SBSettings Updates

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Update: I have repacked the processes and iPod toggle removing the .DS_Store that was causing the problem on install.

I have released a new version of SBSettings, the toggle pack, and a new iPod play / pause widget for you tonight. Here are the details:

For starters, the iPod Widget:

Background and Problem
This provides an iPod play / pause widget. Without this widget and you are in an app like safari, and you want to start your iPod playing music, you have to exit the app, load the iPod app, start your music, and then reload safari. An alternative is to press power, then double tap home. This lets you start a track, then slide to unlock and you’re back to safari. This seemed ok at first. But unfortunately, it always starts playing on the same song. This was very annoying.

This widget solves this issue by giving you a play / pause button that will load a random track and start playing it. If you have paused a song, it will resume where you left off. If your iPod gets closed and reopened, iPhone rebooted or such, then it will randomly select a song and will not just start at the same song each time.


  • Reworked dylib to allow for a fast get state API. This allows some toggles to track state better if changed elsewhere.
  • Updated Brightness toggle to save its state and read it back when used. The bar should no longer be “stuck” in one position on 2.2 FW.
  • Updated some core theme icons.

    BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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    159 Responses to “SBSettings Updates”

    1. maz Says:

      I don´t mean to pick or chat at anybody BB, but as I don´t had any answer for my earlier question I have to ask again.
      “Would u ever never add the possibility to swipe and open the SBSettings from lockscreen anymore???” Just an humble asking from a wondering mate. ;-) Happy N Y

    2. Psy Says:

      The iPod widget won’t install for me. When installing it shows a pop up that says:


      trying to overwrite ‘/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes/Tech Shadows/.DS_Store’, which is also in package sbsettingsprocesses”

      Shame, because it’s a great idea.

    3. Astro Says:

      Same problem here!!

      The iPod widget won’t install for me. When installing it shows a pop up that says:


      trying to overwrite ‘/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes/Tech Shadows/.DS_Store’, which is also in package sbsettingsprocesses”

      Shame, because it’s a great idea.

    4. adz Says:

      Same as above

    5. y0 Says:

      Same :(

    6. blatz Says:

      i try to install the iPod Widget and i get always an error

      trying to overwrite ‘…/Themes/Tech Shadows/.DS_Store’, wich is also in the package sbsettingsprocesses

      i tried to delete the theme, respring, reboot and reinstall sbsettings

      i think ipod widget conflicts withs processes widget anybody a helping hand in this case?


    7. maz Says:

      Anybody else who having problem to install the iPod widget?
      When I try it just says: “/var/cache/apt/archives/sbsettingipod_1.0_iphones-arm.deb”
      “trying to overwrite ‘/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/The mes/Tech Shadows/.DS_Store’, which is also in package sbsettingsprocess

      ….any clue why???

    8. abap Says:

      Same here :(

      Is there anyone that could install successfully the iPod Widget?

    9. Ben Stubley Says:

      same here. please help

    10. Peter Says:

      For those having problems, it’s a small fault in the package that BigBoss setup. There’s a workaround, if you’re willing. First, ssh into your phone and login as root.
      Then run:

      apt-get install sbsettingsipod

      It’ll try and install and give you the same error. It will tell you there’s an error installing something like this:

      Next type the following:

      dpkg -i –force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/sbsettingsipod_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb

      In case it comes out wrong, note that there’s a double-dash in front of “force-overwrite”.
      This should do just what it says on the packaging, so to speak, and make your iPhone install the package despite the error.

      I’m sure BigBoss will fix this soon enough anyway.

    11. Peter Says:

      You may well simply be able to hop in and run the force-overwrite command right away, so feel free to try just:

      dpkg -i –force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/sbsettingsipod_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb

    12. y0 Says:

      Tried removing the .DS_Store – no luck.
      Tried just renaming the Tech Shadows directory – no luck.

      Looks like there is something wrong with the package ‘sbsettingsipod_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb’ from extracting and installing.

    13. Peter Says:

      You don’t want to do that. .DS_Store is unlikely to be a necessary file, but the Tech Shadows may be.

      Follow my instructions above or wait for the fixed package to be uploaded.

    14. maz Says:

      Any other ways to do it with out terminal?
      Example edit something/files by ssh into the phone?

    15. Peter Says:

      If you’ve sshed into the phone then you just type in that command above. You have to do it as root though, I think.

    16. y0 Says:

      .DS_Store files are not needed, they just take up space.

      This is a pure package/install issue.

      Nothing will work until the Dev updates this package.

    17. Peter Says:

      That’s why you can tell dpkg to force-overwrite and it won’t matter…

    18. y0 Says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks, got it working …. Didn’t have the double dash.


      “dpkg -i –force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/sbsettingsipod_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb”

      Works. You might have to respring before and after for this to work.


    19. majic Says:

      licence free

    20. maz Says:

      Just got an update for Processes widget in Cydia. After installed that one the iPod widget also work to install with out to do any ssh or other stuff.

    21. maz Says:

      Jiiii haaaa…………. thx whoever did it. (read BB) ;-)

    22. y0 Says:

      Love it!!

    23. maz Says:

      Now we just missing the “swipe to open from lock screen one” ;-)
      ….maybe u ⒷⒷ can use ur magic fingers ☝ for that too!!?? ☺

    24. Danny Says:

      Can you make a toggle that has the same affect as the Insomnia application?

    25. Zack Says:

      The iPhone can’t double tap home to open up iPod controls? I have an iPod 1G and I can double tap home anywhere and press play to play a random song at any time =X

    26. Greg Says:

      On the phone, double tap home brings up Favorite contacts by default, when a song is already playing, double tap home can bring up ipod controls. If you set double tap home to ipod, the phone will launch the app, not bring up the popup controls. Hope this helps.

    27. Zack Says:

      Oh okay, thanks =] I guess that “problem” is only iPhones then, lol

    28. BigBoss Says:

      No, it’s not quite that. If you are say inside safari and iPod is not playing already, double tap does not bring up iPod controls.

    29. Rajiv Says:

      Yes, to bring that up you need to enable “iPod controls” within

      I think BigBoss’ idea with this toggle is to randomly start a new song while anywhere within the OS.


    30. Anonymous Says:

      But u still have to go to Springboard for to open SBSettings. Not from lock screen right?

    31. awayze Says:

      Everytime BB releases an update to Sbsettings, Cydia stops working and never shows or updates the recent packages section. Oh well, SBsettings was good, time to delete the BB repostory. Keep up the good work anyway.
      Time to restore my iPhone.

    32. baRRy boRRis Says:

      love it! but will there be a next track and previous track toggles for sbsettingsto go with the play/pauseas i would like that even more than i love this?

    33. Chase Says:

      works great! another excellent addition to this amazing app. thanks big boss!

    34. chris Says:

      everytime i change a theme or hide an icon when it gets to setting language part it enters safe mode

    35. Lindhardsen Says:

      My Iphone/Ipod always starts playing the first song in alphabetical order, when I launch the Ipod app with the headset (click). Unfortunately this seems to be the same with the Ipod Widget :-(
      What am I doing wrong? Was this not supposed to start playing a random selected song?

    36. bruciato Says:

      Dear Bigboss
      I was wondering if I could ask for a toggle for the sbsettings
      I seem to use the autolock quite often and I always need to close my app then go to the settings page to change the autolock time
      It would be great if I could have that toggle in sbsettings
      Thanks Bigboss

    37. pers Says:

      BB: would be nice if you could adjust that setting for the home double tap to play a random song!!

    38. Asa Says:

      Ipod widget is awesome addition! Great idea

    39. HandyRandy Says:

      wow, this is starting to become a well-rounded app!

      Thanx a lot for the brightness fix. And the iPod toggle works excellently and is such a smart idea. Apple could use a guy like you.

      What are u working on now? Or are u gonna take a break?

    40. BigBoss Says:

      I can assure you that my updates to SBSettings do not cause your Cydia to stop working. Further, if you delete the BB repository you will lose about 75% of what is in Cydia. Have you considered reporting your bugs to the Cydia developer, Saurik rather than ranting on in here that you need to restore?

    41. BigBoss Says:

      Once the iPod app is playing, you can use double tap home to bring up the quick controls in any app. This is the main reason I did not find this needed. The trick was to get the iPod app playing in the first place. And to get it playing a random song not the same song everytime.

    42. BigBoss Says:

      With only that information, I cant really help you. But you should be able to hit the reboot button on safe mode dialog to come out of it.

    43. BigBoss Says:

      How many songs do you have? It should start playing the first song but within 2-3 seconds move to a random one. It seems in some cases, it requires longer time to start up the iPod app and it is nto clear why.

    44. BigBoss Says:

      I never take breaks. In fact, I am considering dropping my full time job to 4 days a week so I can focus on iPhone more.

    45. Mes Says:

      SB Refresh seems to take a …..lllooonnngggg….. time. Sometimes the phone reboots (I guess that means it crashed, but not sure). For now, I’ll stay away from ‘refresh’ :):)

    46. Mes Says:

      Update to Refresh issue: It works fine after a reboot. Seems the long delay (and sometimes reboot) occurs after using the phone all day.

    47. chris Says:

      i open sbsettings tap more choose different theme and/or choose toggles then when im done i hit home button phone does the setting language then goes into safe mode hope this info helps


    48. Fez Says:

      I cant see any iPod-toggle icon , I tried to change to the default theme , but its just blank. Also the ssh toggle is always on after reboot. (Even though I turned it off in bossprefs…)

    49. Wasgo Says:

      Any change for a toggle to disable the accessory not made for iPhone warning?

    50. awayze Says:

      Hmmmmm I don’t know why Cydia stops refreshing sources, second time this has happened. I think it’s just a coincidence that this happens everytime an update comes to SBsettings.
      Maybe there’s something wrong with my iPhone(2G).

    51. Yul Says:

      This morning i have upgrade MobileSubstrate, then SBSettings and then SBSettings Toggles. Then the phone does a soft reset and finish on Safe Mode.

      When i upgrade some hours later yellowsn0w to 0.9.5, the phone goes to Safe Mode again and yellowsn0w dont works at all. I have reinstall Mobile Substrate, yellowsn0w, Winterboard, and all the installations finish with Safe Mode.

      Finally i have reinstall SBSettings and yellowsn0w begin to work again and works fine now, but already every time that i install something from iTunes, the installation finishes with a soft reset and Safe Mode.

      ¿Do you know if that problem comes from SBSettings or MobileSubstrate?

      Thanks, and sorry for my siouxglish. ;-)

    52. Edel Says:

      I have the latest version of SBSettings. Worked great before the last days…. there are 2 settings not saved after applying changes : dock applications and hide icons.

      I enabled the syslog to show you what happens, here I’m setting “hide icons” :
      Jan 3 23:05:45 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: Hiding /Applications/
      Jan 3 23:05:46 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: Hiding /Applications/

      And now setting “dock applications” :
      Jan 3 23:18:17 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: SBSettings.php
      Jan 3 23:18:17 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: SBSettings.php Url
      Jan 3 23:18:17 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: SBSettings.php req w url run
      Jan 3 23:18:17 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: Return from ref ad
      Jan 3 23:18:19 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: Hiding /Applications/
      Jan 3 23:18:19 iPhone-de-Edel SBSettings[285]: Hiding /Applications/

      If I exit SBSettings, there is no respring and anyway, if I go back to the settings, it returns as before the changes I made.

      Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.

    53. Yul Says:

      Well, doesn’t matter yet, with the last Winterboard update, all seems to be fine again.

    54. baRRy boRRis Says:

      on my ipod you can double tap home to get the quick controlls and just press play so to me its an unecessary addition to sbsettings BUT an addition i want to have so still, previous and next tracks would be pretty nice.

    55. Edel Says:

      Well, I finally decided to reinstall my iphone from scratch. Because in fact nothing worked in sbsettings… I guess I have installed some components which may have interfered with sbsettings… might have been a quicker solution that a complete reinstall but this is ok for now !

    56. Roberto Says:

      hello.. installed SBS but it doesn’t work on my iphone.. when i doble tap or slash my finger in to the status bar.. it doesn’t bring me the menu.. it doesn’t bring nothing.. can someone help me

    57. Roberto Says:

      hello.. installed SBS but it doesn’t work on my iphone.. when i doble tap or slash my finger in to the status bar.. it doesn’t bring me the menu.. it doesn’t bring nothing.. can someone help me

    58. Roberto Says:

      hello.. installed SBS but it doesn’t work on my iphone.. when i doble tap or slash my finger in to the status bar.. it doesn’t bring me the menu.. it doesn’t bring nothing.. can someone help me…

    59. bruciato Says:

      Dear Bigboss
      I was wondering if I could ask for a toggle for the sbsettings
      I seem to use the autolock quite often and I always need to close my app then go to the settings page to change the autolock time
      It would be great if I could have that toggle in sbsettings
      Thanks Bigboss

    60. baterista Says:

      the reasons for the ssh on after reboot was already discussed in another area, but i am also have no ipod toggle icon

    61. joe Says:

      Can we get webclip support for the SBSettings dock? I’d like to move some of my bookmarked websites into SBSetting’s dock.

      Also, a SafariDL toggle would be nice. I’d drop BossPrefs if I had that.

    62. Scotch Says:

      Does the yellowsn0w toggle work in SBS too? (It only mentions BossPrefs in the specs)
      Thanks Boss

    63. Mem Says:

      Please please PLEASE give us the option to enable evoking SBSettings from the lockscreen!!!


      Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    64. Diego Says:

      AUTO-LOCK would be much liked by me….Its the only toggle that I have original BossPrefs for. Next update maybe?

    65. Larry Says:

      I couldn’t find the ipod toggle. I am using version V1.07.

      Please help.

    66. storm1110 Says:

      One MAJOR improvement i think sbsettings needs is the slide function. Sometimes i’ll just touch the top bar and the menu thing will come up! What would be a much better improvement would be that for the sbsettings to show, you have to slide your finger across the whole bar more or less, similar to how you unlock the iPhone/iPod. If this is possible it would make the app perfect!

    67. Mem Says:

      It’s an extra plug-in you need to get from Cydia

    68. Kevin Says:

      @BigBoss, can u make auto-lock toggles like BossPrefs? Thanks

    69. Berwin Says:

      Dear Big Boss,

      I found together with some net friends that with the current update, the system has left fewer memory, become a bit slow and jump more frequent before the update…
      some of them said it goes back to normal when they uninstalled… but i would love to keep it…
      any idea on your side?

    70. gruke Says:

      Hello , i love sbsettings ,but i think it could be even better if i could close it sliding it to up,sometimes it´s difficult to close it .
      Is this possible? or i´m just crazy xD
      Thank you for everything we all appreciate your efforts.

    71. BigBoss Says:

      I have stated this so many times but you can press home if you dont want to use the X to close it. I am not planning to make a 3rd way to do it.

    72. gruke Says:

      that’s true ,but what if i have a broken home button :(, i use the broken home widget .

    73. Alex Says:

      I guess you don’t know how SBSettings works then?

      It’s different to BossPrefs in that it is part of SpringBoard & you can access it from within any open app by swiping along the status bar (the bit at the top with the time & battery).

    74. Alex Says:

      That would be awesome. Does anyone know how to disable it permanently? I’m sure there’s a plist somewhere…

    75. Uncracker Says:

      Thanks for your hard working, bigboss!!!!

      I have some problems using SBsetting. Sometimes I clicking the Refresh or trying to stop the SSH, the app itself down…then iphone automatcially restart….I noticed that the free memory is upto 30MB, so it shoudnot the problem of low memory. Anyone here having some problems?

      Another problem is SSH is always green. Even if I stop the SSH in SBsetting, the next time it shows green if I ever reboot the phone.

      Normally, I don’t need SSH into my phone But I don’t want to remove it. Just in case I need to use Winscp in the future.

      Can you solve these problems?

      Many many thanks in advance!!

      Btw: my phone is 3G 16GB, firmware 2.2 unlocked version.

    76. adam Says:

      Hey big boss been following you from the beginning i use your products almost as much as i use soap ! lol there is only one thing i can agree with most of these people is we need a toggle for the auto lock . besides that keep up the great work !

    77. Jan Says:

      Hi Bigboss,

      Love the app. Could you include a way to add the location preference toggle to the SB settings toggles?

      Thanks in advance!



    78. adam Says:

      location is already there

    79. Miguel3G Says:

      Yes please, AUTOLOCK, or a slider for LOCKING TIME would be great for using when different applications. Hope it can be done, then for sure it WILL be done.

      thanx so much

    80. Anonymous Says:

      First off, I love this app like most of the stuff BigBoss releases. But what’s missing to make this a REAL BossPrefs replacement for me is:

      1. SSH on reboot On/Off choice (Even if I put it on “off on reboot” in BossPrefs(!), SBSettings somehow starts the server on reboot)
      2. Autolock toggle
      3. Autocorrection toggle
      4. Safari DL Plugin toggle
      5. Toggle for mail-accounts

      The lack of these features is the reason why BossPrefs has to stay in my SBSettings dock, which is not so bad, but still I’d love to see the above toggles for SBSettings!

    81. mark Says:

      Do you think it would be possible to have a WebOS style sbsettings with new cards by swiping left and right on screen such as built in sms, web browser etc ?

    82. ksiphone Says:

      does the ipod play/pause widget activate instinctiv shuffle if installed?

    83. Carlos Schmitt Says:

      i dont like the close button, its to hard to get it!

    84. Jon Catuccio Says:

      Same problem here with 2.2 as ROBERTO.

      Install seems to go fine, but SBSettings doesn’t activate with a swipe

      Any ideas? Looks like a nice app, be great to try it ….


    85. Jon Catuccio Says:

      I’m using Cydai and the package says .6 SBSettings. Is the the most up to date version?

      The toggles linked here is part of the package?


    86. Jon Catuccio Says:

      Now I can’t find this app in Cydia after un-installing or searching through Manage in Cydia. What gives? I answered Graphical to the question of user type; how can I reset that?

      What’s the best/easiest way to install this? I don’t have a Mac to do command line/terminal stuff…


    87. ksiphone Says:

      don’t know if this is the right place for requests, but a toggle for the newly released “clippy” app for copy/paste functionality would be a godsend!!

    88. ksiphone Says:

      hit the home button. closes sbsettings but nothing else.

    89. ABE Says:

      I have the same problem as Jon and Roberto. I install SBSettings and it seems to work. But the sliding across status bar or tap with 2 fingers doesn’t do anything. When I look Cydia -> Manage -> Packages, it doesn’t list SBSettings in it. I have tried it multiple times, also with fresh restart.
      I have FW2.2 on it.
      It seems like a cool utility which I would really want to use… Thankful for any ideas

    90. Adam Says:

      I love SBSettings. Is it possible to include a toggle to turn the “show my caller ID” setting on and off? I would use this all the time since as a doctor I often need to return phone calls and do not want patients to get my private cell phone number.

    91. ianto39 Says:

      I installed SBS on iPod Touch running FW2.2 (used Installer), but can’t find how to run it, swiping at the top of the screen doesn’t help. Is SBS supported on Touch 2.2? Is there a to see what apps are running on a Touch to check SBS is running?

    92. ianto39 Says:

      Update to my earlier comment (#63), I reinstalled SBS using Cydia on my 1G Touch v2.2 FW (having used Installer the first time) and this time it installed properly and works, can finally toggle wifi quickly. Would love it if SBS had a toggle to disable “slide to unlock”. Googling around, enough people would like to remove the slider and just as many think that’s be dumb which is why JB’ing is so useful.

    93. Jon Says:

      I think I found SBSettings via Installer on my iPhone. It’s working now except the iPod Toggle.

      Double-click home brings up the phone.

      I wish there was better documentation on how it’s supposed to be activated; you have to pick this information up from scanning forums/blogs. Why not just have some icons added to the dock or toggle pack that will skip, start, stop?

    94. Ofer Says:

      Great app!

      1. Sliding is too sensitive, sbs occasionlly pops up when I didnt mean it.

      2. If the phone times out when sbs is active it sits on top of the lockscreen with the screen turned off. Lock or off buttons should close sbs just like the home screen.

      3. Any chance backgrounder can be integrated into the process toggles?

    95. ben Says:

      many people get errors when they try to install sbsettings

      the error is something like that

      : netdb:open nodname nor servername provided or not known

    96. bruciato Says:

      Dear Big boss
      thanks for all your great apps
      i just downloaded he autolock for the sbsettings
      but it does not seem to work…is it cos i’m doing something wrong or i didnt do something?
      i have the iphone 3g
      thanks again bb

    97. Uncracker Says:

      Yes, I have the same problem.

      Whatever the autolock toggle is red or green, the screen will off in one minute.

      3G iphone 2.2, unlocked version


    98. Uncracker Says:

      I just found that if I turned the autolock to green, then tap to setting-general-autolock, the setting has been changed to never. However, it’s not working.

      If I turn the autolock setting to never by tapping setting-general-autolock myself, it works as it should be.

      Anybody having same problem?

    99. maz Says:

      Yes! I have! Exactly the same issue! Not works at all. iPhone 2G FW 2.2 Pwnage unlocked

    100. gruppler Says:

      The “Safe Mode” feature doesn’t work. It would be very useful to free up ram so I can run some programs that won’t normally run…

    101. nudel Says:

      same here. for me, this toggle is the only thing stopping it being a full replacement of bossprefs.

    102. Michael Says:


      Same problem as uncracker st al. Autolook toggle changes state in the settings app but does not work. However, neither does the autolock toggle in original bossprefs – never did, it does not lock after one minute if turned off. Any hints?

      While I am at it, BB, Is there an AFP toggle for sbsettings on the horizon?

      Thanks m

    103. Anon Says:

      I second what this guy is saying… but I’m sure there was a good reason for removing it.

    104. nudel Says:

      autolock toggle in bossprefs always worked like a charm 4 me.

      but not working in sbsettings :(

      for me, this toggle is the only thing stopping it being a full replacement of bossprefs.

    105. maz Says:

      and as usual: “is there any swipe to open SBSettings from Lockscreen function coming?”

    106. Chin yau CHIA Says:

      I have just jailbroken my iphone 3G (factory unlocked) after updating to 2.2.1

      Unfortunately I have a few apps, including Cydia, was configured in SBSettings’ dock, and after jailbroken, I cannot find cydia anywhere.

      I tried install SBSettings using Installer, after installed and reboot my iphone 3G, I dont get SBSettings up when swiping the status bar as I could before upgrade to 2.2.1.

      What should I do now to get Cydia back?

    107. vrojack Says:

      I have a jailbroken iphone 3g wiht 2.2 firmware and yellowsn0w all working on t-mobile. I also got edge connection working by setting APN to I installed SBSettings and used it to turn off Edge. Now Edge does not work no matter what I do. I removed SB Settings restarted iphone, removed and added APN and nothing seems to work. Please help.

    108. vrojack Says:

      I forgot to mention in previous post that I after I turned off Edge using SBSettings I turned it back on and it did not work. My APN setting was erased and I manually added it back but that did not help either.

    109. NIKEL Says:


    110. NIKEL Says:

      Some mistakes….

    111. CyberET Says:

      Please make SBSettings support bash scripting like BossPrefs does.

      It’ll be great if the new feature is compatible with old BossPrefs scripts.

      Thank you.

    112. gurth4ng Says:

      first of all, thx for SBSettings it’s an amazing app :)

      i’ve got one problem with brightness though. it seems that, after changing the brightness setting under SBSettings, my Auto Brightness no longer works. Is there a way to make it work again?

      Maybe by bypassing SBSettings’ setting and using the default iphone setting again?

      this is driving me crazy :)

    113. igor Says:

      is there any way you could add an ability for iPod widget to also display artist and name of the song that’s currently playing?

    114. Jason Says:

      Thanks for a great app! I have a question/idea. Is it possible to make an easy way to get directly to the dock? Like swip down from the top or from right to left. I’ve added lot of things I get to frequently in there and it would be great if it was just a swip away.
      Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    115. Asaf Says:

      The best App ever! ;-)
      What about customizing the location of each toggle???
      i.g. Wifi toggle to be on the first row in the most left…
      Please help raise this issue with the developers!

    116. BH Says:

      I love this tool, but it’s causing issues. I noticed my 3G didn’t have an IP address today. I usually use WIFI, but I wasn’t at home, so wanted to use the 3G. My wife could use it just fine on here phone with the same carrier.

      I had to come home and restore to factory default to get it to start working again. I don’t know what the deal is. I was just not going to jailbreak it again, but I missed the features of this tool more than about any (and catagories). I did the jailbreak again. I installed winterboard and did a reboot as it instructed.

      I then installed SBSettings. 3G was still working so I was happy. Went in and changed the theme of the sbsettings. I then went and added settings and winterboard to the sbsettings quick dock. After that I lost my 3G data IP. I now can’t get it back again. I’ve done a hard reset, removed sbsettings, winterboard, and nothing works. I’m going to have to factory reset again.

      I saw one other person mention they had this problem, but they got it working again by going to bossprefs. I tried that and it also didn’t work. This is a bummer cause this is a great program. I can’t believe there aren’t more issues like this.

    117. Casperboo Says:

      You are not getting it… if iPod is not running, the double home tap will not bring it up. The SBSettings Play/Pause button launchs iPod in the background playing a song so that the double home tap will then work. If yours is working it is because iPod is already running.

    118. Lee Says:

      Sbsetting seems to start way too easily. Is there any way to either decrease its opening sensitivity action or perhaps change the sequence? Far too often do i find it opens when i start a call or just touching standard interface items near the top. Any ideas or prevention methods would be appreciated.

    119. cq Says:

      Same here! Sometimes it opens when I’m trying to make a call, or receive one. This seems to be happening only with the latest upgrade?

    120. Aeikon Says:

      Hey, I have a problem with Poof. I was reorganizing my springboard, so, in order to see all the apps I have, I turned all my hidden apps on…or so I thought.

      My iPod doesn’t seem to like having a springboard with no icons. At first all I got was the loading circle, after about ten minutes, I did the procedure to get into restore mode. When I restart it won’t go past the boot logo, but iTunes doesn’t seem to notice any problems. I don’t want to lose all my data, so if there are anyways to fix this without restoring, I would be very grateful.

    121. Srinivas Says:

      Can Sbsettings include ‘soft home button’ functionality?

    122. Tamagotchi Poop Says:

      Before installing I was on wifi and had edge turned off. After installing the edge icon is no longer there to turn on or off so my phone is stuck with edge turned off which means 3G won’t work either and I have no internet on my phone unless I’m near wifi.

      The fix was to add the Edge button again and it took a long time to figure that out.

      Please keep old toggles during new installations.

      Thanks for all your hard work. I know a lot goes into creating these programs.

    123. Frank Says:

      Hey guys, don’t know if anyone has seen this issue.

      I had installed SBSettings then I removed it.
      Now when I go in Cydia to reinstall it again, the install button isn’t there anymore!

      Usually when the app is already installed the button is “modify” instead of “install”, but now there simply is no button!

      Anyone can help please!

    124. Kirasin Says:

      hey guys, i noticed that some of you had the same problem as I did.

      I had sbsettings on my iphone 3g and weirdly enough, after i did an update on cydia (22 apps =/ had to be updated) I noticed that edge wasn’t working,i also noticed that sbsettings was malfunctioning,the edge icon was green,but there was no ip and it wouldn’t turn off.
      So after searching a bit i found the solution,which was to go to settings/general/reset/reset network configurations. (or something like that,sorry too lazy to check)
      It works now ^^ hope i helped.

    125. Soheil Says:

      same, it give me the same fuc****g error. Please help, Reply!

    126. asad Says:

      Edge doesnot stop in iphone 3.0 using Sbsettings Edge toggle..esp while using “” I believe creates TCP sockets connections with the mail servers..which toggles doesnot stop!

      please for God’s sake try to work on this issue!

    127. Peter Davis Says:

      The last thing I did was install this app from cydia and now my iphone is stuck on the apple icon and wont reboot.

      Whatever it “did”, how can I “undo” it? i have funbox installed and ready to remove whatever is causing this ??

    128. cody Says:

      i downloaded SBSettings and thought that it would be funny to try to hide all my icons. so i turned them all off then exited SBSettings. my ipod screen went black and a loading symbol came up. so i began to wait and nothing happened. so i rebboted it and it came to the startup screen and eventually a loading symbol appeared so i waited again. then screen flashed white and the process started again.I rebooted my ipod and i just reverted back 2 the same thing. Please help me someone!!

    129. cody Says:

      BB please help my with my problem

    130. Rob Says:

      As has been reported elsewhere, I have had terrible battery issues after installing SBSettings.

      With no usage the battery would be drained from full to empty in about 6 hours. It seems that the phone was having a problem knowing when to the battery was ‘full’. I would drain the battery, and after 30-45 mins charging via USB, it would say the battery is full and stop charging

      Nothing else was changed except for installing SBSettings.

      I had to update to a fresh 3.0.1 image to get the battery life back (uninstalling did not work).

      While the battery was registering as ‘full’ before the reload, after the reload the battery showed as less than half, and it continued charging back up to full over the course of another 2 hours.

      I’m glad that everyone does not seem to be experiencing the same issues, but the reports of poor battery life are not a mistake in my experience.

    131. sap Says:

      does anyone know how to hide my “videos” and “ipod” icons (i’m on ipod touch OS3.0)? after updating to SBS 3.0.5, i can’t hide them anymore.. any help would be good, thanks

    132. Physicx69 Says:

      i can’t get the sbsettings to pop up
      i’ve updated to 3.1.2 on my ipod touch
      and there’s a video on youtube about getting sbsettings and i followed that guide
      but whenever i slide my finger over the status bar, nothing happens
      please help T_T
      email or reply here at

    133. Nba4444 Says:

      I just jailbroke my iPod Touch 2G With Blackra1n. I used cydia….then rock….to install SBsetting and when i swipe up top nothing happens…i tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it…and i also refreshed my ipod, jailbroke it AGAIN and installed Sbsettings AGAIN and NOTHING comes down when i swipe the top and I have all the requirments that it asks for also..PLEASE HELP AND email me solutions at!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

    134. Leo Says:

      I have the same problem Nba4444

    135. Dan Says:

      I’m having issues with the edge toggle, it’s not turning the edge off

      I’m on an iPhone 2G 3.1.2 FW

    136. Yozi Says:

      any way to rearange dock / docked icons inside sbsettings? thx

    137. Payno Says:

      I think I’ve got the same problem. Running iPhone 2G on 3.1.2 and even though I’ve turned off Edge in sbsettings I’m still seeing the Cellular network data counter tick over and therefore being charged for it. I used bossprefs before I upgraded to 3.1.2 and it worked fantastic. Any ideas people?

    138. steelyo Says:

      i seem to have a challenged finger. i swipe over and over and can’t get the drop down. 2G phone 3.0 cydia thanks

    139. Query Says:

      SBSettings crashing

      SBsettings in the past has not caused any problems, but since updating to latest fw, it is commonly crashing the spring board. It starts as any internet based apps not working then I open up my sms app and spring board crashes. The only things I have currently is Winterspring, Pencil (theme app), Cydia, and Lockdown. After SBsettings is removed, everything works again. If I reinstall same thing happens aagain.

    140. Object.Method Says:

      Try restarting your iPhone after you’ve installed if it’s not working for you. That fixed it for me.

    141. Anonymous Says:

      Updated my 3GS to 3.1.2 and jb about 7 times. Each time same issue. I’ve also tried with a different 3GS with same issue.

      Turning off Edge and Wifi, leaving 3G on only disables all internet service. 3G service only works when Edge is also enabled. This worked previously when I was on 3.0.1.

      Battery life seems shorter but not sure if it’s related to SBSettings.

    142. Anonymous Says:

      How do you use sbsettings to close games? no matter where I swipe or touch, any full screen game/application seems to override sbsettings. My home button rarely works, so I rely on sbsettings to close it.

      any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    143. haha Says:

      i downloaded sbsettings already but it wont show up on my ipod touch when i swipe it..i know how to swipe it b/c i previously had a jailbroken ipod before with sbsettings and it worked just fine. do i need to put in a source or anything?

    144. DP Says:


      I was searching for this app to hide some apps.
      I need help on how to install it.

      I opened Cydia on my iphone 2g. Installed the “SB SETTINGS theme all Iphone”
      I can’t find the app in my list… and I was trying to swipe from left to right.
      Any tip on this?
      hope to hear from you guys

      Thanks all!

    145. Anonymous Says:

      I had to comment somewhere, don’t know if this is the right place but…whatever.

      Although I can appreciate why authors use ads to promote their software, I find it somewhat of a RIPOFF that after I actually PAY for an app such as this one, I am STILL having to put up with ads at the bottom of the app.

      I don’t care about how bothersome these ads are to some or not. As a paying customer, I should not have to give up real estate on my screen, or see them at all.

      Not only are the ads there, but the author has seemingly taken great strides to ensure that they cannot be blocked. I’ve tried adding entries to my hosts file (only to read that sbsettings somehow bypasses this file), and other things to no avail. FirewallIP also seems not able to block these ads.

      So what are my options? Use a hacked version (WHY??? I PAID for the app!) with the ad code stripped out or disabled or…stop using sbsettings and use bossprefs.

      Since I outright refuse to use cracked apps, and pay for what I DO use…BossPrefs here I come.

      To the author of SBSettings, you’ve just lost another user.

    146. Anonymous Says:

      P.S. SBSettings never did play nice with Categories. Perhaps another reason for me to move on as that has been a long standing issue as well.

    147. Anonymous Says:

      I would also love this feature. Please make this.

    148. Fox Says:

      I would also love this feature. Please make this.

    149. Anonymous Says:

      i had to restore my Iphone yesterday after i lost some files. i jailbroke it using redsnow same as before, then installed sbsettings restarted phone and tried to swipe task bar to open sbsettings but it doesn’t matter how slow or what position i try i cant get it to open. i didn’t have this fault on my first jailbreak and am puzzled as to why its happening. i’ve tried restoring as new with only sbsettings installed but it still doesn’t work. im using an Iphone 4 on ios 4.2.1

      if anyone can help or point me to link that would be great as i haven’t had a lot of luck searching Google

    150. Nate Says:

      The force overwrite thread #9 worked. My problem was with tetherme, but I think it finally worked out.



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    158. grigoris pavlidis Says:

      i have a problem with the new update 5.2.1 in ios 4.3.3 i cant see the pop-ups of brightness and processes because they are getting behind the main sbsettings popup please help!!

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