Redsn0w 3GS Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The dev-team’s jailbreak for 3GS is released. You can view the guides and download the binaries from here.

This jailbreak supports 2g, 3g, 3gs, and iPod touch 2 on 3.0. Key features:

1) Stable jailbreak tested by dev-team
2) Icy + Cydia problem solved (we think).
3) Ultrasn0w tested and working on 3gs
4) Proper kernel patches which will enable logome (after it’s updated for 3.0).
5) Mobile Substrate + Winterboard now working on 3gs.

Again, for download links and redsn0w installation guide, go here.

Note: If you used purplera1n RC2 or newer, you do not need to redo your jailbreak. You will be unable to use logome in the future, but that should be the only downside. If you used purplera1n RC1 or older, you should redo your jailbreak. I believe you can run redsn0w right over the top of it.

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Quick2gPwner: The QuickPwn for iPod touch 2G!

Author: pH  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

Hey guys, here is pH from and today, you should know that DevTeam released the beta version of Redsn0w, that works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The tool is great, because it works like QuickPwn, but, unfortunately, there’s no GUI :( . So, during the day, I developed a GUI for Redsn0w [...]

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Operation JB iPod: redsn0w

Author: Pico  //  Category: Development, Jailbreak, News

iPod Touch2G Jailbreak coming!

They have kept it quiet long enough. The iphone-dev team have some great news posted on their blog relating to what redsn0w actually is. Previous speculation was the ultimate iPhone 3G unlock (bootloader exploit). Others thought it was a prank, but we confirmed that in fact, belonged to the fabulous devs.

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