Operation JB iPod: redsn0w

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iPod Touch2G Jailbreak coming!

They have kept it quiet long enough.  The iphone-dev team have some great news posted on their blog relating to what redsn0w actually is.  Previous speculation was the ultimate iPhone 3G unlock (bootloader exploit).  Others thought it was a prank, but we confirmed that in fact, redsn0w.com belonged to the fabulous devs.

MuscleNerd confirming that redsn0w is infact - related to the iPod Touch 2G

MuscleNerd confirming that redsn0w is infact - related to the iPod Touch 2G

iPod Touch 2G jailbreak.  Finally, FREEDOM!  You’ve all been waiting for it, and now for those of you who can’t wait for them to release it (or still don’t know what jailbreaking is!), take the time to review over the excellent advantages there are to jailbreaking.

We’ll be keeping everyone updated with the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak.  It may not be today, but atleast we know it’s done.  Stay tuned, though – as soon as it’s out, we’ll have the guide:  a step by step just for you.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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19 Responses to “Operation JB iPod: redsn0w”

  1. iBlackdude Says:

    Can we have an iPhone version of this site ????

  2. pitineo Says:

    Dude, it’s not for iPhone, but it’s for iPod 2G. If you are referring to yell0wsnow, it’s for version 2.2 (latest baseband). I’ve tested, I’m using yell0wsnow since version 0.9.4, I’ve updated now for 0.9.6 still works like a charm.

  3. rqg Says:

    He is referring to http://thebigboss.org/ in general.

  4. Roberto Says:

    maybe he meant an iphone version of bigboss site ? :P


  5. NESticle Says:

    He meant that he wants an iphone-friendly version of bigboss.org.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, how come no one is commenting this article, this is great news, even when I don’t own an iPod 2G

  7. Anonymous Says:

    damn that’s awesome i have been waiting for so long and finally i have been given some hope.
    i cant wait.

  8. HandyRandy Says:

    hmmm…maybe he meant this website in general. Or maybe he is a she. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Let’s talk about it some more.

    iBlackDude, how does that make you ~feel~?

  9. Asdrubal Says:

    Where can one download yellowsn0w 0.96 ? I have not been abel to find it


  10. epqr Says:

    add source to cydia; http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com/

  11. Ali Says:

    Can u please tell me wen it’s comes out 2.2 second gen iPod touch email me wen it comes out thank u

  12. Henry Says:

    This is sweet, A friend of mine and her family all got a 2nd Gen iPod Touch for christmas. They wanted to jailbreak them right away but obviously it’s not possible yet. I been keeping my eye out for this, can’t wait until it’s released.

  13. humberto Says:

    redsnow has been released in el paso tx

  14. Dark_anth Says:

    ugh the dev website is down wtf? i think it will be some time befor a permanint solution to the temporay jailbreak they currently have. at this point in time, you can only use a jailbroken ipod touch 2g when it has been patched upon boot. once you reset, your ipod is basically bricked untill you repatch. this is very annoying and will be very difficult to overcome becasue of apples current security checks so anyway… i hope its for windows as well hehe XD thx dev :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    No it hasn’t I live in elpaso

  16. rozim Says:

    people have waited for this release for long time and it is nice to know that jailbreaking ipod can be done with redsnow

  17. DynamiX Says:

    RedSnow : http://rapidshare.com/files/250347637/redsn0w-win_0.7.1.rar

  18. winxpguide Says:

    More information about windows trouble shooting boot problems, system performance and system slowly working and other problems etc..

  19. sfhg Says:


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