SBSettings 3.0 soon

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SBSettings 3.0 is working well. I plan to release it soon since most the new features are also working on 2.0. I am not yet done but here is the current changelog:


  • DYLIB: Modified for all the changes required to work on 3.0 (with proper patched jailbreak, not working with public jailbreak on 3.0).
  • DYLIB: Added status bar date. This will put the date in your statusbar right by your clock. This defaults off and you must enable it in the more app. See screenshot of statusbar with this enabled:
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked SSH and EDGE toggles. Solved the low memory freeze ups previously seen when hitting refresh or trying to toggle EDGE or SSH. This was a major issue on current versions of SBSettings. It seems totally solved.
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked WiFi toggle since it didn’t work on 3.0. It toggles very quickly now.
  • DYLIB: Massively reworked phone toggle (airplane) since it didnt work on 3.0. Phone toggle is also instant.
  • DYLIB: Added a single tap status bar to close the SBSettings window in 3.0 only. This is because home button brings up the search and there was some interference (enough that I felt annoyed). So you can swipe to open the window, tap to close.
  • Both: Added ability to move toggle order around.
  • More app: Added mobile substrate extensions manager. You can now troubleshoot a poorly performing device by disabling and enabling various installed mobile substrate extensions. (Requires respring after toggling).
  • More app: Added numeric wifi, numeric GMS (phone) to extras menu. (Note: the 3.0 version of numeric battery looks different. Remember this is just enabled by SBSettings. It’s a feature of springboard).
  • More app: Added statusbar date toggle button in extras menu to enable or disable statusbar date.
  • Revved version to 3.0 since this version works with iPhone OS 3.0. It should work with 2.0-3.0.
  • Reworked how root requiring toggles work. As such, we can now system out to processes as root. This enables Safari download and other toggles! (Expect them soon).

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


74 Responses to “SBSettings 3.0 soon”

  1. gray_hat Says:

    I have been wondering if it is possible to make it so that holding down the WiFi toggle would bring up the connect to a new WiFi network dialogue (essentially, the one brought up when you leave “Ask to Join Networks” on). It could be an interesting feature if you can figure out how to hook into that part of the WiFi driver/software.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    AWSOME I love SBSettings can’t wait for the update to be released… this works with all firmwares and devices right?

  3. MrBlader Says:

    Looks like its going to be GREAT BigBoss. I dont know if We could ever thank you enough for this AMAZING app. (My favorite, by a land-slide) And mobil-substrate toggles… Genius!

    To: Second response, “anonymous”, It does look like it will work for both 2.0-3.0 accept for the “tap status bar to close”

    And again THANK-YOU!!!, You are Definitely “THE BOSS” (aside from Springsteen, of coarse)

  4. MrBlader Says:

    that would be awesome, I have always thought about that but didnt have such an idea as to just be able to hold down the toggle itself…. I thought I read back some time ago, there was going to be new improvements and functions to the toggle-bility…?? dunno if thats a word, but I haven’t the slightest idea on where to begin writing apps….. but I definitely second the GOOD idea.

  5. BigBoss Says:

    This is for sure possible but it’s not so easy. It needs to be figured out.

  6. c Says:

    I third this good idea. Once 3.0 comes out I think SBSettings will be indispensable.

  7. Ruben Says:

    sounds great. Cannot wait. One thing though -I love the tap statusbar idea, but that thing is getting crowded (:-(((

    Intelliscreen uses it now
    Irealsms coming out tomorrow is using it
    lets see who else (:-))

    So it should be, imho, made to be able to be turned off or on

    Can’t wait for sbsettings 3

  8. Ledhead Says:

    If this isn’t possible it would still be nice to have the network name displayed somewhere that is easy to view. Maybe above the wifi ip address.

  9. Zack H├ębert Says:

    I <3 BigBoss =]

  10. Mariuana Monk Says:

    yeahh!!!! sbsettings is the best. THANKS ! :D

  11. Innovative1 Says:

    VPN Toggle??

  12. Abdullah Says:

    everything looks good
    thanks for the hard work

    can we have more than 12 toggles ??

  13. Pelaez Says:

    Great to hear about all the improvements!

    I have one suggestion for SBS. There are like 4 strings in the SBS window, WI-FI IP, Data IP, Disc Space and RAM.

    My suggestion would be to be able to customize those strings from a bigger list, like name of connected network, current time and date, maybe even custom string.

    How plausible would that be?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    lovin sbsettings. keep up the great work bigboss

    much <3


  15. Imahottguy Says:

    Great stuff! I have been a fan of your work since the good ‘ole 1.1.2 days; and it has only gotten better!

  16. Jimbo Says:

    thanks BigBoss… you are the man!!!!

  17. Awesome Says:

    Any chance we could get a VNC toggle?

  18. orange Says:

    My suggestion would be to be able to swipe over the info-area to hide sbsettings instead of tab the tiny red close-button

  19. boozie Says:

    Sounds awesome! and I second the VPN toggle.

  20. ZeroDegre Says:

    You can also press the home button once to close SBSetting as well :)

  21. BigBoss Says:

    I figured out how to display that last night. I plan to do something. I’ve actually been researching this feature for months.

  22. BigBoss Says:

    Just an FYI, I have no plans to work on a VPN toggle because:

    1) I don’t have a VPN so I have no way to test it
    2) Due to #1, I have no use or interest in it personally so there’s no passion for it.
    3) I looked into it briefly and see no obvious way to accomplish it, without having a VPN and hacking apart more information.

    I suggest you guys post a request on one of those forums where people take app requests for a VPN SBSettings toggle. I have posted the SBSettings SDK on my site so another developer could take up the charge.

  23. Greg Says:

    Bigboss, awesome work. Looking forward to trying it out. Is there a jailbreak for 3.0 yet that has vm_map patch working ? saurik’s twitter seems to indicate it is not yet available.

  24. bdwayneh Says:

    I can’t wait. This is the program I have missed the most on 3.0

  25. ACid Says:

    My suggestion:
    Change gesture/swipe to open SBSettings, cause it opens very often without intent (for example when holding your ear to the phone/touchscreen..)
    I think double tap home or a multitouch gesture would be ideal to avoid that.

    Apart from that SBSettings is really awesome!
    Thanks BigBoss!

  26. exodus7days Says:

    any chance of adding a toggle for turnning off email like in the original bossprefs that is actually only reason I stiff have old one

  27. George Says:

    Kudos to the developer(s) of SBSettings. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. This utility is one of the most useful among the numerous utilities I have downloaded. I was experiencing problems with Edge toggle, but it sounds like 3.0 addresses this. Looking forward to the next release.

  28. Diego Costanian Says:

    SBSettings was indispensable for me !
    Very very usefull !

    Sorry for my bad english…

    And many thanks BigBoss for your hard work !

    Only one little question…
    Statusbar date was configurable on format ?
    Your screenshot look : mm/dd/yy
    It’s posible look: dd/mm/yy ?
    Or the looks depends of stock iphone settings ?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english again.

    : )

    Diego ( From Uruguay )

  29. Jose Luis Says:

    I didn’t noticed that!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds great… Can’t wait :D

  31. Innovative1 Says:

    I have offered to make you an account on our VPN server for testing. But I understand that you are not interested since you do not use it daily as many of us do. It just seems like once the settings are configured it is a simple on/off just like all of the other toggles.

  32. kickbutt Says:

    Yeah, I wish this too if possible, please..

    Backgrounder shows email works in background and if that can be turn off, I hope it can save extra memory.

    Only turn on the toggle back to use it again.


  33. azsianwun Says:

    hi, i have a suggestion for an improvement.

    like the dock has a max of 12 apps u can store there. but i dont even have 12, i have 10 and i try to add one more but it says i have 12 apps selected already. so there are 2 blanks in my dock=/

    hope u can fix this and thanks!

  34. azsianwun Says:

    omg !! never. i cant believe this. for the whole time i didn’t kno how to fix the problem.

    im very sorry. i just figured it out now !

  35. BigBoss Says:

    Not for the public, no.

  36. BigBoss Says:

    The latest version I have running on 3.0 supports up to 48 toggles and scrolls like categories folders. 2.0 version may not.

  37. BigBoss Says:

    It uses the system date locale setting so it *should* be right for you.

  38. orange Says:

    thanks for the tip

  39. Hamed Says:

    Anyway you can display the bandwidth usage on the status bar? Something like D:50 U:10

  40. Anonymous Says:

    second for status bar date format control. probably ddmm or mmdd is all anyone needs, also saves space. love sbsettings and bossprefs!

  41. Matt Says:

    How bout a way to toggle email accounts like on bossprefs

  42. Trevor Says:

    I too would be willing to set you up a VPN account if that’s all it would take. I love this app, but feel that it’s really missing something without the VPN toggle. I assume that you can see the email address (even if everyone else can’t) so hit me up if you need an account.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work ;)

  43. BigBoss Says:

    As I indicated there are two issues:

    1) I dont use vpn so dont have an account. Yes, making me an account somewhere would solve this.

    2) I dont use vpn so I dont have any passion to develop this.

    Let’s leave it to another developer that uses VPN and wants it done.

  44. kev Says:

    Any chance of a toggle to change the Equalizer setting, say from dance to classical etc.

    Cheers Kev..

  45. SC Says:

    How soon is soon ??

  46. Steve Jobs Says:

    Yes how soon IS soon!!!!! i REALLY miss this app…….once this is dropped and BiteSMS drops i will b complete…….

  47. Iphone Wonder Says:

    Just wondering … is there any apps that you can use your Macbook keyboard to type on iPhone… for example when you write sms, you can use Mac’s keyboard to type it via WIFI… or maybe you can use this keyboard to unlock ‘feature’ in games… since some Gameloft games in the other mobile phone can use a cheat code by typing it on the Game’s menu screen…. just wondering

  48. Innovative1 Says:

    Well thanks for answering the question of whether or not you were still working on it. I have been hopefully checking this page a couple times a day for over a year waiting for the VPN toggle. Now I can give up and move on. That is the only thing missing from my phone.

  49. iquanyin Says:

    that happens to me too sometimes. so far after a few restarts, my phone eventually realizes it has free toggle space and lets me add taht final toggle (first-gen, 16g, latest fw). try again each time you restart.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Windows liwe meseger

  51. Says:

    Windows liwe meseger

  52. Anonymous Says:


  53. cg Says:

    … thanks for your work.
    … iPhone modem zsrelay (proxy) on/off toggle would be nice

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for this great app!

    Would it be possible to make an toggle for switching tethering on/off?

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Would it be possible to use the qtweeter implementation of the way to initiate sbsettings? I much prefer it and it avoids accidental launches of the software

  56. sac555 Says:

    since I did the jb 3.0 on my Iphone 1st generation SBS settings dissapeared and know my internetconnection doesnt work…


  57. isama Says:

    Thank you for all your hard work! I’ve had my ipod since 1.1.4 now and just upgraded to 3.0 and I still love all your work! TNX!

    BTW: Has anyone noticed your device getting warmer after installing 3.0? mine does :(

  58. Ndv Says:

    Yes we business users would love to have a vpn toggle, we just use the vpn almost 50 times per day ( because of mail and intranet access) everyone with vpn access know that sbsetting is half useful just because it remains the need to navigate to the slow settngs app. My 2 cents

  59. Richard Says:

    Yes, particularly if you are running multiple apps; ipod + safari.

  60. jcg Says:

    One of the best app, but please, could you display the SSID somewhere, and more than that, the ability to change the selected network with another one among those availables ?

  61. Christophe Says:

    I really love SBSettings. It’s one of the features why I jailbreak my iPhone…

    But would it be possible to add a equalizer toggle in order to be able to switch easily from on to another setting?


  62. Dan Says:

    Hi pal, could be possible add a WiFi timesync with any atomic clock allowing an autosync let said 6hs?
    Your app really rock!!!
    All the best

  63. dalftid Says:

    Nice BigBoss! i’d love to use this feature too.

  64. Rapscallion Says:

    I completely agree with this one. I love the fact that i can see the date at a glance from anywhere but the format is dd/mm (on my phone) and i see no way to change this. I would much prefer mm/dd.

  65. valCooL Says:

    Volume MC plugin causes iphone to crash springboard on 3.0

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Me too!

  67. Algester Says:

    hmmm has anyone noticed about the crashing when trying to access the more menu on 3.0 when a volume booster is installed on the iphone? im on 2G BTW

  68. ryn Says:

    VPN toggle available
    add this repo to cydia
    japanese info

  69. Leandro Miranda Says:

    My suggestion is that by sharing the internet via cable
    or bluetooth on the iPhone I gotta make a long path until you reach the
    function, so would like the SBSSettings also worked for this
    function that I use a lot.

  70. liaison4fun Says:

    hey i think the date format relies on the internation settings used in the settings menu of iphone. which country format did u use tat u got the date along wid the year….i.e. dd mm yy

  71. Havoc Says:

    Is there still no toggle for email like the old bossprefs email toggle?

    My iPhone keeps the connection open to my POP server and this means that I can’t get my mail from my computer without waiting for up to 5 minutes for it to time out.

    The toggle in bossprefs used to fix this for me instantly.

  72. Ian Says:

    Hi, I am having this same issue. My date shows as dd/mm. I cannot get it to show the year. My location settings are set to automatic. International set to Canada. I am foolishly banging my head over this small issue but it is bugging me. Any ideas? Thx.

  73. rafa Says:

    diego soy rafa moro. contactame a
    un abrazo

  74. Jay Daniel Says:

    The thing about “more” app not being a Sbsettings problem is well to be polite nonsense. There are TONS of posts out there about this problem and this is what I have observed.

    1. I am on 4.3.1 and I tried 4.2.1 too.. even on a fresh restore the problem will be there. On a fresh restore, I only have appsync, infinifolders, syncriocity, installous.

    2. I have tried going into developer mode and re-installing or installing the files you mentioned and even more to be safe… doesnt fix it..

    3. Uninstall.. reboot, reinstall… sbsettings… or mobile substrate even.. welll nothing works…..

    4. The problem is intermittent and everything we can agree on is… if the banner ad manages to load everything is fine, when it doesnt it goes kaput…. we tried ad block, iad, clean install witj no adblockers… basically everything… firewallip.. no effect… so whether we ourselves block the ads or not does not effect the problem. For some reason it is having some problems loading the ad and it crashes…. can someone please please fix this or address this or if it has been fix i certainly cannot find a solution even after extensive googling pls email me and point it out to me


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