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I updated SBSettings, Categories, Docs, BossPrefs to fix a launch crash that a small percentage of users were experiencing. Please update if you experienced this issue with any of the above apps not caused by missing dirname as outlined in my previous post.

There was also a temporary bug in my pack of sbsettings toggle pack 2.99-3. It was only out for about 30 minutes but I managed to get about 100 emails on it :(

If you try to update and it won’t install due to error 2, refresh your sources and you should see 2.99-4 to install. The updated toggle pack enables bluetooth on iPod touch 2g on 3.0. If you don’t care about this feature, no rush to update.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


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  1. DSMKilla Says:

    EXCELLENT! Both are working PERFECT NOW! Thanks BigBoss! At least your on top of shit =)

  2. Ingo Says:


    installed sbsettings+toggles via AutoInstall Cydia.
    After rebooting and respring now I´m stuck in endless reboot. Any idea how to fix it? Please help.
    iPhone 3G FW2.2.1

  3. oldskull Says:

    Same here, just update sbsettings and its stuck. And I did reboot my Iphone and it still stuck at apple logo.
    iPhone 3G 2.1 fw (yellowsn0w)

  4. skyrie15 Says:

    hi bigboss, thanks so much for the continuous help you give us… and btw if possible could you pls give us some info about the release of ultrasn0w? tnx bigboss, and more power!

  5. Nedam Nedanko Says:

    If you want your phone unbricked download iFunBox, navigate to raw file system, library, mobile substitute, and delete both sbsettings files. My phone booted after this. There is a major bug in this SB settings version.

    DONT UPGRADE untill BigBoss fixes it.

  6. muffinmuncher Says:

    i too got same problem as ‘oldskull’ and ‘ingo’!

    im also on 3G 2.2.1 and yellowsnow.

    just been getting endless reboots for at least half hour now!
    so im guess im gonna have to go to 3.0 and jailbreak and hopes ultrasnow arrived pretty soon!

  7. Stefan Says:

    Great! But I still wait the most voor a Backgrounder update for 3.0

  8. SquareGravy Says:

    Yea, I’m on my third restore because of SBSettings.

  9. muffinmuncher Says:

    can anyone comfirm ‘nedam nedanko’ fix???

  10. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    hi i just updated sbsettings and it is stuck on endless boot loop any way to fix it on a mac?

    please need help asap

  11. Slump Says:

    Anyone got problems with icons after install SBS?
    For example my Golden Axe icon it’s the same of WildWest icon..

  12. Ingo Says:

    Thanks for that tip. Deleted the .plist and .dylib files and it restarted again. Now waiting for the fixed version. Glad to have my iphone back without restoring it. Thanks again

  13. Loutza Says:

    This is the working solution.
    Thank you Nedam Nedanko!

  14. jan Says:

    endless reboot after update…

  15. Luketh Dragon Says:

    Just want to also add to that endless reboot issue.

    I’m on an iPhone 2G, firmware 2.2.

    I’ve just updated SBSettings and SBSettings toggle pack, and it hung for about 5 minutes after I pressed “Restart Springboard.” So I tried a hard reboot and I’m stuck on the apple logo.

    Going to see if I can’t get into the files system to get rid of those files, but this is a pretty serious issue.

  16. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    at least yours work a word of catuion do not upgrade sbsettings whatsoever, wait for the fix i should of checked the fricken website before i updated as now all i got is an iphone that endlessly reboots, now trying fix will let others know what happens, please do the same

    Nedam Nedanko Says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 3:12 am

    If you want your phone unbricked download iFunBox, navigate to raw file system, library, mobile substitute, and delete both sbsettings files. My phone booted after this. There is a major bug in this SB settings version.

    DONT UPGRADE untill BigBoss fixes it.


    Ingo Reply:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 3:23 am

    Thanks for that tip. Deleted the .plist and .dylib files and it restarted again. Now waiting for the fixed version. Glad to have my iphone back without restoring it. Thanks again


    Loutza Reply:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 3:25 am

    This is the working solution.
    Thank you Nedam Nedanko!

  17. blatz Says:

    i think that those updates are for the users on fw 3.0 and not for those who are running on 2.2/2.2.1

  18. mehmet coskun Says:

    i-FunBox doesn’t see my enless booting iPhone. Please come with a real solution!! I think BigBoss has to say something here.

  19. mehmet coskun Says:

    oh yeah, sorry for the previous comment, it takes some time for i-FunBox to see the phone.

  20. muffinmuncher Says:

    thanks Nedam Nedanko. your fix worked!

  21. jan Says:

    any way to fix on mac?

  22. DSMKilla Says:

    Holy shit man I’m glad I didn’t reboot my phone yet after upgrading! Thanks for the comments guys!

  23. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    thanks the fix worked although quick tip on how to go about it

    firstly turn off your iphone (dont know how, if it is keep rebooting hold down home and power key until it turn offs)

    then download ifunbox (for windows only)

    then turn on phone while connected to computer with ifunbox (note can take upto a minute to load)

    navigate through -> raw file system -> library -> Mobile substrate -> Dynamic libraries

    then delete both .plist and .dylib files for sbsettings

    and viola your phone will rebott finally in a min or so

  24. Dr K Says:

    Hi Boss thnx for the great work,
    what about the BossTool

  25. silversurferblackspidey Says:

    no fix for mac yet but you can try ssh / cyberduck all you need is a mac software that can access the iphone root data files, k

  26. jan Says:

    WLAN is off…

  27. recoil Says:

    if you have sshd installed and wi-fi was still on when it got stuck, ssh to the phone and do a dpkg –remove sbsettings sbsettingstoggles. this should remove both packages and you should be ok. if it fails because of dependencies, add those packages too, so they get removed also.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot dude…you’re the man. Saved me a restore :-)

  29. mehmet coskun Says:

    do you know how to install 2.99-5 since the one on cydia is 3.0??

  30. loren23 Says:

    thanks for fix at least not in endless reboot sure miss sbsettings but will have to wait wish i could find older versions. I am on 2.2.1 3g factory unlocked

  31. marcv Says:

    Thank-you Nedam Nedanko!

    I killed the two sbsetting files and I’m out of the reboot.

  32. Morfeas Says:

    I have a problem with sbsettings, every time i turn off ssh, it is turned off but every time i reboot or open my iphone it is on again by itself. How can i have it turned off all the time except from when i need it?

  33. mehmet coskun Says:

    no, that’s always on when your phone boots up, boss says it’s more useful..

  34. mulholland Says:

    Had the same issue as well, and deleting the SBsettings.dylib and .plist allowed me to successfully boot to springboard.

    (You can use DiskAid on a Mac to do this.)

  35. jan Says:

    Thanks! That worked :)

  36. robin Says:

    Where do I find “raw file system”?
    Can’t fins a folder called “mobile substitute”.
    Please help!

  37. robin Says:

    Where do I find “raw file system”?
    Can’t fins a folder called “mobile substitute”.
    Please help!

  38. Ingo Says:


    inside this folder delete


    reboot and your done

  39. robin Says:


    And now, just install the latest update of SBSettings?

  40. Vojislav Vlasic Says:

    raw file system is root
    Thanks Nedanko it worked :)

  41. GIS Says:

    thx work for me (with iPhone Tunnel Suite 2.7)

  42. robin Says:

    Erm, anyone else that reinstalling SBSettings and SBSettingstoogles doesn’t work for?
    “Host Unreachable”.

  43. ave' Says:

    i’m getting a http/1.1 404 not found error when updating sbsettings and the toggles, has the repo changed address?

  44. Didjo Says:

    Ok, it worked for me too. Great fear !

    But now, do someone got the previous SBSettings.dylib
    and SBSettings.plist files ? So we can replace them and still use SBSettings… I miss it !

    Thanks a lot !

  45. chicane Says:

    sbsettings-3.0 ay… love it:D

  46. Cocolin Says:

    I installed Sbsettings 3.0 on my iPhone (1rst generation, 3.0) and I have a curious result.

    I can’t activate it with the traditionnal gesture (finger slide or two fingers tap) on the status bar.

    But, curiously, I can activate it in some applications which allow rotating itself, when I rotate the iPhone.

    Say for exemple “Notes”.

    I have to rotate the iPhone and then, a finger slide on the wide status bar, hop ! sbsettings window pops up.

    Weird, isn’t it ?

    Did anyone experiment this strange behavior ?

    So, questions : How to have sbsettings window in springboard ? And in all applications without rotating the iPhone ?

    (By the way, reinstalling sbsettings from Cydia doesn’t fix it. I did it twice. I tried also to disable all the mobile substrate adds on, via sbsettings window, with the same bad result)

    Thanks for your help.

  47. robin Says:

    now the repo works!

  48. Dan P. Says:

    The iFunBox solution was a miracle.
    Worked great.
    Thank you guys.

  49. zugzug Says:

    Can someone confirm that BossPref is working with wifi turned on? Also does show/hide toggles now work? Before it always list all available toggles even if you hide it.


  50. davis Says:

    does the ssh toggle work for anyone else?

  51. Martouf Says:

    UltraSnow is out for those that need unlock 3.0 on the 3G. You will find it in Cydia. If you cant you need to add the new repository which you will find at the dev-teams website!

  52. Whitewolf99 Says:

    thanks bigboss! the updates fixed the crashing bugs!

    one suggestion for categories. don’t know if there is already a way, but it would be perfect if the folders and which games/programs are in the folders would be documented/saved in a file so that you could copy that file to your pc and restore it when a new firmware is released. its very tedious to make all folders again and put the games inside.

    i dont have a clue if that would hinder the performance but if there would be a wa, that would be great!

  53. Carla Says:

    unable to install Sbsettings 3.0 on iPhone 1 firmware 3.0 jailbraked.

    Cydia installation fails with this msg :

    launchctl : Couldn’t stat (“System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bigboss.sbsettingsd.plist”): No such file or directory

    Help me please

  54. Ahmed Says:

    Hey! First things first, phenomenal work you’ve put into to the site and your apps. Major kudos! I have a quick question. I’ve upgraded to 3.0 and installed SBSettings, Springjumps, Categories, etc with no problems and I have categories working fine but to my disappointment it seems that Spotlight can’t search within the categories folders (unlike QuickGold). Will there be a fix to this situation? Will I have to resort to QuickGold (even tho I hear it crashes on 3.0)? Any nudges in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)

  55. Keven Johnson Says:

    I just updated to 3.0 on 3g iphone. On my phone SBSettings does not work with IntelliScreen 2.93. The phone just keeps rebooting with the error that springboard has just crashed. Also IntelliScreen gives an error that I need to Restart Rock Extensions. If I uninstall either program my phone is just fine. They just cant exist togeather.

  56. Carla Says:

    Hey ! Be helpful ! Don’t let me crying alone !

  57. dmtelf Says:

    Thank you so much for the effort you put in writing your invaluable apps & this website!

    I’ve got a redsn0w’ed 3.0 3G & all works perfectly, apart from Spotlight not finding apps that have been put into folders via Categories.

    Is this a limitation of Spotlight and/or Categories..?

  58. Richard Says:

    Hi all

    Jaibroke to 3.0
    Installed sbsettings but no ssh toggle into it…
    anyone knows why..


  59. pingeleven Says:


  60. Damien Says:

    Thank you for the clarification but this did not work for me. I deleted the 2 files and rebooted. Still i was stuck at the unlock screen.

    So I SSH into the phone again (itunnelsuite) and find that the files are not there anymore yet it’s still not working.

    I had to restore through itunes. =(

  61. kgivens Says:

    I have a suggestion for Categories: add “Password Protect” as a Category definition (the “!” options) so the category can not even be opened without the password.

  62. Mohammed Siddique Says:

    3GS – 3.1.2 JB Blackra1n and unlocked Blacksn0w installed Cydia only but after installing SB Setting , phone keeps rebooting with apple logo only – while loading SB Setting it stated on such file or directory found. Any solution

  63. winthan Says:

    I got following output after i installed by Cydia. and My Ipod brick with apple logo and asking me to restore. I have tried 2 times for this SBSettings. Please update for OS 3.1.2. and let me know when this app is reliable to load.
    Selecting previously deselected package network-cmds.
    (Reading databases… 916 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking network-cmds (from …/network-cmds_307.0.1.6_iphoneos-arm.deb)…

    Selecting previously deselected package mobilesubstrate.
    Unpacking mobilesubstrate (from …/mobilesubstrate_0.9.3087-1_iphones-arm.deb)…

    Selecting previously deselected package libhide.
    Unpacking libhide (from …/libhide_2.0.4_iphoneos-arm.deb)…
    Selecting previously deselected package sbsettingstoggles.
    Unpacking sbsettingstoggles(from …/sbsettingsstoggles_3.0.2_iphoneos-arm.deb)…
    lunchctl:Couldn’t stat(“/System/Library/LunchDaemons/com.bigboss.sbsettingsd.plist”):Nosuch file or directory

    Reboot Device


    OS : 3GS – 3.1.2
    Device : Ipod 3G
    Jail Breaker: Blackra1n

  64. johny Says:

    hello people, i got a big issue with my 3gs 3.1.2 jailbroke with blackra1n. i recently had wifi issues and did the old network reset like a plank and now my phones stuck on the apple logo bootloop ! i would massively appreciate anybody giving me some sound advice that will cure this issue 100% thankyou in advance

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