SBSettings v1.0.1 and Working Dock

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Ok after a bit of sleep and some extra time, I debugged and got v1.0.1 out with working dock. Enjoy.

I also released all the themes that were submitted. If you sent a theme to me and it’s not in Cydia right now, I don’t have it.

Update: v1.0.3 is out fixing some user-reported bugs:

  • Fixed user reported issue where dock apps cannot be launched if a background app is running.
  • Allowing “more” button to close existing background app and launch now rather than have a circle on it.

Update: v1.0.2 is out fixing some user-reported bugs:

  • Reworked some internal code checking to avoid safe mode reboots in some cases where a couple users reported it working with the dock. (Note: I did not reproduce the issue so I cannot be sure it’s fixed so please let me know).
  • Reworked the brightness toggle preventing the minimum brightness from being set to 0. This fixes the dark screen issue where you set brightness to 0, sleep, wake, and cannot see the screen.
  • Reworked the brightness toggle adding the above checks for the dock.
  • Reworked the way window scanning is performed in brightness toggle to avoid the non-themed window from appearing behind the main window.
  • Reworked the respring. Some folks reporting safe mode from this. If you experience this, install my “respring” app from Cydia and that will be used by SBSettings. If you don’t want to see the icon just hide it!
  • Added option to remove add blocking if it is detected if user wants to remove it to enable the more app. (Note: it will not touch the hosts file if you say NO).

For those of you wanting more toggles and other features, I am more focused on stability and bug fixes at the moment rather than expanding the feature set.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


177 Responses to “SBSettings v1.0.1 and Working Dock”

  1. ace Says:

    respring still knocks me into safe mode.

  2. StarSoft Says:

    Works fine here…

  3. BigBoss Says:

    Often you can just respring again and come out of it. This sometimes happens after a “restart springboard” in Cydia especially if you have multiple mobile substrate plugins or intelliscreen / kate installed. It may be a problem with interaction of them at the same time. If you want to install “LogMailer” and send me your syslog on a safe mode respring, I can take a look at it.

  4. Ali Majidi Says:

    work perfect for me
    now i must say somethings
    other part of my face
    i must say bravo man
    best app i seen for iphone
    i belive young ppl can change the world og sincr
    sorry for my bad words i say im old but now i take your hand
    all part work fine for me no crash no safemode
    thank you again and again
    steve james come and look ppl can do what works
    thanks man

  5. Alistair Says:

    SBSettings doesn’t work with safari in landscape mode. When sliding the status bar which is longer being landscape, the SBSettins comes out normally (portrait). So SBSettings isn’t detecting if it’s in landscape mode.

  6. jmk Says:

    Great Job BB! Quick turnaround on the bug fixes and great app! Thanks for all the time you spend doing this for the rest of us!

  7. Z0mbie Says:

    *Thank you* BigBoss!! Keep up the truly great work.

  8. Qbik Says:

    on my case Safe mode show when I use respring from SBSettings i send info from LogMailer info ;)

  9. Mik Says:

    Well, the old problem with the lockscreen is there agin with this version! If you slide the status bar and make SBSettings visible – then lock the iphone, it will appear on the lockscreen. Could this be fixed? :)

  10. Z0mbie Says:

    Doesn’t happen for me. Check your version.

  11. Z0mbie Says:

    Oh actually it does now.


    #1 Swipe the status bar
    #2 Lock Button
    #3 Lock button again

    As Mik said statusbar still appears.

  12. blazu Says:

    Works fine here.

    And thank you bigboss for adding my Deep HUD Theme :-)

  13. Z0mbie Says:

    Just want to say it doesnt bother me in the slightest. I won’t lock my phone with it on, and my phone never leaves my sight. So security isn’t an issue.

    If you’ve got my iPhone, I’m probably already dead. ;)

  14. Renblade Says:

    This is the best app of all time. Hands down!

    You Sir, are the man!

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Honestly, this is going to be rather low priority since it is totally in your control *not* to do that :)

  16. iLauncher Says:

    the sbsettings dock can only hold the 1st 4 apps added to it.
    from the 5th app onwards, none of them appear in the dock.
    i cant even swipe/slide thru the dock to access the 5th+ app in the dock.
    also, after exiting sbsettings, the iphone resprung and the 5th app’s icon which was earlier hidden had appeared on the springboard!
    what did i do wrong here?
    plz help.

  17. Rick Says:

    is it possible to make the dock as an alternative dock?, i mean to have both icons, one in the sbs dock and also in my sprinboard, hope it can be done, thanks for this great app

  18. Innovative1 Says:

    It never has. This feature has not been included.

  19. BigBoss Says:

    You can add the icons you want to the dock, they will be hidden. Then you can load the more app again and use the hidden icons section to unhide them.

  20. BigBoss Says:

    The dock can hold up to 12 icons. When you add more than 4 icons, you get 2 or 3 rows. 1 row for 0-4 icons, 2 rows for 5-8 icons, 3 rows for 9-12 icons. I just added a 5th icon to test.

    Based on what you’re saying it sounds like the icons were removed from the dock not added. That’s why they show up on the springboard.

  21. Rick Says:

    I didn´t know that could be done, much better now, thanks again

  22. Mik Says:

    Yes, I know.. And with the home-button shortcut to close (THANK GOD, i love that), this can be easily undone. Though, I would have prefered it not to show at the lock screen at all (when receiving calls and so on, very annoying :P) – but thanks though!

  23. Chase Says:

    so awesome! thanks a ton for the hard work and the updates! sbsettings is darn near perfect…

  24. Mik Says:

    How can I as a themer be able to update my theme on cydia? Can I mail a new update to you BigBoss?

  25. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    ok i must say i love the new dock Big boss, Great job. But i just have to mention one little bug/issue. when i place photos into dock it doesnt show up in the dock. All that shows up is a blank spot where im guessing photos should be and when i press that spot it acts like its launching something and closes SBSetting and nothing happens. Also i am having the respring problem also on two of my 2g iphones where springboard just crashes into mobile substrate safe mode. (one of the iphones is brand new and freshly jailbroken with basically nothing installed) Could it be because i am running firmware 2.0.1 on both of em?

  26. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    i forgot to mention it only crashes into safe mode when i respring from the respring button in SBSetting. All other resprings from all other apps are fine.

  27. BigBoss Says:

    Thank you for providing it :)

  28. BigBoss Says:

    Yes. Just send me updates and I should get them out in 24 hours or less. (Usually less)

  29. BigBoss Says:

    The photos and camera won’t work on the dock because they have weird bundle id’s. I intended this for other settings style apps so did not address these odd ball apps.

    The respring problem is pretty odd. It is crashing springboard intermittently on some iPhones and not others while rebuilding the cache. I may just require my respring app to be installed for this button to work. I have a version of SBSettings right now that will use the respring app if it detects that it’s installed.

  30. mario Says:

    This is a very cool app, just one thing, when I am on a call some times it opens (I think my face slides it open), any recommendations.
    If you are going to say lose weight, this is not an option.

  31. NJ Says:

    Wow i cant believe one of the app that i was waiting for finally out.Hopefully i will be able to run it now :)

  32. Oliver Says:

    Again, great job BigBoss….

    Would it be possible and not too much work to supply me/us qith a DATA-ROAMING Toggle?

  33. Max Says:

    Can I have this and BossPrefs installed or do they conflict in any way? And are there any serious bugs reported yet that should cause me to wait a little bit before installing this app?

  34. BigBoss Says:

    You can install both if you want.

    It’s pretty risk free because of mobile substrate safe mode which protects you from a catastrophic event.

  35. Ali Majidi Says:

    i just want to say thank you again

  36. jgonzalez31 Says:

    awesome update bigboss, great job once again

  37. Randy Says:

    I found another bug that I dont think anyone mentioned. If you open sbsettings and then lock the phone and press the lock button again, sbsettings is still up (as stated above) but then if you open the dock and try to launch an app, it crashes to safe mode.

  38. Mik Says:

    Nice noticed.. Also, if you open sbsettings and lock the phone and press lock button (goto lockscreen), the themes for some reason doesn’t work with the brightness control (keep loading the default theme for this one). And the brightness control goes in the BACK of the main screen of SBSettings – so you can’t change the brightness, but you can actually open 10 windows of the brightness control (lol) – this may be a bug to :)

    Don’t take these bug notices as something bad, it is just to tell you – love to the application still ;)

  39. Anthony Says:

    Is there any way to have the dock apps show the notifier bubbles? I would love to have insomnia in that list and it to show me if it was on or off.. or even a toggle for it.

  40. Mik Says:

    Sorry I’m not answering your question, but can you tell me what the difference of Insomnia and Backgrounder is?

    What can I use them to with for example BeeJive? :)

  41. andrew Says:

    is there any ways to get an autolock toggle in the next update? I would find this very useful since when I drive and use the phone as an iPod I like being able to see the art work and not gave the screen dim cause that causes you to have to tap once to “wake” the screen and again to control the music.

    A toggle would be awesome, since currently it’s like a 4 step process to turn on and off and even in the old bossprefs app it’s a hassle to launch the app for the toggle. (lazy I know)

    P.s. I love this app. Thanks a million.

  42. katlimaal Says:


    In Cydia I’m not seeing the update for SBSettings. It is still showing version 0.92b.

    Could anyone help how to get the new version.

  43. katlimaal Says:

    Got it after couple of times restarting cydia.
    It’s cool …BigBoss rocks !!!!!

  44. Max Says:

    Thanks. Will install soon. :)

  45. Anonymous Says:

    well I’ve noticed it only happens on both my 2g iPhones running 2.0.1 firmware. My 3g running 2.1 is perfectly fine. I’m gonna update one of my 2g phones to 2.1 tonight just for kicks to see if it corrects the respring issue. I’ll keep you posted.

  46. kyle Says:

    man ive been waiting for this for ages, best app out, keep up the great work!
    my only problem is that on the occasion the phone goes into safe mode whenever i click on one of the apps in the dock
    any ideas? thanks in advance

  47. pers Says:

    BigBoss: I was just about to comment on this. This isn’t a huge deal in the way its presented, but its a bit of a nuissance if you leave your phone idle with SBS pulled up, like I sometimes do. I know its just a home button push away from a fix now (thank god) but it does still show up on the lock screen if you let it idle-lock. Just wanted to let you know ;)

    One other q: are there going to be more toggles released? would it be possible to make the dock icons show up in place of some toggles? Maybe also a way to disable the X close button altogether? thx.
    PS thanks for everything man.

  48. ZiG Says:

    Any chance the swipe area can be adjusted for a longer movement area? I love the idea but it seems like just a cm movement can kick off the drop down box which can be a tad bit annoying sometimes.

  49. Juice Says:

    Hi Boss anyway you can add “Lock” to the toggles? Essentially the button “Lock” under “Power”.

  50. Kermit Says:

    You need to remove the statusbar from the defualt.png included. Otherwise those of us with custom ones get the odd looking double bar with your screenshot(set as the default.png) being overlayed with our statusbar.

  51. iphonist Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    This is the my favorite pogam on my iphone. Many many thanks. I have a problem, when I lock my iphone and try to access SBSettings (1.0.1) by sliding on the Status Bar nothing displayed. But when I unlock my iphone and try to run sbsettings it is working well without any problem,

    How can I solve this issue? (previous verision was working well)

  52. Haze Says:

    It was taken out of the lockscreen because a lot of people were complaining.

  53. Max Says:

    Works great! Thanks for developing this awesome app. I have 1 question though: If I hid (poofed) apps with BossPrefs, and I add those apps to the dock in SBSettings, will they appear?

  54. troy Says:

    Installed SB can’t get any of my Apple Applications to work, eveytime I launch anyone one of then, it just respings to the home screen.

  55. Chanimal Says:


    Thank you for the update! It works better for me, but it my iphone still automatically turn on SSH on restart even though it is toggled to OFF in BossPrefs. Can you advise on a solution? Also, would you mind listing some of the toggles are you working on for SBSettings?

    I, for one, would love to have one for Show Caller ID (ON/OFF)

    Thanks again!

  56. Max Says:

    I have 1 more question. I noticed I had 89MB free and I was wondering, how can I increase that? Do the App Store apps go in that directory where the 89MB is free? I didn’t move any directories (like I remember I had to do on 1.1.4). So will removing apps from my phone increase that storage, or removing music from my phone perhaps?

  57. Chanimal Says:

    One more thing,

    I just added some apps to the dock of SBSettings, but the icons shown in the SBSettings dock is different from the ones that I am using on the SB. Can you advise where the dock is drawing the icons from?

    Many thanks!

  58. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    you dont have to. cydia moves things around automatically. your fine

  59. German Says:


    Excellent App,congratulations and thank you.

    I notice this:

    My Notes are password protected with the Lockdown app from Cydia, if I add Notes to the Dock and open the Notes it bypass the password protection, in other words, doesn’t launch Lockdown.

    I would like the Auto Correction toggle.

    Muchas Gracias

  60. mcgl0re Says:

    thanks for a great application.

    I too use lockdown on an app. Once added to the dock the ability to password the application is lost.
    I would think this is an issue with the lockdown works.

  61. mackintosh Says:

    Thanks for including the brightness control, very conventient and I was able to remove Settings from the (standard) dock. I can’t tell if Settings Auto-Brightness toggle does anything; I adjust brightness at least twice/day.

    One 1.0-3 and 1.0.1 feature I’ve found is that if you turn the brightness all the way down (as I do when riding my vanpool after dark), then put the phone to sleep, it will turn the backlight off completely. I then have to find a bright light so I can see the display well enough to turn the brightness back up in Settings, then power off and back on to get the backlight on. Anyone else find this?

    I’ve been having some other intermittent issues with the status bar not updating the battery power (locks on 0 or 100) or WiFi strength (nothing shown), but don’t know if that’s related to SBSettings. I have had trouble with a couple of Installer Apps, so I now have Installer hidden so I won’t be tempted to use it. Cydia is great!


  62. mackintosh Says:

    The SBSettings Dock is nice, but how about an option to have it come up automatically when you slide the status bar, instead of having to select it with another button?

    I’d also love to be able to have the brightness slider pop up without having to select it. It looks like there’s enough screen space to add both the slider and dock, as long as you only have one row of toggles at the top.


  63. leopod Says:

    same brightness issue here. If all the way down, next wake up is either flickering low brightness, either almost no light at all…if so only a dfu reboot helps to bring things back to normal…anyone?

  64. Max Says:

    Wait are you sure? How does it decide what it will move and where it will move it? Either way, I was thinking of uninstalling some apps I don’t use.

  65. NJ Says:

    Hay thanks seriously,just asking,anyway to remove the info thing under the docks,so i know ill see more space.

  66. BigBoss Says:

    Just so you know, this is not only solved by a DFU restore. All you do is wake the device up. It will be hard to seem but slide to unlock, swipe the status bar, tap the brightness toggle, and swipe it brighter. It will look like it had no effect. Now tap power and wake it up again and your brightness is back to where you wanted it.

    I’ll prevent the toggle from going to absolute zero in a future update.

  67. BigBoss Says:

    The power issue is not related to SBSettings. It’s a known issue that’s existed since 1.0 firmware.

  68. BigBoss Says:

    You want to be careful not to leave it open. If you do, the 5 second timer that constantly runs to refresh your wifi will drain your battery if left open for a long period of time. When close the window, the battery drain stops.

  69. applei Says:

    thanks for the awesome release BigBoss! as with all your releases, it works like a charm. :)

    any chance on an autolock toggle in future versions?

  70. minivinny95 Says:

    Thanks BB Ur the man!
    Also is there any chance I can make my own toggles? If you go to /private/var/mobile/library/SBSettings there’s a toggle folder there and can I place my own toggles there?
    Also will there be a togglepack update because in one of the themes, threes a preview and it has auto correct as a toggle.
    Also an option for lock screen or not eould he cool and war about the apps like safari or phone that always stay open and use battery/memory? Is there an option in ‘more’ like u said there will be to kill them
    Also when u toggle SSH (mines always OFF for some reason and when I turn it on, all my icons and dock (all of SpringBoard) moves away and hides then comes back. Is this normal
    An final the brightess is always green but when tapped it turns red and doesn’t change back to green unless u reboot/respring.

    ALSO even thought BigBoss did host and was a apart of SBSettings, all of you are forgetting to also thank iPodTouchMaster for his work too!!

    So thanks BigBoss and iPodTouchMaster for this amazing app.

    Also how much CPU and memory and battery does this app drain?


  71. Andy Says:

    This app is awesome!

    I’m running into a problem when I hit the “more” icon. It says:

    Permissions Error
    Admob blocking has been detected in your hosts file. I have worked many hours on this app. It cannot run with this block in place.

    How do I remove this block?

  72. leopod Says:

    tried this with my old tired eyes but i’m quite sure it didn’t have an effect…the slider would move but not the brightness. but hey, i’m probably wrong and i hope tomorrow everyhting will be as you described. Also congratulations for this beautiful app! it’s very nicely conceived and those toggles are just a simple dream come true

  73. leopod Says:

    ok the trick worked! I was just not reading well your instructions… thanks! By the way, to prevent this from happening, should we NOT go all the way down brightness-wise?

  74. andeh Says:

    great jorb there, BB!

    can’t wait for more toggles, like auto-cap and auto-lock.

    i know hitting Home to close was nice, and i’m just being nitpicky, but personally i think the X button can be done away with, and instead put a wide rectangular one right below the info window.

    i won’t be sad if it doesn’t make it into a future build, but all in all i think it would make for a smoother operation rather than reaching down to the Home button.

    keep up the good work! and have an internet cold one on me.

  75. natrlhy Says:

    Amazing work! As many have and will say, I can’t live without SBSettings! MANY thanks for all your hard work!

  76. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Ok i just updated my 2g iphone up to firmware2.1 from 2.0.1 and it solves the respring/mobile substrate safe mode issue. So i guess its possibly an older firmware issue?

  77. Gregor Says:

    This is a wonderful app and I have a FEATURE REQUEST that would make it even better:

    If it would be possible to set times at which specific buttons would automatically turn off and on this would allow us to save battery. I guess nobody needs phone and wireless and 3g during the night so we could automatically turn them off during night.

    What do you think? Any other application that already does this?

  78. BigBoss Says:

    That’s right. iPodTouchMaster has been working very hard on the settings app portion and has been invaluable. Without his help, this project would be a couple weeks behind where it is now.

  79. anthony Says:

    Can we have an option to turn off the phone data block. I would like to not see the phone name, ip address, and hard drive space.

  80. Z0mbie Says:

    Thank you ITM and BB!!

  81. Z0mbie Says:

    I did the update in Cydia but version number still says 1.01 on the app when it’s pulled down. (Cydia reports 1.02 is installed)

  82. NJ Says:

    took the words right out of my mouth, but once ,again loving this app!

  83. Dalidah Says:

    + 1 for info text removal option.

    And another little request: possibility to hide labels.

    Thanx for the work done!

  84. blazu Says:

    is it possible to add the double home tap feature in sbsettings, i liked this feature very much in bossprefs.

    to fix problems with reboot or to respring if “SafeMode” turns on ;-)

  85. PMC Says:

    Please add a VPN toggle!

  86. IPSec Says:

    I second it:
    Please add a VPN toggle!

    Thanks for the great app.

  87. Josh D. Says:

    How could I get the Safari DL toggle on sbsettings. That is the only reason I’m still hanging on to BossPrefs…

  88. gunit123 Says:

    i don’t know if i am the only one BUT… whenever i install sbsettings my 3g is getting screwed. i have 3g , E enabled still the speeds drop to edge speeds … once i uninstall sb settings i regain 3g speeds.

    this has happened thrice now. i like the app but this bizarre 3g behavior is stopping me from using this nice piece of app.

  89. Jake Says:

    1.0.2 just added new bugs!! Apps in the dock don’t work anymore when you’re inside another app!!!

  90. Mik Says:

    I was just thinking the same. That would be AWESOME instead of reaching _all_ the way to the status bar (my hands is too small for that).

  91. vito05 Says:

    Hi BigBoss will u ever think of toggle that show how many apps are working in the background and possibility to close some of them by simplu one click in SBsettings ? Thats what lot of people having PC are waiting for !!!!
    Best Greetings

  92. pat_ty Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    I’m not sure whether this is a bug or not.

    I have WifiToggle, and SBSetting 1.02 on my iPhone 2G with 2.1 firmware. When I turn on wifi with WifiToggle, and open SBSetting, the program shows Wifi IP Address correctly. However, the Wifi icon still showing the off icon (red one). Same thing happens if I turn on wifi by using SBSetting, and turn it off by WifiToggle. Once I reopen SBSetting, wifi icon still showing on icon (green icon).

    It seems like the icon doesn’t refresh properly.

  93. Xandu Says:

    I upgraded to 1.02 and now the dock doesn’t work unless you are in Springboard. Where can I find 1.0.1 again?

  94. Xandu Says:

    Ok I downgraded to 1.0.1 now. It works fine.. I’ll wait for a fix then..

  95. Push Says:

    Can I make a request for a toggle for push e-mail? I toggle it at least a couple times a day and it would be a huge convenience. Thanks!

  96. Alex Afonso Says:

    First of all congratulations for the work.
    I have one bug to report.
    I have a iphone 3G 2.1 Firw jailbroken
    Originally from Vodafone but I use a rebesim to use another simcard.
    In the sbsetting after I turn the edge or 3G on or Off give me a message that the simcard is invalid and I have to take the simcard and put again. But on bossprefs everything works fine, I can turn On or Off the 3G or he EDGE and don’t give me errors.

  97. Jay Says:

    This would be poiintless because when your phone is in standby none of that stuff is being used.

  98. Jay Says:

    The block is there for a reason! How do you think BB gets paid for all his hard work?

  99. Pablo Says:

    Hi there:
    as Push said I am looking for a email toggle and airplane that turn off phone and wifi at the same time (as BoosPrefs does).

    Thanks in advance!!!

  100. wocoo Says:

    Same problem as Xandu. Upgraded to 1.0.2 and dock won’t work unless press Home and back to Springboard first.

  101. MetalMatrix Says:

    LOL…really clicking twice is too much work to turn off the phone and wifi? I use airplane mode all the time but I like it as 2 icons.

    How about we be patient before everyone starts asking for stuff and give BB a chance to finish flushing out the bugs. I highly doubt he wants to start making changes/add-ons until he knows the program is very stable.

    I’m assuming add-ons like auto-lock and safari-dl will come eventually. They did for BossPrefs. You just need some patients. This program has officially been out for two days and I’m assuming BB and ITM have lives outside of trying to please everyone that leaves a comment and request here.

  102. DaBomb Says:

    I have updated to the newest version.

    I just resprung and it put it into safemode. It has been ever since I started using SBsettings.

  103. Sp1ce Says:

    I can reproduce the “Safe Mode” error every time. On my end, I have Categories installed and it is placed in the Sbsettings Dock. When I place a program into a category and use Respring it will put me into Safe Mode. Even with the latest version.

  104. DaBomb Says:

    I have done some more testing, and it now puts it in safe mode every time. I have no icons on the dock, and never use it. Even after a full restart, it puts it into safe mode the first time, without touching anything else on SBsettings.

  105. rober Says:

    Thanks BigBoss.

  106. Fat64 Says:

    I loved that feature. Is it possible to add this feature as an option? If someone wants to use SBSettings in lockscreen, he/she could turn this possibility on.

  107. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry, but with the only report being “the dock doesnt work” there’s nothing I can fix. It works fine for me and I have not enough details to understand the problem.

  108. BigBoss Says:

    The icons only refresh once on respring. If you are using another app to toggle your wifi, you will get it out of sync. This is documented in the help and will never be fixed because the only fix is to refresh all toggles everytime you load the app window and that takes anywhere from 5-10 seconds. This would be unacceptable. Why would you use wifi toggle when you have sbsettings installed?

  109. BigBoss Says:

    I am ok with this limitation. You should not be trying to launch other apps when inside an app anyway.

  110. BigBoss Says:

    Just installing SBSettings and doing nothing else has no impact on your 3G. If you’re toggling things with it, then maybe. Let me know exactly what you are doing.

  111. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, we will add a double tap selection option in the future. Good suggestion.

  112. blatz Says:

    But will this work also when Mobile Substrate will go into Safe Mode?

    It should be possible to use SBSettings with double tap in Safe Mode to respring or reboot. this the most recent option that i miss in SBSetting.

  113. BigBoss Says:

    I read other messages and fixed the issue.

  114. BigBoss Says:

    Nevermind, it was an easy fix. v1.0.3 should solve it.

  115. Fat64 Says:

    Dear BigBoss,

    Thank you for this application!

    I loved the possibility of accessing to SBSettings in lockscreen. Is it possible to add this feature as an option? If someone wants to use SBSettings in lockscreen, he/she could turn this possibility on.

  116. jb Says:

    Thanks a lot, this app is excellent!

    I am having an issue where somehow in the process of adding/removing doc icons, i now have a blank space as the first spot in the dock. As if there is an invisible icon there. I have tried removing all doc icons and verifying none were in the hidden status. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling SBSettings, but no luck the issue still remains.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  117. DvTonder Says:

    I 3rd the request for an Auto Correction toggle

  118. alvareo Says:

    Hi BigBoss!

    SBSettings is great, but you removed a ‘feature’ of it a while ago.
    So, if I may ask, can you put an option in the ‘More’ app to enable or disable SBSettings in the lock screen?
    Cause I found it really useful to turn off Wi-Fi while using a full screen app without having to go to the menu.


  119. Mik Says:

    Just request custom plugins and toggles, that would be the best part :-) !

  120. Jan Says:

    Hey man,

    great app! What i don’t like about it is that it doesn’t work in Landscape mode (i cannot hit the X button) and when i lock my iphone with the app on, it is visible when i am in the unlock screen, which is not really what i’d expect from it to do :)

    great app tho!

  121. alvareo Says:

    Well then don’t hit the X button and press the home button ;)

  122. zosky Says:

    wicked & mad crazy props to BB & ITM!!! this is of the reasons my touch is JB’ed. thnx for all your work & quick fixes. thanks to all yall theemers out there too !!

    thanks for making it NOT open on the lock screen. i always found it open when i pulled the ipod out of my pocket or backpack. i see others have reported that it does funky things when you leave it open and lock. i agree with your comment above; this is not a critical issue… just close it before locking :) in the future – if it can close when locked, that would be a bonus

    more impotently, i vote for auto-lock toggle
    and plug-ins support next please

    keep on rockin the free world

  123. Dalidah Says:

    I tried 1.0.1 and 2: today I reverted back to Bossprefs for one simple reason: the iphone (3g 2.1) became slow. Every operation was slower than normal. I rebooted several times trying to fix the issue wiith no success.
    Then I removed the last applicaiton installed: SBSettings.
    Everything went back to normality.
    I use a lockscreen widget (status notifier’s) and a weather widget in the springboard. Maybe the widgets + sbsettings is too much, dunno.
    Anyone with a similar experience?

  124. alvareo Says:

    Hi Dalidah.

    Has your iPhone ever got into MobileSubstrate Safe Mode?
    If it does, have you used it while on Safe Mode?
    It’s VERY fast.
    Why? Because it disables every thing that is constantly running, like Five Icon Dock, WinterBoard, SBSettings, QuickGold, file:// patch for Safari, that Mail patch that allows sending local files, etc.
    As for me, I only have QuickGold and SBSettings. I don’t even have WinterBoard, cause even though I would love to have themes like Gruppled or Classica, any theme slows the iPhone WAY too much.

    Hope this is explanation is enough for you.


  125. Hector Says:

    Hi there BB.

    Awesome app as usual -your work delivers where Apple comes short. Thanks for keeping up the good work.

    I have a question and a recommendation:

    My question is, is there any way that when the Phone is power-cycled it maintains SSH off? Right now If I toggle SSH off is stays off but if I cycle power it will boot up with SSH on. (Maybe I am doing something wrong?)

    The suggestion is along the lines of an Auto Airplane mode toggle that allows the phone to goes into airplane mode automatically at a given time and wake up accordingly at a different time – it can help save some battery power over night.

    Most sincere thanks.

    keep up the great work.


  126. dieburnbot Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that occasionally when hitting the respring button the phone goes into safe mode? It only happens maybe 2 out of 5 resprings.

    Also after you completely reboot the phone the SSH toogle automatically gets set to ON. I wish it would remember what it was set at like BossPrefs used to.

  127. jtanner Says:

    Well sadly, im on 2.1, i added then removed some icons from the SB dock, & now my phone is stuck in a constant springboard cycle… ive tried a forced reboot, and now i get the apple logo, spinning wheel and if i plug it in it even vibrates every 5 seconds :( :( :( i can still SSH – any one know of how to fix this….and the posted ways of the watchdog bundle DOESNT work for this occasion

  128. mdp Says:

    I can’t see the update in Cydia. I’m still on 0.91b. What gives? Help!

  129. Andrew Says:

    Mine came with weather widget + sbsettings..

    Nothing wrong oh.

  130. BigBoss Says:

    Every safe mode issue is not necessarily sbsettings fault. What other mobile substrate plugins do you have? You can install LogMail and send me your log.

  131. BigBoss Says:

    You added a dock icon and then uninstalled the app. Reinstall that app, remove it from dock then uninstall it.

  132. BigBoss Says:

    You can install my respring app and then hide the icon and then the respring button will automatically use that. You can see if that helps your repring issue.

  133. BigBoss Says:

    In SSH, delete, /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ and power cycle the device. It should come up with a stock springboard for you to reconfigure.

  134. BigBoss Says:

    SSH into your device and use: apt-get update and lets see what errors you get.

  135. Asmodeus Says:

    After upgrading my Safari doesn’t save history anymore. I had this problem before after I installed SafariDL plugin, but I uninstalled it and it the problem was gone. Now it’s back.

    What should I try?

  136. Zawsar Says:

    I second it too:
    Please add a VPN toggle! I appreciate it!

    It’s a great app, Lot of thanks!

  137. Jsalva Says:

    Works great but when i power cycle my phone SSH turns on even if i had it turned off before powering down my phone.

  138. colin Says:

    is there an option to have a toggle for safari download content if not can u make the next version capable :d

  139. Howard Says:

    Does it have the ability to enable/disable individual mail accounts yet, or is that still a feature limited to BossPrefs?

  140. maz Says:

    @ BigBoss: Hi BB! Is it possible for me to download version 0.92 somewhere??? Be coz I really really really NEED to have the function open it from lockscreen u see!!!!!
    OR, is it possible u gonna add that function to this version 1.0.3???
    PLEASE make my day and add it as an option to slide and open it from lockscreen….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thx man. U r best.

  141. maz Says:

    @ BigBoss: Hi BB! Is it possible for me to download version 0.92 somewhere??? Be coz I really really really NEED to have the function open it from lockscreen u see!!!!!
    OR, is it possible u gonna add that function to this version 1.0.3???
    PLEASE make my day and add it as an option to slide and open it from lockscreen….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thx man. U r best.

  142. BigBoss Says:

    This is planned to be in the very next release.

  143. jtanner Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    Thanks for the reply, for info for yourself, SBSettings is DEFINATELY the cause of my problems, i finally decided to restore, i installed: MakeItMine, SwirlyMMS, IntelliScreen, WinterBoard, SSH and a few others, all was working well….untill i then decided again to install SBSettings (latest version) to my disappointment, the first time it reloaded the springboard, all was fine….then i added a few blank apps to act as spacers as i had done previously. Now, i norm used BossPrefs to do a fast respring and rebuild the cache, but as i didnt install it (SBSettings being it successor) i used SBSettings to do the relaunch………& guess what….BOOM………its starts doing that stupid constant respring crap. So i restored once more, installed everything i did last time EXCEPT SBSettings and whola its all good again & im now using BossPrefs!!

    Im not bitching, im very well aware we run these apps at our own risk and i am in no means blaming anyone, im merely trying to inform you in case others have had or may have similar issues. It is DEFO something to do with the springboard, as you say deleting that plist may have helped but i have since restored and darent try it again until perhaps an update is released lol

    I love BossPrefs but i love the concept of SBSettings much more – it is an awesome app, just too unstable for me atm.

    Keep up the gd work tho & if i can be of assistance somehow or you want more info, i filled in my email address when i posted this :)



  144. slacabos Says:

    great app boy..

    But it use a lot of battery.. Why?
    Isn’t it possible to reduce the usage of it?

  145. iphoneholic Says:

    this app is great. when do you think you’ll add location services as a toggle? Keep up the good work

  146. Handsfull Says:

    I was going to wait to install SB and live with Bossprefs….but did it anyway….

    SB is much quicker and simply better…Boss, thanks for your hard work and kick ass apps…

  147. Anonymous Says:

    U my day man!! $$$ to u!!

  148. Anonymous Says:

    maz: U make my day man!

  149. pitkin Says:

    It is a great appendix, Thank you very much for the effort and the time spent. Really appreciate

    I would ask without bother future development plans for SafariDL toggle and……maybe for VPN togle

  150. carlbgc Says:

    Deep HUD theme rules!

  151. johnny0 Says:

    How about a button that lets you jump to the inbox of account X?

    To switch mailboxes now, it’s tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. Ugh.

    I was a little surprised to find that the dock icons disappeared from the regular view. Not a huge deal, but their absence messed up the alignment of all my other icons.

    But all in all, SBSettings is coming along quite nicely — thank you for all the work, BigBoss.

  152. georgew Says:

    I’m confused about the brightness button. When I click on it I get a slider for brightness. If I change the brightness then click on the x to close the slider it reverts back to where it was before. Am I using this feature wrong?

  153. Zurie Says:

    Bigboss, I love the dock. Is it possible to trigger the dock from the springboard with an icon? like put one down in the bottom 4 apple dock icons?

  154. H Says:


    Any idea on why SSH is always ON after rebooting the phone. Is it intended to be this way? – Also, upon switching SSH on or off the icon on springboard do a re-spring like sequence where they disappear for moment then re-appear. Some one else reported on this above but I have not seen any replies… are these isolated cases? or is anyone experiencing this?



  155. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t work at all for me on 2G 2.1.

    I can launch the from Finder app (cydia). Some of the settings appears and I can configure it. But I can’t launch it from the springboard by gentle swipe or double tap on status bar.
    May be it conflicts with some installed app.

    Any clue to fix it ?

  156. Anonymous Says:

    The alarm app doesn’t work correctly anymore, it doesn’t go off at the time the alarm is set instead it goes off as soon as you “wake” the phone up.

  157. James Tanner Says:


    I wanted to update you – it would appear, that after months or using a patched iapd file (due to “this accessory blah not compatible blah” message kept popping up randomly) it decided it would no longer like it – how odd. Ive used this patched iapd file for about 3 months now with no probs, then suddenly it appeared to be the cause of my problems. i NEVER installed sbsettings after restoring a 3rd time and my phone still ended up in a dodgy cycle – i then replaced the patched iapd with the original and it was all better again!! — how odd i must say!

    But, that said, i was in error when i stated it was SBSettings – it must clearly of been coincidental.

    Thought it was only fair i posted an update incase anyone was put off by reading my post (doubtful i know)

    Thanks again BB


  158. James Tanner Says:

    mine does the respring type action – it alomost looks like it runs one of my “Blank” apps (used as a spacer) then closes again … i just presumed it was all part & parcel so to speak

    as far as i know its the normal – its done mine no wrong so far :)

  159. James Tanner Says:

    I dont believe the Brightness levels stay at what u set due to the iPhone using ambient light sensors. (i think… :-s ) i always thought the brightness adjusted itself to its surroundings similar to the mac book pro i have :) — the sensors for the mac book pro are either side of key board! put ur hands over the speaker looking pin holed area and as if by magic the screen dims & the keyboard lights up lol. I believe the sensor in the iphone is just above the ear speaker (top middle of phone)

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Please put updates into their own blog post. My RSS reader didn’t pick up on the 1.02 and 1.03 updates.


  161. face Says:

    Great APP, thanks !
    What about considering to add this feature ?
    Slide from left to right open SBSettings WHILE
    sliding from right to left open DOCK.
    It would be fantastic, what do you think ?

  162. face Says:

    For me too it’s important to goes directly in dock.
    I’ve suggested adding swipe from right to left to make it appears.
    Also an icon in the springboard will be extremely useful too.

  163. falcon212 Says:

    edge toggle doesnt work on 2.2 (2G iPhone), it always kick me to safe mode when i tried to toggle it off

  164. edc1512 Says:

    safe mode after respring on 2.g phone :-(

  165. vvn Says:


    i just dunno if its my iphone problem or what..since i tried to install SBSettings several times, but it didnt show up at all..
    and the status bar which indicate the download status didnt show nay progress at all…but it said it is complete….
    so can anyone help ? thanks

  166. Georgew Says:


    Thanks for the reply. If what you say is true, why include brightness in SBSettings?

  167. lostformars Says:

    I wonder if there is anyway to have the status bar still scroll to the tope of a web page? Currently, when I have SBSettings installed tapping on the status bar now does nothing. Swiping on the status bar opens SBSettings, as expected. I’m going to have to uninstall SBSettings for now.

  168. Mike Says:

    Hi there.

    Concerning SBSettings and intelliscreen.

    I installed SBSettings on an iPhone2G, Vers. 2.2 today. Works well in normal mode (switched on).

    But its not working in standby (lockscreen mode).

    SB Settings wanted to change some intelliscreen file while installing – which I didn´t allow.

    Was that a fault? Should SBSettings usally also work over intelliscreen within lockscreen?


  169. Andrew Says:

    Where do i report a bug?

    SBsettings – current version

    Use iPhone 3G in landscape mode with Safari, move finger across top of landscape mode and BossPrefs launches from side (as if it were in Portrait mode); however, Bossprefs will not close using X unless phone is rotated to portrait mode. Toggles work, but X to close does not.

  170. Andrew Says:

    Probably because many of us keep the auto feature off, and SBSettings is a quick way to make the screen brighter without going 5 menus deep.

  171. Jacky Zhang Says:

    Hi,after I hidden all icons in the springboard via SBSetting v1.0.3 my iphone can not reboot normally any more. How can I fix this issue? If you know, please send your idea to my email.Thanks!

  172. Shaun Says:

    I have one problem with this app the dock + calendar = bad times! I dont like icons on top of the back ground so i hide most but i like to see the date when needed so i tried to put the calendar in the dock and now my IPhone won’t boot! Any help will be vary appreciated.

  173. seekndestroy Says:

    What if you don’t remember which app you installed? :(

  174. Josue Says:

    When I add icons to the dock they are invisible. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I am running an invisible icons winterboard theme? Can I make my own SBsettings icons for the ones I have added to the dock?

  175. Robert O. Says:

    I’m having a problem with the dock in sbsettings. I can’t add or remove any applications to it. After toggling applications both on and off I’ve tried presing the back button, respringing and just returning to the homescreen but the apps that I want to add/remove never appear in the dock.
    Any ideas?

  176. Ahmed Iqbal Says:

    I am using iphone 3g 3.0.1 firmware but it seemed to block my 3rd pparty AV cable
    Are you able to make a custom iapd file allowing to show video on Tv

    Thank you

  177. hellslave Says:

    I’m having the exact same issues as comment 110. Just updated to OS 3.1.2. Iphone 3G

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