SBSettings v1.0.4 and New Toggle Widget

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Update v1.0.6 (Nov 30, 2008): Made a couple small changes to the “more” app to hopefully address those that find it crashing as soon as it loads. Please try it out and let us know. If it crashes once, run it again. It attempts to do something different if it detects that it crashed the previous run.

Update: v1.0.5 – I gave up trying to fix a problem I cannot reproduce and decided to work to avoid it. I added a “blank fix” button to the dock icons screen and removed the automatic blank fix that caused the problems.

So many of you are still reporting crashing on the “more” app when you try to modify your dock icons. We still cannot reproduce this issue. I have emailed out a few copies of a test version of SBSettings to some users but never heard back. So I decided to release it. The new version made some changes in the dock icons enumeration code, but I cannot be sure that it solved the problem because I cannot see the problem occur in the first place. Please update and let me know. Update: this did not solve the problem. I cannot reproduce this and therefore will never be able to fix it unless someone that is very good in SSH that can reproduce the problem wants to email me and help out. This means you would be available to spend some time running development builds over and over again and giving me back logfiles. If you are interested in this and can reproduce this problem let me know. Otherwise, at least it works for me :)

New Toggle Addon
While messing around, I decided to write a new widget for SBSettings. This is not a toggle but another type of addon which I think shows the flexibility and power of this app. Note that this addition was done without modification to the main app.

The addition is a text widget – a quick notepad. You can type some text in it, and recall it later. But since it runs inside SBSettings, you can recall it from within another app. To see how this may be useful consider this. Suppose you get an SMS that’s a password for a website. You cant remember it very easily so you want to write it down. Ok you pull up SBSettings while the SMS app is open and type the password into the text box. Later you open Safari and go to the web page that requires hte password. Now you can just pull up SBSettings while Safari is open, read the password, and type it in. (Sorry, no copy and paste but I think it’s still pretty neat).

Here are some screenshots:

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169 Responses to “SBSettings v1.0.4 and New Toggle Widget”

  1. jcde7ago Says:

    You continue to impress, BigBoss…your hard work is greatly appreciated, keep it up!

  2. MikeC Says:

    I updated to SBSettings 1.0.4 and then tried to install Fast Notes. I get told “1 Broken Packages The following packages have unmet dependencies : Fast Notes”. I restarted my iPhone just incase, no change.

  3. iLauncher Says:

    i upgraded to 1.04 but i dont see any new widgets appearing in the sbsettings bar nor in ‘set toggles’ section of the ‘more’ option.
    i have already resprung the springboard and powered off/on the iphone.
    i also searched for ‘text widget’ in cydia but cudnt find such a download.
    im currently using the ‘applemik’ theme of sbsettings so i changed to the default theme and resprung.
    still i dont see the ‘Fast Notes’ toggle.
    also, how did u get that kewl ‘KillTasks’ toggle?
    and the way it sounds, does it allow u to force apps to quit without repsringing/rebooting the iphone?

  4. roy Says:

    i still got the same problem on crashing on the “more” app when you try to modify your dock icons.

  5. iLauncher Says:

    my bad….i found the notes app which is called ‘Fast Notes’ and not ‘text widget’ or ‘quick notepad’.
    but i got the same error as mentioned above by MikeC about missing dependencies.
    so BigBoss, plz update ur post mentioning the correct name of the widget alongwith the dependencies for fast notes.
    also, i tried to search for ‘KillTasks’ and similar keywords but cudnt find it in cydia.
    finally, do u have a list of addon widgets/toggles for sbsettings (especially the long awaited Safari Download Plugin)?

  6. BigBoss Says:

    I updated the package. It was looking for sbsettings 1.04 not 1.0.4. It works now.

  7. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    I had that crash problem too when hitting the more app. It was weird cause all of the sudden one day i noticed it was crash when i was gonna try to change the theme and then a couple of hours later it was fine and hasnt crashed since.
    It works fine now though. Good job BB. Keep up the great work!

  8. Jenry Says:

    I still have the”safe mode” problem with new sbsetting, where to find the logfile? I can find it and send to you to locate the problem is.

  9. Jenry Says:

    and also, I suggest we can make a new toogle as soft “home button”, it’s very useful, there’s a app like this at FW1.x, but there’s no such app on FW2.x. I really want to get it if we can do it with toggle of sbsetting.

  10. elfdick Says:

    Good app!
    But I have a little problem,when I have used the reboot in the SBSettings,my iphone got the safe mode after reboot.

  11. Qbik Says:

    it works fine
    thx great work

    what about changing positions of icon in dock is it possible to add this in next release?

  12. cadguycad Says:

    I love the new notes add-on ,great idea. Simple but extremely useful.

    Am i right in saying you keep the notes window open whilst switching between apps.

    closing the notes window with the red cross on the note window means you lose the note.

    I’m also experiencing the crash on using the more button. Not all the time but if i can reproduce it i will let you know.

    Thanks very much

  13. BigBoss Says:

    The notes are saved to disk when you hit the X so you won’t lose them. You can keep the window open and hit home also. This closes sbsettings window but when you open it again the notes window is still visible. Useful for going directly from one app to the next with the note.

  14. chronzz Says:

    thanks just what i needed

    so when do we get the task toggle?

  15. sjdvda Says:

    Thanks BigBoss!!! That new notes widget is really useful!

  16. monica Says:

    sweet, great job BB ! flawless on 2.2

  17. brandon Says:

    thanks BB!

    everything works great for me. the only issue I have is when SSH is turned off and upon reboot the SSH is on rather than staying off.

    is this meant to exist ?


  18. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, it’s a safety measure. If your device won’t boot, and you have SSH, you can probably fix it without a restore. If not, you’re screwed.

  19. sorrowkk Says:


    I thank you for this great app but I have problem with brightness toggle. It doesn’t show the current position of brightness. When I restart the phone, it turns to default brightness level. It doesn’t stay where I want to set it.

  20. sorrowkk Says:


    Also I installed the Fast note app addon. Its a great idea but After I wrote something to fastnote window and close it, phone goes to safe mode. I appreciate your hard work.

  21. oakie Says:

    i spoke to you briefly over a few emails earlier but i registered for your site to see what other goodies you had in store as well as see if there’s anything i can do to assist, no matter how big or small.

    but like i said in my email, the new FastNotes toggle is amazing, and unless the miracle of copy/paste comes thru, this more than sufficiently gives me the function but in a very elegant way for just “a few minutes to take care of an immediate problem”.

    truly one of those, “why didnt anyone think of this before?” kinds of apps, but likely wouldnt be nearly as good especially in how you combined it with your SBSettings app.

    thanks again!

  22. chromeluv Says:

    BigBoss, I sent you an email a couple days ago, I was one of the ones that could not get past “Enumerating Apps” and it would crash back to springboard.

    Well, with this update, it DOES NOT CRASH, and I can again edit my dock…

    So, whatever you did, it worked?

    Well done, thanks BB.

  23. pakijawan Says:

    wow seriously,where is the donation place??you seriously out done your self.Everyday it seem im loving my iphone more.Little request,anyway to also hide my name or Ip part of sbssettings???

  24. z0mb1e Says:


  25. BigBoss Says:

    I don’t accept donations. Thanks for the sentiment though.

  26. BigBoss Says:

    If you can reproduce it, send me a log from LogMailer please.

  27. pakijawan Says:

    hay quick problem,i cant find the note app in there.also my sbssettings say i have v1.05,how come?i thought its sposed to be 1.04 like the post here.

  28. z0mb1e Says:

    Are you Batman?

  29. z0mb1e Says:

    If you haven’t already, you need to download the Fastnotes widget in Cydia. It isn’t automatically included in v1.05

  30. StarSoft Says:

    Very nice addition to SBS, i like it allot. Sure it is not copy/paste, but at least it makes things a little easier.
    What i was wondering, in the reboot menu there is lock, can you make it so it actually locks the phone? I mean with the passlock on it.
    Right now it locks the phone the same as the power button would. I dont see any use of that as pressing the power button is 1000x faster then going to the reboot menu and click lock.

  31. z0mb1e Says:

    Another feature request:

    Can we have some way of organizing the order of the toggles? Either with a categories style ordering sub-menu or a touch&hold moveable jiggly icons like the main pages?

    Thanks v much. This App just keeps getting better.

  32. sineatir Says:

    GREAT UPDATE! everything works great. AND, the Fast Notes app is a killer idea.

  33. iLauncher Says:

    ok, i finally was able to download fast notes and only after a respring it appeared in sbsettings.
    but it doesnt have an icon in the toggle (the pen icon).
    its just a blank icon
    is it coz im using the applemik theme?
    also, i still cant find the killtasks toggle in cydia.
    i hope u also make adding of custom toggles (like the safari download plugin) as ur next priority in a sbsettings update.

  34. iLauncher Says:

    can we have this as an option so that ppl who dont need/want it can turn it off (like in bossprefs)?

  35. face Says:

    Thanks as usual for your hard work that gives these stunning results.
    I ‘strongly’ desire to show dock application when execute sbsettings, in the same main window.
    Any chance to have that too ?
    And also to display more than 12 icons.
    Thanks, again

  36. Dren Says:

    Hey this SBSettings is a cool thing. One thing missing or that I didnt find out yet how to put it is VPN. Could you add that?

  37. Pelaez Says:

    Hahahaha, that really made me LOL.

  38. Pelaez Says:

    Loving the new toggle! I send you an update for my HUD theme with an icon for the Fast Notes.

  39. pad Says:

    Same with me, upgraded to 1.0.5 and still cannot see `fast notes`. I dont even get a blank icon.
    And one word to BB: Thank you for your outstanding work. Without it, my iPhone life would be by far not so exiting. I wonder how I could return you a favour??

  40. iCanSee Says:

    Yes, bossprefs already have that option built in, why can’t sbsettings?

  41. jonman Says:

    Excellant Work!! Fast notes is great!

  42. Steven Says:

    Just installed Fast Notes. Every time I run a test of it, my iPhone crashes and enters Safe Mode. :(

  43. brandon Says:

    ohh ok. sounds good. thanks for the quick response!

  44. pakijawan Says:

    thanks man,will do

  45. Hasan Says:

    Great stuff! I’d like to see a safari dl toggle like we saw in boss prefs.

    btw, im pretty good with SSH and i’d love to lend a hand. if you still need help, send me an email.

  46. robdam1001 Says:

    When can we expect the re-addition of the ability to launch SBSettings from the lock screen as we discussed last week please? Thanks.

  47. ??? Says:

    yeah where is kill tasks?

  48. Hasan Says:

    i once read in a forum that a guy broke his power button, and he was trying to figure out another way to lock it. this feature would work well for someone in his situation. its always nice to have more ways to do something.

  49. robdam1001 Says:

    P.S. Fast Notes is AWESOME!!!!

  50. Jessev Says:

    same thing happened to me. i haven’t got it to really work yet. i made a note, then closed it. the keyboard remained on the screen, then got spinning wheel, then safe mode. where is that log file?

    i don’t know if you’ve seen my post in the 1.3.4 toggle thread, i was having the safe mode issue respringing from SBSettings

  51. Jessev Says:

    i tried over and over to re-create and i can’t. respringing from SBSettings now launches the more app before respringing. is this correct?

  52. DanielBlaze Says:

    Just a little problems which I have noticed – when you press respring, it first opens the “more” windows and the resprings the phone. Don’t know it that was intentional or not, but just though I would mention it

    2G, Firmware 2.1

  53. scalissimo Says:

    When I switch on “enable numeric battery” I get a 3 digit number (sometimes like 870) for the “%” load of my Apple BT Headset. How can a battery have more than 100% loaded? Have you ever tested it with a Apple BT Headset? I have a screenshots I you like to look at it!?

    Thx, scalissimo

  54. jimbeam Says:

    Love the new note feature works great! Thanks!

    I’m typing this on edge and it really hard to find the quickgold post. So I figured I would post this bug with quickgold here.

    The curser disapers every now and then and I have to restart the phone so I can type in quickgold. I have it installed on three iPhones and it’s the same on all. One thing I have installed on all three is emji icons. Ithink that’s what there called not sure if that’s the problem or not?

    Thanks again for all the usefull apps!!

  55. dtheman Says:

    Big Boss you really need to have the ability to monitor the memory usage. Thats why some people might download HOOD. I know you probably don’t care if someone has something better than you but lots of people would love that feature. Even list what apps are being used and how much of it. Kill it…. Just think about something along that like for an update

  56. D Says:

    How come i cant get ssh toggle to work i have the latest version

  57. Alex Says:

    SAFE MODE Request

    Thanks for your sweet apps BigBoss. This may seem a little backwards to the direction you’re heading, in the Power Menu, can you add an option to put the phone to safe mode if at all possible?

    Reason behind this was when I read your fix on the safe mode issue on respring, I realized that safe mode may be exactly what I needed.

    I’ve just updated 2.2 and loaded two extensions on my phone. SBSettings and QuickGold. Touchsport Tennis never ever worked on my phone, but after reading about the known safe mode issue on respring, i immediately resprung my phone into safe mode and was able to play Touchsport Tennis.

    So what I’m trying to say is, an option in the Power menu for Safe Mode may be exactly what we need in times of sluggish performances and applications not loading up. We can then put the phone into Safe Mode which would give games and apps full resources to do its bidding and reduce crashes.

    Makes Sense?

  58. Loki Says:

    Hi love this app.

    Not sure if it has been mentioned before (I’ve not read all the posts). It would be good to open notes and the sbsettings page disappeared, this would allow more of the screen to be seen to type notes.

  59. balanceshift Says:

    Hey BB,
    I’ve just installed SBSettings 1.05 and every time I hit ‘more’ the app opens, ‘Initializes’, then closes itself (whether i click on anything before hand or not). This happens if I launch from Springboard or another app. I have reinstalled, restarted, installed dock, etc.

    Love the app, but…

  60. balanceshift Says:

    Disregard… The error was fixed when I selected Themes before the app crashed. Weird.

  61. Ferni Says:

    I like the notes app. One suggestion, when notes is started perhaps you can close/hide the sbsettings screen so that we can see more of the screen behind (mainly so I can type on the keyboard). Because if i have more than 1 row of toggle icons i can’t actually type on the keyboard while sbsettings is open.

  62. Max Says:

    Works great! Thanks for the notes add-on BigBoss.

  63. THEdAY Says:

    The new Fast Notes is very nice, seems to be the next best thing to copy and paste.
    But I cannot help thinking if copy/paste cannot still be implemented somehow.
    If there was a way to copy text from an app into the little “Fast Notes” popup box then open another app, open SBsettings, open Fast Notes and be able to somehow paste the text thats in there.

    BigBoss, no matter how many requests/suggestions you are getting here you need to know that we are extremely proud of what you have done and continue to do.

  64. z0mb1e Says:


  65. Richard Says:

    I was a little hesitent but this is so cool. Thanks Big Boss!

  66. Jonathan Says:

    crashing on the “more” issue…

    This happens on my iPhone 2G but only when WIFI is turned on. If it is off it doesn’t crash.

    Hope this helps.

  67. Jessev Says:

    this is actually a pretty cool idea. airplane safe mode = games

  68. Anonymous Says:

    That’s because you didn’t install it. It’s called fast notes.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I agree it’s not useful but it only took about 2 minutes to add so I stuck it in.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Sbsettings only enables this. The feature is actually built into springboard so I have no control over how it works.

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Yes. That is intended to solve the intermittent safe mode on respring. I think it was in the changelog.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I had the same idea. It is pretty easy to do. I can just do 1/0

  73. Anonymous Says:

    So now you can’t reproduce it anymore.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t understand the issue. I have two rows of icons and can type.

  75. asa Says:

    Thanks BB. Everything working great!

  76. Nathan Says:

    Can you make the dock option mke shortcuts to the apps instead of having them disapear

  77. Jessev Says:

    go into the more app and unhide them.

  78. Fab Says:


    I love your app. it’s the reason why I jailbreak my iphone! I’m missing one thing (I know, I know, never happy ;-): what about a Push switch? The Push function is great but drains the battery so fast. A switch would be very convenient.


  79. ErnstLustig Says:

    Very good!
    My wish: I’d llike to push around the quick notes window on the screen. Sometimes it hides exactly the information to note.

  80. asd Says:

    I cant find KillTasks…why?? not implemented yet?

  81. elfdick Says:

    The v1.05 is wonderful,it works on my iphone very well,no crashing and other problems.thx a lot for your working!Perfect App!
    BTW,could u help us to make a toggle like clickonce before?(instead of the Home Button)
    whatever,it’s NEW bossprefs and better!

  82. t-om Says:


    I love your app. It´s really cool stuff.
    What about a wiki2touch switch?

  83. ChalleFo Says:

    I just love this awesome app! But why didn’t you share the “KillTasks” button? I’d love to see that in future updates.

  84. Brian Says:

    What are the possibilities of adding a VPN on/off toggle in the SBSettings app.? I don’t know how much VPN is used by others but it would greatly appreciated by those of us who do use it.

  85. a-damn Says:

    Just curious, both BossPrefs and SBSettings have the option to toggle Bluetooth, and I know there has been a lot of controversy about the following question, but does the iPod Touch have bluetooth? When I try to turn on bluetooth on my touch, it doesn’t seem to be able to turn it on.

    So… does the touch have bluetooth? or are my hopes set too high?

  86. Shawn Says:

    Not sure if it’s related but I have the same app crashing issue with Backgrounds as with the More function in SBSettings. It appears that this occurs when the ad widget is initializing or downloading an ad.

  87. ChalleFo Says:

    Sorry but the ipod does not have bluetooth.

  88. Chase Says:

    The new notepad will be very handy for remembering usernames/passwords.


  89. monkeyG Says:

    Bb i got a quick question I been cheking my sbs and I c the I got HDD 56 mb and my phone ben crashing I don’t know if is that the problem how I get more memory in my HDD if somebody can help me let me know

  90. Dan Says:


    I am also getting the more crash, it has never worked and has done it every time, I only tried SBS on 2.2.

    Could it be that when I originally installed SBS settings I still had Boss Preffs installed. I since deleted BP and re-installed SBS but I still have the same issue, it crashes every time I press more.

    After restoring with 2.2 I did not update my mobileinstalation file though this shouldn’t cause it. Can’t think of anything else.

    Is it fine to have both Boss Preffs and SBS installed?

    Good Luck.

  91. HandyRandy Says:

    me too lol

  92. Dan Says:

    Could the more crashing be due to not having Winterboard Installed? I haven’t got it installed and noticed there is a menu for it in the more section, could this be causing it?

    Thanks, Great work!

  93. HandyRandy Says:

    i second that idea

  94. HandyRandy Says:

    It was in the changelog

    Read the changelog folks. Do u sign a contract without reading it? Why install an update without reading the changelog? It’s the same principle. I never install until I see the changelog if it’s missing.

  95. Anonymous Says:


    I’ve done what you asked and found out when i enabled the Phone toogle, it brings me to safe mode. How do i fix this?

  96. B.K. from Singapore Says:


    first and foremost, thank you for your excellent work! SBSettings is a really beauty to use…

    One feature request… can you add a toggle for Location Services?


  97. reznor9 Says:

    if you can add a widget for notepad, why cant you add a sms message widget? So we can reply to sms messages within the sbsetting? That way we dont have to exit safari or cydia or whatever we may be doing to do so?

  98. Cooper Says:

    First of all – great program. I love it and i will not miss it. It´s getting better and better with every update.
    But have you heard about some problems in germany, that 3G, SSH and Wi-Fi is getting automatically off?
    Is it possible to check this in a form of a log, or is this feature not included?
    After that automatic turn-off, you have to start sbsettings again and turn the feature on againg.
    Maybe you´ve heard about it and it will be fixed in the next update.
    Last but not least – GREAT work.
    Go on.

  99. Belo Says:


    Is a vibrate on/off toggle available, i.e. as a night mode option? My phone is usually on silent but sometimes I get calls at night and the vibrations will wake me up. Are we able to write and/or create toggles ourselves?

  100. a-damn Says:

    thanks for the reply, ChalleFo!

    I was hoping for a different answer, but … ah well. I’m sure I can find a bluetooth adapter for the ipod… somewhere.

  101. a-damn Says:

    um.. maybe this is a stupid question but is SBSettings a replacement to BossPrefs, or can I/should I installed it *with* BossPrefs?

  102. Dan Says:


    I fixed my More crash problem!

    I think I know why it was crashing!!

    It used to crash after the initialising showed up and would stay black at the bottom (no advertising showed up)

    So this is how I fixed it,

    Step 1. Open SBS

    Step 2. Pressed more then imediately press about this showed the about page and loaded the advertising that I saw for the first time!! Now it doesn’t crash.

    Step 3. Press the back button and choose a setting, the advertising will load every time now and wont crash!

    After rebooting my iphone I tried it again and the advertising loaded first time and it doesn’t crash!!

    It’s fixed, good luck all, do give this a go!

    I hope this helps BigBoss :D

  103. Dan Says:

    The more crashing seems to be caused my the advertising not being able to load! Causing it to crash!

  104. Hasan Says:

    since upgrading to 2.2, when i respring from sbsettings, it opens the more screen before respringing.

  105. Barzi Says:

    I have Firmware 2.1 (iPhone 2G). But could you make a setting like in SBSettings: SSH on boot?
    Because everytime I boot my phone, SSH is on, but I don’t want that..


  106. mackintosh Says:

    I just upgraded from SBSettings 1.0.5 to 1.0.6, and i.TV, which was working fine before, would crash immediately on opening. On the 1.0.6 install, I noticed a couple of errors scroll up, but it indicated a successful install. After removing SBSettings, i.TV worked again, and it seems to be working after a fresh SBSettings install. So, there may be some error with the upgrade code. All seems good now.

  107. Alex Says:


    Thanks for listening to our requests. You the man! I’d love you if you are of female gender .. Under 30 and nice cut required…

  108. maz Says:

    Is there any upgrade who gonna make the SBSettings to open at LockScreen on the way soon too?? ;-)

  109. Security Bug Says:

    I discovered a security bug in SBSettings. If the SBSettings window i s open when you lock, it will be there when you wake up the phone again. Then all you have to do is hit “more” and you get into the phone, bypassing the passcode.

  110. Danny Says:

    How come in your screenshot, there is a killtasks icon, but that doesn’t come in the download?

  111. qmatteoq Says:

    Hi, I love your application, but I have a problem: sometimes, when enabling or disabling the EDGE using the EDGE toggle, the iPhone freezes and the only way to restart it is using soft reset pressing power + home.

    Is it a common problem or is it just a problem of my iPhone?

  112. jcde7ago Says:

    I’d upgrade to 1.0.6, but there are like 6 other dependencies being installed along with SBSettings. Can i just stick with what i have if i am not experiencing any kind of crashing with the more app or with SBSettings at all? Or am i going to eventually have to install all these other things like SQlite, etc. with subsequent updates to SBSettings?

  113. handsfull Says:

    It’s an improved replacement…

  114. Maxx Says:

    Is it possible to implement toggling GPS?

  115. BigBoss Says:

    You probably hit “upgrade all” because those things are not all part of SBSettings. However, it is a good idea to keep the critical updates up-to-date in Cydia.

  116. BigBoss Says:

    Not going to worry about this. If you don’t like it, don’t lock your device with the window open and the problem is instantly solved.

  117. BigBoss Says:

    I have 14 servers. Perhaps one of them was down for a moment.

  118. BigBoss Says:

    What’s the problem with that? That’s how the respring works now.

  119. BigBoss Says:

    Are you in Australia on wifi? Anyways, try the update to 1.0.6 if you still see problems and see if it solves it.

  120. BigBoss Says:

    56mb is plenty.

  121. maz Says:

    Nothing about open SBSettings at LockScreen?

  122. Duleun Says:

    I tried to use the safemode button and its failing to crash and acting like a repring… am I doing something wrong?

  123. reznor9 Says:

    I dont understand why anyone would want to go into safe mode? Can someone enlighten me on this?

  124. duluen Says:

    read above, somewhere round midpage. But to answer your question if you put it in safe mode then nothing else is using any resources, so when you play any games or use a memory intensive program they wont crash as much.

    Pretty cool idea if you ask me

  125. Alex Says:


    Safe mode is still the only way I can get TouchSports Tennis to work. Maybe I have too much crap running in the background, maybe not.

    Regardless, putting the iPhone into safe mode maximizes the resources available for applications to reduce crashes.

    Duluen, I think the only thing you’re doing wrong is having intelliscreen installed. You have to disable intelliscreen in order to get the device into safemode. It looks as though Intelliscreen prevents the device from going to safe mode.

    Until someones comes out with a decent lock screen app, or intelliscreen chooses to use MobileSubstrate for safety precautions, we’ll be stuck with it.

  126. Victor Says:

    I decided after install to uninstall, I tried to launch the app like some instructions says two finger from top to down in the screen, nothing taping with two fingers no luck, this app needs an icon for god sake the free o cheap apps have it.

  127. Hasan Says:

    oh..hehe. i guess i just liked it when it went directly to respringing rather than loading up the more screen. seems slower, but it could just be me.

  128. Hasan Says:

    i think the finger swipe is quite cool. especially since this enables you to launch from other apps and on any screen on the spring board.

  129. Justin Says:

    I’m not sure if it has been reported so far but in case it hasn’t…

    The bluetooth icon is always red, regardless if it is switched on or off. If bluetooth is on, and your turn it off and on again the icon goes green.


  130. duluen Says:

    … yep, that did the trick. Very gay but at least it works. Stupid IS. Grrr.

  131. Alex Says:

    Amazing.. something.. Brothers in Arms didn’t work for me and my buddy.. The difference is that I had loads of crap loaded through MobileSubstrate , where as my buddy just had a strict jailbreak and the default attachment= mailto: MobileSubstrate add-on.

    Brothers in Arms didn’t work for either of us. But with the new SafeMode option in SBSettings crashing the springboard, we’re enjoying the iPhone’s renewed functionality.

    Thanks BigBoss!

  132. Ralf Says:

    I’d love that, too. Is it possible anyhow?

  133. Anonymous Says:

    Open SBSettings at LockScreen??

  134. Anonymous Says:

    so i can get rid of bossprefs after installing SBSettings.

  135. surjeet Says:

    there is this problem which i would like to share. i am using sbsetting and bitesms shifted to sbsetting dock and not on springboard. now if i open a contact and click the text message at the bottom of the contact it does not open bitesms to send the text ( bitesms set to default sms app ), but if i remove bitesms form sbsetting dock and to the springboard it works fine.

    i checked it with the default iphone sms app it works fine even if its in sbsettings dock. so i think the bug could be with bitesms and not sbsettings because the default iphone sms app works fine.

    i have notified bitesms with the same just wanted to tell you, so that you can also check it.

  136. Juan Manuel Moises Says:

    Hi, bigboss
    i have a problem with the sbsettings, I install the application and now i´m unable to use the 2 first rows of icons of my iphone, i uninstall the application and i install again but i have the same problem.
    i´m on the 2.2 fw, any help will be greate.
    thanks in advance

  137. Juan Manuel Moises Says:

    Hi, there
    Someone knows how to format or erase an iphone, I mind, I want to start from cero.

  138. maz Says:

    If I got it right it not gonna be possible to open SBSettings at lockscreen right?
    Correct me if Im wrong!?

  139. Max Says:

    I like Note add-on
    Do you Mail add-on also??

  140. Toddlers31 Says:

    guys just wanna ask you how to SSH sbsettings to ipod touch? cuz i can get it from cydia..already tried many times

  141. Toddlers31 Says:

    sorry typo~ supposed to be CANT get it

  142. Jason Says:

    Ok. I have looked everywhere in cydia for fastnotes. I can’t find it. I have the latest sbsettings installed and would love to use fastnotes.
    I searched Fast Notes, fastnotes, fast notes and also browsed all packages in a hope to find it. Still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks heaps. Jason

  143. Oli4 Says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to change the color of the text in sbsettings. I want to make a white theme and because the text is also white you can’t see anything.

  144. Jason Snider Says:


  145. chiminox Says:


  146. Neal Says:

    I just updated my SBsettings to 3.0. In order to complete the install of the update, it made me uninstall Fast Notes. Weird, but I couldn’t find it in Cydia to download it again!

    Was Fast Notes not compatible with the 3.0 version of SBsettings? Are there any plans to update it?

    I miss it already!



  147. bubbeman Says:

    Thanks BigBoss. Would love to see a clear all button on fastnotes.

  148. Wolfmore Says:

    Where is Fast Notes! :( I’m on 3gs. Please make It available.

  149. Wolfmore Says:

    @Neal @Jason snider
    Hmmm…I got Fast Notes & Locations Services on my 3gs 3.0!!!!!! I went to the settings on sbsettings and saw that fast notes and location were present but turned off. I turned them on and they work fine. I don’t know why they are not appearing on my Cydia…very strange. Of course I had these prior to 3.0 and they must have slipped in. :)

  150. Wolfmore Says:

    JavaScript ON/OFF widget pleeeZzzz BigBoss. It helps the speed when it’s off in cases not needed.

  151. ajg23 Says:

    This is exactly what I want: instead of having to hit the little “more” button (and wait for animation), just to have the extra icons at the bottom of the same main window!

    Possibility? :)

    PS: do you accept donations yet?!

  152. moochiepup Says:

    I can’t find fast notes in Cydia. where could it be

  153. moochiepup Says:

    It was already there. I just turned it off then back on

  154. turtle Says:

    Does any one know where the fast note notes are saved too, cause I want to save them before restoring my touch

  155. Anonymous Says:

    I’m just curious, how were you able to get the time and date to be displayed as such in the screenshots?

  156. toyo Says:



  157. HCWHunter Says:

    I think I found a bug in Fast Notes. If you have Fast Notes open w/keyboard and close SBSettings w/o closing Fast Notes first, the Fast Notes page closes along with SBSettings, but not the keyboard. When the phone goes to sleep and you try to wake it, you can’t swipe to unlock because the keyboard covers the bottom of the screen.


  158. ReapSin Says:

    After opening fast notes, how do I close it? Even after I close SBSettings it’s still there the next time I open it

  159. Ben Says:

    Anyway to back up FastNotes. I have to bring my iphone into apple store and can’t find where on the filesystem the text is stored so I can backup over SFTP, etc.

  160. Helper Says:

    There is a small X next to the window !! :)

  161. Helper Says:

    Same here …. any anyone can help !!

  162. Greg Says:

    I am having the same problem as well. Not only will the keyboard not go away when the lock screen appears (even if a key is pressed) and this blocks the unlock slide bar, but also sometimes the Fast Notes pop-up will not go away even after pressing the upper, right corner of the pop-up box. This is extremely frustrating as the iPhone must be force-rebooted to clear this (iOS 4.3.2). I want to completely uninstall Fast Notes but keep SBSettings. Is there a way to do this?

  163. Anonymous Says:

    I’m having same problem, plz help!

  164. Pie13 Says:

    I can’t find fast notes in Cydia, any suggestion’s? Thanks

  165. Nigel Says:

    The copy and paste functionality in Fast Notes doesn’t seem to be working anymore (at least on my phone). Is this true.

  166. Jdubbaya Says:

    Same as Nigel (110.) I seem to recall using the copy and paste function in Fast Note. I’ve got a year’s worth of fast notes with no way move them!! Please advise…

  167. Anonymous Says:

    Using sbsettings on my Unthered jailbreak and fast notes isn’t showing up. ?

  168. jailbreak bird Says:

    same issue with the keyboard blocking the lower half of the screen.
    Can’t exit fastnote, only respring.

  169. Peter Says:

    Any time I enable Fast Notes, I get a text box that blocks the screen and a keyboard that won’t go away. I have no idea how to close Fast Notes other than restarting the ipod…

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