SBSettings AutoLock Toggle

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Gaming Robot and I rewrote the SBSettings autolock toggle from scratch. It should now work. The toggle will also save your current autolock settings value from the settings app and restore it when you toggle it. When the toggle is on, autolock will occur. When the toggle is off, autolock will not occur. Thank you to Erica Sadun for help on getting SpringBoard settings to take effect immediately without a respring.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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  1. Danny Says:

    Nice job!!!

  2. Danny Says:

    Sorry for the double post, but is it possible you can make an SBSetting toggle that has the same affect as insomnia? Thanks!

  3. Dallas Says:

    Will this work even if your Exchange settings say you can not set Never Auto Lock?

  4. noobie Says:

    You rock, Big Boss! This autolock feature fix has been on my wish list for a long time. Thank you so much for doing this!

  5. IvanRaide Says:

    The new update it working perfectly, and using your initial timeout value. Just great!

  6. Innovative1 Says:

    Awesome!! Any word on a VPN toggle or did you give that up?

  7. Wow Says:

    A BIG THANK YOU so much for getting this working. And thank you to all the developers who worked together to help make this happen. You guys rock!! The iPhone is so much better for having you guys!! Keep up the great work!

  8. Beyondregion1 Says:

    Awesome SBSettings app. Thanks!!

  9. lou Says:

    hey bigboss,
    i’m french so sorry for my bad english !

    this comment to report some bugs on SB settings 1.0.7-5 on my iphone 3g yellowsnwed.
    when i reboot my iphone, toggles are wrong activated or deactivated. i explain : the phone toggle is OFF whereas my carrier is OK, SSH is ON whereas SSH is OFF realy. I must click on phone and SSH toggle each twice to make normal.
    Second bug : sometimes my carrier signal is “not available” whereas i’m in a big city. when i look to SBsettings, phone toggle switched OFF alone !!!!

    i don’t know if you understand what i’m trying to say….

    Best regards

  10. DHH Says:

    +1 for an “Insomnia” button…

  11. maz Says:

    is it possible to set it to more then 1 minute?

  12. maz Says:

    EDIT ABOVE: “The toggle will also save your current autolock settings value from the settings app and restore it when you toggle it.” ….. sorry me… bad. :-( Got it!

  13. Toni Says:

    Hi bigboss,
    I’m owner of a 1G, happy-fully jailbroked since I live in Spain!
    I have always use BossPrefs with a few bugs, specially when turning on-off edge, but nothing very important.
    I have just installed SbSettings and after playing for a while, I have lost all the regular Apple Dock icons (phone, safari, mail, ipod). Together with the BossPrefs I had also FiveIcon Dock. I have tried to remove Sbsettings, re-install BossPrefs, remove and re-install FiveIcon Dock…even restore all prefs from original Settings menu (the “Apple” one).
    But nothing worked to me. All I can do is moving new icons to the dock…but I can’t see the ones listed above.
    Any suggestion?
    Many, many thanks!

  14. Wasgo Says:

    I’d also love a VPN feature. Hopefully that one will pop up soon.

  15. Tatum Says:

    +1 for VPN toggle

    Great app!

  16. Jessev Says:

    have you tried the refresh button in SBS?

  17. Jessev Says:

    did you hide them? or maybe you moved them to the dock in SBSetting?

  18. royce12 Says:

    This might be the wrong section for this but I think a SBsettings toggle for Lockdown would be a great addition. Thanks for the updates and keep up the great work! :-)

  19. Anonymous Says:


  20. Danny Says:

    Thanks for this, now it’s usable :) Is someone working on a “push/fetch” toggle and a “speaker/headphones” toggle?

  21. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    Thank you So much for this!!! I have been waiting a long time for this!

  22. Toni Says:

    i have tried everything…now i have them in the SBS dock, otherwise I don’t know to access pone, mail, safari, ipod,…
    how to get them back to their original position?

  23. stewacide Says:


  24. BigBoss Says:

    So remove them from the SBSettings dock in the more app or simply unhide them.

  25. Ted Says:

    Thank you so much, it works perfectly and is very useful. I really adore your creation.

    Keep up the good work. iPhone RULES.

  26. Innovative1 Says:

    I believe that it would function very similar to this new autolock toggle. Since it also uses pre-determined settings from the preferences app and then just toggles on and off based on those settings. This autolock toggle has renewed my hope that this is being worked on. I have offered to setup a VPN account for BB to try it on but never received a reply.

  27. shadowv Says:

    please make a toggle for gps/location service thanks

  28. Ryan Says:

    I Still dont get this ssetting autolock toggle for.i did install and i dont know how it work?Can u guy explain to me? Thanks

  29. venture Says:

    After install Autolock toggle I have one trouble.
    I have 1 minute autolock. But now device autolock without any alert like darkening screen on 50th second. This is issue or bug?:)


  30. KrX Says:

    Your autolock toggle has a problem.

    After leaving it toggled off for quite a while – about 30 minutes and iTunes syncing / connected, and I toggle it on again, the phone immediately autolocks, and whenever I try to slide to unlock, the iphone locks again. Thus I can never get to my springboard or any app for that matter…
    Had to full restore my iphone just to get it fixed.
    Using an iphone 2g 2.2.1

  31. BigBoss Says:

    Was made ages ago.

  32. BigBoss Says:

    Man you definitely didn’t have to restore. You should have emailed in for help.

  33. Chris Says:

    I also have this problem. I try to slide my finger along the status bar and nothing pops up? What am I doing wrong? Somebody please help!

  34. sdf Says:

    Recently there is a toggle named KeepAwake IIRC. Maybe it’s supposed to be this insomnia toggle ?

  35. Chanimal Says:


    I have a 3G iphone on 2.2.1 firmware. With SBSettings installed and the autolock toggle installed. The problem I am having is that It never autolock anymore. Whether the toggle is green, or red; whether I have set a time for autolock in settings or set to “never”. The only time it does the autolock function is right after I reboot the unit. It will do the normal thing, which is go to the Springboard, then autolock itself. Any other instance, including being plugged in via USB, it never locks, unless I hit the power button. Everytime I unlock it, use it, when a txt message comes in, whatever reason, it never lock on its own again. I have to manually hit the power button. I have installed and removed extended preferences and supreme preferences before. Not sure if this would screw up the internal settings. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I have already drained the phone a couple of time unintentionally because I forgot to lock it back up, or when a txt came in and woke it up. Please help!

  36. BigBoss Says:

    The autolock toggle writes the parameters in the springboard plist file that the settings app writes. Afterwards, it sends a notification to springboard to have this take effect.

    If you then use the settings app and change the autolock time to something like 1, then 5, then enable and disable it, there is no trace of anything the autolock toggle did. So I suggest you try that.

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Yep. That’s what it is.

  38. Chanimal Says:

    So, you suggest that I enable the toggle, then go to settings and disable and re-enable the autolock function within the settings function? Sorry to be slow, but just trying to clarify. Thanks!

  39. JackTheRipper Says:

    I had this exact same problem last night. It has nothing to do with having to restore your phone, It’s definitly a problem with the Autolock toggle I can tell you that, It only happened after installed this toggle. After restarting the phone there is s small window of time which is thankfully just enough to toggle the autolock back off, if your fast enough to turn it back off then you can get your phone out of the continous lock screen loop. Otherwise you’ll be in lock screen slider hell forever to infinity until you finally restore and re-sync all your music,contacts,mail,photos,calendars & bookmarks… All because you tried out an autolock toggle!?! I figured out that the problem only occurs if you install this toggle when your iPhone’s initial Autolock Prefrences are set to “Never”. Otherwise I think everyhting works okay, but beware of this little bug, or you might get stuck in an Autolock Loop like I did.

  40. Maik Says:

    I am having this problem right now, but is completely imposible to turn the autolock off in that little time…I only can get the sbSettings.
    I think I will restore my phone tomorrow morning.

  41. Maik Says:

    I have the 23rd problem, any way to solve it? I don’t wanna lose all my cydia downloads.

  42. Maniac2k3 Says:

    i have a problem using the latest sbsetting.
    if i turn of edge connection it crashes regularly. as i push the edge button the animation of the button freezes immediatelly and the phone crashes. i have to reboot it manually by pressing the home+power button.
    anybody else out there having this problem?

    regards maniack23

  43. JackTheRipper Says:

    Hey Maik
    I had this exact same problem, Before you restore just try this again, it may take several attempts but it worked for me;

    1. Reboot the phone by holding the power & home buttons down simultaneously.
    2.After the phone shuts down and begins to reboot
    keep continuosly sliding your finger across the bottom of the Boot screen as if there was an imaginary Slider (if you hear a click then you’ll get to the springboard early, this will give you a few extra seconds before the screen re-locks. just enough time to quickly open SBSettings and toggle the Autolock off)
    3. If you do happen to hear the click sound of the slider unlocking, Immediately start sliding your finger across the VERY top of the screen as if there was an imaginary Status Bar, (this will help open SBSetting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)
    4.If you catch a glimpse of the Autolock toggle before the screen locks again then this IS possible. If you dont get it on the first attempt, try to remember where on the screen the Autolock toggle is located and then be ready to touch it the Instant it appears next time.

    Good luck, Hope this helps

  44. Kurtz Says:

    BigBoss, i’m using 2G 2.2 and SBSettings v1.075. Thanks for your great job.
    I have some problems with “Dock Applications” and “Hide Icons”, it don’t work for me. I had put some applications into Dock after installed SBSettings, but when I tried to undock the applications, nothing happen. The application don’t show at my springboard. And also when i tried to hide an icon, SBSettings also don’t work. Is it a bug? How can I solve it? Thanks for your kindly reply.

  45. Smith Says:

    Same problem here. Is there a fix/know issue?

  46. romy Says:

    for some reason i cant dock the “photos” app. it doesnt appear in the list when you go to dock it, however you can hide it…can you please fix this, so that you can dock the “photos” app.

    thanks a million

  47. Orel Says:

    I have the same problem, it would be nice if you could fix it.

  48. Red Says:

    how do you send a notification to the springboard? I have a toggle that sets the value for silent-ringer. Also in the the value is changed. But it has no effect :-/ So i guess it is because of the missing notification

    Thanks in advance

  49. Greg Says:

    Bigboss, great work. Is there code available for this?

  50. SDreams Says:

    Was wondering if it was possible to disable autolock, but keep the auto dim?

  51. Max Says:

    Is there a way to position docked icons in sbsettings ? I would like some icons to be at specific places, an currently order changes each time I add some plugin toggle.

    Otherwise, great job!

  52. Innovative1 Says:

    Come on BB…I know you read this stuff. Are you still working on a VPN feature? I can make you a login/pass on our VPN and help you set it up.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Hey hi tony vrush here.
    Dude even I faced the same issue with SB settings app.more sad part is tht I m not able to even c my Sb setting app on this point I m not able to do nything wit my Iphone.cud u plz suggest me why did u do to get back those original settings . Thanks a tonne

  54. DaCeige Says:

    I was able to connect it to USB to keep the wireless on. Then I proceeded to ssh into it.

    I notices a ‘’ (notice the misspelling). Copied the ‘’ to .old, then copied the misspelt one to the correct spelling… rebooted… and voila… im back in!

    cd /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences


  55. DaCeige Says:

    Sorry… the past post was about the perpetual autolock problem posted earlier.

  56. xardis Says:

    For some reason after my latest update to SBSettings, I am no longer able to get to the SBSettings screen by sliding at the top of the screen – is there a fix for this? I cannot access Cydia, Settings, or Winterboard since those were my docked apps and I cant get to the SBSettings dock.

    I appreciate any help you guys can offer.

  57. Chris Says:

    Hi Bigboss,

    I was wondering if there is a toggle that can force the iPhone into 3G mode like my old nokia???

    My iPhone seems to favour a 5 bar 2G or edge signal over a perfectly adequate 2 bar 3G signal.

    If I toggle edge in bossprefs to off I can still end up getting a 2G signal (o) and when I try to surf the Internet it says it cannot connect (even if it’s in 3G mode).

    Can you help???

    Apparently it is possible to to do this can you see if you can add this to SBSettings?

    someone claims it can be done on howard forums (below).
    Apparently it can be done (I am no programmer so do no know if he is lying etc…) if this is real, are you able to to produce a toggle in sbsettings for 3G only?
    thanks for your help!

    Taken from HowardForums:
    “Never say never! I found a way to do this!
    The below method will allow you to have the iPhone connect only on the UMTS bands. the iPhone will not see the none UMTS bands available.
    This solves the problem of dropping to EDGE however be advised, that if your reception drops below -107dbm you will drop a call and get no service.
    Usually cell phone are able to conduct a conversion at -112dbm but the iphone’s radio is limited.
    In case the reception drops below -113dbm you will likely to get no service as it will not drop to EDGE.
    Service will return as reception gets better.
    Here is how to do this:
    1) Jailbreak your phone
    2) install SSH
    3) login as root
    4) go do /var/preferences/
    5) open the file csidata
    Inside csidata you will find the following line: GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0×1
    The following values apply: 0×0(EDGE ONLY), 0×1(EDGE+3G), 0×2(3G ONLY).
    6) Change to the desired value (0×2 in our case) and save the file
    7) Reboot the phone. you are done.
    Please note that if you use the 3G/EDGE toggle within the iPhone menu, BossPrefs or SBSettings, you will lose the setting you just made above as those toggles can only toggle between edge only and 3g/edge mix and will overwrite the ctidata file.
    Side effects:
    - Fring all of sudden started to work over 3G :) without me installing the VoipOver3G apps from cydia.
    - Youtube vidoes are showing high quality videos streams now over 3G (same quality as wifi)
    - The DSL reports speed test application reports “no internet connection found” after this change, but other speed test apps are working fine.
    All my other installed applications are working just fine.
    Please note that this will not improve your reception, it will just make the iPhone work in UMTS only mode and will disable the phones ability to fall back to EDGE.
    Now if only someone could write an SBSettings toggle for this one it would be much easier to enable / disable it.

  58. Mike Says:

    I have the same problem as Chris: the iPhone 3G will prefer a slightly stronger EDGE signal over a 3G one, even though the latter gives a much higher bandwidth. For example, after booting the iPhone it usually connects to 3G first and I can run a speed test and get 800Kbit/sec. For some reason it will have fallen over to EDGE within a minute of booting and I’ll get about 20Kbit/sec.

    I tried doing what Chris found in the Howard Forums, but there’s no GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection line in /var/preferences/csidata

    Has anybody else got any tips on forcing the iPhone into 3G only?

  59. gabe565 Says:

    No, BigBoss has said multiple times that he:

    1) Doesn’t have a VPN account. Someone could provide him one, but then the 2nd reason would still be holding him back, and that is:

    2) He doesn’t even use VPN, so why would he want to use his time making a plugin he’s never even going to use?

    Try going to a request forum and request it! ;)

  60. roch Says:

    I just used used redsnow to JB my iphone 3g 16gb firmware 3.0, and installed autolock for sbssettings, I think I run into ’0 seconds lock’ bug, when i locked and tryied to unlock it atomatically locks it back, not a chance to even slide status bar to change it, neither I installed SSH though, right now I’am googling for some method to enter safe mode witjout entering springboard (coz I can’t), any help apreciated. Thanks.

  61. roch Says:

    I managed to read above comments now :)
    method with sliding status bar works but slightly different, I tryied to unlock and slide status bar like a maniac, about sixhth try it worked and sbs settings menu was on and autolock disabled.

  62. Ergo Proxy Says:

    You just saved me from restoring!

    Thank you very much.

  63. Max Says:

    Hi Roch, thanks, I’ll try that… I have the exact same problem.

  64. Mikaz Says:

    Hi, I have another solution for the “0 seconde lock” bug (where the iphone continiously re-lock).

    After have tried a lot of times the solution seen in the comment (rebooting and slide), I’ve pressed 2 times my home button on the lockscreen.
    That lunched the ipod player, and I slided the Unlock slider and the spring board appear magicaly.
    I dont know if it’s gonna work for other.

    Anyway I disable autolock, waiting for an update.

    Ps: Sorry for my english (I’m french)

  65. boelensman1 Says:

    The solution of Mikaz didn’t work for me. But what did work was this:
    1. boot up you ipod touch/iphone
    2. when springboard apears quickly slide, you see sbsettings appear, but you won’t be fast enough to click on anything.
    3. I waited for about 1 minute, don’t know it that’s necesarry.
    4.then hold the lock button, as you do on shutdown, the shutdown slide will apear, and sbsettings is there as well, disable autolock, and you’re finished

    don’t know if this works with everybody, it worked for me. I’m very happy now :)

    If my english is bad, i’m dutch.

  66. MortBrew Says:

    Thankx Mikaz! That worked like a charm!!!!

  67. Eike Says:

    If you have the 0 second bug double tap home button on lock screen an start playing music. then unlock. it wont lock !! disable auto lock. and your iphone is back (:

  68. Brian Coss Says:

    Sooooo….great idea but you might want to institute a default setting so 0 second lock is fixed…

    My workaround

    SSH was off
    Already rebooted
    Wifi was off

    Use 3GS voice dialing to call myself. Once phone call was initiated I hit the home key and went to settings and disabled auto-lock. Then I removed the auto-lock toggle. Whew…I was about 1 minute from restoring

    BTW is the name BigBoss a shout out to the MGS line? Love those games

  69. josh Says:

    Hi Mike – I had the same problem but I worked it out. You have to go into settings, and turn off 3g – this then adds the line, which you can then modify.

  70. SSD Says:

    When using the Autolock Toggle for 3.0 while the Settings app is open causes the device to get stuck in an endless locking loop.

  71. yeayo Says:

    i had the auto lock prob to i tried all the methods above the only one to work was calling my self with voice command

  72. anony Says:

    If your auto lock gets stuck, try to get someone to call you or you call out, keep them on the phone then you can access your phone to change the auto lock settings.

  73. grmon Says:


  74. Chris Says:

    PLEASE HELP US i have the same problem also, but i put a lot of time into this ipod, and i would be really pissed if i would have to restore it, so please help us? we can’t get to the sbs settings, what can we do? you are our only hope…

  75. Enigma Says:

    Hi i locked myself out with the autolock after sliding it loads of time that didn’t work for me,But i got it sorted without restoring I am running an iphone 3g on 3.0.1 with iTunes 9 as my player i decided to pull the iphone into iTunes and it started to have a hissie fit because it couldn’t get a connection but keeps trying to get the connection those slowing down the autolock you don’t even have to be quick it will just keep doing it for, It saved me a lot of time so thought i might share happy days ;)

  76. Enigma Says:

    Sorry Forgot to say DON’T PUT IT IN DFU MODE leave it as it is on and just plug it in.

  77. Randy Oo Says:

    Same autolock loop problem here, on 3.1.1 on an iPod touch 2g. Can’t call myself, so that method won’t work… None of the other suggestions worked, either. Gave up, and I’m in the middle of the restore right now. :(

  78. laz305 Says:

    ok just updated and now it’s back to that old glitch where sb says off but settings says 1 minute. Anybody getting this error? Is there a fix plz?

  79. Dave Says:


    Just upgraded my Autolock toggle via Cydia (as it said there was a change), and it ended up inverted – e.g. green when autolock was ON and red when it was OFF (checked in Settings, and it was ‘Never’ when green and ’1 minute’ when red – i.e. the wrong way round). Can’t be sure, but I think perhaps it was set to OFF when I did the upgrade. Anyway, had to completely uninstall, respring, manually set to ’1 minute’ and reinstall the toggle. That seemed to fix it. Might help others if you get stuck. Perhaps the toggle needs to check when its being installed about the current state of a previous installation?



  80. donmidgey Says:

    I have a simular problem as many of the posts.
    itunes 9 – 3GS – ver 3.0 jailbroken with Redsnow
    Sbsetting had been working fine for months.

    But now Im am unable to open SBsettings.

    I have tried re-inistalling:

    all JB (cydia) apps including Cydia
    re-jailbreaking (redsn0w)

    the problem seemed to arrise after installing install0us and an ipsw file which worked
    I also renamed an info.plist file to info.pOLD and inserted alternative. only to find the info.pOLD file dissapeared (NewBie!!).

    I have noticed that the status bar dissapears after I launch any app. and will only return if I open the photos app.

    Please can anyone help ??


    ps. BB rocks !!

  81. willietouch Says:

    i installed sb settins autolock, but when i am trying to unlock it it wont work
    how do i get it back to normal so i can unlock when i want

  82. Brandon Says:

    i just now installed auto lock but now i cannot get back to my springboard because as soon as i unlock my ipod it locks instantly can someone tell me how to get rid of this?

  83. Brandon Says:

    help i have the same problem with sbsettings. I cannon get to my springboard because i turned on auto lock and now when i slide my slider it locks as soon as i unlock. so what do i do?

  84. Toquez Says:

    Is boss pref settings working on 3.1.2 os jail break

  85. doppelgriff Says:

    I also got the same issue as the one mentioned by the few people above my post. When I turned Autolock back on, my phone got stuck on the lockscreen. After a billion slides, i managed to get SBsettings out and turned it off.

    Will there be a fix for this? AutoLock is a handy toggle.


  86. woosaabi Says:

    Had the lockscreen lock out (looping) issue with SBSettings on iphone 3GS with 3.2.1. After trying hard reset without success, I was able to get back in without restoring using method posted by Mikaz at comment 40.


    1. Whilst at lock screen, press Home button twice until IPOD controls are displayed. Press play on any track.

    2. Then try slide unlock and code as normal. Worked for me on second attempt. On the first attempt I did not press play on IPOD control and it did not seem to work.

    Thanks to Mikaz for info.

  87. woosaabi Says:

    Correction to above comment (56) was 3GS on firmware version 3.1.2 not 3.2.1.

  88. Athanasios Says:

    Thanks!!!Very simple solution and works perfect!

  89. Sazarret Says:

    I had the same autolock loop problem (iPhone 3G OS: 3.1.2) and the only solution from the ones posted above that worked for me was getting somebody to call me, I managed to answer the call and get access to the springboard by pressing the home button once. Then I navigate through setting/general/autolock and change the time setting from 1 to 2 minutes and back. Apparently that changes the time setting of SB Autolock ‘cus it got fixed right away. I hope this information may be helpful for others.

    By the way it would be great if BigBoss could fix this MAJOR bug (or at least show up in the blog with some suggestions) because this toggle is very handy but I wouldn’t dare to install it again until I know for sure that the issue it’s being fixed.

    (Sorry for my lousy English)

  90. JAD Says:

    If you go fast enough, you can get SBSettings open and then turn off auto-lock toggle. I was about to restore my iPod too…

  91. geenie Says:

    Agreed. That’s the one that worked for me also. thanks so much Brian Coss! I actually did restore my phone but the problem was still there even AFTER restoring! i.e. SBSetting is not even in the phone!

  92. Toby Says:

    try slideing ur finger at the top of the sceen and the lock bar at the same time and sb settings should come up as well and just turn it off worked for me ;)

  93. Luke Says:

    i got that 0 seconds lock bug too.
    tried sliding lock bar and status bar at the same time (post 59), at the first time sbsettings appeared, but i was to slow to turn autolock off.
    i tried it several times again but sbsettings didn’t appear.
    the ipod method (post42) didn’t seem to work, either.
    i got the facebook app on my itouch, so i tried to get a message on fb to activate the “push” window, no reaction.
    nur then i double pushed home button du open the ipod player, pushed play and several times “next track” and slided and then sbsettings appeare and i could turn autolock off.

    i think you just need to do lots of things at the same time, so the cpu isnt able to run the “lock” command as fast as you can open sbsettings.

  94. John Says:

    same here

  95. Lee Says:


    I have installed SBSettings to use Autolock. I have an iPhone 4 4.0os. I have assigned the up down volume to activate autolock so the screen stays on, however each time i press the key combo it just keeps enabling it. how do I deactivate Autolock. I want my screen to stay on whilst listening to itunes in my car with it powered on.
    Thanks Lee

  96. hannibalkain Says:

    so i have had trouble with my phone auto locking…

    i must have installed something stupid, i have had springboard for almost six months now with now issues. but just recently my phone stopped auto locking … and it led to my phone being dead in my pocket twice. I checked the settings and its set to two minutes but it doesn’t lock … i read the thread and i added the toggle and it didnt help.. so i am wondering what else i can do because i dont want to restore my phone ….

    if you could e-mail me that would be really helpful, im pretty tech stupid so i dont really know how to do much on my own.

    thanks Big Boss



  97. brian Says:


    i have iphone 3gs 3.1.3 and already jailbroken,i turned off already the edge by using cydia/sbsettings and data toggle my question is how can i restore the edge if i want to activate it again? and how to do it ?

  98. leo Says:

    Hi, I got a one problem. When my ios 4.0.1 jailbreak iphone 3G is at lock screen, it’s not auto-lock. So when i leave my ph in lockscreen or when someone sms or call me, if i dun know, it won’t be auto-lock and power is on. So as long as i dun lock manually, it consuming my battery. So no charging at all. Pls help me asap. If u can, when u fix this bug, pls inform me to my mail.

    Note, I’ve alrdy installed SBSettings for auto-lock. Inside application or home screen, it’s working fine. Just on lock-screen. Thanks.


  99. karen Says:

    I have, by accident, set the only activation option to tapping the clock twice on the locked screen. My problem now is that I can’t change these settings because ‘more’ cannot open from the locked screen and I have app icons hidden that I would like to access again. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks

  100. JW Says:

    Is there a toggle or a way to make the NEVER auto-lock choice re-appear on an iPhone that uses an Outlook email account? The Autolock toggle doesn’t do this as of 5-6-11.

  101. MiDas Says:

    i put mine ipod 4th gen in dfu mode after powering off with sbsettings. It wont cam on even when I do the power + home tyn. Can u please help me out??? Tanx in advance.
    PS: Windows dont even respond to it wen plugged in a computer soo I can restore

  102. HELP!!!!!!! Says:

    I turned off my iphone with this app and it doesnt turn on again!!!!
    (My power button is broken)
    Even when i connect it to my computer it doesnt turn on!

  103. mike Says:

    hiiii my iphone is unable to autolock automatically so ht should i do??????????

  104. jo Says:

    Hi, I got a one problem. When my ios 4.0.1 jailbreak iphone 3G is at lock screen, it’s not auto-lock. So when i leave my ph in lockscreen or when someone sms or call me, if i dun know, it won’t be auto-lock and power is on. So as long as i dun lock manually, it consuming my battery. So no charging at all. Pls help me asap

  105. rahul Says:

    Hi, I got a one problem. When my ios 5.0.1jailbreak iphone4 is at lock screen, it’s not auto-lock. So when i leave my ph in lockscreen or when someone sms or call me, if i dun know, it won’t be auto-lock and power is on. So as long as i dun lock manually, it consuming my battery. So no charging at all. Pls help me asap

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