlock the device.

    What happens:
    Brightness goes back to maximum.

    Expected Result:
    Brightness should stay at minimum.

    Note that although the backlight brightness goes back to maximum, the slider settings in the iPhone settings and SBSettings are both still set to minimum.

  243. Laurence Goldman Says:

    I installed latest SBSettings while BossPrefs and Safari Download Control was still on my Touch-I can’t get Dock Application screen. When I hit Dock Applications from More screen, SBSettings crashes into Springboard. This happens with Hide Icons also. Everything else seems to work (altho I’m not seeing a SSH button in first SB screen.

    What’s up???? I’m not seeing others with this issue.


  244. Rocket J Squirrel Says:

    On my iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0, SBSettings 3.1.0 always comes up with “Location” in red, whether location service is enabled or not.

  245. antoine Says:

    Edge or gprs in not working even though in sbstoggles the edge is on,everytime i try to connect to safari they tell me u r not connected to the internet. can u please help me

  246. Says:

    When I turn flight mode in Manual, SBS’s phone toggle can not turn off flight mode。


  247. Says:

    same here on 3gs, ios4.0, sbsetting v3.1.0.
    phone toggle and settings/flight mode do not act in the same way.
    with the phone toggle i do not get the orange plane icon for flight mode, instead i get “no service” where the bars and provider logo is otherwise.

  248. Aspyhackr Says:

    When changing time zones, sb settings will not notice the time zone change on the status bar, and you will have to reboot or respiring.
    (On an iPad 3G running 3.2.1)

  249. Anton Says:

    Bug report:
    Brightness control not persistent after device is locked.

    iPhone 3G, iOS 4.0(8A293)
    SBSettings 3.1.0-1

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Go to Settings
    2) Set brightness to minimum
    3) Close Settings
    4) Open SBSettings
    5) Set brightness to maximum
    6) Lock the device
    7) Press the “home” button

    What happens:
    Brightness goes back to minimum.

    Expected Result:
    Brightness should stay at maximum.

    Note that when this happens, the brightness slider in the iPhone Settings is at minimum and the brightness slider in SBSettings is set to maximum.

    Fix: This fix is not ideal, but if I change the brightness in SBSettings and then open & close any application, the settings stick after locking the device.

    If this is a “feature” to try to get me to purchase ScreenDimmer, it’s not going to work, BigBoss! ;)

  250. Anton Says:

    My coworker is reporting the same problem on his 3GS.

  251. Anton Says:

    Oops. Sorry. I thought you were the author of ScreenDimmer.

  252. Richard Says:

    A small bug caused me to stop using Sbsettings, which I loved very much. When I wake up my phone using sleep/wake up button after Sbsettings are installed, the iphone lock screen will quickly flash once then dim again before the real lock screen appear. I found this really annoying. Hopefully future update could address this problem. Thanks in advance!

  253. mickyhunt Says:

    Not sure why – but I cannot seem to re-order my toggle Icons. Appears correct when in SET Toggles but the order when veiwed in SBSETTINGS is still the same. Maybe I am doing something wrong? JB 4.01

  254. Vikrant Mahajan Says:

    Hi …Seems like may be if only iam am facing or some what everyone is facing but .In sbsettings on my ipod touch
    ios 3.1.3

    whenever i uses bluetooth and wifi off/on on sbsettings.They are dissapeared and greyed out on ipod.I replaced my ipod thinking it a prob but when i again installed it on my new replaced one again i m getting same isse

  255. Laurent Says:

    iPhone 3G, iOS 4.1, Sbsettings 3.1.0-1, JB using redsn0w. As soon as I install Sbsettings (along with its dependencies, libhide, activator and something else), the auxiliary sound in the dock connector stops working entirely. I can’t get any sound when using my car’s dock! Uninstalling Sbsettings doesn’t resolve it, only restoring from scratch works.

    Are you aware of this issue? There seems to be a bunch of people with the same problem.


  256. MP Says:

    Someboy pleeease make a toggle that let’s you acces Date/Time settings… I travel a lot and auto does not always work, getting through to Settings\General\Date/Time is a pain…

  257. MP Says:

    Same problem here…

  258. martin Says:

    Hi everyone out there, will there be a sbsettings update soon? As i am experiencing problems, when updated fw to ios 4.2.1, sbsettings causing crashes of my springboard at least 3times a day, especially when i am about to pick up a call – its really pissing me off…

  259. javac Says:

    BigBoss, I’m in v3.2.1 of SBSettings and I’ve noticed that Phone toggle has gone. I’ve restored my iPhone 3G as a new one with iOS 4.2.1 and then installed all apps. I’ve enabled all toggles but Phone toggle isn’t shown. Could you take a look at it? Thanks. :)

  260. Robert Says:

    Can someone tell me how can i make my camera and photo gallery icons reappear? while on a previews version of SBS i hid my camera and my photo gallery icons using SBS. after i upgraded SBS i couldn’t make them reappear, since i can’t find them in the list anymore. BTW – i can still find them using search. Thanks

  261. Robert Says:

    I forgot to mention I’m on an iphone 4, FW 4.1

  262. Blackjack Says:

    The next time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I do know it was my option to learn, but I truly thought youd have one thing interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you would repair if you happen to werent too busy in search of attention.

  263. DaROB Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    a little optical fix would be nice: When using “use . for / in Date” a “.” should also be display behind the month. Thanks! ;-)


  264. cdmurray88 Says:

    I was wondering if there was a way to hide the IP/Storage/Memory section of SBSettings?

  265. Sandra Says:

    Cool! That\’s a celver way of looking at it!

  266. mohsen Says:

    Hey, what’s bigboss source address?
    Thank you very much in advance for helping me

  267. jace Says:

    hi,after i remove and re-install,it’s move slow? is it normal?

  268. Alex Says:

    I’ve always loved SBSettings, thanks for a great app!
    Was wondering, and maybe (probably) it’s been mentioned already, but would love the ability to create switches for different profiles.

    For example have one for “Home”, which will enable Wifi, disable 3G/data, turn on the ringer and turn off the passcode. Then another for “Work” that will disable wifi, enable 3g, turn ringer to silent… you get the picture. Would be great to change all these with just one click.

    Unless of course there is already an app for that?

  269. Peter Says:

    I love this app! There’s only obe feature missing: a toggle for quick enabling/disabling the mail app or even a list like the processes for each mail account. That would be even more awesome than it is already!

  270. k0tten Says:

    Hi, not sure if this is the place to report bugs, but here it goes.

    On my iPhone 4, I cannot anylonger change the theme. I was using the iRetina++ and decided to change back to Serious HD – Nothing happened. I tried reinstalling / remove-install; This time I automaticly get the iRetina++ icons loaded.
    I tried removing the iRetina++ iconpack and applied the ordinary icons, and now I’m stuck there. Can’t change to any icons, at all. SBSettings works fine, I can start it and everything but nothing happens after the respring.
    Any ideas? (PS: Didnt bother scrolling through all comments here, only read the first 20 or so.)

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